Black round ass bitch is the queen of sluts

Black round ass bitch is the queen of sluts
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Here's the first chapter of my spin off series to Son's Revenge. Any new readers, you don't have to read Son's Revenge first but you can do. I've been thinking about this since I finished son's revenge 3. Still working on deep and lovely dark and I think it'll be up shortly after this one goes up.

Enjoy. I'm here sat in my car looking at a man I don't know through binoculars. Stalker alert!. Actually this is all part of the job. Sarah Parker paid upfront for me to investigate her husband. She explained how her husband has been staying late at work every night and she thinks he might be cheating.

I held her tight as she cried into my shoulder. Telling me how she's been married to Mr. Parker for 12 years. They married in their early twenties and haven't had any real problems in their marriage.

I remember feeling the anger in my system when she began calling herself an "Ugly old bitch!". This guy wants to ruin his marriage to this beautiful woman while making her insecure about her looks. Mrs. Parker was in her mid thirties but still looked incredible. Her golden hair flowed down to her shoulders. She had a kind and soft face. Her curves, her DD breasts, her ass, everything was perfect.

In general she was a really nice person. Cared about others and worked for various charities her whole life including cancer research, salvation armies and loads of other help groups.

Up until now she was a confident person.

Making it easy to talk and connect with people. With her passion added to that, it was easy for her to get donations from the public. Now she was the one who needed help. Taking her case was a no brainer. I've been following Mr. Parker for two weeks now. He goes to work everyday at 9 til 6. When he leaves the office he goes to a house outside of town. Thanks to Katy's computer magic, I now know the house belongs to Lisa Pride. 25 years old, 5'5 petite brunette. She was also Richard Parker's secretary.

"How convenient!" She passed every criteria for a cheating husbands fantasy fling. Richard was 6'0 and well built. Unlike his WIFE, time was starting to catch up to him. His hair was slowly going grey and his face looked tired from years of hard work. Back to what's happening now. I'm sat in the car with my partner who looks bored as fuck. Richard just pulled up outside Lisa's house.

We've been tailing him since he left the office. He was wearing a navy blue suit with a matching tie. My partner is starting to grow impatient. "Rick what's the deal man lets just grab him now!?" He said as I let out a sigh. "David! We can't confront him til we catch him in the act. Let me know when that idea sinks in ok." David has been good for the company since I recruited him but he's a bit eager when it comes to the drama. "I know man, I know its just I cant wait to see the look on his smug fucking face is all.

He's so arrogant and cocky I just wanna knock him out!" I couldn't help but laugh at that. "Remember what we talked about we don't fight unless he starts it. I don't need another lawsuit on my head." "Rick I said im sorry about that man Damn! It was an accident." Now im laughing hard. "you broke the targets jaw and knocked him out with a frying pan. You're lucky you didn't kill him!" David chuckled and said "He shouldn't have said that shit about my mother." We laugh for a little while before I go serious.

"David all joking aside you need to learn to control your anger for when you need it. You plant those wires?" "Yep in the kitchen, the front room, the bedroom and the bathroom. I even put in some sneaky little cameras in each room." He says pulling out his laptop getting a smile from me.

"Good work man! This'll all be over soon, beers on me." I say getting a high five from David. We watch Richard stand at the door and ring the bell. The door opens and Lisa steps out still in her work clothes. A white buttoned shirt with the top three buttons undone revealing her cleavage. A black knee length skirt with black stockings. As soon as they step in and close the door, David pulls up the programme showing us what the various cameras are filming.

We pull up the front room cam and see them in a mad embrace. There's no love in it. Just two sexual animals with needs to be met.

"We got 'em." Says David and I nod sadly. I had hoped it was a misunderstanding for Sarah's sake. "Yep we got 'em, save the footage. I think it's time we had a word with Mr. Parker." I say with a stern tone. David nods and we both leave the car and walk up to the house. Once at the door David creeps up to the window and peeks inside the window. "FUCK ME!!!" David says abit too loudly. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I say in a loud whisper.

