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Stud squirts loads of sperm after banging busty romi rainrsquos wet pussy hard
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Author's Note - And here's the second part of the epic Sarah Trilogy, in case you missed the first one, check it out on my profile, Stepping into Sister's Shoes.

Though this is a story in itself, and it doesn't matter if you didn't read the first part. But you still should check it out. This one, is much better than the previous one, even though it was pretty good.

I saw the comment's on the previous one and this time there is a lot more action and i have tried not to rush anything. ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18 Brief Recap - Sarah is a hot 18-year old knockout girl, but one day, she wore her sister's clothes to school and well you can imagine what would happen if you wore clothes that were several sizes too small.

Mr. Anderson Gets Sarah. She knew that it was gonna be a long long day. Her skirt rode high, revealing almost her whole thigh.

Sitting in the class did NOT help. Her shirt was bursting open, about to rip apart any moment from her huge breasts, not to mention, she was still wearing her sister's bra, which itself was too small, she looked like a complete slut.

But it was an amazing sight for all the guys around her. How could she have done the same mistake twice? It was all because of Veronica!


She brought her to such an orgasm using that dildo that she had lost all her senses. But even thinking about that moment, she remembered feeling that dildo between her tight legs in her pussy. It was the best experience of her life. Now that she was back in the class, her clothes looked really skimpy! Mark had been staring at her for so long. And that perverted teacher was no better. It was Physics class, it had just been 5 minutes into it, and in that time, Mr Anderson had looked at Sarah many times.

Who was to blame him, she looked like a sex bomb in her clothes, she was already one of the school's hottest chicks, being 18, she was soon about to turn 18 and the puberty fairy had been good to her.

Her boobs, that were already 36D looked just stunning. The best part was, her younger sister's bra had made her tits perk up, and that tight shirt left nothing to the imagination.

Sarah was really embarrassed, how she wished she had been wiser in the morning and not worn her sister's clothes, her shirt buttons just refused to stay closed, and that basically gave Mr.

Anderson an invitation to check her out. Not a lot of girls had taken up science, and out of those who had, she was far, far better. Most of the guys kept stealing glances at her. Some checking out her perky tits, or maybe some who just couldn't keep their eyes away from her long, hot legs. That skirt was a blessing for the guys, they could just sit there and keep looking at her legs. Sarah felt ashamed, and not just because of the way she was dressed, but because, since her last orgasm, she was still very horny.

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"Damn it, why do the worst things always happen to me" she thought to herself. Well, she should have known today wasn't her day, because, just at that moment one of her shirt buttons broke apart. It was a disaster for her, her middle button had come off, and her shirt was totally open in the middle, not to mention the huge gap her boobs made in the front.

Her bra was totally visible. Sarah was feeling too embarrassed, she was practically as naked as a stripper, man, if her parents could see her right now, they'd disown her. She tried to close it with her hand, keep the gap small. But it was to no avail, because the moment she let go it would return back to its same position. Before today, she had never thought that having huge boobs could ever have a downfall, but today she wished dearly to God that she was as flat-chested as a guy.

But sadly, those tits stayed as perky as ever. She kept holding her shirt for a while, but her hand started to strain keeping it up so long, so she let it go., And just like before, her shirt opened up again and by this time, she was running out of patience. "Fuck it. People want to stare, let them stare, let them have a good look.

That's all they can do to me right now anyways" she muttered to herself, apparently she decided to tease the boys in the class. Well she had no idea how badly that idea was going to come back and bite her in the ass. Mark, had been constantly staring at Sarah all this while and the moment he saw Sarah's shirt half open, an evil idea started forming in his brain.

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"Sir, excuse me, but i can't really see properly from my seat, since the sun-rays are reflecting on the white-board" asked Mark, interrupting Mr. Anderson "If you may, can i sit somewhere else?" Mr. Anderson turned around and looked at Mark, then he glanced around the class genuinely, trying to find a place for him to sit.

