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Watch stockings amateur brit teen
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When you are left alone in an unfamiliar house to carry out some work it's only right to explore a little. Isn't it? Especially when a gorgeous teenager lives there. These are the continuing misadventures of Robyn the naughty schoolgirl featured in the SchoolDayz stories. I welcome all comments both positive and negative or please feel free to email me direct with your comments or ideas for stories on [email protected]

SchoolDaze Part 4 A Workman's Story To this day I still feel guilty about what happened on that Thursday afternoon! It was the day I discovered how depraved I could be. It was an afternoon which changed the way I felt about myself aswell as questioning my sexual appetite.

I am 35, keep fit playing football and am engaged to a lovely girl. We were due to be married in 3 months. I fit bathrooms for a living and whilst I normally work alongside my boss Paul, on this occasion he was off ill so I was working on my own in Bangor just outside Belfast. We had been working in this particular house for about a week during which time the customer was on holiday.

Their daughter Robyn however, was house sitting in their absence and had been around on and off since we started. She was still at school and was being babysat, if you can call it that, by her Uncle next door. Thomas I think his name is. Anyway she is 16, blonde, and seemed to spend quite a bit of time out during the day as she needed peace and quiet to write an assignment she was doing for school.

Not something she could get with us around with all the noisy work we were doing next to her bedroom. Although we had spoken a little before, on this particular day, perhaps because I was on my own, she seemed chattier. And I started to see her in a different light. She is about 5'3 tall with wavy blonde hair and piercing green eyes.


Although really pretty in the face, I couldn't help but notice that she had quite large breasts and a nice round bottom. And I know it's absolutely wrong for a man my age, but as we chatted I felt myself becoming aroused by her and could feel my cock starting to stir in my work clothes. It didn't help that she was wearing skin tight jeans, white heels and a vest top that did little if anything to hide her perfect tits.

We continued to talk for a while over a coffee and after twenty minutes or so informed me that she was going out to lunch with a friend. She said she wouldn't be back until late afternoon. With that she left and after I watched her wiggle her bum as she walked down the pathway I carried on with my work.

About an hour passed and I decided to stop for a break. Whilst I made a drink, I found myself thinking about Robyn and her awesome tits and arse, especially in those jeans. Her tits looked so big and soft and inviting. The more I thought about her and them the more excited I was becoming. I knew it was wrong but didn't care. I closed my eyes and imagined myself sucking on her nipples whilst putting my hand between her legs touching her soaking wet teenage pussy.

I finally finished my coffee and went back to the bathroom by which time I had a large swelling in my trousers which was becoming uncomfortable. I decided the put the thoughts out of my head and thought instead of Cheryl, my fianc? Not as big up top as Robyn but just as nice arse. I continued tiling the bathroom wall but it was no good. Robyn kept popping back into my head and I was hard, horny and knew I needed to cum, preferably over the images of this 16 year old schoolgirl that seemed to be taking up all my thoughts.

Now I have never played with myself in a customer's house before but I just had to satisfy myself and get rid of this swelling. I went into the downstairs toilet and pulled the door closed behind me.

Unzipping my trousers I released my 7" cock and grasped it with my hand. Slowly, I began to stroke up and down the shaft; I could feel it growing larger and larger as I thought about what I was doing.

I was in someone else's house wanking my cock and thinking about their teenage daughter. I slid my fingers of my right hand around the base of my cock and squeezed tightly as I continued to stroke faster up and down the shaft with my left hand. My cock swelled even bigger and became more sensitive to touch although I knew that squeezing the shaft would make me last longer too.

If only I had a ……………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I stopped wanking and reached into my tool box pulling out a rubber ring washer around 1" in diameter.

Perfect I thought, as I pulled it apart and pushed it down over my cock shaft before releasing it at the base to form a cock ring. Due to the tightness of the ring my cock expanded even further and I could see the veins protruding from the shaft that was now rock hard. As my hand got quicker with the stroking my head started to fill up with so many thoughts of what I would like to do to this young girl with the awesome body. I wanted to fuck her cunt and fill her with my cum.


I wanted to roll her onto her belly and thrust into her arsehole until she was begging for me to cum. I imagined her screaming with pleasure as I held onto her fat tits whilst pumping in and out of her holes. I was almost there, at the point of no return, when I suddenly decided to back off and released my cock shaft. It was throbbing on the point of cumming and desperately wanting more, much more. But for me this fantasy wasn't enough, I needed something more real, more exciting, something more daring.

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Leaving the cock ring in place I pulled up my trousers and went back upstairs stopping outside Robyn's bedroom. I hesitated; surely I wouldn't do it, would I? Fuck that! I opened her door and looked in. Immediately I could smell her perfume emanating from her pink and white decorated room.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Without a second though I went in and looked at what was before me. Her room was tidy but there were a selection of clothes on the floor in one corner.

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A disgusting thought suddenly raced through my mind. I immediately went to the pile and carefully looked through it trying to remember exactly how it was arranged. About half way through I found what I was looking for, a pair of black panties, very lacy and very very sexy. As I imagined her plump bum cheeks filling them I lifted them up and held them to my face.