David immediately ducks and creeps over to the door. "Her tits are huge!" He whispers to me and I roll my eyes.

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It takes a few minutes for me to pick the lock and David is tired of waiting. "Rick hurry up man!" He says quietly. "I can do it quick or I can do it right." I say with a frustrated tone. "Get outta my way!" Says David with a frustrated tone.

Before I can say anything else David pushes me aside and kicks the door in. I hear a scream and Richard shouting "what the fuck is this" while I pick myself up.

I walk into the house to see Lisa trying desperately to cover herself as she's completely naked. "Wow her tits are big!" I say in my head but I push the thought out. Richard is quickly trying to pull his pants up with an angry expression. I stand beside David who's grinning ear to ear and show both of them my badge. "Mr. Parker my name is Rick Green, this is my partner David. I apologise for our entry, David tends to get enthusiastic in moments like this." I say smiling.

Although Lisa looks scared, clutching the blanket wrapped around her naked body and Richard doesn't look impressed. "That doesn't answer my question does it!? What the fuck is this?" He says loosing his temper. Its now that I go full professional. "Mr. Parker me and David are private heroes!" I say dropping my card in front of him.

"we were hired by your wife to." "WIFE!!!" Lisa says shocked and angry. I guess she wasn't privy to that information. "Yes miss pride." I say in a matter of fact tone. "Mr. Parker has been married for over a decade to an amazing woman.

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I'm sorry to say that for a while now you've been his side girl." Lisa looks angry and now Richard looks scared. In a flash Lisa jumps up dropping her blanket and grabs a shoe before smacking Richard with it. Richard goes down shielding himself with his arms. Lisa keeps hitting him while screaming at him, seemingly unaware that she's still naked. "YOU LYING BASTARD!!!

YOU BETRAY YOUR WIFE AND MAKE ME FEEL CHEAP LIKE A WHORE!! YOU ASSHOLE!!!" she screams still hitting him. As entertaining as this was we had to stop it. David pulled an angry Lisa away and I went to check on Richard.

He was curled up in a ball with his arms wrapped around his head. He looked truly pathetic. "You can't say you didn't deserve that mr parker." He looked up at me with fear in his eyes and said "What are you gonna do? Please don't tell my wife!" I shake my head before looking down at him saying "im sorry Mr.

Parker you brought this on yourself. Your wife deserves to know." I stand and start to walk away when I hear him scrambling towards me. "PLEASE! I CAN PAY YOU ANYTHING YOU ASK! JUST NAME IT!" He says and now im mad. I spin round and say "You need to learn that you are not the centre of the fucking universe.

You cheated on your wife because you thought you were big enough and bad enough that you could do what you want with no consequences. Now you need to learn from this mistake." I walk towards the door leaving Richard shocked and scared. Before leaving I called out to David. "Take care of Miss Pride and escort Mr Parker from the premises. And make sure Miss Pride is payed for the damage to the door." I say muttering "dumbass" to myself. I'm rolling down the road in my charger.

Its such a great car, I feel powerful every time I fire it up. The roar of the engine is hypnotic. I realised the car is alot like me: Powerful, beautiful, fast. Wait not that kinda fast. Anyway now im about to do my least favourite part of the job.

Breaking the bad news to the wife. It's getting dark as i pull up to Sarah's house and take a moment to compose myself. Eventually I grab laptop and leave the car. I keep running every possible reaction she might have in my head. The problem is none of them are good. I take a deep sigh and ring the doorbell. The door opens, Sarah sees me and her eyes go wide. God she's beautiful. She has a tight white top, her girls are damn near stretching her top out.

I can see her plain white bra through her shirt. She has a pair of jeans on but its her face that has her transfixed. She has kind, beautiful eyes. Her golden hair is loose hanging behind her shoulders. She has a face that is so sweet and beautiful. I'm a bad poet so its easier just to say she's beautiful. "Mr. Green! Um. What can I do for you?" She says in a sweet tone that has concern.

