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Tubing with Gigi Hey, I'm Gigi.


This is the story of how my husband and I, but especially me, set aside our useless Catholic taboos and now live a much happier life. We began when I was 20 and had been married about a month to Jerry who was 27. We're both 4'11" and have had many people ask if we were siblings.

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We aren't. I am a 95-pound, dark brunette with a 35C-23-35 figure. Jerry is heavier 135-pounds and very strong. His hair is sandy blonde and he has a permanent tan, since he is a landscape contractor.

We are still in that blissful newlywed stage of hour-long fucks three times a day and five times on Sunday. Jerry had told me while we were dating that we were going to have an open marriage. When I objected that I didn't want him to fuck other women, he said that was no problem, I was all the woman he wanted.

We talked about whether I minded fucking other guys, friends of his. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I would love to fuck around. I had only had sex with six guys during middle and high school and felt shorted. I had wanted to fuck a lot more guys, but Mom was too strict.

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He said it would just make him want me even more to see me fuck other men and especially to see me show them my nude body and have my tits squeezed.

On the tubing trip we were about to go on with one of his best friends, he expected me to allow his friend Clay to screw me and for me to pack my top in the ice chest before we left the truck. The bottom would follow at the water or sooner. I reluctantly agreed to do let him strip me; I didn't think I could do it myself. It was a hot August day when he, Clay, and I went tubing on the Comite River, a popular thing to do in the steam cooker of south Louisiana.

The three of us were planning on a three-way somewhere on the river, once we found a good place. When we got to the rental place, I was surprised by how crowded it was. And by how far the shack was from the parking lot. We parked in a piney wood and the shack with the sign on it was at least a quarter mile away and there were hundreds of people at a beach another quarter mile away.

The space between the beach and the shack was filled with hundreds of people from old fat people to young people to little babies. I immediately grew apprehensive about stripping in front of so many people. Jerry untied my top as soon as I was out of the car. "No, there's too many people here," I hissed. When I started to tie it back on, he said, "Please, just leave it.

I won't do any more to it till we got to the water. Of course, you'll have to take it off there so we can pack it. And if it falls, just let it fall." "Well, I can do that I guess." When we were halfway to the shack, he asked me to stop and he reached under my hair and loosened my top strap completely, hanging it across my shoulders.

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"I thought you weren't going to do anything else." "You're just so beautiful, I couldn't help it." "Oh, all right." I wasn't about to tell him, but my pussy was gushing with excitement. I hoped it would go ahead and fall off soon. My pussy was wet in anticipation of expecting him to take my top off before we got to the water, so I wasn't surprised when he ran his finger down my back to loosen the back strap also when we got to the shack.

So here I was in front of literally hundreds of people down to little babies and my top was held on by nothing but my hair holding the top straps from falling to the front. When I signed the papers, the bits of fabric covering my tits fell forward a little. It was getting me so excited. I leaned forward a little more. As soon as the old lady turned around with the paper, Jerry untied both sides of my bottom as well. That wasn't going to come off, I decided till we were in the water.

I let him loosen the right side completely before I took his hand in mine as we walked to get our tubes a short way from the shack. There were only the attendant and a few other people there as Clay and Jerry got our tubes.

The strings swinging from side to side on my back made me very conscious of how near to being completely nude I was. It was getting me so horny, but I had to keep up my act. I batted Jerry's hand away once on the way down the slope.

The top was bad enough. I didn't want to get arrested. I didn't really want to go topless, but I knew how much he loved seeing me topless, and I do love him so much.

Any way, we got the tubes and walked the quarter mile to the water. The whole area, except for the beach was covered in pines and the beach was a quarter mile away in another direction, so I wondered if anyone would see me even if I was nude.

I wasn't sure if I wanted them to see me or not. I was getting super wet with the thought of being nude, but I was shy too. Fate took the decision out of my hands. The right bottom string loosened and fell free halfway there. I didn't see how my top would last that far and it didn't. It fell off about fifty feet from the water, so I leaned over to pick it and handed it to Jerry.

When I leaned over, my bottom half fell off as well, exposing some of my pubic hair and half my butt. I stood back up, leaving my top where it was. Now I don't really mind going bottomless, it's just topless I mind so much, so I smiled and said, "Oh, Jeer-ry," as I slipped a finger through the left string and loosened it.

