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With the service over Candice made her way back to stretch limo the driver looking appropriately respectful his hands crossed, head down. As she neared he opened the door allowing the young woman to climb inside her uncle already waiting. She had turned 16 just 3 days ago; but it was a birthday she would want to forget. Sure her aunt and uncle had made an effort to celebrate but how could you seriously celebrate while you made funeral arrangements?

As the diminutive red head sat down uncle Bertie took her hand. He and Aunt Stephanie had been so kind. The past week would have been unbearable without them. The smiling big man gave her a comforting open armed invitation of condolence the beautiful 5'3 flower beginning to wilt.

Now inside the limo Candice not one for showing her emotions in public began to sob, her knees curled up, her little figure hugging black dress and big rim hat looking like something out of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her red hair was trailing down over her shoulder her long lashed eyes welling up, cute upturned nose and pouting lips quivering as she finally let go.

"There, there Candice," her uncle said hugging her with strong mature arms," you've been so brave." Aunt Stephanie knelt in at the limo door wiping a tear from her own eye. It had been her sister, Candice's mother who was driving the car when it crashed. The teenager was thousands of miles away at boarding school when in an instant both her parents had died. In the week that had followed the awful news she'd seem to have been in a daydream state.

She had flown back to stay with her aunt and uncle in their big country house as it was remote enough to make her feel unencumbered by well wishers and memories of her own home. All week she'd just sat in the garden or in her guest room while her uncle had made the funeral arrangements. He'd been very considerate, always willing to comfort or help in any way even with contractor problems he was having with some construction work that was underway in the cellar.

The work had been a rushed job but he still made the time to console and wait on her every whim. As she sat there in the limo she realised how a tragedy like this could bring a distant family together. Even aunts and uncles as detached and normally disinterested as these had acted over the years could begin to show compassion and a sense of family bond. She was so grateful of this for unfortunately they were the only relations she still had.

"Take her home Bertie," her aunt said, "it all been too much. I'll make sure all the well wishers are thanked." The silver haired woman smiled as she closed the door. "Just remember over the next few months it might not seem that way but you'll eventually come to terms with everything that's happening to you." Then the woman stood back and waved as the limo eased away at a respectful pace.

Uncle Bertie pressed the privacy glass switch and the driver and world around were hid from view.

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Candice sat upright a little embarrassed by her tearful cuddle. "I'm sorry uncle," she said wiping her eyes. He smiled and gripped her delicate hand with his weathered bear like paw. "I suppose you'll want to get back to college now?" He asked stroking the hair from her sorrowful face.

Candice nodded; she had nothing to keep her here now. Uncle Bertie nodded too. "Yes I thought as much, so little time to get ready," He added. Candice looked puzzled then gave him a smiled with a confused cock of her head, her perfect painted eyes looking sultry with the dark mascara and bronzed tanned complexion.

What did he mean? Uncle Bertie didn't elaborate just smiled back and then took a hanky chief from his back pocket. "Here let me wipe away those tears," he said and as the white cloth came up to her face her nose twitched and her eyes opened wide in surprise.

There was something on the cloth giving off a pungent vapour! "Mmmmmmffffffffffffff!" Candice tried to struggle but the big man was just too strong. The cloth was pressed against her mouth and nose and in a few leg kicking seconds she froze then went completely limp.

Slummppp! With the chloroform doing its work uncle Bertie carefully folded the linen square and placed it back in his pocket. The partitioned driver hadn't heard anything and now uncle Bertie sat in the deep comfortable seats the shapely figure of his unconscious niece at his side her skirt riding up her firm young thighs showing healthy summer tanned flesh.

He reached in his pocket and removed a vial filled with red capsules. He opened it careful not to spill the contents and tapped a single pill onto his hand. He sat Candice upright and with the aid of a whisky tumbler made the young woman swallow the tablet. The big man then took a deep breath and calmed his nerves. The limo continued its steady journey back to his home. He looked at the unconscious girl next to him.

His hand traced along her leg to her skirt top, paused, then after a moment continued up towards her crotch. His fingers found her panties and tugged the fabric aside. "Uhhhhhhhhhhh!" She gave a murmur as his fat finger pushed into her slit and began to twist. "Everything ok back there?" Came a voice over the speaker.