"Mrs. Parker may I come in? I have some progress to share with you." She's reluctant to let me in. I can tell she's scared of what I might tell her. She steps aside and I enter and walk into the front room. Its big. On the far wall there's a big flat screen tv on the wall.

On the opposite side of the room is a brown leather couch with a coffee table in front of it. On the left side of the room, there's a mirror on the wall. Below it is a fireplace with family photos on the mantle. Pictures of the couple on holiday and their wedding day. She look so beautiful in her dress. I shake the thoughts out of my system trying to be professional and sit on the couch with the laptop in my hands.

She sits beside me and takes a deep breath with her eyes closed before asking "What have you found out?" With a worried tone. I place the laptop on the coffee table and lean towards resting my arms on my knees. "Mrs. Parker, im very sorry. But im afraid Mr. Parker has been cheating on you." As soon as I finish the sentence she breaks down. So much for being professional, I pull her towards me and she hugs me tight. As she cries into my shoulder, I try desperately to think of a way to comfort her.

I decided to just let her get it out. It takes a few minutes but she finally releases me. I pull out a handkerchief and hand it to her. She smiles lightly and wipes her eyes. "Are you sure?" She asks me clinging to what little hope she has. "I'm afraid so, we have video evidence that shows him being intimate with his secretary." I watch sadly as the hope drains from her. "I wanna see it!" She says with a level of finality and some anger.

I don't want her to see it as it may cause her more pain. Nevertheless I open the laptop and pull up the recording. She watches with anger as her husband sucks his secretary's juicy tits. Eventually we get to the part where David kicks the door open. I try to turn it off at that point but Sarah stops me saying she wants to see all of it. I see her smile at the sight of Lisa beating the crap out of Richard.

When the recording finishes I close the laptop and look at her and ask about Lisa. "She's not responsible for the lies of deceitful bastards." She says and I think wow, what an amazing woman. "So what happens now?" I ask with concern. "That asshole is out of here, period.

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I'll divorce him and move on." I nod slowly as she looks up at me and says "Thankyou, I know this wasn't easy, I can see it in your face." Beautiful and clever. Just Wow. "I cant thankyou enough!" She says. "Its my job." I reply.


"No. I can tell you really wanted to help me.

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The way you talked to Richard, it became personal." I can't deny this job had become personal. That's never happened before. But the idea of someone hurting this woman had me burning with an anger I've only felt a few times in my life. The job is done, I've been paid, its time to go which ain't easy because i don't wanna leave her. "I'm sorry Mrs. Parker, I should go." I say with sympathy.


As I start to stand, she pushes me back down and straddles my lap before kissing me hard with her hands on the side of my face. She breaks away and says "From now on you call me Sarah!" "Mrs. I mean Sarah, you don't owe me anything else. You've already paid me enough." I say with confusion as to what's happening. "You think this is for you!? Hell no. This is for me! To get back at that baby dick!" She says sternly but with a smile. At that moment I think "Fuck it!" And kiss her back.

She wraps her arms around my neck as we jam our mouths together. My hands instant go to her breasts squeezing tight, making her moan into my mouth. Our tounges battle each other while our hands search every inch of each others body. I eventually push her away and pull her shirt over her head. I stare in awe as her breasts strain against her bra. She grabs each of one and pulls it out of her bra. I waste no time sucking on them as she moans pulling me in closer.

I have my mouth wrapped around one breast sucking hard, and my hand squeezing the other. I can hear her moan above me, I just wanna worship her body. I switch and start sucking the left nipple while twisting and pulling the right.

Eventually she jumps off me and slides down my body until she's kneeling between my legs. She pulls my belt off and unbuttons my pants. I raise my ass allowing her to pull my pants down.

