Naughty teen analized after sucking cock

Naughty teen analized after sucking cock
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- "I think I know what you need". Danny told me that in half whisper.


I could hear his voice trembling and all I could do is take a deep breath. He stood up, knelt in front of me and pulled my hips up his legs. I was still lying on the bed and my arms lied freely above my head as I looked at him and saw him smile. My back in a perfect bow he could adjust my body easily to his moves. Danny grabbed my waist and went all the way inside. His face changed and he closed his eyes. He didn't move, just stayed like that and I wanted him to do it again.

"How does it feel baby?" I asked. - "Ahhh.". Oh God!! I wanted him so much!! I tensed my muscles and pressed the ones near the entrance of my cunny hard and started tensing the ones deep inside rhythmically. - "Mina!!!".

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Danny screamed my name and he wanted to say something more, but he just stopped and looked at me. He bent over me, took my hands and pulled me up so I was close to him again in a tight hug and it was even easier for me to tense the muscles more. His face was so amazing!!! I loved the way he looked at me.

I wanted to make him enjoy every second we spent together. As he closed his hands around my waist I pushed against him so I could feel him very deep again. I kept tensing my muscles and looked deep into his eyes as I made my pelvis circle very slowly.

Danny kissed my chest tenderly and then started sucking on my right breast. I pulled his chin up a bit and started kissing him while I kept circling faster. It felt like in heaven. I couldn't get enough of his lips and his body. I was in a kind of trance; it felt like we were one body and one heart. So close together! It was so intimate and exciting! I stopped moving. He looked at me, put his hand on my breast and pressed it.

"Please, please don't stop!" " I won't stop Danny." Slowly, I moved a bit up so he was just a little inside me. I tensed my muscles hard again and pressed my pelvis hard against his again. - "I can't hold it!" "Try just one more second, baby" . I winked and he smiled. I started moving faster up and down and let him get harder in every time. He got very hard and in that moment I kissed him and felt a warm liquid pouring deep inside me. My body started shivering and I bit his tongue a little.

I wanted more, so much more of him!!! He grabbed my waist and pressed me against him even more and I almost lost my grip as I started coming, but Danny was holding me so tight. I wanted to scream, to laugh and cry in the same time. Such a nice feeling in my tummy! "Oh Danny, it feels so good!" I whispered it to his lips. (He smiled and I couldn't stop looking at his eyes and his face. He was just perfect!

He was one of the rare guys that could just go on after an orgasm and that was exactly what I hoped for.) - "Then you will probably like this!" I saw a hint of that smile again. and in the next second he just turned me around and took me from behind. I loved the way he stretched my cunny on the way in and I had a hard time controlling myself from cumming.

My whole body was on fire.

The more he moved the more I wanted him. " You're right, I love it!!" That made him get wilder. - "I love your pussy, so warm and still so wet from all the com" he laughed and pulled me very hard toward him so I ended up on my knees and with my head on the bed.

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Ohhh. he knew how to get me. I put one hand on my lower back and took his hand that was resting there. That made it easier for me to move with him. It made him easier to pull me like in a rodeo. I pulled his hand hard every time he got in and it made him go deeper and deeper.

He was holding my waist tight and pulling me. Then he leaned over me, grabbed my breast with one hand and pressed it. - "Man, you are so soft." laughter. I knew that he's going to say something like.

"and you have no clue how sexy your butt looks every time I thrust." He slapped my butt and squeezed it as he got in again.

"Oh my God, who's naughty now??!!" I said and he started laughing again. - "You're right, I am." and he thrust his pelvis hard on every word he said. I grabbed his butt and squeezed it too. I was too excited and I started coming. My body begun to wind and I pushed my body even more against him.

He stopped moving and suddenly went down and started sucking on my pussy. I screamed! His tongue went in and licked all of the com he could get. . It just made me come more! And he didn't plan to stop licking on me. It was so unreal. I was lying on my tummy and was squeezing the sheet beneath my body. It got soaked by sweat in just a couple of minutes. All I could do was try to breathe and com more. As soon as I stopped I started coming again. Danny's mouth felt so good.

