Lovable chick is gaping tight snatch in closeup and getting off

Lovable chick is gaping tight snatch in closeup and getting off
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Something was going on with her daughter Tatum. Mellissa knew it. Ever since she and had picked her up from the mall she seemed distant, and agitated. She had asked her in the car if everything was okay but Tatum just shrugged. She would sort it out when they got home. For now she would just enjoy the quiet.

She looked over at her young daughter and felt it again that twinge deep in her cunt, that want she couldn't allow to flourish. Tatum was a sweet and hot thirteen year old blonde with a body mature beyond her age with C cup tities, though she refused to wear a bra, and a firm bubble butt that drove all the boys at school and secretly some of the girls wild.

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Melissa noticed that her daughter was not dressed as she was when she left for school. Yet she knew Tatum often packed a second set of clothes in her back pack for after school, for a trip to the mall. Tatum looked a little like a mall slut with her tiny jean skirt that showed off her tight and tanned thighs and was low enough to reveal her pierced navel. Tatum was also wearing a pink tank that left nothing to the imagination. Like Mellissa, Tatum had big boobs early in life and had the nipples to match; all the women in the family had the same assertive nipples.

Which at this point were poking out from Tatum's tank top. Sometimes Melissa wished she could shadow her daughter on her frequent trips to the mall in similar attire, to see just what she was up to. She would love to observe the many furtive looks form men and women as her hot little girl passed, wiggling her tight little ass. On the few occasions Tatum allowed Melissa to shop with her, she said nothing when the girl dressed in miniskirts or short shorts that showed off her tight ass and her young slit.

Once in a jean store she saw from a distance a clerk in her thirties help her daughter, The woman suddenly cupped Tatum's ass as if measuring the firmness and width. Immediately Melissa became wet as Tatum smiled. The woman then slipped her hand between Tatum's legs and began rubbing her pussy through the tight shorts. I stood there watching as a woman molested my little girl, too busy rubbing my pussy to move. After a few minutes of attention from the clerk, Tatum leaned on a clothing rack and seemed to cum her thighs twitching and her knees buckling as the woman whispered something in my teen daughter's ear.

I came myself and looked away, unable to look my daughter in the eyes when Tatum met up with me a free pair of jeans in her shopping bag. So Melissa knew her daughter liked girls but didn't think she had experienced too much of a sexual nature yet, because she hadn't come to Melissa to discuss it. Tatum discussed every new thing in her life with her mother.

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Or at least that is what Melissa thought. When they reached home, Mellissa was tired, from a long day at the office. Tatum seemed to drag herself out of the car into the house and upstairs to the living room, and as she headed upstairs, Mellissa called her back. "Tatum. Stay. I need to speak with you, ", her 13 year old daughter sank onto the sofa. "What's this about mom", Mellissa said rolling her eyes, "This isn't going to be another lecture about cleaning my room and picking up my panties is it?" Melissa smiled.

No she had stopped lecturing about picking up panties as she enjoyed picking up her daughters thongs and bikini panties, soiled, even rank and wet with girl cum sometimes. She loved bringing herself to crashing climaxes smelling and tasting her little girl's panties. "Now, Tatum. What happened at the mall? And don't tell me nothing, because I know when something is wrong with my little girl", Tatum's eyes took on guilty look, confirming her suspicions.

"Something happened at the mall? What was it baby? " the girl winced her mother sat beside her on the sofa. Mellissa could see her clamming up. "Now, why don't you tell me what happened. Sweet heart…" she watched as her beautiful young daughter fidget, although she noticed that the girl's nipples had suddenly grown even harder under her tight tank top.

"Well you know I told you I was going to the mall with Tracey, well that wasn't true. I went to the mall to meet a girl I met on line.

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She's like my age, and well we hung out and stuff. So like it was a bit weird but I can handle it." Concerned Melissa turned to her daughter and for the first time realized how short her skirt was now riding up her daughter's thighs revealing the crotch of her panties.

Was that sex she could smell on her daughter? She turned to her daughter. "Are you alright? She didn't hurt you, did she?" Tatum made a sexy almost lustful grin, but she sobered when she saw her mother's serious expression. "No, hurt me, no. But it went farther than I thought it would", she answered honestly. "What do you mean farther, farther where?" Mellissa was both disappointed and excited by where this was going.

"Mom, do I have to paint you a picture", Tatum answered quickly, "we did it okay, I had hot sex with a girl in the mall washroom, is that what you want to hear? Fuck mom you don't even know me anymore. I like cunt okay?" Mellissa's mouth dropped open, suddenly her heart was beating a mile a minute and despite herself she could feel her pussy getting wet.

