Busty asian bitch fucked under shower

Busty asian bitch fucked under shower
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It was a hot Phoenix summer and the pool was the best friend a frustrated virgin teenager could ever have. On a regular Sunday afternoon, the family was playing in the pool at our apartment. My sister-in-law, a beautiful redhead, with whom I have always had a crush on, was wearing a very skimpy revealing bikini.

Let's also call her "T". The bikini was so revealing that you could only tell she was clean shaven around her vagina.


We were all playing pool games.Marco Polo.Volleyball.etc. "T" was doing the best she could to get as close to me as possible when my brother wasn't looking. At one point when his eyes were closed she swam up between my legs and rubbed her hand across my balls. She came up out of the water and smiled at me then swam away.

After hours of this type of torture, I had had enough, I was getting frustrated so I left the pool and went back to our apartment.

I immediately dropped my shorts and watched "T" swim around in the pool and pulled myself off. Shooting a load of cum that I had never felt so big before.

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I almost felt like I had passed out for a second. I collected my legs under me and went to the shower. I toweled myself off and left the bathroom. I was still completely naked, because I didn't hear anybody in the apartment, so I walked out in the hallway and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a body on the couch, it was "T", she was just sitting there looking at me. I was shocked so I ran into my room.

I got on a pair of shorts and shirt and went out into the livingroom. "T" was sitting there alone watching the TV, I asked her where my brother was and she said "he had to go to work for a few hours to catch up." I sat at the opposite end of the couch as "T" and we watched TV.

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Every so often I could see her look over at me. At one point she broke the silence and asked me. "what are you thinking about?" and with every ounce of courage I had in my body I told her. "fucking you", She stood up and asked. "so what is stopping you?" and she stripped off her bikini in a matter of 2 seconds and was standing by my end of the couch with hard nipples "C" cup tits and a completely bald pussy. She reached out for my hand and stood me up. She pulled at my shorst and before I knew it I was butt ass naked in front of my fantasy girls.

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The girl I had jerked of to for along time. She reached down and gently slid her hand up and down my shaft. She leaned forward and kissed me so softlyand told me she had dreamed of this moment for awhile and wanted to feel me inside her right now. She laid herself down on the couch and told me to join her and I was laying down she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy and when I hit bottom she let out a huge moan and told me to go slow.

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I started sliding it in and out the her beautiful clean pussy, slow at first and within no time she was pumping hard against me and at a rapid pace screaming. "Yes baby fuck me.fuck me fast.mmmmm" I reached down under her and pulled her ass up to me and I got up on my knees, her legs now up around my shoulders she was pulling as deep as she could get me and screaming out loud.


"Yes this is better than I had imagined.ever" That sent a bolt right down to my balls and she could tell I was getting ready so she said. "Stop not so fast.try this first" and with that she she jumped up and got on her hands and knees and she reached between her legs and guided my cock into her from behind. This was the most amazing sight I had ever seen in my life.

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"T" was now slamming herself back into my cock meeting every thrust, she told me. " I want to come all over your cock" and she put her face into the pillow and started to scream very loud.I thought I was hurting her.so I stopped.she yelled. "NO.don't stop I am cumming.give it to me.NOW!!!" I felt the hot juices of her pussy trickling out of her and all over my cock and balls and that sent me reeling with excitement.

I had never experienced anything like that before. As I was cumming inside her, she fell forward and my cock popped out and the rest of my load went all down her ass crack she jumped and screamed. "OH SHIT.that is hot" ( later I found out she was talking about my cum.) She was still laying face down on the couch and I was now on the floor out of breath.

She leaned over the edge and asked .

"Did you enjoy!!??" And I exclaimed. "Yes for the FIRST time. it was wonderful.does it get better?" The look on her face was priceless.she asked. "You were a virgin?? Oh my god." .and with that I will leave the rest up to your Imagination.

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