Sultry babe with nice tits gets her bawdy cleft drilled with dildo

Sultry babe with nice tits gets her bawdy cleft drilled with dildo
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It was late at night and I was watching TV and the phone rang. I looked up at the time and it was almost midnight. I reluctantly got up and walked over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello" "Hey bro" the voice on the other end of the line said "Do you realize what time it is" I said without really recognizing who it was "Ohh I'm sorry but I wanted to know if you'd be interested in going to Vegas?" "Who is this?" I said with a little attitude.

"It's your cousin Bob" "Vegas? Now? Are you crazy? "No not now, we leave in the morning. It's for my 21st birthday." "Ohh shit man I totally forgot.

Happy b day. Sure I'll go.

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Who else is going? "Umm your brother John, his friend Eric and my friend is already there with his family. We're leaving at 8:00am" "Ahh crap man I forgot I probably can't go. I'm already in the dog house with the wife and don't really have much money to spend anyways don't know how much fun I could be." "Don't worry about the money.

I already have a room booked and I'll take care of your food and drinks and I'll even get you one of those escorts" "Dude, my wife might be awake and listening.

All right let me see what I can do. Call me in the morning" "All right cool. Lates" "Night" As I hung up the phone I stood there for a minute drifting off into thought. I've been to Vegas many times and never got myself one of those call girls even when I was single. I started thinking about the call girl and what I would do. I've been married for 3 years now and never had a single thought about cheating on my wife.

I started to think more about why that might be and figured it's because I have a gorgeous wife that up to this point has satisfied my sexual needs perfectly. My wife is 5'4" with 34b chest and the best ass in the world. Toned and perfect to her body weight and height, not huge and not small. She has brown hair despite me begging her many times to dye it blond with pretty brown eyes and lips I could kiss for days.

She has been my first for many things. I thought about the first time I had my cum swallowed with delight instead of hesitation or that look of disgust sometimes you get even when a girl swallows your load. She was my first anal. First ass that I had eaten and my first for many more things that run through my mind at that moment.

As I stood there thinking about the entire sexual escapade I've had with my wife and realized that I was getting hard. I thought about going upstairs and joining my wife for some dirty fun but remembered what had happened earlier. The wife and I had gotten into a fight earlier that day over our financials. Me, sneaking into bed late for some sex after the fight didn't seem to be such a great idea and a mention of a trip to Vegas was probably not going to fly by her.

I touched my thick 6 1/2" cock over my pants and I guess my member took over thinking for me.

I decided I had nothing to loose and if she rejects me I'll just jack off and fall asleep. I went upstairs and quietly entered our room. My wife was already asleep from what I could tell in the darkness. I took off my cloths, careful not to make too much noise and climbed into bed. I lay behind her and started gently touching her neck than shoulders and started making my way down.

When I got below her shoulders I realized she wasn't wearing her top. This didn't surprise me because she usually didn't in bed. I run my hand further down until I got to her ass. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Normally this wouldn't have been the case but thinking back to our few previous fights she usually did this to tease me.


As I caressed and gently messaged her ass she grabbed my hand turned around and without even opening her eyes said "Don't think you're getting any mister. I'm still mad at you from earlier". I raised her hand to my face and kissed it a few times.

When I didn't get a response I stuck my tongue out and started to lick between her fingers than the palm of her hand and kept licking until I made my way up her arm and to her neck.

Once again she pushed my head away slightly and said. "Didn't you hear me?" I looked her in the eyes and said " I heard you honey but this isn't about me, let me just apologize the right way". I leaned in again and started kissing her passionately. My tongue met hers and I knew I was clear to do whatever I wanted.

I cupped one of her tits in one hand and started squeezing and massaging while my other hand moved down her back and grabbed her ass.

We kissed for a good 5 minutes. When we broke the kiss I stuck my tongue out and started liking her chin than neck and down to her tits. I moved my hand off her juicy round ass and nudged a little to move her onto her back.

I climbed on top of her for better position and started licking her hard nipples, alternating them in my mouth while my hand kept squeezing and groping the other. She started to moan after a while of this and I knew it was time.

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While I worked on her tits I took my free hand and moved it down her thigh than up, caressing it lightly until I came up to her shaved pussy. I started gently touching her outer lips for a while than moved up to her clit.

I rubbed it a little and she moaned louder.

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I kept rubbing her as I moved my head off her tits and moved up and kissed her again. AS I had done before I licked down her face until my head was between her thighs. I teased her a little. Licking her inner tight than her lips without going near her clit.