Finally she spoke to her young daughter. "Tatum, I don't like the idea of you having sex in a public place, I wish you would have come to me talked to me about what you were about to do. We used to be able to talk about everything. Baby, you have your whole life ahead of you to discover what you like sexually", Melissa caught her daughter's eyes and she could see her lovely daughter was about to break into tears. Melissa wrapped her sweet daughter in a close hug.


She hugged her mom back hard. Mellissa could feel her daughters warm body and breasts press against her larger ones. The tears began to flow from Tatum's beautiful blue eyes and Melissa kissed them away as they rolled down her daughter's soft cheek. "Oh baby, baby, next time, you talk to me before you do anything like that.

Do you understand me? I could have helped you talk it through. You know I'm always here for you don't you baby" "Oh mommy, I'm sorry, I wanted to talk to you but … I just couldn't," said her body jerking lightly with each sob against her mother, Tatum pressed her soft mouth into the nape of her mother's neck.

Melissa wondered, if it was a kiss. Encouraged by the sensual touch Melissa let her hands drift under the short skirt and cup her little girl's firm bubble butt. ""Umm. Oh sweetie yes we can get through anything together, right?" Mellissa adjusted herself on the edge of the sofa lifting her little girl onto her lab. This time letting one hand fall on her daughter's upper thigh. Tatum threw her arms around her mother's neck and pressed her tight little body into her mother's warm embrace.

"Tatum, do you remember when you when I would spend my summers away from work with you?" Mellissa said softly. "Uh huh", she nodded, wondering where this was headed. "You used to be quite the terror. And when I would spank you would pretend to brush it off and go on doing what you were doing", Tatum's eyes grew wide with fear.

"Mom, wait…" " That rule about always coming to your mom about big decisions still applies? What was that rule?" "But this is different. I…" "What was the rule, Tatum?" the girl sighed, then whined out her answer. "If I did something big without asking you, I would get a spanking" "Exactly, now go get the hairbrush from my sink, and come back here", said Melissa suddenly stern.

"But mom that was when I was 10 and 11. I'm older now!" The look on Mellissa's face showed that argument could be dangerous. Tatum skulked off to her mother's bathroom, thinking about why she had to tell her mom, and then remembering how hot she used to get when her mom spanked her.

Tatum reached under her skirt, her panties were still damp, and she could feel her juices flowing again. Mellissa read all the thoughts from her daughter's expressive face. She almost laughed at the mutiny that was peeking through in all of her child's actions. Having sex with a strange girl in a mall; it was about time to make Tatum see where she could find the best sex of her young life.

"Sit down, Tatum." they sat on the couch together, "Look, I'm not doing this because I'm angry, or because I like spanking you, or seeing you cry.

I'm doing this, because you have to learn that sex isn't something to throw away to strangers, you have to talk to someone experienced like your mom. "But, Mom I told you I will talk to you before I have sex with anyone in the future, but ." "Sweetheart I'm your mother. When someone else has sex with you without my knowledge that reflects back on me and I have to make sure that I do everything I can to make sure no one else teaches you what I can teach you.

Do you understand?" Tatum wasn't sure she did. Her mother raised her chin so that their eyes met. Melissa leaned forward and gave her hot young daughter a long sensual kiss slowly slipping her tongue into the warm waiting mouth. Tatum sucked on her mother's tongue for a long time and moaned.

"You know I love you, right? Do you know I've wanted to kiss you like that since you were ten, such a sweet hot little body," Melissa let her finger tips trace her daughter's now stiff nipples and pulled on them lightly." "Yes, Mom. I know." Melissa gave each soft firm nipple a good pinch. Tatum winced and moaned.

"I will be your lover and your mother from now on do you understand? Your little cunt is mine." Melissa's hand cupped her daughter's wet little pussy, pulling aside the panties and parting the lips and suddenly jamming her middle finger in.

"Are you mommy's little slut?" "Oh, Oh, mommy yes," said Tatum looking down in disbelief as her mother rapidly finger fucked her tight wet cunt. "Oh I want it mommy, make me your fucking slut!" "Good. Now stand up and pull down up your skirt and take down your panties too.


Let's go baby." Tatum bent over her mother's lap, acutely aware of the air on her bare bottom. She felt the cool hairbrush resting on her cheeks, and dropped her head. Experience told her (and much more experience than she cared to remember) that this cool feeling wasn't going to last very long.

