Me n Brit brat getting it in

Me n Brit brat getting it in
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The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties Chapter 2: Faerie Bondage By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Aoifa Ke-Thi, Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz "Have you seen my husband?" I asked a pair of naked pregnant women, their skin that deep Hazian dusk, their dark hair falling about their faces.

They both gave me horny smiles. "That big man that came with you?" "Yeah," I nodded. Fiona and I had split up to find him. Knowing our husband, he was dick-deep in pregnant pussy right now. He was such a stud. Fiona was still prudish. She had unwound a lot, but she still resisted having fun, complaining about it instead of just embracing it. Seamus knew how to have fun. It was part of his charm, part of what I loved about him. That and his devotion to my twin sister.

"Didn't he go off with Kasha and her daughter?" one of them asked the other. "Oh, yes, that vixen and her little minx snagged him," the second nodded, envy dripping from her lips. "Oh, he is a stud. And you're husband?" I grinned. "My husband." "And you let him wander like that?

Kasha might try to keep him." "Oh, I think my sister-wife would have issues with that," I laughed. The first woman shuddered. "She'd probably curse Kasha into a lump of salt." "Oh, yes," I laughed. Fiona wouldn't. I wasn't even sure she could, but people thought the weirdest things of twinborn witches and their abilities. "So I better go find my husband before Fiona gets mad. She's so jealous." The second woman's face paled. "Just go down the lane, pass two houses, go right and down another three on your left." "My thanks," I grinned at them, eyes flicking down.

Their ripe bellies were so inviting. And their full breasts swayed, filled with that yummy breast milk. My mouth salivating, I went to find my husband. Maybe I could join on the fun. Though that would anger Fiona. She took our duties seriously. And now that she had identified the threat to the village, she was eager to get to solving it.

Rogue faeries. I followed the directions and entered the house. Two women, one a mature beauty the other a budding girl, lay on the bed, their bodies dripping in cum, the air reeking of hot pussy and sex. I breathed it in, savoring the lingering traces of Seamus. But he wasn't here. His armor was. His sword. But not him. My stomach tightened. I nudged his chainmail with my toe then moved to the bed.

Mother and daughter held each other as they slept, pregnant belly to pregnant belly. My brow furrowed as a chill ran through my blood. Faeries. I moved to the women, my hand sliding down to a long dagger strapped to my waist. My leathers creaked as I leaned over the bed, shaking the mother, Kasha. She just made a mewling sound, shifting and snuggling closer to her daughter, holding the pregnant girl tight. "Pater's cock," I cursed.

Faeries had our husband. "I see you found our husband first," Fiona said, a biting tone to her words. "A mother and daughter?" "He's not here," I said, straightening. Fiona gasped, bending down, touching our husband's armor.

She crouched, her robes parting to reveal her bare, lower legs and soft, doe-skin shoes. She stroked the metal links of Seamus's chainmail skirt. "Spirits of Divination," she commanded, her face so pale, blue eyes wide, "reveal the fate of my husband to me!" My skin prickled. I couldn't see the spirits, but I felt when she summoned them. We were united. Somehow, the circumstances of our birth let her manipulate the spirits that permeated the world.

Our souls were connected, almost like we were once one being split into two different bodies. It made my head hurt thinking about it. If it was true, I certainly got the fun half.

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Her forehead furrowed. She stood, looking around, seeing things beyond my sight. "The women and our husband were put to sleep. They'll wake up soon while he was bound and taken away." "Where?" I asked. "To Faerie," Fiona answered, her face tightening, hand clenching. "Las's putrid cum," I groaned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Faerie I strained at the ropes about my wrists, my muscles bulging. I pushed off against the wall behind me with my ass, bending at the waist to provide more leverage to my arms spread wide.

The fibers bit into my flesh, burning, rasping. I didn't care. I growled through it. "I told you they were unbreakable," the giggling voice said. "Ooh, but I like watching him strain," a second voice said, an edge of delight to her words. "Look at him fight." "Those muscles," purred a third voice, smoky and lush.