Uncle Bertie clicked the reply switch. "Yes thank you!

Could you please just drive." In the front cab the man nodded and kept silent. He'd leave them alone in their grief. As his finger buried in her young hole her uncle unzipped his pants tugging his cock head out like he was coaxing an animal out of it den. His fat maggot slowly enlarged and stiffened as he sat back in his seat the girl next to him, his hand between her legs digging away. "Mmmmmmm!" Her lips parted her eyes fluttering a little. But he knew the chloroform had a while to last.

"Com 'on my dear," he said in a homely sort of way. "Let me help you onto my lap." He lifted the woman at her slim waist pulling her over him as he sat. She was limp and unresisting and he easily hitched up her skirt allowing her thighs to straddle him.

She was now sat on his lap facing forward towards the blacked out driver uncle Bertie gripping her dress covered tits. His hands moved with reluctance from her rock hard tits and slid down over the front of her dress his fingers finding then tugging aside her panty crotch. Opening her slit with his fingers he pushed his cock head upwards in search of her little entrance. "Uhhhhhhhhh!" He gave a satisfied groan as he found her hole the lips pushing his foreskin back as his aroused tip entered her.

He gritted his teeth in effort; her muscles resisting. "Uh ohhhhhhhhh!" But only for a moment; as he slowly penetrated her virgin pussy. Candice gave a soft moan of discomfort her head rolling from side to side the uncle gripping her under each thigh easing her legs wider lifting her slowly up and down on his cock. Each downward motion he raised himself off the seat pushing deeper and deeper up her. She felt fantastically tight and so small her legs struggling to straddle his large thighs.

She was also light he easily lifted her ass up and down his cock remaining rigid and motionless inside her twat, using her body to bounce up and down on it. "Mmm, mm, mm, mm!" She gave moans in unison with the bouncing rhythm the unconscious Candice riding her uncle's cock as the blacked out limo passed through the neighbourhood.

Her uncle twisted her tits through her dress and brassiere and he felt his balls tighten and tighten. He continued to bounce her gently with one hand the other mauling her domes making her groan louder.

"Ugggggggggg!" Her mouth parted and he pushed his mouth onto hers, tonguing her, slobbering on her beautiful lips. "Oh Candice you hot little bitch," he groaned pulling her thighs wider still bucking with purpose his cock making wet slapping noises her sexy legs kicking out her heels tapping on the opposing seats. Plut! Plut! Plut! Candice gave a high pitch sound of sensation and that pushed him over the edge "Ukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" He began to spit inside her, his cock releasing a string of come filling her newly busted shaft.

Candice was grunting but unaware, never able to remember her first hole loosening fuck. The chloroform would begin to wear off very soon, however he wasn't concerned, she had taken the pill now. When finally the limo stopped outside the house the driver gave a curious glance out of his wing mirror as the passengers disembarked.

The girl seemed almost feint with grief as she clung to her uncle for dear life. The driver's eyebrows rose in admiration as he saw her short skirt with long legs looking fabulous in high heeled black shoes. The uncle was helping her into the house no doubt the day's events just too much for the poor young lady. As uncle Bertie closed the door to his isolated home he lifted the semi-conscious girl over his shoulder.

The chloroform had worn off by now but the pill kept her disorientated, manageable and compliant. "UUh uncle I. I." She lolled around over his shoulder her fine rump high his hand gripping it firmly as he made sure the limo was leaving. "Down stairs with you," he said with a playful spank of her behind Candice yelping indignantly her hand on her brow as if heavily drunk. "I don't understand what's going on?" She mumbled as he descended the newly renovated steps to his rushed construction job, opening the cellar door.

She felt so weak and detached, like a dream. Was it a dream? "Do you know how hard it is to get builders at a few days notice?" He said as if in an everyday conversation. Candice groaned and tried to push herself up and off his shoulder, but then just slumped back. He continued.

"Once I knew you were coming here I only had a week to get the place built." "What place I don't." "Your own little dungeon," he added, "I told them it was for storing wine but I've got something much sweeter to while away the hours tasting." Candice gave a loud frustrated moan her head swimming.

