Skryta kamera bratr a sestra

Skryta kamera bratr a sestra
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I was already deeply regretting how easily I had followed her lead. Now here I was, standing up against the wall, my hands secured tightly into metal cuffs. She looked me up and down, obviously feeling clever. "So, you comfortable?", she asked. I scoffed. "Hardly". She let out a soft hum. I stared at her breasts and felt my cock grow hard.

She sank to her knees and took me in her mouth.

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I felt a reluctant "Aah"-sound force itself from me as her tongue rubbed against the tip. She used her hand to stroke me.


I was already so far gone. She continued with her hand while looking up at me.


"Don't come", she said. She sounded almost threatening. "What? Why not?" A naughty grin spread across her face. She took me back in her mouth and sucked.

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Hard. I let out a yelp and felt that I would not be able to control myself for very long. "What if I do come?", I asked. "Then. you'll be really sorry that you did", she said. I didn't know what that meant but I felt it would ruin the moment if I asked. What she was doing felt so good. Luckily, I have excellent self-control when it comes to sex, so I tried to relax my muscles and think of other things.

This usually worked very well for me - I had once fucked a girl for a good 10 minutes in a rather punishing rythm without coming, just so she could get hers. However, it seemed I had overestimated myself, because I quickly noticed that my technique wasn't working as well as usual. "Don't come", she said again, as I started to spasm and shake. I tried my hardest to relax, to think of other things. I breathed out slowly through my mouth.

Pleasure was crashing through my body. I let out a long, low moan, followed by a couple of deep sighs.

But I kept a handle on myself. "You have two minutes", she said, taking her lips off my cock and giving me a breather.

"If you can contain yourself until then, I'll let you have sex with me.

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If you can't. well, you'll find out." I really wanted to fuck her brains out, so I pulled myself together and tried to focus on the brick wall on the other side of the room. She wasn't gonna make it that easy, though.

I felt her lips tighten around my dick as she used her hands and mouth simultaneously, sucking and stroking me faster than she had done before. My self-control crumbled quickly. As hard as I was trying to relax, my body decided otherwise and with a loud moan, I shot my cum into her mouth in 5 powerful bursts. Her eyes widened in surprise as she swallowed, right before her face got a dark look. "I told you not to come", she said, as if that was something I might have forgotten about.

"Sorry", I said, laughing.

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I was tired and satisfied and hoped she would uncuff me. But as it turned out, she had no such intention. Instead, she dropped back to her knees and started licking me clean. I shivered with the intensity of the feeling and, laughing, asked her to stop, but she didn't answer and just kept doing what she was doing. I tried to swing my hips one way and the other to make her stop, but she was surprisingly determined and held on tightly. My penis had been deflating, but now rough shocks of pleasure were shooting through it in an uncomfortable way.

She sucked me harder and harder, and while I was definitely suffering from the sensitivity, I felt my cock grow hard again.

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She stopped blowing me and stood up, her hands still working me. I looked her in the eye and was a little scared with the coldness of her stare. She was not just gonna play with me again the way she had done before. This time, she was intent on punishing me.

She walked across the room and got a bottle filled with a clear fluid. Ignoring my questions as to what it was, the unscrewed the lid, put some of the fluid between her hands and massaged my dick with it. It was some kind of lube, except that it felt like I was on fire. My already sensitive penis throbbed from the overstimulation and I moaned loudly, helplessly tugging at the cuffs.

She lubed her hands up and rubbed the fluid into my balls, setting them ablaze as well. The feeling was so overwhelming that I felt dizzy and disoriented. I felt the second orgasm bubbling up and started panting feverishly. I almost hoped it would be over soon. Suddenly, she stopped touching me and took half a step back. I looked at her, incredulous - this was her plan? To tease me until I begged for release? The orgasm sank back into my body, and she took me in her hands and started stroking me again.

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This time, it went faster - I was about to cum, but she stepped backwards and looked at me squirm. She turned her back to me, bent over and lowered her soaking pussy on my cock. Just four or five long, deep thrusts before she stood back up again, laughing openly at my desperation. My whole body was on fire. I felt like I could hardly breathe.

"Let me come", I begged. "Please, I can't take this anymore, please let me". She smiled. "Alright", she said, but with an off tone in her voice. She started massasing my balls and my cock again, stroking and teasing. Waves of powerful pleasure rocked my entire body, starting at my cock and rippling outwards. Finally I felt I had passed the point of no return and let out a sound that bordered on a war cry.

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But she let go. At first I thought she was trying to make me fall back again, but the look in her eyes told me she had me exactly where she wanted me - in limbo, ironically caught between the point of no return and extreme delight. I felt almost sick as I realized my orgasm would go to waste. As the final wave of conflicted pleasure wrecked me, I felt I could not restrain my cock from shooting four powerful bursts of sperm.

With a shout of frustration, I watched it spill onto the floor. I looked up at her with a bitter taste in my mouth. She got down on her knees, took me in her mouth and started sucking again.