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They pulled up and parked just in time for the Assembly before dinner. The sun was hanging low over the mountains. The Boy Scout Camp had a beautiful lake with tall pines and fir trees surrounding the water. A couple of meadows fringed and their were creeks that entered from the high ground on two sides. The bugle sounded taps and the flag was ready to be lowered.

On the sideline Ron had his bandana rolled up and was casting a long shadow on the ground in front of the other boys in the low sun angle. He held it so the shadow looked like he had a giant dick hanging out of his pants. His buddy Steve turned and pulled on the bandana so the shadow looked like he was giving Ron a hand job. The shadow was being cast right in front of the whole assembly and the other boys were laughing and pointing as Dave took his place.

Scoutmaster Dave exploded in anger, "Damn it Ron! You know a Scout is Clean and Reverent yet, you bring your filthy display of self debasement to dishonor the flag, the scouts and yourselves. Get out of here right now go get some buckets and wash my car before you do anything else.

When you are finished you have KP and can do all the dishes and pots before eating yourselves. You need to clean up those filthy minds. Then you are to skip campfire meeting and wait by my car until I am back to inspect it. So get going now!" If those two were not playing grab ass or fussing off, they were shirking or lurking.

The rest of the boys headed for the chow line and Ted ate his fill. Then he met his dad at the Troop Leader's table and they had some of the pie baked at the railroad shack that afternoon.

The crust was amazingly flaky and perfect. The blackberry filling was tart and perfectly sweetened. Ted commented, "I do love the taste of Trina's pie.

It's just sweet enough." Dave agreed saying that he liked a tart pie. Dave thought about that little pie between his daughter's legs as he ate his piece. The way Ted talked about her pie earlier sounded like he was talking about her pussy pie. She was 19 and working at the Girl Scout Camp up the pass. She swam every day if she wasn't hiking and had a trim fit figure.

Like most swimmers her boobs were not huge. In the mountain cool air her nipples constantly poked out through the thin nylon racing suits.

Dave and, his son, Ted were both well aware of Trina's assets.


The fathers and Scoutmasters finished off one of Trina's pies and Ted took the other one to the plywood food store box by his tent. The cool nights would keep it until tomorrow. The next morning Dave found Ted and asked him to ride up to the Girl Scout Camp with him. He needed to talk with "Mrs. K" again about the emergency response system.

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"Mrs. K" was involved in many volunteer projects back home too. She was a stocky woman with smooth skin and the biggest tits in 5 counties.

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She always handed out the milk cartons at grade school for the Federal Nutrition Program. Everyone agreed the right one for the job since she had the biggest jugs around. Since her husband worked on the military base at home she also got milk at the PX and probably could harvest her huge tits in a pinch. The railroad engineer, Buck brought her pies and she gave him milk to take back to his rail shack on the siding on the grade.

Since he just went up and down the pass with the helper engine he did not get into town much.

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He hunted large and small game and brought her grouse or venison when he had it. Mrs. K spent her whole summer away from her husband these days. She would go for a little quicky with Buck when he pulled in at the summit siding.

When Dave and Ted arrived the train had just headed back down the mountain with Buck and one of the Brakemen. Mrs. K was busy cleaning Buck's sperm and his famous bear grease lubricant off of her breasts in the bathroom.

She had previously made some hints to Dave, since he was away from his spouse too. Today Dave had other sexual visions clouding his thoughts. His own daughter was always flirtatious. He had been away from his wife for weeks, and his balls had filled and backed up into his brain.

He waited for Mrs K out by the lifeguard tower where Trina sat with her whistle and sun hat surveying a handful of early morning swimmers. She called down to Ted that, Kelsey wanted to go canoeing and she had to stay, at lifeguard duty, for a while. Ted went over to the boathouse and found Kelsey and they made out a little and decided to go out to a hidden cove where they could have some more intimate activity.

They took their towels and some drinking water and went off to the closest place out of view. When Mrs. K came out of the bathroom to meet with Dave she still had that telltale gamey smell of sperm and bear grease.

A glob of Buck's come in her hair had been missed too. Dave chuckled to himself and they spread open the maps with all the fire roads and lookout towers marked out. One lookout tower down the ridge needed to have a final telephone check since it did not have direct radio contact with the Girl Scout Camp. Dave said he could go out there before he headed back to the Boy Scout's Camp Lake. Ted and Kelsey arrived in the first cove and pulled the canoe up on shore.

Kelsey stood on a rock that put her pussy right against Ted's cock and let her shorts drop to her feet. Ted dropped trousers and resumed kissing her and working her boobs through her t shirt. They were out of view of the camp but, up in the lifeguard tower Trina had her binoculars trained between the trees and followed the action while she kept an eye on the handful of swimmers below. The swimmers came in but, Trina stayed at the tower and fingered herself as she watched her brother fuck.