"But he might hurt himself," the first voice said. She appeared in the room out of a flash of purple light and drifting, azure motes. She looked like a petite, blonde girl, eyes so vibrant and blue, her breasts small and topped by pink nipples. Behind her back were wings like a butterfly's, blue with red dots spotting them. They fluttered, holding her up a few inches from the ground.

"Please, mighty warrior, stop straining." "Oh, but it's fun when they hurt themselves, Cherry," the second voice with the edge said. She appeared in a shower of red sparks, taller, her figure curvaceous, breasts large. Red hair spilled about a hungry face, green eyes sharp. Her butterfly wings were bright red with black eyes.

"Blossom!" Cherry gasped, whirling on the hungry-faced faerie. "We don't want to hurt him. Right, Midnight?" "We want to play with him," the purring, sultry voice said.

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The third faerie appeared. Midnight earned her name, her hair so dark, her body lithe, breasts round. Her butterfly wings were black with swallow tails. Purple whirls swirled chaotic patterns across the night of her wings. "But maybe hurting him can be part of the play." "Yes," Blossom grinned, her red wings fluttering. "No!" Cherry objected, stamping her foot in midair, making her small breasts jiggle.

"Why hurt him? Look at him? Have you seen a human with such muscles?" "Mmm, they are delicious," Midnight purred, fluttering closer.

The swallowtails of her wings curved down, almost reaching as low as her feet. "They look like marble." "Yes," Cherry agreed, her blue eyes sparkling. I glared at them and heaved at the ropes again. I was a paladin of Gewin. I would not be the toy of a three faerie. I had to escape, warn my wives of what they faced in the village. Faeries were skilled in magic, tricky, the bastard offsprings of the Goddess of Crime and the God of Lust.

"Please, mighty warrior," Cherry said, fluttering to me. She reached out, running slender fingers across my chest, her touch igniting fires that rippled through my body.

"Stop struggling. You cannot escape. Those are enchanted ropes." "Yes, you are ours," Blossom said, her words hard as she hovered closer, arms crossed beneath her large breasts.

"So just surrender." I grinned at them. "Make me." "Oooh, a challenge," Midnight said. She licked her lips, her hands sliding up and down her body, reaching for her hairless pussy.

None of the three had hair on their pussies, bare and aroused, juices glistening on the sides. "It'll be so sweet if you surrender to us," Cherry promised, her hands moving lower and lower down my body, tracing my muscles.

I fought against the lust shooting down to my cock, but her touch was inspiring, and my dick rose to the occasion. It thrust out before me as I squirmed, swaying, drawing Cherry's blue eyes. Her wings fluttered faster as she looked down, a smile on her lips. Her hand reached my pubic hair. She slid through the fiery curls before reaching my shaft. She stroked it, her touch so delicate. My dick throbbed as she climbed it, the tip aching for her touch. I fought my groan as she stroked it, desire bleeding through me.

And magic. I knew there would be magic in her touch. I steeled myself against it, drawing on my oaths to my god. I was a paladin, a divine warrior, blessed with protections. I raised my bulwarks against her magic even as my dick throbbed harder. "Doesn't that feel so good?" Cherry asked. She smiled at me. "Don't you want to be ours? We'll play with you and make you feel so good." "I'm not your dog," I growled. "Nor your toy." "I think you are, Dog," Blossom hissed.

Her hands shot out, squeezing my balls. Hard. I groaned, the pain mixing with Cherry's fingers stroking pleasure across the tip of my dick. I shivered, my body bucking against mixing sensations. I yanked on the ropes, teeth clenched as the pain and pleasure mixed and swirled.

Grew more exciting. Blossom smiled as she crushed my balls. I groaned, my body thrashing. Cherry's thumb rubbed circles around my tip, increasing the ecstasy flowing down my dick. It heightened the pain. And the pain heightened the pleasure. They fed on each other, making me thrash, making me want to surrender to their delights.

"Bitch, free me and I will tame your cunts," I snarled at them. "Oh, he's so bold," Midnight purred, pressing in on the other side of Cherry. Her hands stroked my flesh, adding more delight to meet the pain. She rubbed her round breasts against my side, her pussy riding my thigh.