As soon as my cock springs free she gasps. "Oh my god!" She says grabbing my cock to examine it. "your double the size of my husband! I don't think I can take all that!" Hearing her say that makes my ego inflate abit. She leans down and licks the tip making me grunt a little. She licks all around and gently sucks the tip before taking me in her mouth properly. I can hear slurping noises as she bobs her head up and down while massaging my balls. I lean my head back and gasp in pure bliss.

She sucks cock better than Jodi which surprises me but I decide to keep that thought to myself when I tell her about this. I'm brought out of my thoughts by coughing. I look down at Sarah trying to deepthroat me. She's halfway down and gags a little before going back to bobbing her head. Then she tries taking a little more in. Eventually I feel her nose touch my body and I give her a round of applause. She suddenly coughs hard and releases me.

"Don't make me laugh when I do that, I nearly choked you asshole!" She says with a sexy smile. She stands and i watch in amazement as she unbuttons her jeans and very slowly pushes them down, revealing a lacy pair of white panties. I look at her body and honestly there are no words. She obviously works out as her body is tighter than a nuns pussy. She must've seen the drool on my chin because she's blushing. God she looks cute blushing. I help her shyness by standing and pulling her to me kissing her deep and passionately.

She places both hands on the side of my face and returns it with the same passion. Between kisses, I hear her say "bedroom!" I don't want to break the kiss but I force myself too as she grabs my hand and leads me through the house and down the hall. Eventually we enter a room with a giant four poster bed. As soon as the door is shut we resume our make out session.

I can feel her fumbling with the buttons on my shirt as I grab her ass with a squeeze. My hands move from her perfect ass up her back to her golden hair. Eventually she has my shirt undone and pushes it off my shoulders.

I try to kiss her again but she pushes me backwards onto the bed. She straddles my lap and moves her panties aside revealing her trimmed pussy.

I wait in anticipation as she lines me up and lowers herself down. She's so tight if I didn't know better id think she was a virgin. She's grunting with her eyes closed as I enter her inch by inch. Then without warning, she drops herself on me forcing the whole of my cock into her pussy.

We both gasp and grunt as she begins rocking back and forth. I try to sit up to kiss her but she just pushes me back down, placing her hands on my chest to hold me there. I decide to just enjoy the ride. I reach up and play with her breasts making her giggle like a schoolgirl. Eventually her pace quickens and her rocking turns to bouncing on my throbbing cock. I put my hands on her hips so that I can match her pace.

She grabs her tits and grunts as she bounces on my cock mumbling something that I can't make out. Finally able to sit up I hold her close as she clutches onto me like she needs me to protect her from something. She grinds on me and I honestly wanna cum inside her then and there. We're both coated with sweat as I roll her onto her back and grab her hips so that I can thrust my cock back into her making her gasp. I waste no time in rocking my hips fucking her.

Not rough but passionate. Her tits are bouncing up and down and her hair is flared all over the place. Her eyes are closed and she's licking her lips while she moans and bounces up and down. I watch as my cock, slick with her juices, slides in and out of her tight pussy and cannot believe my luck.

I mean she's not the first woman for me to sleep with on the job. But somehow she's different. She's a strong, amazing beautiful woman and right now I was buried deep in her pussy.

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That thought has me ready to cum as I start grunting and get ready to pull out. Before I can do that she pulls me in for a kiss and places her hands on my ass, holding me there. I can feel it coming, so close. I pick up my pace and she breaks the kiss to lay back with her mouth hanging open as she moans loudly in orgasmic bliss. I can't hold it anymore. I release and fill her with my love serum.

My legs are shaking and I think I might fall but Sarah pulls me into bed and lies beside me resting her head on my chest with her arm draped over me. No words are spoken we just lay there panting and sweating. Before long we both drift off to sleep. I wake up in a strange room. It's dark and it takes me a second to remember where I am. That's when I look down and see Sarah sleeping and snoring lightly making me smile. I slide out from under her and walk to the bathroom to relieve myself.

I look at my phone and see its 21:00 which means we've been asleep for two hours. I call David to make sure everything is good. "Hey Rick!" He says.