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Experience was right. Mellissa brought the brush down hard on her daughter's round tanned ass, leaving behind a flaming red mark. Tatum stifled a yell, listening as her mother started into a hot fucking lecture that made Tatum wetter with each blow.

You don't want to end up a mall slut do you baby, opening your legs to every little hot cunt spank spank spank Look at your pussy, still wet from your cum, did she suck your little clit honey, did she finger fuck you?

spank spank Did she tell you how good your little cunt tasted spank spank spank "Ooooo. Yes, she fucked my cunt good mommy, she did she said my cunt tasted like peaches". Mmmm peaches huh spank spank spank do you know how many nights I've rubbed my clit thinking of tasting your juicy baby cunt spank spank Do you want me to baby do you want your mommy to tongue your hot little cunt spank "Oh fuck yes. Please mommy. Owwwwwww.

Please taste your little baby's bald pussy." And you won't let anyone else have it until I say so Whack Your pussy is mine do you understand mommy's alone Whack Whack "Yessss. Oh mommy I'm sorry. You are the only one for my pussy. owwwww. I'm sorry Mommy. It won't happen again.

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I'll be. your little slut, my cunt is just for you. Owwww" Her voice trailed off as her mother brought the brush down on her thighs and lower butt. This was always the hottest part. It felt like she made her think she was going to spank her tender bare cunt, and then she did, two swift taps on a pussy that was already on fire. Tatum kicked her legs, wanting desperately wanting to grind her wet cunt on her mother's leg.

Tatum thrust her hips dragging her pussy across her her mother's thigh until juices ran over her mother's leg. When she saw this change, Mellissa stopped spanking quickly and ran her fingers through her daughter's long, blonde hair. With her other hand she stroked the girl's back, whispering "Oh baby, I love your hot little bum, your perfect bubble ass, spread your legs for me show me how wet my spanking made you." "Oh, mommy I almost came it was so hot, the way you talked to me like your little slut.

Oh mommy see how wet I am for you." Melissa peered down and nearly came at the sight of her daughters puffy lipped cunt, lips red from the slight slapping she had given them and her baby's slit was full of girl juice. Melissa let her fingers part the slick lips to see the hidden pinkness of her little girl's cunt hole.

She slipped a finger into Tatum's pussy up to the first knuckle. Tatum jerked as if a jolt of lightning coursed through her. Melissa smiled. How long had she waited for this moment? "Oh my little girl is so red and so wet. I want to have you my way."Baby get on your knees on the couch get your ass up in the air and don't look back or you will get more of the brush but I will use the other end up your tight virgin cunt.

Do you understand?" "Yes, mommy." Tatum whimpered. Tatum could hear her mother getting undressed behind her but buried her face into the couch cushion not wanting more punishment, involuntary tears still rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly she felt the cool weight of her mother's boobs on her ass cheeks, she dragged them up and back over the red hot skin. Tatum closed her eyes and moaned at the sensation of her mother's tities and nipples soothing her ass.

"Oh mommy that makes my ass feels so good," hissed Tatum. "Mommy loves her little slut, now open your legs wider I'm going to nipple fuck you." Tatum complied as Melissa guided her long stiff nipple over her daughter's swollen slick cunt, pressing it as deep as she could into her daughter's pink cunt hole. "Oh fuck mommy, so good," moaned Tatum as she pressed her pussy back into her mother's large breast. Melissa worked her other boob and nipple up and down her daughter's sweet slit.

Melissa took her time circling her baby's clit, so much larger that Melissa might have imagined. She smiled; all the women in her family had large clits at a young age. Once revealed in its entirety the young teen had a stiff clit that protruded from the folds of her perfect cunt.

Melissa let her long nipple tease it flipping it back and forth, juices wetting her nipple. "My slut baby, I want you to lick your own juices from mommy's nipples.

Do it you fucking slut." Tatum turned and in an instant took in her mother's hot body. So often she had fantasized about seeing her this way naked and wanting her. The girl was almost beside herself with excitement as she opened her mouth and sucked hard on her mother's nipple.

"Oh baby it's been too long, mommy has wanted your mouth on my nipple since you stopped nursing so long ago. Oh yess that's it suck hard and flick it with your tongue.

" Tatum knew what to do as she switched to the wettest nipple savoring her own juices as she slurped on and nibbled on her mother's hot nipple. Melissa reached out and pinched her little girl's long firm nipples and Tatum squirmed and moaned sending vibrations through her mother's body. "Oh baby mommy needs to taste her little girl." Get your back against the back of the couch and hoist your ass and pussy in the air.