It's the first time I ever realized that I was multiorgasmic. It felt like we were doing this forever. And I didn't want it to end. "Danny I can't believe how this feels!!!!" - "Awww baby. " he got up and looked at me.

"I IS unreal! and. you're so sweet. down there I mean" he laughed again. God, he was sexy! "Am I? . Let me check something then." I pushed him to the bed and knelt between his legs. - "Oh my God, Mina! You sure want this??!" He looked surprised.

"Of course I want it, or should I miss something that delicious.?" He took a deep breath and I started licking over his tummy, all the way down to his balls. I kept stroking tenderly there with my fingers as I slowly let my tongue glide over his dick all the way to the tip.

A drop of precum appeared on his tip before I got there. I closed my lips around the tip and started licking on the lower part of it at the skinfold. Danny sighed. He grabbed my hand and was holding it harder every time I moved my tongue. It was hard to do slowly, I wanted him so much.

The way he was breathing showed me how much he enjoyed it. I relaxed and let him get deeper into my mouth. Then I started moving. He was very excited. I wanted it so much! It felt so good to taste him. I started sucking on his dick hard and heard him whisper, almost breathless: "Oh God!!!" He started coming into my mouth and I couldn't stop sucking on it.

He tasted way too good and I wanted more. He started stroking over my hair. I looked at him and smiled. "Ready?" - "You're not gonna. "I started sucking on his dick again before he could even finish what he wanted to say.

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- "Oh my God, Mina!! What are you doing??!!!" "Bringing you to heaven baby." He smiled and pressed my hand more. He came too soon first time and I wanted him to enjoy this one. We were both young, and not that experienced, so it was kind of trying out our fantasies. I had no clue what I was doing, so I just tried to follow his reactions and do something that makes him feel that way. I could feel him get harder again, then I pressed the sensitive spot at his perineum as I felt it twitch.

He closed his eyes as I started moving faster again and pressing harder. I saw that he loved it.


Danny's body was trembling for a second and all his muscles got so tense as he started coming again in my mouth. It was even more then the last time and I loved his taste.

I licked the last drop of his com as he lifted his head to have a look at me. He had such a grin on his face! Danny pulled me up and hugged me very close. "Don't know about me, but you are as sweet as honey" I said. - "Baby I'm so happy!" he whispered. I kissed his eyes and he pulled me even closer and kissed my lips passionately. I was lying on him and I also let my head fall to his chest and rest there.

It felt so good .everywhere. on my skin, on my lips, in my body and in my heart. Danny was everywhere and I didn't want him on any other place then there.

It was afternoon already and we decided to order something from the kitchen, since we were both pretty exhausted. It would take twenty minutes until it's there.

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Just enough time for a shower. We couldn't let go from each other. I pulled him to the bathroom and into the shower.

It was so tempting to watch him move across the room. His body was so exciting and I loved every move he made. As we entered the shower and closed the small door we were so close together.

There wasn't much place for us to move. "Hello there" I said - "Hello." .he smiled. I stroked over his chest, then to the flank, to his waist and his butt. "You feel so good under my fingers". He just grabbed my breasts and pressed me against the wall. I let the warm water run over us and the shower was suddenly full of steam.

Then I pulled Danny closer and kissed him very slowly. I stroked over his lips with my tongue and then lifted my leg and placed it around his waist while my foot was resting on the wall behind him.

He put his arms on my waist and was holding me in place. I took a shower gel from the small shelf and poured some over my neck and breasts.

It had the exciting scent of peaches, mango and a hint of tangerine in it. I put my hands on Danny's and moved them to my back so he came closer. He liked the scent on my skin and he bit my ear a little. I wanted him so much. It was so hard to hold the urges. I came very close to him and wiped my breasts over his chest and tummy till there were lots of bubbles all over our bodies. He got very excited, and he just grabbed my hips and leaned me against the wall when I felt him thrusting hard against me.