Her shaved lips were smooth and hot, staining my skin in wet passion. "I love it." "You'll love it more when you're on your hands and knees surrendering to my cock," I growled, thrashing, pulling hard. Pain burned in my wrists. I was helpless, bound. And that only increased the excitement. The desire to surrender to the three of them and let them please me swelled. But I was stubborn. I liked to please. I liked to take my women and show them ecstasy.

Bending them over tables, hiking up their skirts, devouring their cunts until they begged for my cocks to fuck them. Virgins and wives. Maids and matrons. I claimed them and fucked them. "Surrender like a good dog, Slave," Blossom hissed, her face twisting with cruel delight as she squeezed my balls hard, pain crashing into the pleasure of Cherry's stroking thumb. "Beg like a bitch for my cock, Whore," I snarled back, grinning at her. "You'll have to do more than that!" "Because you're a warrior?" she sneered.

"He is," Cherry moaned. "Such a warrior. Oh he makes my pussy so wet." Then the petite faerie's blue wings flapped. She launched herself up in the air, rising above me. Her legs spread wide as she fluttered her pussy right to my face. Her thighs wrapped around my neck, her hands grabbing my fiery hair. She rubbed her pussy against my face, her small tits heaving above me, her wings beating.

"Eat me, mighty warrior," she moaned. "Just make us feel good." "So good," Midnight purred, her hand replacing Cherry's on my cock, stroking it hard, fast, making my dick ache as Blossom continued mashing my balls. I winced at the pain while Cherry's pussy rubbed at my face. She tasted like cherries, that sweet, tart delight.

Her slit was virginal tight. Her vulva so hot as she ground on my lips, humping, moaning, in such need of being licked. Their magic kept shooting through me, buried in with the pain and pleasure, assaulting my will. I clenched my hands, bucking as Midnight stroked my dick faster. Despite being squeezed and crushed, my balls boiled with cum. I ached to erupt. The stamina Fiona had enchanted me with begged for release. She enhanced me to stay hard, to keep fucking over and over, to have endurance beyond normal men.

And it warred within me. Made it harder to fight them. Especially with Cherry rubbing that hot pussy on my face. She smelled so delicious. I hungered to lick her. "Please, mighty warrior, eat me. I need it." "Yes, please her," Midnight purred, her hand stroking faster, my dick aching, throbbing, wanting to cum. "Surrender, dog," hissed Cherry, clenching harder. My mouth opened as I moaned. Pussy juices flowed in.

They tasted so wonderful. I couldn't resist. My tongue shot out, sliding through the faerie's tight slit. Cherry gasped, her wings fluttering faster, her small breasts jiggling over me.

"Yes, mighty warrior!" she moaned out in delight. "Oh, thank you, thank you!" "Mmm, that's it," Blossom groaned. "I feel your will weakening, slave. You are strong, but that means it will be so impressive when you crumble and break. You'll be begging to wear our collar. Feel our whips." The air hissed. I gasped as a whip cracked across my chest. Blossom squeezed my balls at the same moment pain flared across my chest.

Midnight laughed, her hand stroking faster and faster at my dick, excited. "Look at that stripe," she moaned as her hand flew on my dick. "Hit him again, Blossom." "Yes!" I groaned into Cherry's pussy as the whip kissed my skin again. The pain flared, sharp and stinging, before sinking into the pleasure. It joined the delight flowing through me, mixing, swirling, enhancing the bliss washing through my body. I thrashed as the whip kissed me again and again.

My tongue churned through Cherry's pussy as I groaned and thrashed. My mind buzzed. Dizzy waves washed across my vision as my chest and stomach burned. "Oh, yes, that's it," groaned Cherry, her body shuddering. "Oh, you are so good at eating my pussy, mighty warrior.

You are pleasing me so well. Thank you!" Shame burned through me, twisting as I kept licking her. I couldn't help my self. I groaned and bucked, coming closer and closer to cumming. Midnight must have felt it. her strokes slowed to a teasing crawl, leaving me frustrated, on the brink of erupting. CRACK! And the whip.