Tatum smiled, a long time gymnast she could do a neck stand forever. She got into position as her mother moved behind the couch and looked down on her sweet young baby. They had both gone beyond the point of no return. She wanted it all she wanted to have her little girl's cum squirt all over her face. Melissa began kissing her way down her daughters firm tanned thighs, with each new kiss Tatum gave out a mew of anticipation.

Melissa could smell her baby's cunt and she closed her eyes taking in the sweet smell.Letting the scent guide her between her baby's legs and into her pussy. When her tongue parted her teen daughter's legs she felt a rush of adrenalin pump through her. This little cunt was hers, from her flesh so raw and wet so young and fresh she slurped up juices with her tongue and moaned at the amazing taste, the mall slut had been right, peaches.

Tatum moaned and ground her pussy into her mother's mouth and tongue. "Oh mommy yes do me, this is so much better than that mall bitch show me how a real woman lick's cunt oh mommy make me squirt my cunt juice all over your face. " Her daughter's hot words were driving Melissa crazy and she plunged her tongue as far as she could down her little baby's pink cunt hole. Melissa moaned at the wet heat that met her tongue and moaned her vibrating lips stimulating Tatum's already sensitive clit.

Melissa jabbed her long tongue into her baby's cunt again and again, then swirled it up over her lips parting them and slicing over the engorged clit much like her own. The size of it felt so hot for such a young girl, and by Tatum's shuttering response she knew her clit was as sensitive as her mothers'. "Oh baby, mommy needs your tongue on my clit and your fingers in my cunt, let's get into a sixty-nine," Instantly Tatum moved on the couch with her head at one end and spread her legs for her mother.

"Oh mommy please give me your big wet cunt on my face. I need your pussy so bad. " Melissa eagerly got into position and lowered her shaved cunt onto her daughter's mouth watching as her sinewy tongue reached up to flick her clit then suck it into her hot, wet mouth.

Melissa gritted her teeth and nearly came right away.She lifted her cunt wanting to make this wonderful sensual experience last. "Oh baby your tongue feels so good, but I don't want to come right away, put two fingers in mommy's cunt and fuck me, like you fucked that mall slut. Smiling Tatum reached up and twisted two of her fingers into her mommy's gapping cunt hole.

Tatum loved the feel as her mother's cunt grabbed at her fingers and pulled them in up to the hilt. "That's it baby, now fuck your mommy good, put more fingers in there three four, fuck I want all of your fingers in my cunt." With each successive this Tatum added another finger. Until all four were sliding in and out of her mother's cunt making delicious slurps.

"Oh yeah baby, Oh mommy loves your fingers in her cunt…so good my little slut baby. Now suck on mommy's big clit again suck it in and out of your soft lips and nibble on it with your teeth and I'm going to suck your clit and fuck the shit out of your little pussy." The execution was going just as Melissa imagined she moaned loudly at the hot sensations of her daughters tongue and fingers.

As she took her little girl's entire cunt into her mouth sucking hard on the lips pressing her tongues down on the hooded clit.

Then she let go and parted the lips with her tongue and let her mouth suck up and down on her daughter's lovely inheritance a wonderfully stiff and large clit that responded to every flick of her tongue and all consuming suck of her mouth. She slammed her middle finger as far as she could into her little girl's cunt. She was going to make this perfect little girl feel everything she deserved to feel she was going to make her cum in squirts.


Melissa could feel her cum riding the tin edge of a razor blade and sensed her daughter was oh so close. She knew how to make sure they came together. "Baby bite on mommy's stiff clit, nibble it with your perfect white teeth!" Melissa screamed. As Tatum quickly began placing love bite's along and on her mother's engorged clit Melissa did the same to her daughter, the sensation was electric, it was as if Melissa could feel her spine snap as her body writhed in ecstasy and it happened a clear flash of lightning a spray of cum from her mommy's cunt and soaked her daughter's face and body.

Tatum closed her eyes as the second squirt sparked her own squirt her cunt mashing into her mother's face sending shots of cum into her hair and all over her body. Each of them quivered several times sending spray after spray of cum until the couch seemed to be a small pool of cum. Slowly, oh slow slowly the convulsions subsided and Melissa turned on the couch laying in the wetness to hug her beloved daughter and lover.

The breathed kissed onto each others faces and slowly lick cum like tears from each other's cheeks. When they were able to speak again Melissa slowly asked her daughter, "Do you still have the number of that mall slut that made you cum on her tongue?" Tatum smiled and nodded.