That was when his eyes found Sarah. It was the first time he was looking at her open shirt, and an evil grin soon took place on his face. Mr Anderson understood Mark's intentions clearly. "Why don't you sit next to Sarah, Mark? " replied Mr. Anderson still grinning away, "She is sitting alone, and her seat is at the back, I am sure you wouldn't get a glare from there, I'm sure she wouldn't mind either " Sarah couldn't believe what was happening, before today she had really liked Mr.

Anderson, he was 27 and really good-looking but this was unbelievable, he was blatantly helping Mark perv on her. She had no other choice nut to agree, so she moved her bag aside and made way for Mark to sit. For Mark, it was as if Christmas had come early, he rushed to Sarah's seat and sat next to it, and also whilst doing this, he brought his seat right next to her's, it was almost like they were sitting close together on a bench.

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Mr. Anderson had given Mark a great opportunity, and he wasn't going to waste it. Sarah pretended not to notice, but she could feel how closely Mark was sitting next to her.

Mark had pulled his chair close to Sarah's, so close that their legs were literally stuck to each other. They sat together in such a tight position that it was hard for anyone watching not to get a hard-on. Meanwhile Sarah was feeling pathetic, amidst all these things, with her open shirt and Mark perving on her, she couldn't help but get turned on. He was a pretty well built guy, and his body felt amazing next to hers. What was worse, she noticed the tent forming in Mark's pants, and instead of getting offended, she kinda liked the fact that her hot body had made him hard.

And well as for Mark he was in heaven. His legs stood stuck to Sarah's tightly and her half-open shirt put up an awesome view. All the blood had gone to his dick, and he wasn't thinking straight. Mark wanted more, and he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to feel her leg, so he decided to be bold. She hadn't said anything so far and he thought maybe she wouldn't say anything to what he had planned.

"So Sarah, how's life going" asked Mark, and at the same time lightly putting his hand on her leg as if it was just a hand gesture. "Everything's pretty great, studies are not going as well as I'd hoped. What about you?" she replied casually, though she did feel Mark's hand on her leg, just above her knee and since she was wearing her sister's short skirt, his hand was in direct contact with her skin. She did think it was a bit weird, but rejected the thought of it being anything more than just a casual pat on the leg.

They chatted for a while but Mark still didn't take his hand away, instead he just let it stay on her leg, and since they were in the back of the class, no one really noticed. Sarah was now starting to feel uncomfortable, they had been talking for a while now, and Mark hadn't taken his hand away.

Even though she liked the feel of his hand against her leg, she was still against the idea. However, she did not have the courage to ask him to take it away, and she was awful at confrontations, what if he had just kept his hand there by mistake, she thought, and so she didn't say anything.

Mark on the other hand, was pleased with himself. Things had gone exactly as he had planned, his hand was on her leg and she didn't say anything, and oh her skin, her soft soft skin felt amazing to his hand.

Slowly he started rubbing his hand on her leg, inching it upwards, towards her thigh. Sarah was shocked, Mark was so blatantly rubbing his hand against her leg, she couldn't believe it. In under two minutes his hand had gone from her knee to under her skirt, very near to her pussy. Amidst the shock and disbelief, Mark's hand rubbing on her leg had started to get her wet, and she knew he could feel the heat coming from between her legs. She wanted to scream, shout out, slap him and tell him to stop.

But she was torn between the temptation of letting him do what he wanted. Any other day and she would have stopped him, but today, she was very horny.

And his hand felt amazing under her skirt, she had no idea how to stop him. If she shouted, everyone would know what Mark was doing to her, and her reputation in school would go down the drain, he had already gone far enough, maybe she should just let him continue.

She was lost in her thoughts. Mark was in a bit of disbelief himself, surely she would have said something by now. Well, her submission, his success. He inched his hand further up her legs, slowly, his hand soon found the sweet spot, right between her legs.

He was happy to see that her panties were soaked, Mark took two of his fingers and started rubbing her over her panties.