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CRACK! It kept falling. The pain swelled through me. I was a warrior. I drank it. CRACK! Embraced it. CRACK! My balls boiled, fed by the heat of her whip. CRACK! I wanted to cum. CRACK! I wanted to beg for my release. CRACK! I was so damned close. Midnight just had to stroke me faster. CRACK! Gewin's mighty cock, I wanted to cum. CRACK! But I wouldn't beg.

CRACK! "Cernere's black cunt," Blossom moaned. "Out of the way, Midnight." Midnight released my cock. I groaned into Cherry's pussy, fighting that begging need. My body thrashed, welted and whipped, the pain pulsing with my heartbeat. I needed my release. I needed to cum. I just had to ask for it. Just had to beg like a dog. Never! I would never— Hot pussy engulfed my dick.

"Yes!" Blossom groaned, surrendering first to my cock. "Oh, yes, what a cock! Mmm, this is amazing. It's so thick and big." "Bigger than the others we took," groaned Cherry, humping so hard against my licking tongue. "Oh, mighty warrior, make us cum." "Explode," Midnight panted, her thighs locked about my waist as she humped her cunt up and down my cock.

I was dizzy from the pain, and the feel of her tight, hot, wet cunt sliding up and down my dick made me sway. My wrists pulled on the restraints. I growled into Cherry's pussy. My lips locked onto her clit, sucking hard as the faerie-bitched worked her hot sheath up and down my dick. Pleasure rippled through me. Her embrace was ecstasy.

My abused balls boiled with cum. The friction of her tight cunt sent ecstasy shooting through my body, stoking the fires in me. I bucked, the ropes creaking while I sucked so hard on Cherry's clit.

"What a cock!" howled Blossom. "Oh, Dog, you will be our slave. You will serve us. Pleasure us!" "Yes!" Cherry moaned, humping so hard against me.

"I'm going to cum! I love it! You're such a stud, mighty warrior!" "A worm," Blossom hissed even as she humped harder, slamming her pussy down my cock as she fucked me, her wings beating hard.

"Fuck him," Midnight moaned. "Cum on his dick! I want my turn on that cock!" "It's amazing!" howled Blossom. And then she came on my dick. The faerie-bitch burst with her hot passion. She erupted fast, turned on by whipping me, hurting me. Her hot flesh rippled about my cock as she worked her cunt up and down my cock.

Massaging me.

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Pleasuring me. My balls ached. I growled about Cherry's clit. I sucked so hard on it. The pressure swelled in my balls, screaming out of control. I bucked and thrashed. Pleasure washed across my face as I yanked on the restraints holding me in place.

My balls boiled. The pressure swelled and swelled. It had to explode out of me and into her cunt.

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It had to flood her. "Gewin's mighty cock!" My cum erupted. "Yes!" Blossom hissed. "Give us your cum, slave! You are ours, dog! Not theirs! Ours! We own you! Oh, yes!" She came harder, her pussy spasming silken delight about my dick.

I groaned, thrashing, the rapture boiling my mind. Stars exploded across my vision as my body heaved. I breathed in Cherry's musk, growing lightheaded with lust. The magic surged through me, trying to enslave my will. "Mighty warrior!" Cherry howled. Her sweet, tart juices flooded my mouth. I drank her down as my cock pumped its final load of jizz into Blossom's cunt.

Cherry pulled at my hair as she writhed. She ground her cumming pussy against my mouth as her sweet moans squeaked through the room. "So good! Cernere's nimble fingers, he's so good," she moaned. "My turn," Midnight moaned.

"I need to fuck his cock." "Yes," Blossom grinned as she slid off my dick. "And he's still hard. He has stamina.

Collect more of his cum. We have to sever his connection to them." "Yes!" Midnight groaned. "He's so mighty," Cherry moaned. Her thighs unwrapped from my neck. Her body fell back and floated away, her wings not even flapping. Her lithe body writhed. "So amazing. It'll be so much fun collecting his cum." Why did they want my cum? A whip of red energy appeared, clutched in Blossom's hand. As Midnight impaled her cunt on my cock, her body stretched out horizontally before me like she laid on an unseen surface, Blossom cracked her whip.