He got a big shit-eating grin and nudged Clay. They watched me walk down to them.

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About twenty feet from the water, I jumped a little and it fell to the ground. When I go to the water, I asked, "Happy?" "Very," Jerry said as he kissed me and felt me up.

"Do you want me to leave it here?" "You better not. They'll pick us up by bus and bring us back here. You'll need to be dressed to get on the bus." "Ok, thanks, sweetie." I said as I lightly kissed Clay and pulled his hand to my butt.


I only let him get a light squeeze before I sauntered back up the hill to get my things. I saw that everyone was too busy to notice me, except for another group of tubers coming down the hill as well. Oh well. I smiled and waved at them before I picked up my suit and they returned the favor. We took off. Now tubing is slow. You just float down the river. Once we got in the water, it wasn't so bad, my bottom was hidden to everyone but Clay and Jerry.

What a pity. And the only people who could really see my tits were that second group and only while they were fairly close to us. I saw a group of teenage guys come down just as we rounded the first bend. We paddled a little and left the first group behind within ten to fifteen minutes. It got lazy. Tubing is just floating down the river. It is a shallow river and filled with sandbars. Clay paddled over to me and started kissing me and squeezing my tits. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed.

Pretty soon, Jerry reached under my tube and tried to finger my pussy, one my favorite things. He could barely reach me, so got completely on top of the tube. I saw the other group, come into sight just as we began rounding the next bend.

I lay back and enjoyed, becoming more and more worked up.

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I got stuck on a sandbar and stood up to get free. I waved at the man and his daughter. His wife just ignored me. Fine. We got out some drinks and continued on our merry way.

We picked a nice little beach to pull over and have lunch. Jerry kissed and felt me up while Clay unpacked our lunch. I let Jerry know how much fun this all was as I saw another group float on by. Jerry set up a towel for us to eat on and lay me down when we finished.

As his cock entered me, I my first orgasm began building. I felt so good, feeling his cock inside me with the hot sun baking everything Jerry wasn't shading with his body. Clay kissed and felt my tits up while Jerry pumped me for a long time.

That was great. I came hard as Jerry filled me with his warm, soothing cum. I lay back and sunbathed while we all ate lunch.

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After lunch, I called out to Clay as I spread my legs, inviting him inside. Instead, he invited me to join him in the water and he entered me there. His long thin cock, so different from Jerry's, filled me.

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He was a slow fuck, so different from Jerry's vigorous and long-lasting style. We fucked in the shallows only a few feet from the where multiple groups of people floated past. He kissed my tits so much and nipped on the nipples that it was like he was also making love to my tits. It was great. We had two groups pass us while he fucked me. I felt a strange hand squeeze a tit while the guys floated past.

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I smiled and waved as he floated away. We didn't fuck anymore, but they felt me up and finger-fucked me for most of the remaining four hours of the float. We got to the landing where we would catch the bus late that afternoon, near six. We had stopped to make love a second time as well just around the corner from the landing site. I could just barely see the people through the shrubs as they fucked me. Jerry insisted that I stay nude till we actually saw the landing where we got out of the water and dropped off our tubes.

I wanted to get dressed, but he took the ice chest with my suit in it out first and Clay followed him with the other two tubes. It was only after I walked past at least twenty people completely nude and was waiting where the bus coming to get us that he gave me my bikini.

I was so mellow, I just enjoyed making him happy. I made love to a couple of Jerry's other friends, but nothing else was quite so public. It was all in our bedroom. I screwed Clay a few more times also. I became active in the Catholic Church again and realized that I needed to stop going nude in public, no matter how much it turned me on. I still fucked around; after all, Jerry didn't seem to mind, so it didn't hurt our marriage.

And I confessed my sins and would say my 'Hail Mary's'. the priest was upset with me, but I had toned it down, I no longer would do anything in public, so I was being good, sort of. Sometimes I would tell Jerry about some of my exploits. It turned him on so much that he would cum quickly and have to fuck me all over again in a little while. It remained until the next summer, before Jerry could break me of my shyness.

Read about it in "Gigi and the Poolside BBQ" especially in the revised version.