Threesome piss fest with facial and piss swap

Threesome piss fest with facial and piss swap
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They had known each other since they were 5. So it came as no surprise, when they turned 15 and began dating. He always thought that she was the most beautifil girl he had ever seen, and she had always felt safe and content with him. One afternoon he called her and told her that he had a big surprise. She asked him what it was. He told her he was sure she would love it. He told her he would pick her up at 6.

She agreed giggling at his eagerness. At 6 o'clock when he pulled up in front of her house, he took a look in his mirror, and smiled knowing what he had in store for them that night.

He went up to her house and knocked on the door. She answered; a stunning figure of grace and beauty that almost made him gasp. He gave her his arm, and walked her to the car.

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She asked where they were going, and he winked and asked her if she was hungry. She said yes as he started the car. He drove to a restaraunt he could barely afford, but he felt that she was definitely worth it.

As they ate she tried to question him about the rest of the evening, but he just smiled and refused to answer. After supper, he took her to his older brother's apartment, several blocks away. His brother had given him a key to feed his fish while he was out of town. As they were climbing the stairs, he stopped and took her face in his hands, and looked into her eyes and asked her if she truly loved him.

She smiled and told him yes she always had and always would love him. He smiled and unlocked the door. When she walked in she saw rose petals covering the floor and leading down the hall.

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She turned to him and asked what was this all about. he took her in his arms, and told her he wanted to show her how much he loved her. He kissed her gently and seductively. She returned his kiss knowing that being in his arms was the only place she wanted to be for the rest of her life. He lifted her off her feet and cradling her in his arms, took her down the hall to the bedroom.

What she saw there made her tear up. The bed was also covered in rose petals. and candles were lit all over the room. He set her on the floor beside the bed, and cupped her face and told her he thought they were ready. He saw a fleeting glimpse of electrified fear twinkle in her eyes, but she quickly smiled and put his fears at ease. He eased her down on the bed and began kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. She moaned softly and tilted her head to the side to give him a better anlge with which to tantalize her.

After a few minutes she turned her head and found his lips and began kissing him sofly. He whispered in her ear, that he wanted her.

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she nodded and told him she felt the same. He began by removing her shirt and looked at the lace bra covering her breasts. she smiled shyly, and leaned in to kiss him again. While he was kissing her he reached behind her gently to remove her bra. As he undid the clasp, the material fell away from her body and she used a hand to remove it and dropped it to the floor.


He pulled back to admire the sight of her pert perfect breasts in the candlelight. He took a deep breath and reached out to take a breast in his hand. the frimness and slight weight of it starting to make him hard.

He took a nipple in his index finger and thumb and rubbed it slowly.

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When she seemed to be enjoying that, he leaned in and took the nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it. Not wanting to neglect the other breast he used his other hand to cup and play with it.

She was very red in the face with nervousness, but managed to place her fingers on the crotch of his dress pants. He sighed deeply as she undid the belt and let it slide to the floor. Her fumbling fingers finally managed to undo the button and zipper, and with his help his pants were dropped onto the pile on the floor.

With more courage than she felt, she put her hand inside the waistband of his underwear, and removed his now nearly hard penis. She bent her head and used her tongue to lick the head. When she felt what that had done to him she lowered her mouth experimentally onto his shaft and rhythmically began to suck and move up and down like she had heard from her friends.

He could not believe the feelings he was experiencing, as the only woman he had ever loved, was giving him such exquisite pleasure. As she sucked, he took her hand and guided it to his balls, and quickly showed her how gently massaging and playing with them gave him even ,mote pleasure.

After a few minutes of this he stopped her and helped her lay back on the bed. He removed her underwear and sat back and looked lovingly at her glistening pussy. The untouched purity of it took his breath away, and summoning all his strength, he resisted just taking her at that moment and took a finger and parted the luscious lips.


His finger slid inside and he moved it in and out a few times, testing her reaction to this new sensation. She was moaning and moving her hips ever so slightly. Then he used his finger to rub on her clit. With that she almost shot straight off the bed, and he knew he had greatly pleased her. He moved his head between her legs, and put his tongue inside and tasted her for the first time. He knew he would never taste anything as good as she tasted tonight. His tongue bathed her pussy for several minutes, and then he sat up on his hands and knees, and looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she was still sure she wanted to continue.

In a breathless voice, she told him to stop now, would surely kill her. He moved his body upward over hers, and closed his eyes; as his tongue entered her mouth, his dick entered her pussy. She felt a sharp stab of pain and gave a little yelp. He immediately stopped, fearing he had seriously hurt her.


She quickly told him it was all right, and in that brief moment it didn't hurt so bad anymore. He wasn't sure if he should still continue, but he had passed the point of no return. He started again slowly fearing she wouldn't be able to go on.

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But she was already back in the zone, moving her hips in time with his thrusts. Knowing he had never felt anything this intense before, he grabbed the headboard, and drove himself into her with such an intensity, that he heard her screaming and moaning, and saw her thrashing around on the bed, as if an electrical wire was plugged into her. Moments later, he knew he couldn't hold out anymore, so he grabbed her shoulders and she grabbed his, and they both came together in one huge shuddering orgasm that rocked them to the very core.

Breathing heavily, and resting his head on her chest, he whispered do you still love me? More than you'll ever know she answered softly. Ten years later, on the morning of their 5 year wedding anniversary, they are sitting at the breakfast table with their son. Staring into each others eyes, they both remember that night; the night that two became one.