It stung across my chest, another welt adding to the red lines crisscrossing my torso. I growled through grit teeth as the pain crashed into the pleasure sliding up and down my dick.

"Beg to be our dog!" Blossom laughed, her eyes wild as she drew back her whip. It was so hard to fight the pain, the pleasure. I just wanted to surrender. I squeezed my eyes shut, teeth grinding. CRACK!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona Ke-Thi, Lesh-Ke Mountains, the Kingdom of Haz "We have to find the mushroom ring," I said as I followed the red divination spirit, a type of conjuration spirit.

"That's how we get into Faerie." "And it's" Aoifa asked as she hurried beside me. "Yes, another dimension just out of sight of ours. It only touches our world at mushroom rings. It's a hidden world, something the faeries made because they're good at tricky magic." Aoifa nodded. "Okay.

Glad you paid attention to Ol' Morgana." "One of us had to," I said, annoyance flashing through me. Aoifa had always slipped off to find her own amusements instead of listen to the old, twinborn witch who trained me. We hurried out of the village. The red spirit bobbed before me, divining the way to the nearest mushroom ring. There had to be one nearby. Whoever these faerie were, they would want a convenient place to crossover.

"Why are they doing this?" Aoifa asked. "Kidnapping the men then knocking up all the women with spriggan babies." "Spriggans are just automatons," I answered.

"They cannot reproduce. Their cum has no seed in it. They were just vessels for the seed that fertilized the women. Whose seed, I couldn't say." "Faerie seed?" I asked. "Faeries do have genders, right? They're not a single-sex raced." "No, they're dual-sexed.

It's possible they are pregnant with faerie babies. Maybe they are breeding an army." "So why take the men?" Aoifa asked. My blood chilled. " they wouldn't fight back. Maybe they're." I forced myself away from that line of thought. Seamus wasn't dead, he was taken. "Maybe they're slaves." "They wouldn't." I heard the fear in my twin's voice. Aoifa was never afraid. "No," I said as firmly as I could muster. "They took him instead of killing him. He has to be alive.

He is alive." "Right," Aoifa said. It took us an hour to cross the fields of wheat around the village and headed into the woods along the valley's edge. Birches rose around us, a stream gurgling out of sight. The ground grew rough.

But we scrambled up it. I held the hem of my white robe, moving faster, my heart racing. Seamus was fine. We would save our husband. The conjuration spirit pressed through a grove of thick brush. I followed after, wincing at the scratching branches.

On the other side was an opening, the ground littered in dead leaves. In the center grew a ring of small, brown mushrooms. Magic tingled in the air, a humming presence. "That's it?" asked Aoifa, her forehead furrowing as she stared at the ring. "It doesn't look like a portal." "It is. I can feel it." "Then open it," Aoifa hissed. I nodded my head, thinking back to Ol' Morgana's lessons. I took a deep breath, remembering the spirits I needed to summon to open— "Did you hear that?" asked Aoifa.

I looked up just as the brush around us exploded. Small, spindly, wooden creatures launched at us, thick dicks thrusting from their crotches as they fell upon us.

I gasped in shock, their fingers grasping my robes, their weight throwing me to the ground. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa My dagger thrust before me out of instinct, taking the spriggan right in the face. Cold flames erupted as the automaton fell to the ground twitching. My hand reached for the next dagger. Fiona cried out behind me, crashing to the ground.

Her mouth opened to speak. A spriggan rammed a wooden dick into her mouth, hips pumping while its long fingers held my sister's auburn hair. It chittered as it fucked her, a clattering sound of wooden teeth knocking together rapidly. A sound of pleasure. I swung with my dagger, taking another spriggan in the face.

It fell to the ground in a burst of cold flame. Excitement surged through me as I was swarmed by the others. They seized my leather pants, trying to haul me to the ground. I found to stay upright. When I heard about the hoard of spriggans who ravished all the women of Ke-Thi, it had made me so hot, so wet. I was eager to be fucked by them. I loved being fucked by monsters. There was something so naughty about being taken by a nonhuman creature.