He was so deep inside! God! It felt so good!!! Over and over again. every time was like the first time, the only difference was that my appetite for him grew bigger. I was all slippery.

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inside and on the outside. Danny smiled and pushed harder. All I could do was close my eyes and let him get as deep in as he could. I was holding myself on his arms and I could feel every tension he had in his muscles. I imagined what happened inside me if all his muscles got so hard. I put both my legs around his hips and pressed hard. Danny started thrusting very fast and in the next second I squirted all over him.

He went down a little and bit my left nipple. He looked up to me and I saw that smile and that look in his eyes. Then he bit a little more and I closed my eyes tightly. It hurt but made me all excited again and it needed just few more moves till I started coming again.

I dig my nails into Danny's biceps and he screamed and then came with me. I just loved to watch his face when he was loosing all the control and letting his body go. We heard the doorbell. And someone entered the room. Must be our order. We were standing very still until we heard the door again. All I could feel was Danny, inside me and getting hard again. "Baby, I can't get enough. any ideas what I should do?" I smiled and looked deep into his eyes.

- "How about trying over and over" Yessss!! He grabbed me, turned me around and started fucking me from behind. He pressed me against the wall and I lifted my leg up to my chest and was holding it there. It opened my pussy more to him and he was sliding in and out so hard that I stopped breathing.

Then I felt another squirt that was about to burst out and he pressed my nipples very hard again. I screamed his name out! I just wasn't sure where we got that energy from.

We finally got to rest. Danny took me and carried me back into the room. I felt so weak and he was smiling as he saw my face. - "Looks like someone had some fun!" he was laughing again.

And I just couldn't resist him! He is such a tease!! "I won't complain but you look a bit tired too." I poked him a bit. - "Of course I am, I mean, we didn't stop for like 12 hours. " Laughter. I hugged him close. - "Let's go to bed and see what's there. I'm starving" He put his bath robe on took a place on the large bed and I pulled the small carriage closer.

Then I seat in front of him and put my legs over his so we had enough place between us to put all the food on the bed. I took all the plates from the carriage and ordered them between our legs.

Danny took a pillow and leaned on it. He closed his eyes and smiled. I took a piece of a forest fruits pie, dipped it into the cream and slowly touched his lips with it. He opened his mouth and tasted it. I think he liked it since he smiled again. Mmmmm. In that moment he was just my little angel that needed some rest. And I wanted to make it comfortable for him. And tasty too… I took different fruit pieces and kept feeding him. Then I slowly moved the plates, took a piece of a peach and bit it.

I came closer to him and kissed him. He bit the peach and then kissed me passionately. Suddenly he grabbed me by my knees and pulled them, so I fell on the bed and was lying there a bit surprised. Danny started laughing and looked at me. He took a couple pieces of pie and fed me just like I fed him before.

Then he took a half of an apricot, looked into my eyes, looked at the fruit and shoved it into my pussy. I almost came as he did that.

But then I felt his fingers pushing the apricot deeper and moving in and out. He still didn't have enough… "Dannyyyy!!!" - "I know" and as he said that, he moved down and started licking around my clit. Then he just sucked on it and that made the pressure in my pussy so hard to stand. I came so hard and Danny moved down and started licking inside my pussy. Then I felt him sucking very hard on it till he got the apricot out.

He took it out and looked at me. - "Wanna try?" He bit it and then came closer so I could take a bite too. It was a bit salty and sourly in the same time and then I felt the sweetness of the apricot. - "You taste so . ahhh. amazing!" He came up and kissed me.


Then he ate the rest of the apricot. I pulled him and kissed him again. Danny looked at me and smiled. - "You know. I'm still hungry." I saw his hand moving toward the plates again and I just closed my eyes.