Young brunette wants her first rough anal sex in

Young brunette wants her first rough anal sex in
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Thanks for today bro, we are really getting close to ordering the material. Yeah, but before we do, I want to double check if we can make it lighter.

Of course. - Bro, I'll see you tomorrow! Yeah, we need to keep on building this thing. I'll be here tomorrow around lunch.

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Bye! The door closed behind my brother who had just spent most of the day with me, calculating and drawing on a new chassis for our next build. While sitting there in the living room, just staring at the computer screen, I noticed how dark it had become outside. The time was 23:06.

I went up to the window and looked through the blinds. The rain was falling like a mist, light and slow.

The street was empty, my brothers car was gone, and it felt like I was completely alone in the world. A loneliness washed over me as I was looking out the window. Suddenly, seeing my own reflection in the glass, I remembered I missed having that blonde beautiful lady next to me. I went to the kitchen to grab a beer.

Thinking about her made me warm. I needed a cold beer to cool me down. I turned on the TV to some bad cooking show. Drinking my beer just focusing my mind on her slim, athletic and beautiful body.

I felt how my cock started to react to the thoughts. It had been a while since I had felt a womans touch.

A womans warm lips, wrapped around my hard dick, massaging my balls and blowing me like it was the last dick she would ever have. -GOD, I miss that I said to myself, just staring at the TV. I switched the channel to a nice car show and the thoughts stopped.

I haven't had sex for like 5 weeks and the tension was building up inside me. It's too bad I screwed things up with her. I should have put a little more attention to her, and not only my project. *A small bang was heard* Everything went black. The power was out and all the lights outside the window were also out.

I stood up to go out to the kitchen to grab some candles, but I noticed something weird. It was really dark. It felt like I was keeping my eyes closed. It almost felt like I was blind. Suddenly I heard the front door open and close. I yelled out: -Who is it?! No answer.

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-Who the fuck is it?!? Answer! I can admit I was scared, with my massive wrench laying in the kitchen I had no chance of getting there if I didn't go through the hallway. It was completely quiet. I went to the hallway with the hope of sneaking past the front door and into the kitchen.

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Good thing I knew every inch of my apartment like the back of my hand. As I approached the hallway, I felt how I suddenly was standing in front of someone. I didn't need to touch the person to feel I was standing right in front of "it". I was completely stunned. I couldn't move. But my lips opened and I heard myself asking in a much calmer voice: - Who are you? Shhhhh. I felt a finger touch my lips. I understood I was supposed to be quiet.

As the finger was against my lips, I felt how soft it was. It was a woman. I wasn't supposed to talk. So my hands automatically went to her head. I felt the straight and soft hair. I could smell her perfume. I wouldn't be able to describe it even if I had all the perfumes in the world in front of me to compare with. The smell was magical. I could feel myself wanting to touch her more.

I lowered my hands behind her, following her hair. It was very long. Ending just in line with her waist. She was shorter than me. A good whole head shorter than me.

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She just stood there, let me feel her whole body. I started with the face. Feeling the soft contours of her cheeks, her soft and nicely filled lips. Oh, I just wanted to kiss them. I kept on feeling her slowly down her neck, letting my fingers easily float on her skin. I heard how she started to breathe a little heavier. I wanted to feel every inch of her. Her arms, hips and stomach.

I never touched her breasts and ass. I knew she would allow me. But I wanted to tease her.

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I didn't recognise her. Her body was amazing.


But nobody I've ever felt so close before. It made me so hard. I could feel how my cock wanted some attention. This not knowing who she is made me more horny than I've ever been before. Suddenly she leaned in and kissed me. She had to stand on her toes to reach me.

I grabbed her ass now, and helped her to come closer to my lips. When they met, I could feel how her whole body twitched. Almost like she was close to getting an orgasm with me barely touching her.

I lifted her tiny body up, she didn't weigh much so she was light like a feather. I kissed her again, our tongues tasting each other.

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It was like a kiss I've never felt before. So passionate. I could feel her heartbeats getting faster. And now I was getting a good feel of her wonderful ass. I led her to my bedroom. Our lips not seperating for a second even. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and began pulling it up, still keeping her mouth firmly attached to mine.

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When she got my shirt up to my chest, our lips seperated and I lifted up my arms so she could take it off. I reached behind her and cupped her ass in my hands again, lifting her up so I could kiss her.

She reacted even better than I thought she would, jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist. I turned so her back was against the wall and began to lift her shirt, inch by inch.Feeling her soft waist When I finally got her shirt off, I broke off our kiss so I could admire her breasts. I'm not the best judge of breast size, but they were definitely somewhere around 36 B or C and were perfectly round and perky.

After a few seconds of admiring her boobs, I lowered her so she could stand again and slowly started pulling down on her jeans. At the same time, I had locked lips with her again and was teasing her heavily, occasionally moving my mouth backwards, out of her reach. And i noticed she was getting pretty frustrated from this. After I had pulled her shorts down a few inches, I realized that she wasn't wearing anything underneith. She pulled me up grasping the sizable tent in my shorts and slowly getting to her knees She pulled my shorts down to my ankles in one swift motion.

In order to pay me back for my earlier teasing, she started slowly and seductively grazing my cock with her fingernails. After a short while of this, my cock wanted to explode. I decided that I had had enough teasing and pulled my boxers off, leaving both of us naked.