But my husband was kidnapped. I let out a snarl of rage, swinging at one crawling up my side. But another spriggan leaped onto my arm. The weight throwing my blow off-balanced. Fiona moaned behind me, her robes thrown open, a spriggan ramming his cock into her pussy now. She bucked on the ground, her small breasts jiggling as pleasure crossed her face. Spindly fingers shoved into the waistband of my leather pants.

The black-dyed leather ripped, exposing my shaved pussy. My large breasts heaved in my leather vest as those fingers rubbed at my wet cunt. "Pussy!" the spriggan said, its voice hollow and wooden. "Pussy!" "Pussy!" moaned the others. "Cernere's black cunt," I moaned as the spriggan brought his huge, wooden dick to my pussy and rammed it in.

My knees buckled beneath the weight of the spriggans and the fiery pleasure ignited in my pussy. The hard, wooden dick dove so deep into me. It spread me open, my eyes widening.

My cunt clenched down on the girth, savoring how rigid it was. This was no fleshy cock, but a dildo. A warm dildo. A living, wooden dildo. "Pater's cock," I groaned. "Pussy!" the spriggan answered. I fell backward, carried down by the weight of the spriggans on me. I landed next to my twin sister.

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She writhed, the small spriggans fucking her twat and mouth. Long, thin fingers, jointed like puppets, gripped her small breast and twisted her nipples. She moaned about the wooden cock fucking her mouth, humping in pleasure. The spriggan's dick felt amazing in my pussy. "Yes," I moaned to my twin. "It's amazing! They're going to breed us!

We're going to be pregnant!" Saying those words made my pussy clench on the spriggan's dick. I couldn't help it. Lust burned through my body. I heaved and thrashed, the spriggans ripping my clothing off, shredding my leather pants and ripping open my leather vest, exposing my large tits. My pillowy mounds heaved.


My nipples were so hard. Their wooden fingers gripped my breasts. Their hard cocks rubbed against my side, smearing precum across my flesh. I shuddered, my head writhing back and forth as I moaned. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my pussy!" I growled to the spriggan reaming my cunt. "Pussy!" "Boobies!" another spriggan moaned.

It straddled my torso, its body only a few feet tall. Its dick was almost as long as its body. It rammed that polished smooth dick between my tits, squeezing them about its shaft. The spriggan's face was carved with vague features, its mouth hinged and clicking as it opened and closed. Its expression was frozen, but I could hear its pleasure as it moaned and thrust its cock in and out of my tits. Its wooden tip emerged from between my tits, carved like a human's dick.

It gleamed in the sunlight, smeared with its precum. Its small fingers pinched my nipples as it held my tits closed about its thrusting shaft. It fucked so hard, pistoning with the same fervor as the spriggan fucking my cock. "Gods, yes," I moaned, humping into the spriggan's thrust, my pussy clenching on it. I was so hot. "Fuck me! Cum in me!" Pleasure rippled through my body. It had me dizzy with lust. It was so amazing. That dick plunging over and over into my cunt created such a burning friction.

Every thrust filled me, stretched me, had me quivering and moaning. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to erupting on that huge cock. To exploding on it and being lost to the rapture. I couldn't wait. My eyes squeezed shut as it burned through me. I moaned, my breasts jiggling as it worked its cock over and over into me. "Pussy!" "Boobies!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I hissed.


"Pussy and boobies! Cum!" The spriggan fucking my pussy thrust into me. Like it obeyed me, its cock erupted. My eyes widened at the hot spurt of jizz into my mouth. It flooded me, splattering across my cervix. I knew it bred me, that even know its magical seed would plant a baby in me. I was pregnant. "Pater's huge cock!" I screamed as my orgasm exploded through me. I couldn't explain why it made me cum so hard. But it did.

My pussy went wild about its cock. It massaged that hard, unyielding shaft of wood, trying to milk it as it pumped more and more cum into me. My body shuddered, heaving as the rapture burned so hot through my mind. Stars danced. I gasped, loving it. My feet drummed on the ground. My orgasm surged so hot through me as the spriggan ripped his cock out of my pussy, leaving my convulsing sheath feeling so empty.