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After about a a couple of minutes of rubbing her, Mark decided to take it to the next level. He pushed the panties aside and got his fingers inside her panties. He was happy to see that she was completely shaven and then he started rubbing her. Sarah was in denial, while her mind was screaming NO, this was wrong, she needed to stop it.

Her body just wouldn't give in, her body was betraying her, she was loving the way Mark was fingering her. Her face was an amazing sight, since they were in a class, she had to bite her lip to keep herself from moaning and her eyes were half closed, Mark's finger's soon penetrated her and she lost it.

She let out a soft moan, that was inaudible to everyone except Mark. Her moans, just pushed him over the edge and he took two of his fingers inside her, All this was too much for Sarah, in under two minutes of his fingering, she couldn't control it. She hated Mark, but damn it, his fingers were good.

She tried to fight the sensation for a long time, but she couldn't take it anymore. "Ahhh!, Damn it!" swore Sarah, finally getting to an orgasm, it was even more amazing than the one she had had with her sister, probably because of the whole situation. And it was just in time too, the class bell had rung, and everyone needed to get to Gym class. "Thanks for the seat Sarah" spoke Mark, getting up from his seat and grinning at her.

Sarah knew quite well the reason for his grin, but just hung her head in shame. She sat on her seat for a couple of minutes before getting up and that's when she realized she was all alone in the class with Mr.

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Anderson. She felt a bit uneasy, so she quickly made for the door, but to her dismay found it locked. "Going somewhere Miss. Danzen? " inquired Mr. Anderson from his table, without even looking up from his notes. "Yes Sir, " replied Sarah, starting to feel very uneasy and a bit scared now.

"It's Gym class, Sir" "Oh, i am sure Mr. Smith wouldn't mind if i kept you for a couple of minutes " started Mr. Anderson, getting up from his table and slowly walking towards Sarah. Sarah noticed the evil smile on Mr. Anderson's face and started to freak out, but for some unknown reason she stood rooted to her spot. "W-What d-do you mean S-Sir?" asked Sarah looking scared.

Mr. Anderson had gotten dangerously close to Sarah.


"Oh you know quite well what i mean." replied Mr. Anderson, looking Sarah right into the eyes And then several things happened at once. Mr. Anderson took hold of Sarah's hand, and just as she was about to scream he covered her mouth with his hand. He turned her around, pressed her against the wall, her boobs smashed against the wall, and took both of her hands behind her back.

He pulled off his tie and tied both her hands behind her back. "I have had enough of your teasing me around" continued Mr. Anderson, he used his free hand to feel Sarah's body.

He started along her waist and slowly brought it upwards towards her chest. Soon he closed his hand around her right tit and started squeezing it over her shirt, while still using his other hand to cover her mouth "Before today, it was at-least bearable, but today, you crossed all limits, i mean look at the way you are dressed!" he exclaimed, continuing to play with her tits " and now i saw you getting fingered by Mark, in front of the whole class and you didn't say a word to him, you know you want it too." Hearing all this was too much for Sarah, she realized what was about to happen and knew she could do nothing to prevent it.

She tried to shout out, but his hand was covering her mouth, she knew that she was going to get raped by him. She was going to lose her virginity to this man. Mr. Anderson picked her up and threw her on the desk. He tied her hands to the back of the table using the tie on her hands and, he stuffed his handkerchief down her mouth, and tied down her legs with his belt to the edge of the table, he then proceeded to lock the classroom gate and pulled the curtains.She was trapped.

They were all alone for the next hour. Mr. Anderson slowly walked to Sarah, the way an animal walks to his pret after having killed it. He started at her waist with his hands and proceeded to slide it upwards to her tits.

Her shirt was already half open, so without wasting any time, he tore the other buttons apart and to the side. Then while fondling her breasts, he took out the handkerchief, but before she could say a word, he smashed his lips against hers and started kissing her fiercely. He got on top of her and started making out with her. Sarah tried to fight back, but her hold body was tied up, her hands behind her head, her legs tied to the table. She was paralyzed in fear, shock and disbelief.