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I sniffed the gusset but sadly there was very little smell of anything other than the silky fabric. Somewhat disappointed, I placed them back and looked around the rest of the room. But there was nothing, no other panties or even a bra to play with. It was then I noticed something in her bin. It looked like a pair of tights. I pulled them out black tights. As I unraveled them a used condom fell out onto the floor right in front of me.

I stared at it almost mesmerised. Dirty little girl I thought as I picked it up and looked at it closely. It was used and not only that it was still full of cum! And quite a lot and still looking fairly fresh. I guessed this naughty schoolgirl must have had someone stay over the night before while she was meant to be studying. She didn't have a boyfriend, or so she told me, so god knows who had dumped his load into her. I didn't know why but this really turned me on and I found myself taking the condom along with her tights back down to the toilet.

Once inside, I placed it on the seat in front of me. I looked at it for what seemed like ages when eventually it happened. Why and how I don't know but it just did. I removed my clothes and slid her tights over my legs and up over my rock hard cock and knelt in front of the toilet. My cock was still rock hard and pushing the nylon material out as I began to stroke it gently again through the tights.

I wanted this to last and teased myself by stopping and re-starting over and over again. I picked up the used condom and poured the contents onto the toilet seat and knew however sick it might sound what I wanted to do next. I blew into the condom to make it cock shaped again sealing the end with my hand and whilst wanking my cock through her tights I moved the condom towards my mouth. Without hesitating I stuck out my tongue and licked the outside of the cock shaped condom as I held it up in front of my mouth.

I couldn't believe it I could actually taste the 16 year old slut's pussy juice. I speeded up wanking on my cock and licked harder. Licking soon turned into sucking and before long I had the rubber in and out of my mouth as I lapped up the remains of wetness from her cunt.

I couldn't control myself any longer and I wanked as fast as I could. Then I suddenly shot my load inside the tights, cumming more than I had ever done as I watched it seep through the material and drip down onto the toilet floor. There was sperm all over the carpet on the floor as well as the back of my hand.

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As I came down from my high, the reality of what I had done started to hit home. I had broken the trust I had been given; I had entered a young girl's room and had sniffed her underwear. I had taken the instrument she had used whilst having sex and cleaned all her love juices from it.

I felt ashamed! But at the same time I couldn't stop feeling turned on and the feelings of shame turned to desire. I had never been so turned on and it was great. I had cum more in that moment than I had ever cum in my life. I was about to clean myself up when I had the strangest thought.

I had emptied the contents of the condom onto the seat in front of me. What if she noticed that the condom was almost empty? I'd be caught, out of a job and probably in prison too!

But, who gives a fuck, I thought! My cock was still semi hard as I started to stroke it again and very soon my home-made cock ring tightened and it was standing upright ready to perform once again. I took the used condom and opened it out to it full length. I knew there was only one thing to do, I had to re-fill it. I slipped it over the end of my penis and started to slide it on.

The previous user's cum acted as a lubricant and very soon it had covered my full length. As I looked down I could see a small amount of his cum inside the tip. As I rubbed my hand down my shaft I could see and feel it ooze over my cock head. I have to admit it felt great. I had never had any form of encounter with another man but here I was rubbing a complete stranger's sperm over my cock.

I pulled the condom off and reaching down to the toilet seat scooped some of the previous users sperm up and dribbled it into the condom before replacing it over my cock. The excitement was too much now and I wanked harder and harder. All the time I could feel and see his cum and hear it squelching over my cock shaft as I pulled harder.


I was out of control now and I just couldn't stop myself. I put my face down onto the toilet seat and started to lick at the remaining sperm. I swallowed as much as I could get in my mouth and wiped my face over and over the seat covering myself with his cum. With a final hard jerk I erupted into the condom and collapsed onto the floor. I lay still with my cock still rock hard and panting frantically when I heard Robyn's voice. "Mr Bathroom man?

Hello? Are you having fun there?" I froze and peered back towards the door to see Robyn and another girl, a blonde, slim and fit looking gazing down at me.

Their eyes were flicking between my sweat covered body and my semi hard cock in the filled condom. Robyn lifted her phone and waved it at me. "Listen, I have the photos to prove it, so I suggest that you come back up to my bedroom in……&hellip.!" She turned to the other girl.

"10 minutes Siobhan?" She enquired with a grin. Siobhan giggled. "Yes 10 minutes is plenty of time for us to get ready!" She smirked. As Gerard entered the bedroom, exactly 10 minutes later he saw Robyn on the bed dressed only in a pink overflowing bustier and thong alongside Siobhan who was wearing black holdups and panties. They were kissing and touching as the bathroom fitter walked in.

"Now I hope you still have some cum in that cock left for us?!" Robyn giggled. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… In one day I had sunk to a level of depravity that I would have never have even considered.

I had sucked the cunt juices of 16 year old schoolgirl off a used condom. I had wanked into it and swallowed the cum of a man who I have never met and then I had been wanked and sucked into submission by two 16 year old schoolgirls! As I drove away in the van I knew that this job was going to take at least another 4 days!

Thank god Paul was off sick for the week……………………………!