Not a dream? No a nightmare? In the newly renovated wine cellar it was cool and dark the smallest of slit windows high above allowing a shaft of heavenly light to hit the floor. As he surveyed the room he turned allowing the slung young woman to see a mattress, chairs and other items.

"While you were in the garden this week all forlorn the builders have been busy at work." He examined the plastered walls.

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"They seemed a little curious why I would want such thick sound resistant walls; but a jobs a job and I paid well." He dropped his shoulder depositing the girl onto the mattress her legs and arms sprawling. She wasn't dreaming it was becoming all too real. "No uncle please why are you doing this?" She said coughing and shaking her head to clear her dizziness.

"I don't understand what do you want?" Her Uncle stopped; gripping his waist, coughing.


"Your mother was such a hot bitch, God I wanted to fuck her. And she knew it the fucking tease. Aunt Stephanie knew it too and hated her for it. So perfect and always flirting I couldn't help myself." He wiped his brow the effort of heaving her downstairs starting to tell. "Well I knew I could never have her. But I realised last week that I can have her daughter." Candice mouth fell open, what was he saying?

He was been so rude, so vulgar about her mother. Then she understood what he meant about having her daughter! "No you're insane you can't think you can get away with this!" Candice blurted in horror her eyes now showing true realisation. Bertie nodded enthusiastically.

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"We are your only relations; Your College is at the other side of the country. Who's going to come looking for you?

I intend to keep you down here for a long time." He then began to unbutton his shirt showing his pot belly. "But, but you're my uncle, no that's disgusting." She gasped taking in mouthfuls of humid cellar air. "Oh God you're a fucking lunatic! No no I." Candice sprung to her feet a little unsteady the pills effect still strong.

Uncle Bertie grabbed her wrist twisting her around pulling her hands together behind her back. The fat ape towered over her his one hand able to hold both her wrists tightly together. His other hand reached for a large package clearly recently delivered to the home. He flipped the cardboard open and Candice wailed. The box was full of black bondage kit; cuffs, leg restraints, whips and bizarre colourful dildos. "Its amazing what you can get delivered these days," he laughed.

He snapped the cuffs on her wrists and with one double motion gripped her funeral dress on either shoulder and ripped it down. The black fabric slit down the nape of her back becoming a mere rag showing her perfect slim waist and swan neck.

"Rrrrrrrrrrippppppppp! Candice swayed feeling so dizzy and feint. She could hardly raise a hand to stop him as his hands spun her around fingers searching for more fabric to tear. Now her firm hard ass was revealed full hipped with fabulous legs.

She had matching black panties and bra which her uncle, this horrid man nearly three times her age wasted no time in removing.

Snap! Rippppppp! "No need for clothes from now on." He laughed; "unless of course I'm playing dress up with you." He reminded himself to have a look at the maid and schoolgirl costumes available from his online order sex store.

Candice swayed on her heels her legs feeling limp her mind in overload. She'd felt her uncle's hand on her ass ripping her panties away but her body refused to fight back drained of its energy. He let go of her and she fell onto her knees arms behind her back hair bedraggled, fiery red unlike her sedated manner.

However she could still muster an insult. "You fucking bastard I, you, ugggggggh oh shit!" He was now knelling behind her hands on her ankles. "This will make things easier I think." He said putting her into bondage. She felt her ankles pulled apart then just under her knees he snapped on carbon fibre manacles. She rolled onto her back with difficulty her legs now forced open about a foot apart. She could see what had happened she had a rod between her knees attached to the manacles.

It was light but very rigid and strong. "It's expandable," Bernie said beginning to pull the pipe apart. "Ugggggg!" Candice gave an embarrassed groan. The tube was telescopic from the middle out both ways. As it extended it clicked locking itself so Candice was unable to push her knees back together. Click, click, click. "Uggggggg no, no!" She groaned, her knees now two foot apart. Her eyes were wild with horror.

Her groin pushing was up, her calves bending in, her toes just able to touch.