"Hey David, everything good?" "Yeah its all good, Mr Parker left willingly after you left, Miss Pride was paid for the door and then I bent her over the kitchen table." He says laughing and I have to laugh as well.

"Not against her will right?" I ask mocking seriousness. "Haha I guess Mr. Parker left her all hot and bothered.

So I just did my civic duty." David says making me laugh harder. "Ok then good!" I say. "Bar tonight?" David asks. "I dunno I'll see when I can leave." I reply telling David more than I probably should. "You're still at Mrs Parkers house? Hey you take all the time you need. Just remember condoms." He says laughing. We say our goodbyes and I leave the bathroom to return to Sarah. I see her lying there still asleep.

I climb back into bed and feel her shift to wrap herself around me. "I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to say it before but that was incredible." I say smiling. I hear her giggling before saying "I've been married 12 years. One night with you I had a bigger orgasm then I ever did with Richard." That statement has me smiling. She climbs out of bed and puts on a robe before looking at me with her hands on her hips.

"Now you need to leave! I have things to work out with the divorce." She tells me smiling. I chuckle and climb out of bed. Once im dressed we walk towards the front door with our arms around each other's waist. She opens the door for me and stops me before I leave. "I'll see you again. Next time I need some of your services!" She tells me smiling with a wink. I give her one more kiss and a slap on the ass.

She playfully pushes me out the door smiling and I take one more look at her before she closes the door. It's weird I'm happy to hear that we'll meet again. I kinda wanna do a twirl. I climb into my car and head towards the bar.

Me and David meet here every Friday. We helped the owner John save and renovate it a while ago. Since he couldn't afford to pay us he gives us half price drinks every Friday. I walk in and see David sat up at the bar talking to John who has a towl in his hand, drying a glass.

Once he sees me he places the glass on the bar and flings the towl over his shoulder. "Aaah Rick, good to see ya, what'll it be?" He says pleasantly. "Hey John, ill just have a cold beer thanks." John nods with a smile on his face and says "Coming right up" Walking away.

I take a seat on a stool beside David and give him a fist bump. "How was she?" He asks. "What?" I reply confused. "Sarah Parker. How was she?" He says clarifying. At that moment John returns with my beer.

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I hand him five dollars and tell him to keep the change. Once we're alone we drink and compare our stories. David's experience with Lisa was more rough fucking where as me and Sarah made love, which causes David to laugh "Your a sensitive boy aren't you Ricky!" He says with a childish tone. "Honestly man! She's incredible. I've never met a woman like a her before. And I've met women of all kinds. Not to be cocky." "I know what's happening here." David says and I look at him confused.

"You got whipped. That woman got you wrapped around her finger." He says laughing. "Shut the hell up!" I reply laughing. We spend the night talking about women, business, and football. Eventually my taxi arrives as we finish our 5 round. The taxi ride is silent as neither of us wants to talk I front of a total stranger.

David is sat in the back and I'm riding shotgun. David is dropped off at his house and he pays his share of the fare. Next stop is my house. Things have been going good since all that bullshit with Solomon Baxter a few months ago. Jodi's happy so long as she has her family, she's even happier when she has my cock buried in her ass. I smile at the thought. Ashley's been trying to date and I've been supportive of that. I knew our relationship wouldn't last forever. Jake on the other hand has been so preoccupied trying to find work that the whole dating scene hasn't crossed his mind.

I'm not sure why he's so hell bent on finding work right now. My business makes enough money to support all of us. I'll have to talk to him at some point and try to figure out what's going on.

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I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the driver asking for 20 bucks. I hand him the money and leave the cab which immediately takes off. Its about 2am when I walk in so I try to keep it quiet. I walk into Jodi's room to see her sleeping under the covers in her red bra and panties. I strip down to my underwear and climb in beside her. I put my arm over her and pull her close. When sleep takes over, I dream of Sarah.