She couldn't believe that this was happening to her. Here she was lying down on this huge desk, with Mr. Anderson on top of her, kissing her, fondling her boobs. It was torture for her, after a couple of minutes passed away, Sarah eased a bit, and with a shock she realized that she was starting to get wet. He wasn't a bad-looking guy.

Quite tall, lean and muscular, he was around 6 '2 and was kissing her amazingly. After a while she stopped trying to struggle, and just laid back, trying her best not to get aroused. Mr. Anderson meanwhile had taken her bra off. Soon Sarah couldn't fight the urges anymore and started to kiss Mr.

Anderson back. After a while of making out, Mr. Anderson moved downwards to her tits and took her right nipple in his mouth. Sarah was in two states of mind, she wanted this to end as soon as possible, but she couldn't control the urges. But still yet she hoped Mr. Anderson would stop soon, she had no intentions of losing her virginity to him, but he had other ideas.

Once you have gone that fat there is no coming back. Mr. Anderson was very hard right now, he had only one thing on his mind at that moment, and that was to fuck this girl senseless. He got up from her and dropped his pants. But what Sarah saw, blew her mind away, Mr. Anderson had a huge 8.5 inch long cock, she almost passed out at the thought of that monstrous cock entering her body.

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Mr. Anderson wasted no time, quickly he undid Sarah's mini-skirt and took off her wet panties. Sarah knew what was about to happen "Please no, don't fuck me. Please, i beg you Mr. Anderson, stop it, please. " pleaded Sarah. But Mr. Anderson's mind was made. He got on top of Sarah again and place his long dick at her entrance, he could see the fear in his eyes. He started pushing his dick into her pussy. Sarah screamed with pain as the 8.5-inch cock penetrated her. Inch by inch, he slowly penetrated deep into her body.

Sarah's eyes were closed, and she couldn't help but moan out a long "Aaaaaaaaaaah" Soon, as he was 3-inches deep in her, he stopped for a second, his cock had reached her hymen.

Sarah relaxed, thinking that he was going to stop, but Mr. Anderson had other ideas.

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With all his strength, Mr. Anderson pushed his dick inside her, penetrating her virgin hole. The pain was too much for Sarah to handle, who passed out from it. Mr. Anderson didn't care, he kept at it, pushing his dick in and out of her body.

Soon Sarah came back around, she could see Mr. Anderson still fucking her like there was no tomorrow, but by this time the pain had lessened and she was starting to feel amazing herself. Every time his dick would go inside her she would let out a moan. After he had fucked her for around 10 minutes, Sarah could feel the orgasm building He took his dick completely inside her till he was balls deep in her, and just let it stay there for a while. Sarah couldn't believe how huge he was, it was stretching her cunt and it felt amazing.

He kept using his hands to fondle with Sarah's boobs, taking her nipples in his fingers and twisting them until she cried out. Mr. Anderson, took his dick out of her body for half a minute, then with all his power, he pushed himself inside her in one go. That feeling of his dick inside her body was too much for Sarah and she couldn't control her body anymore, the orgasmic waves took over her body and she felt as if she was going to faint. She let out long moans and during all that Mr.

Anderson kept fucking her. Her cumming, was just what needed to push him over the edge, Sarah realized what he was about to do. "Nooooo, don't come inside my body, i will get pregnant, please pull out" begged Sarah, but Mr. Anderson could not have cared less of what she thought, and pushed deep inside her just when he was about to come. His cock exploded! He blew all his load into her pussy and almost came for a minute, releasing his spunk into her body.

10-12 strands of sperm impregnated her body. After he had finished, he still lay on top of Sarah for a while before getting up.

After he got up, he quickly got dressed and exited the classroom, leaving Sarah lying there stark naked. All Sarah could do, was lie there, totally shattered at what had happened. If only she had worn her own clothes today. But poor her, little did she know, her troubles, well they were just beginning. NEXT TO COME IN THE FINAL PART OF THE EPIC SARAH TRILOGY "The Family Gangbang" Don't miss it. Next Time It all Ends. Bwahahahahaha