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Click, click, click. "Oh God uggggggg!" Now her knees were a uncomfortable three feet apart bending slightly her cute toes over a foot between them even when trying her best to touch. She was splayed open her mound pronounced, her ass clenched, her flat tummy tense. "How do you like that Candice?" He drooled. "You look fantastic all open and wanton." He was satisfied her knees would not open anymore, well not without splitting the young bitch in two. He gripped the rod in the middle pushing it back towards her heaving tits.

"Uggggggggggggg!!!" Candice watched with horror as her knees were forced up and back towards her head her ass raised more her toes now pointing towards the ceiling.

With her hands behind her back and now this leg restraint he could bend her like a fucking toy doll into any position he wanted. He knelt over her; the red head on her back legs apart knees now either side of her ribs cage. With one hand he held the rod allowing his other hand unobstructed access to her young holes.

He licked his finger then began to examine her. Candice felt his finger circling her pussy rim slowly getting closer and closer to entering her. She stared like a wild woman realising the inevitable.

"OOOOOOOh no please I've never.I mean I." Uncle Bertie laughed pressing on her mound; the slightest of liquid spilling from her hole. "Oh but you already have Candice. In the limo grunting like a little whore you were." Candice shook her head, she didn't remember. "No I didn't I can't. " Her mouth opened in a horror filled oval pout as blurred thoughts filled her head. "Wait.I.ohhhhhhhhhh!" Bertie laughed again. "Looks like the chloroform wasn't as brain deadening as I imagined.

Good! It's important to remember your first time." He pushed his finger in the slimy hole as she cooed in embarrasment. "Still lots of me in there by the looks of it." Candice blushed; her mind having no place to retreat to.

He'd fucked her! Put his cock up her! She just remembered sensations and a feeling of dominance. But she knew he wasn't lying. "Yes I know and your parents only just buried." He said in mock sympathy. He pushed her legs all the way back so her kness rested on the floor either side just below her armpits the carbon rod pressed hard across her ribs under her tits.

Now her anus was pointing up at him. His face buried down onto her rump his tongue on her sphincter rimming gently. "Ugggggggggg no, no NOOOOOOO!" She felt his tongue push at her rear hole.

Her little bum entrance, the man's lips sucking and tasting. What was he doing? The feeling was eye popping strong the tender flesh wanting to yield wanting to open to let his tongue in a little. "Oh uncle no, no you mustn't please. Oooooooooooh!" Bertie was filled with lust. He'd always groaned with frustration seeing that tight ass in short skirts. Now he had his tongue pressed hard against her private hole, the thoughts as to what was going through her mind as arousing as the taste of her soft skin.

"Is the pill working?" he asked lifting his face. "It is a muscle relaxant and also raises sensitivity." "Uhhhhhhhhh!" Candice gave a long groan as if to answer. It obviously was. He pushed his tongue firmly against her sphincter again. "It feels like you're just about to let me in there sweetie." He added pleased the pill was doing its job.

He pulled back and began to roll her onto her knees. She grunted with effort as she knelt legs forced apart her face flat on the mattress ass higher than shoulders beginning to glisten with sweat. "No uncle please, not my bottom!" He picked up a purple cock shaped vibrator. It was like a spear tip; a pear shape with raised rings along it length. On turning the base the length would buzz at a high speed the rings almost appearing to slide up and down the full length creating an amazing burrowing sensation.

He squirted gel onto the tip and then pressed it against Candice's anus. "No ugh ugh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The thing pushed her open then slid like it was indeed a spear tip into her rectum. She gulped; gritting her teeth her eyes tight shut as she swallowed the length.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" With a disgusted grunt she accepted the device. Then she began to pant her eyes wide and ablaze feeling the alien thing perfectly shaped for penetration deep in her gut.

"Bertie!!! What the hell are you playing at?" Candice and her uncle almost jumped from their skins. It was Aunt Stephanie standing at the bottom of the cellar steps looking into the room.

Uncle Bertie was lost for words. Candice wasn't. "Oh God Aunt Stephanie he's gone mad! Ugg! Help me you got to do something. Please!!!" Aunt Stephanie stepped into the room her eyes showing rage staring at her husband.

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"I've got the women's institute over for supper later! What had we agreed about keeping this door closed and locked?" The woman chastised her husband like a school mistress and her pupil. "I could hear the bitches' moans from the front porch!" Added the sweet silver haired aunt.

