Miss Bella Red Dancing To quot_Make The Sheets Wet quot_ By Lambo Show

Miss Bella Red Dancing To quot_Make The Sheets Wet quot_ By Lambo Show
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Cock Worshipper Part 2 The continuation of my story… So I was 16 when I got a job at a hotel, of which I won't give the name, but I'll just say that now it is a Holiday Inn, but was a different hotel when I worked there.

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I worked in the formal restaurant as a busboy and also a room service waiter, mostly on weekends, holidays and all the time during summer vacation. There was a cook there who was Latino, in his 40's, married with like four kids. He was such a perv and I loved it, the way he always was hitting on all the waitresses and girls working there.

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This was back in 1989, so sexual harassment wasn't as big as it is now and neither were the laws so strict about minors working. I thought I should throw that part in because I will go on to talk about the double shifts I was working.

So Rafael, the perv Latino cook was working one Sunday.

It was just after the breakfast rush and the waitresses had gone home and he was the only one working in the kitchen. I was working on the other side rolling silverware into napkins and kept checking him out.

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He was boiling hot dogs at the time, literally. He knew I flirted with him and so on that particular afternoon he got my attention there and waved a half-cooked hot dog in front of his crotch and said "you like it?" I was pretty surprised at first, but grinned and nodded. So, he got me to follow him into the dry storage room in the back and had me get on my knees so he could face fuck me.


I remember he smelled like a kitchen and he was so nasty the way he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth hard with his dark, uncut prick, until he pushed his cock into my throat and pumped some acidy seed down it. After that, we resumed our work, but he first said that if I ever told anyone, he'd kill me. Ummm, okay… But that wasn't the only encounter with Rafael, as he got me into the other building (the hotel was 2 buildings with a connector between them on the 3rd floor) a few times and took me to the catering kitchen when it was closed so I could suck his dick and one time he even fucked me and came up my ass.

I went back to work with my ass feeling slimy and nasty, but somehow it managed to turn me on just the same. He also got me into an empty conference room once for some head. Yes, he was pretty active with it.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop too well, after I protected my good friend Becky who I went to school with and got a job there. Rafael wouldn't stop harassing her and it got me mad and I told him to leave her alone. He was pretty lame when he decided to hold a butter knife to my throat and said that "Rebecca" (as he'd say rolling his "r"'s) was his and to back off.

So, the sex stopped with us and he got a slap on the hand by the manager for harassing Becky.

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Whatever, it was fun while it lasted. I also was propositioned by a man somewhere in his 50's, a travelling businessman who I delivered a tray of food to one night.

He offered me fifty bucks to come back after my shift. So, I did.

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At the time I didn't even feel bad when I went outside to tell my dad who was waiting to give me a ride home, that I had to work another half hour or so. Then I went to the man's room (don't remember his name).

He answered the door with a bit of a buzz on and in white shirt and his briefs. He got me to make out with him and I remember tasting the booze when he did. He then got me onto the bed and climbed on top of me to fuck my mouth, which lasted about 2 minutes and then he popped his wad all over my face.

So, at least dad didn't have to wait too long until I came back out to go home! I also had to work some double-shifts there, where I'd bus tables in the evening which would end at around 2am and then have to get up and go to work the breakfast rush, starting at 7am.


So, the hotel would "comp" me a room for the night. So, I knew of a gay local phone line for guys to meet from the newspaper and so I called it. I talked to a few men, but one night in my room there, I got a man to come to the hotel for some fun. His name was Evan and he worked at a liquor store on Castro and Market, which is still there, but maybe under a different name now, next to the gas station on the hilly side of Castro.

We got naked and sucked each other's cocks, and then I let him fuck me. He was very slow and gentle going in, but then as he got more heated he started pumping and jamming it into me. I was loving it and didn't want it to stop. He fucked me for a good amount of time and then finally he pulled out and blew his load all over my stomach and chest. It was so hot.

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I was hoping to see him again but we didn't stay in contact. Looking back, he knew I was 16 and wanted to play it safe. I don't blame him! Also when I was 16, I switched schools, it was my sophomore year. It was due to being harassed by other boys at school and I was having a hard time academically, so it seemed like a good idea (but I ended up going back to my old school for Jr.

and Senior year, which wasn't too bad). At the new school, I met a guy named Steve, who was my age. He was pale skinned, tall, skinny, had pimples and dark black hair. He was also a total freak for being 16 and would fuck anything with a pulse. He would stay over at our house some weekends and liked to jack off as we'd talk about him having oral and anal sex with my mom, who he had the hots for. I'd encourage him all the way, as his way of thinking was such a turn-on. Then finally one weekend his mom was away so we had a "party" at the apartment they lived in.

It was fun, we all drank beer and Jack Daniels that the girls there got some older guys to buy. Well, by the end of the night, I was the only one left. Steve was drunk and wanted to take a bath, so he went into the bathroom. After he was in the tub, he called me in there and asked me to put my mouth on his dick while he was in the tub. So, I had no problem with that and got onto my knees and leaned over the tub.

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But I was stunned when he decided to piss in my mouth! I meant to pull my head back but he held it in place and so I obliged, it wasn't so bad after all. He then grew semi hard and had me suck his cock for quite a while, but he was a bit too hammered to cum.

He did let me suck his cock a few more times when he'd stay over our house some weekends and he'd fantasize and talk about screwing my mom and about how big her tits were and how he'd love to fuck between them.


It was hot. I was sad when he moved to live with his dad in Springfield, Missouri in the summer after that year.


I still wonder how he's doing. A mutual friend said he'd moved back when we were in our 20's but I didn't pursue contacting him. So, those were my adventures at the age of 16, but there's plenty more where that came from, we've only started to get into my story! Hope you're enjoying it. Take care.