And then another spriggan filled it. "Yes," I moaned, the fast pumping keeping my orgasm alive. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!" "Pussy!" it moaned with hollow passion.

"Boobies!" gasped the other, thrusting its wooden cock through my breasts. The tip emerged. And erupted. Hot cum splattered against my chin and up my face. I savored the heat of salty jizz staining my lips and features. Cum ran down my cheeks as I thrashed, my orgasm intensifying, my pussy writhing about the new spriggan dick fucking it.

I heaved, lost to the ecstasy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona The spriggan fucking my mouth came. I shuddered as the jizz pumped into my mouth. That salty spunk splashed across my tongue. The familiar tasted had me shuddering, my pussy clenching about the spriggan reaming my dick. "Oh, yes, make me cum again," moaned Aoifa, lost to the pleasure. I had tried to fight it, but I couldn't.

They felt wonderful. The spriggan in my pussy churned me to a froth. I gulped down all the cum in my mouth. I swallowed it as my orgasm came closer and closer to exploding through me. "Pussy!" Cum flooded my pussy. I shuddered, bucking, the pleasure swelling. Hot cum flooding my married pussy, breeding me with another creature's child than my husband's. That depraved thought propelled my orgasm into explosive heights. My pussy writhed about the spriggan's dick, trying to milk the hard, unyielding shaft.

It pumped so much cum into me, splashing against my cervix. I moaned about the dick in my mouth as it withdrew. I sucked in breaths, gasping.

"I'm such a bad wife! Oh, yes! Keep cumming in me!" "You're so naughty, sweet sister," Aoifa moaned, thrashing nearby. "Just cumming and cumming on that spriggan's dick!" "Yes!" I groaned, my body thrashing. "I am. So bad. So wicked!" The spriggan ripped his cock out of my pussy, my hole spasming, eager for more cock. Another took its place. There were dozens around us. The new one grabbed my thighs, lifting them, and thrust forward.

But he missed my pussy. He slid down my taint and between the cheeks of my asshole. I gasped as he felt my sphincter. "Pussy!" The spriggan rammed his cock into my asshole. His dick spread open my bowels. I shuddered as the hot, hard shaft rammed like a hot poker into my depths, igniting such a fire in my pussy. I bucked, pleasure cascading through me. The spriggan pumped away as I thrashed my head, plunging so hard and fast in and out of my bowels, lubed by his precum and polished-smooth dick.

"Pussy!" another spriggan shouted, jumping in front of the one fucking my asshole. I groaned as it rammed its dick into my pussy.

Both my holes clamped down on the hard, wooden shafts thrusting away, my body stretched open. I gasped, my eyes widening as my orgasm exploded through me. Both holes convulsed as I thrashed, the rapture flooding through my body. "Pussy!" they both howled, pumping away at my holes.

"Yes, yes, yes! Pussy!" I screamed back. Ecstasy shot through my body. It slammed into my mind. Stars danced through my vision. Darkness fuzzed across my sight. I thrashed in rapture. There was only the pleasure of their two dicks pumping over and over into my holes, driving my married body wild. My cunt and asshole drank in the bliss of their thick, ramming dicks. They stuffed me so full of cock. I loved it. I savored it. I screamed out my rapture for all the world to hear as I came harder and harder, thrashing, bucking, fucking.

They pounded me in to oblivion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Faerie "Please, submit, mighty warrior," Cherry begged before cracking her blue whip across my body. The pain stung. She didn't hit half as hard as Blossom. I groaned, my dick throbbing, bouncing before me. I shuddered, pulling on the ropes. My cock was so hard. Their magic and my stamina kept me going. They had fucked me each three times, sucking so much cum out of me before they vanished for a time before returning to have more fun.

Blossom and Midnight writhed with a few of the missing men from the village, men who wore collars like animals and were so eager to please them. They licked and barked and fucked on command, making Blossom and Midnight cum and cum.

"Please, mighty warrior," Cherry begged, her eyes pleading. "Just surrender." She flicked her whip again. I hated how I liked the pain, how my body drank it in and yearned for another kiss. Their agony warped through me, twisting my desires. Precum dripped from my cock as I groaned in frustration, my hips thrusting before me.