"Auntie, uhh no please not you too!" Candice's stomach turned and she began to splutter and cough in despair. "No, no, no, no, this is crazy!" Aunt Stephanie slammed the door closed and bent down taking the base of the vibrator out of her husband's hand.


She pushed him away and pointed to his bulging trousers. "Shut it you little slut and get sucking your uncle's cock!" Auntie knelt down her hand gripping the bottom of the purple toy.

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She twisted the ring on the base and the thing came alive. Zzzzrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! "Ohhhhh uhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!" Candice bit her lip her ass wobbling as Aunt Stephanie twisted the vibrator inside her. The plastic cock was going berserk making her rubbery walls hiss with sensation. "Oooooooooooooooo!" "Not deep enough yet you bitch." Aunt Stephanie snapped, taking off one of her heels." Looks like your ass is too tight for it" "Uhh what?

No uggggg I, uggggggggggg!" Candice realised the evil woman had a solution. As Uncle Bernie pinned her shoulders his wife began to tap on the base of the vibrator with the heel of her shoe, slowly coaxing the thing deeper into Candice's tight hole. Tap! Tap! Tap! "Uggggggg!" Candice neck stretched as she tried to escape but it was useless, her auntie was plugging the buzzing, drilling cock all the way up her.

Tap! Tap! Tap! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The fat base was all that was left exposed and still she hammered away.

"Uggggggggggg no, no, nooooo!" It was almost completely inside before the panting auntie stopped. Just a mere half inch of base was left for extraction latter. "Ohh jessssss it's too uggggggggggggg!" Candice was groaning and bitching but that just excited them more, the vibrating thing was making her eyes cross.

"Oh God it's driving me crazy!" Uncle Bertie had his cock out by now and he knelt in front of the doggie positioned girl. His wife gripped the red heads brilliant mane pulling her head up snarling in her ear. "Lets take your mind off it shall we?" And the man's cock sprang up around her nose, auntie giving the orders. "Start sucking or I'm going to hammer this thing so deep it won't come out!" Candice felt her pat the impaled vibrator base menacingly.

Candice had tried to resist but knew it was useless. His cock was pressing against her painted lips. If she sucked him they'd take the awful vibrator out, probably? She opened her beautiful mouth her uncle gripping the back of her head pushing in. "Mmmmhhhhhhhhh." She was struggling not to choke his sweaty cock tasting disgusting, her own musky juices still present on the bell end. "Mmmmmmmmmf!" "That's it baby lick me clean.

You're so good to your old uncle." He teased and her stomach turned. She was servicing her fat old uncle while her auntie patted her dildo filled ass in appreciation, like she was some domestic animal.

"Good girl I knew you'd understand." Stephanie said caressing her hips and tight waist. "You're our little slave from now on. Remember what I said earlier at the limo?

You'll get over it eventually." Her Auntie was enjoying this. "Your bitch mother was always having the upper hand with her looks and her perfect tits." Auntie slapped Candice's ass in resentment, "just like her perfect daughter. Well we'll see about that, won't we?" Candice was moaning as she pumped back and forth on her uncle's cock feeling her lips push his foreskin back tasting the unwashed head.

She was unable to answer back with the meaty mouthful she was swallowing. The anal burrowing frenzy and the battering on her tonsils were taking all her concentration. Her Auntie continued her rant. "Your mother thought she could have my husband! Well I've had the last word on that. Why do you think we haven't talked for years? It was because my fucking husband couldn't keep his hard on away whenever she was near." Bertie closed his eyes in embarrassment as well as from teen sucking sensation.

Auntie shook her head as his naivety. "Damn fool, she'd have never let him in a million years, but it didn't stop her flaunting herself; always having to compete with her big sister." Stephanie's eyes narrowed. "And usually she won. Well not this time." Candice managed to spit out the bloated cock end, tears welling in her eyes, her emotions in turmoil. Was all this over sibling rivalry? "My parents are dead now, how could you do this!" She screamed, ruffled hair looking like she had fallen through a bush.