He began to bone down on her best friend. He did some trenching, laid pipe, drove pile and deep drilled like a Texas roughneck. As she watched, Trina pulled down her swim suit bottom and slipped fingers in her wet pussy as the lovers changed positions.

Kelsey bent over for a rear approach and Ted honked her tits like the rubber bulbs on an old car horn. So enthralled with the voyeuristic enjoyment, Trina did not notice her dad climbing the ladder to the lookout. He poked his head up practically into her open pussy but, her eyes looked through the binoculars and did not notice his presence.

His quiet shock turned to growing arousal. Trina was babbling as she frigged herself, "Oh yes Ted, fuck her good. Fuck her deep like you fucked me yesterday!" Dave almost fell off the ladder when he heard that. His own daughter was cheering her brother to fuck her friend like he had fucked her!

Trina was hot and she was definitely nasty. Dave's dick rose up past his belt line and poked out like a periscope looking for targets of opportunity. Now Trina started to come, she moaned and groaned and cheered to lakeside lovers in a low voice. Her dad had an eye level view of her sloppy slit and the scent hormones had the pre come oozing from his cock tip.

Holding the ladder with one hand he started to pull him self off quietly with the other. Kelsey took it from behind until Ted got close to coming. "Shoot it on my face baby", Kelsey begged. Through her binoculars Trina cheered them on, "That's right, pull out and squirt it on her face or tits!" she said out loud. That was too much for Dave he loosened his belt and started stroking his dick more effectively until the ladder began to creak.

Trina put down the field glasses and saw her father's face practically in her pussy as he jerked himself one handed. "Get up here before you fall down to the ground," she ordered.

"Let me help you with that. It's not safe to be flailing around there on the ladder hanging on with one hand." Dave did as he was told and climbed up to the bench in the observation box.

Trina took hold of his dick and handed him the binoculars. "Here, Dad. Check out Ted, over there through the trees, by the cove." Dave watched Ted rubbing his expended dick on Kelsey's sperm covered face and tits. Trina skillfully pulled his dickhead and began to extract his juice like a milkmaid with a cow's udder. He could not hold back, he thought about his son's boob squirt and wondered what Mrs. K's tits looked like when they had been juiced on earlier.

Her nipples were as big as fried goose eggs and if they swelled up the could stand up like big tea cups. Dave shot his load out into the air and onto the sand below.


Trina took a handful and slurped it up and then kissed her dad with a sloppy sexy french kiss. "We need to find a better spot, Dad!", she said.

"I am not assigned anything the rest of the day and Ted looks like he has his work cut out for him.


Let's go somewhere together." Dave had his clearest thought possible under the circumstances. "Do you want to go down to the fire lookout on the ridge with me?", he asked. Trina quickly agreed and she scampered down the tower leaving him to clean himself up and compose his inspection plan. Mrs. K noted the wet spot on his Scoutmaster uniform and chuckled to herself.

Dave told her Trina wanted to go along and she agreed that was a good idea. She told him, "I want a very thorough inspection and full report. The Forest Service, State Fire Marshall, and Sheriff depend on that lookout to head off a disaster up here near the summit." "Trina and I will take our time and cover every detail," Dave replied. Mrs. K smiled she knew he and Trina would definitely take their time. The father and daughter got into his wagon and headed down the fire road to the tower.

Just as soon as they were around a couple of turns, Trina pulled her shorts off and opened Dave's zipper. She kissed his neck as he slowly piloted the vehicle. Then she put his free hand on her pussy.

With both hands Trina started pumping her dad's cock again. Then when it felt stiff enough she hopped over and straddled his legs and took the wheel, while she rode his dick.

Dave kept his foot lightly on the gas and relaxed as his daughter steered the wagon. The bumpy road added some extra strokes to her reverse cowgirl movements. She was in no hurry for him to come and she sat down and just hunch squeezed him after a while.

It was a relaxing slow drive with no reason to hurry. The saw toothed ridge had a high point that blocked radio transmissions and views in the direction of the lookout. Trina pulled over at the tower and Dave let of the gas and set the brake. They disengaged from each other and kissed as they got out and looked around. Dave said they should check the facility first and check out each other more when they got up to the tower itself.

The generator room, cellar, water tank and outhouse were all in good shape and they swept them up and latched the doors. Nothing was locked since cross country skiers or late season hikers or hunters sometime used the buildings for emergency shelter. Then Trina scampered up the fire tower first to see the view across the mountain range. Dave wrote and signed papers and logged the time and date of his inspection. Then he joined her going up the staircase to the top.