"Please," she said, her eyes liquid. She moved to me, grabbing my dick, stroking it. "You'll get such a sweet reward. See." She fell to her knees and licked the tip of my cock, gathering the precum. I groaned. "See, isn't that nice?" She smiled at me and licked again.

"If you're mine, you'll get to feel nice all the time." "No," I growled. "I'm my own master!" Her tongue swirled about the tip of my dick, her eyes so cute and begging, like a little girl asking her father for a sweet. It was so hard to resist her. Her lips opened wider, sliding down the crown of my dick. I groaned as she sucked on it, the pleasure shooting through my boiling balls.

Noble Oma Freude Sammlung

Her mouth bobbed up and down, the pressure reaching to my nuts. My cum responded. I shuddered, aching to cum in her mouth, for that release. She kept staring up at me, pleading with those cute eyes, demanding my surrender.

"No," I growled, ripping my gaze away. "I won't. You can whip me all you like." Her lips popped off my dick long enough to moan, "I'd rather fuck you!" She engulfed my cock again. I groaned at the surge of pleasure through my body. I bucked and shuddered, pulling on the ropes. They bit into my flesh as the faerie blew my cock. Her wings fluttered, her tongue swirling about the crown. My body heaved, burning from the whips. Every part of me stung. Red lines crossed all my muscles down to my thighs.

I yanked on the ropes, savoring the pain biting into my wrists, the ache in my shoulders. I was so helpless. So powerless. It would be so easy to surrender to the pleasure, to embrace being their slave. But I was my own man.


I had my wives. I wouldn't be these fairies' toys. No matter how much Cherry begged. Or how amazing she made my cock feel. Her hand reached around my hip, sliding to grope my ass.

I groaned as her fingers slid into my butt-crack. She found my sphincter. My eyes widened as her digit wiggled into my asshole, reaching, stirring heat, touching something in me. Something that sent twinges straight to my cock. "Gewin's mighty dick!" I roared as a powerful orgasm exploded through me. My cum flooded her mouth. Blasts of jizz sprayed into her as I bucked. My balls unloaded. The rapture shot through me. I groaned, swaying at the ecstasy stabbing into my mind.

It was so intense, so immediate. I growled, aching for more. For it to continue. She pulled her finger away and her lips off my dick. "Mmm, that was good, wasn't it?" she grinned. "See how good I'll make you feel. I'll love you. Just be my mighty warrior.

Surrender to me." She fluttered her eyes. I shivered, my heart pounding. It had felt amazing. "Please. Don't make me hurt you." The whip appeared in her hand. "Unless you want me to." She grinned. "Do you like the pain, mighty warrior? Do you like me whipping you? I'll make you happy. Just love me and worship me!" The whip fell.

Pain flared. Confusion wracked my mind. Why did I like this? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa Mushroom Ring, Lesh-Ke Mountains, Kingdom of Haz I groaned, tasting cum on my mouth. I blinked my eyes, my entire body feeling so wonderfully used. That delicious lethargy that pervades all your limbs after you've been gangbanged by so many guys. Their cum leaked out of me. I rolled over onto my back, my stomach swaying. I rubbed it, feeling the swelling curve rising from beneath my breasts and then descending down to my jizz-filled.

"Las's putrid cum!" I cursed, sitting up and looking at my pregnant belly. Drying cum crossed it, more splattering my tits and body. "Aoifa?" Fiona moaned beside me. My cum-splattered sister-wife blinked her eyes, groaning. "I'm so sore. I feel like I've been." "Gangbanged by a horde of spriggans and knocked up?" I asked, staring at her equally pregnant belly. "Oh, no," Fiona groaned. Her hands went to her small tits. They looked so swollen and ripe. "And my breasts ache, too.

Gods, what did they do to us?" She squeezed her tits and milk squirted into the air. "The spriggans bred us, sweet sister," I answered, my own tits sore, feeling so full of milk. They ached. The pressure needed relieving. "Oh, no," Fiona groaned, staring down at her pregnant belly.

To be continued.