I let out a quiet moan as she took the head of my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip and lightly stroking the shaft with her hand. I was surprised when she took her hand off of my cock and began bobbing up and down on it, but when I noticed that she was taking more and more of my cock into her mouth on each downward bob, I realized that she knew what she was doing.

I gently gathered her hair in my hands and pulled it behind her head. Following her own pace. This whole time, she had been playing with herself with a free hand, and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm.

I wouldn't allow it, letting that angel of a woman take care of herself. I wanted to be the one to make her scream. I gently pulled her off of my cock and moved her over to the bed so I could return the favor.

After she sat down, I kissed her softly on the lips for a few seconds, then moved to her jaw, and then her neck. I kissed her on the side of her neck and began lightly sucking, knowing that she approved of what I was doing from her quick, erratic breathing. While doing this, I had run my hands down her neck and to her breasts and was caressing their soft flesh and occasionally tweaking her nipples.

I moved my right hand slowly down, tracing a line down her chest and abs, until I reached her moist, trimmed pussy.She still had a very nice bikini-line. I drew a finger through her slit, wasting no time as I pressed my middle finger into her pussy, hearing and enjoying her gasps and moans of pleasure. I added my index finger inside her pussy, curling them both towards me as I reached for her g-spot.

At the same time, I started circling her clit with my right thumb and sucking on her right nipple. -FUCK! She gasped as her hips bucked and her pussy contracted over and over I knew she was coming. And I was enjoying every second of it. I felt my fingers getting squeezed and even wetter from her orgasm.


After her climax subsided, she removed my head from her chest and kissed me hard. I wasn't ready to let her take care of me yet, I wanted her to come while my tongue was inside of her wet sweet pussy.

I started kissing her on her neck again, noticing how she loved getting kissed behind her ear.

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I passionately kissed her skin, leaving a wet trail from her neck, down her breasts, letting both nipples get the same treatment. Continuing my quest south her body was gently moving, trying to tell me to penetrate her. But I wanted her to beg for it now.

Since I've only heard one word so far I wanted to hear her voice. I started kissing her around her now dripping wet hole. Not touching any sensitive parts. Her hands started grabbing my hair, trying to pull me closer to her warm, wet pussy. My hands were caressing her everywhere. Massaging her breasts in between. I then pinched her nipples pretty hard as my tongue firmly pressed against her swollen clit.

She screamed, probably from both pleasure and pain. I started massaging her clit while letting one of my hands massaging her right breast, with my other hand, I inserted my fingers again, giving her the same g-spot treatment she had just gotten, but with my tongue flickering over her clit, changing between pressing harder and just very lightly licking it.

-Uh, ah, oooohh. She was moaning quietly but biting her lip, stopping her from making louder sounds. I started working my fingers faster and harder. While my tongue was fully focused on her little swollen button. She started moaning louder. And louder. She couldn't hold back anymore. AAAAHHHHHHH, don't stop, PLLEAAAAASEEEEE. She screamed while her orgasm washed over her body, feeling an explosion in her soul she had never felt before. I enjoyed hearing her voice and wished I could see her.

While she was lying there, her energy completely drained, me still not able to see her. I let my fingers touch her beautiful naked body. She twitched every time I got close to her nipples or between her legs. She then put her hand on my arm. Pulling me down and kissing me. I could feel by the way she kissed me, she was thanking me for taking care of her so well. - I think you, aah. She moaned as I cut her off by turning her around, and inserting the head of my cock into her warm, wet pussy.

What were you saying? I joked as my cock was just still inside of her. - Mmm. Shut. Up. Shut up and fuck you? And I certainly did. I started pumping away, using her hips to thrust deeper into her pussy. It seemed like this girl had a lot of energy left. Which surprised me as most girls I meet won't last longer than an hour and then they are completely drained. Suddenly, she reached back and smacked me on the arm to get my attention. - Everything alright?

I asked her, confused. Fuck yes, I just wanted to be on top for a while. She said while giggling. Her voice was magical. I loved how sensitive, but hard she could be in her tone. She turned around giving me another passionate kiss. I responded by lying down and lifting her onto my lap. She grabbed my cock in one hand and slowly lowered herself onto it, gasping as I re-entered her soft pussy.

She started gently moving up and down on my cock, picking up intensity with each downstroke. Eventually, she began breathing heavily and erratically again, so I knew she was getting close. - Fuck. I'm getting close She said, "me too" I was thinking to myself as I vanished in a pre-orgasmic thunderstorm. I was so caught up in the moment that there could have been a police squad kicking down the door and I wouldn't have noticed.

Daniel. Daniel. AAAAHHHHH!!!! She came again, hard. I took this as an opportunity to get another feel of her breasts. Pinching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. A few seconds after she slumped onto my chest, coming down from her orgasmic high, I felt the tightening in my balls that could only mean a powerful orgasm's imminent arrival.

- My turn! I moaned out. - Oh, right. She said, dazed, as she swiftly lifted herself off of my cock and took it into her mouth again. As she slid me into her throat, I felt the cum shoot through my dick in huge spurts, sliding straight down her throat.My whole body froze while I enjoyed every second of my orgasm. And enjoying this cute woman, eagerly swallowing just as eagerly as I a while ago licked her pussy clean after her orgasms.

After my body relaxed from the extreme sensation this angel had given me. I realized something, she called out my name.

The End.