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The little cabin had a two bunks, a radio, telephone and sighting devices. The furniture legs sat in glass insulators for lightning safety during thunderstorms. Dave had brought a new set of blankets and linens and set them on the table.

Trina stripped off her clothes and threw off the covers on one of the bunks. She lay back on the bed and said, "What do you think if my sugar pie Daddy?" "Well maybe it should be a cream pie," her dad replied. "Let's see how it tastes." With that he dove face first between his teen daughter's legs and started consuming her juices, licking her slit and probing her channel with his tongue.

Trina just lay back and enjoyed her dad's attention. She knew he had to be thinking of her as much as she had been thinking about him.

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Dave had been away from his wife Gail. He had a summer storage tank of fluid that needed to be released. "Oh yes Daddy lick me right, lick me slow. You make me so fucking hot and wet Daddy. I can't believe how much this turns me on.

Dave had a hard on like an iron bar. His daughter's smell and taste made it so stiff and so throbbing. He continued to lick her and he fingered Trina deep inside and hooked her g-spot and pulled it back so he pressured her clit from the front and the back. His daughter soaked his face with her juice and clamped his finger with the tight grip only an athletic teen has. "Now Daddy I want you inside me.

I am so hot for you. Please fuck me Daddy. Fuck me and don't stop." Trina begged for dick and her dad complied. He crawled onto the bunk and slipped his hard and angry shaft into the first inch of he vestibule.

The heat amazed him. Slowly he kept feeding his dick inside and working it around like a plumber's snake clearing out a clogged pipe. She was tighter than anything he could remember and when he finally got himself stuffed in all the way he stopped to catch his breath. Then Trina started working her muscled on her dad's dick. The camp nurse had given her some kegel muscle exercise instructions and a stainless steel probe to squeezed on to build her strength.

She worked his muscle like a boa constrictor from top to bottom with out having to move an inch.

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Her clamping and scrunching had his balls cinched up in no time and he blew his safety valve like an unattended pressure cooker.

Trina felt his sperm warm her cervix and the pressure jolt made her ears pop. "Wow Daddy, that was hot making you come with out moving. It makes me want to try some other things too!" his daughter exclaimed. She lay under him and held him close and let the splooch ooze from her piston seal as he wilted from her crushing squeeze. They held each other and kissed slowly and continued to make out on the bunk. After a while, they sat up and looked out at the view and held their arms over their shoulders and waists.

The view was beautiful. In the distance they heard the horn of the afternoon freight laboring up the pass with the helper engines at the back pushing up the rear. "I think that was one of the best orgasms I ever had," Dave said.

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"I know it has been a long time since your mom and I slept together but, nevertheless it was really special." "Dad, you turn me on so much. I fucked Ted too but, this was even hotter." Trina replied. She got up and wandered around the lookout and opened the cupboard.

Inside she spotted a glass mason jar with a familiar looking substance. She opened the lid and sniffed. It was some of Buck's bear grease and she wanted to milk her dad's prostrate next. The would work as well as the petroleum jelly and she couldn't wait to make him come hands free.

After a half hour she noticed his dick was starting to pulse and rise again as she walked around naked. Without a word she took the jar of bear grease and sat down on the bunk with him and pushed him back to lay down.

She lay a damp wash cloth over his eyes and told him to just relax and feel her touch. She traced his chest and nipples and then down his belly bypassing his dick and balls. Then she pushed gently on his perineum. Trina lifted her finger and then applied some bear grease liberally and circled his anus to lube the entrance.

Adding a little more of the natural salve she entered his bung hole and gently found his juice gland inside. Gently Trina fondled her dad's prostrate and watched his erection respond to the fluid pressure she created inside. Dave moaned in approval and she squeezed his balls a little to add some testicle hydraulic boost to the building head of steam.

Then she focused on just finding the rhythm that matched his cocks blood pulsing. Dave babbled nonsense about his load building and balls cinching. "Oh yes baby. Milk Daddy's gland. Shoot his spewage again. Make me come baby. Make Daddy squirt his fuck juice. Oh god. Oh god, forgive me for wanting like this." He smelled her pussy juices and the earthy bear grease. He thought about Mrs. K's giant breasts greased up with the bear lube and he thought about his girls nice nipples.

His gland was throbbing again and his dick started to pulse without being touched. The contractions began to spasm and Trina positioned her face to receive his fluid gift. Dave began to babble again,"Oh god baby, that's incredible.

You aren't even touching it and you are blasting my dick juice like it is a fire hose. Milk it baby, milk Daddy until he runs dry. Oh I love you baby." Trina positioned her mouth to slurp in his come shot and he emptied his gland into her waiting gullet.

Some stray splashed got on her face and tits and she rubbed the excess like a moisturizer cream onto her skin. The train horn wailed in approval as dad and daughter moaned.