Stephanie laughed. "Very easily my dear; but don't worry we'll visit them very soon." Uncle Bertie gripped the young woman's cheeks squeezing them together making her look up into his eyes. "That's right Candice give it few nights and take you back there so I can fuck you over the grave." He explained in delight. Candice shook her head, appalled, wanting to puke with the thought. "No, no, no how could you think.

you filthy bastards." Stephanie chuckled with satisfaction at finally having the last word over her sister. "That's right, her cute little daughter getting furiously banged over her rotting bones! Hee! Hee! By the man she used to cock tease; how poetic!" By now Bernie's cock had become a magnificent stiff sausage. He gripped the base pointing it direct to the roof; Candice's spittle trailing from the tip back to her quivering lips. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! The vibrator was still deep and on full power and Candice felt her spine quivering with the invaders energetic dance.

"Please it's too much uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She realised it was starting to crawl deeper into her. If they didn't get it out she'd swallow it up her hole very soon.

"Ugggggggggggg aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed as Auntie gripped the base and roughly tugged the monster from her; anus stinging at the rapid exit. Then they both gripped Candice's bound hands and hauled her up into a standing position her legs still locked apart.

"Over the chair." Aunt ordered and they man handled her into position. The sexy teen was bent over the back of the chair ready for mounting up her ass. Aunt Steff picked up a ball gag from the box and pushed it into her mouth.

"Bite on this sweetie," she advised tying the band around the girl's head, her uncle angling into position. "MmmmmmmmmmmFFFFFFF!" Bertie thrust into her ass hard and upwards almost making her feet lift from the floor. Aunt Stephanie pushed her niece down even more her face on the seat her eyes blinking with the buggering sensation. Her eyes grew wider still as the silver haired aunt told her of all the adventures would have.

They had so much planned for her. Fisting, tit torture, inflating stuff inside her pussy and ass, the woman continued; whipping, even games with Frankie the family dog! The list seemed endless and as her aunt reeled off the indignities Candice stared straight ahead grunting with each gut turning rut of her uncle as he tried in vain to split her in two with his cock. Slop! Slop! Slop! The young woman could never have imagined the indignity. The old mans cock like a dagger stabbing up her butt hole.

Her inner walls felt his foreskin been tugged back and forth his dirty wet eye hole any second about to release. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss!" She felt the sickening wetness deep inside her; the torrent of spray as her uncle came like it was an Olympic event. "Yesssssssssssssssss!" As he slipped from her his cock trailed his seed her ass completely deflowered. He wanted to do more to her but his body said no. He was exhausted. "Where do you think you're going?" Aunt Stephanie said rummaging through the cardboard box.

Bertie stopped his retreat and nodded in acceptance, games would be over when his wife said they were. Aunt Stephanie had now put back on her heel and in her black funeral dress she indeed suited her dominatrix manner.

"Hold her in that position," She ordered Candice still slumped over the back of the chair. "We still have a good hour or so before my soirée." And with that aunt Stephanie produced a black nylon cane from the box cracking the air with a forceful blow. With the first strike of the cane on her firm round ass Candice's eyes almost popped out on storks.

Her world was in chaos and she only hoped that somehow when she shortly passed out she would awake back in college dorms her bedside clock showing the date of seven days previous. * Everything was as normal the next Sunday; Aunt Stephanie sat on the veranda with her friends from the committee.

Each lady had a cup of tea and a cake, whiling away the afternoon putting the world to rights. "Bertie, Bertie, come and say hello to Mrs Higgins," cried Stephanie as her husband returned from his outing. Bernie gave his wife's friend a reluctant nod as he entered the house holding a box under his arm. "More stuff for the cellar?" Auntie said with a wry smile. Bertie smiled back holding up a transformer and car jack leads. "You can never buy enough stuff for the cellar," he replied.

"Well you go back to your little hobby." She said blowing him a kiss. She then waved him off. "Don't forget to close the cellar door we don't want to hear you banging away all afternoon." Bertie nodded and quickly headed downstairs.

Aunt Steff rolled her eyes in mock frustration commiserating with all the other wives. "Oh boys and their toys," She laughed, "we all know what they're like;" and her gaggle of friends nodded and smiled sympathetically.