I opened her lips and started messaging her inner lips with my tongue. My hand were both on her tits now, squeezing and messaging.

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Eventually my tongue found its way to her love hole and I started to probe her hole. She kept twitching and bucking as my tongue went in her hole deeper and deeper. (Well as deep as a tongue would go). I moved my right hand down to her clit and started rubbing it again as I tongue fucked her. I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm I moved my hand above her clit and moved her skin up a little to better access her pearl with my tongue.

I licked gently at first in circular motion and started flicking my tongue at her clit harder and harder until she couldn't take it any more. She grabbed my head pulling it up towards her pussy and at the same time moved her pelvic up as she came hard.

I thought her orgasm lasted forever because I was running out of air with her hand still pushing down on my head and her tights squeezing title. She finally let go and I climbed back next to her and kissed her passionately, letting her taste herself.

She has never had a girl and has always rejected the idea of having one with me present or not but she loved to taste her own pussy juice. We laid there for a while with her catching her breath.

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She finally turned towards me and with a big grin on her face and said, "Apology accepted". She looked at me for a bit longer and started to reach for my cock. During my oral performance my mind was just working on the task on hand and I was no longer rock hard.

It only took a few strokes from her to get hard though. She kept stroking as she leaned in licked my ear and whispered how she loved me and my cock. I believed her every time she mentioned how satisfying the size of my cock was for her and although I agreed that my cock had a really nice girth to it I always wished it was a few inches longer.

She continued to lick my earlobe and neck as she kept stroking even faster and harder now. It took every ounce of strength in my body to move her hand off my cock. She stopped her licking and looked up at me with surprised eyes. I looked back while still holding her hand and said. "I love what you're doing sweetie but I told you, this was about you not me.

So enjoy the orgasm you just had and we'll worry about me later." Without a word she moved up and kissed me. Rolled to her side and started to drift off.

I laid there with tasty pussy juice still on my face drying off and my cock still hard. I started thinking about Las Vegas again to at least get my mind off my hard on. I started thinking about the shows I enjoyed on my previous trips and how I would enjoy seeing them again.

I though about which games I would play and how much money I could spend at each table or each day. This kept my mind occupied for a while but my cock was still hard and twitching, as though begging for attention. I started thinking about what my cousin had said about the call girl.

I thought about her pussy and wondered if it would be as tasty as my wife's, weather she would have it all saved or have some hair. As I started fantasizing abut it in my head I found my hand on my cock again. I kept trying to avoid stroking it so I just squeezed the head as if I was milking a cow a few times and let go.

I told myself I wasn't going to jack off tonight, even though that was the original idea if my wife had rejected me. I kept trying to think about anything not sexual but the harder I tried the harder it was and the harder I got. I couldn't take it anymore. I turned over towards my wife. She had her back to me almost in a fetal position. I moved myself lower on the bed and positioned my head under her ass.

I could still smell her juice pussy from our previous session. I moved my head closer and started kissing her ass moving down to the part where her thigh meets her ass and back up again.

She moved a little but she seemed to be asleep. I kissed all over both her ass cheeks than sticking out my tongue with my mouth partially opened licked her ass crack from top all the way down to her pussy. She jumped and sat up. I just turned and lay on my stomach and moved my head between her thighs again.

Before I could get to her pussy she put her arm out and put her hand my forehead. As she did she said in a grouchy voice "what are you doing?" I moved her hand off my forehead and said "I don't think my apology was good enough honey.

I been trying to sleep all this time and I can't. I feel like I need to apologize some more." She laughed a little and said "I love your enthusiasm baby but I'm tiered, you can always apologize more in the morning." I responded with "abut that." and I caught myself. This really would not go well. It would seem like I'm doing it just so I can ease the idea of me leaving in the morning, which would end up in another fight. Of course that's exactly what I was trying to do but she shouldn't know about it.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" she said loudly. I figured she had asked me before and I hadn't responded so she was raising her voice. I said. "Ohh nothing honey, you have tomorrow off don't you? And plus your pussy got a workout but your ass hasn't. It must be feeling left out." "You dirty dirty man" "Yeah yeah, you know you want it" was my response as I grabbed under her knees and in one motion flipped her over. She's the one that had introduced me to the art of analingous.

She was also right about me being dirty. I love everything taboo about sex and had tried most things with my willing wife. She was no saint either. She knew she had a great ass and loved everything about it and everything done to it. She loved feeling my wet tongue on her pretty pink ass hole. She loved getting fingered and she especially loved my cock up her ass.


She attempted to move on to her back again but I was quicker. I grabbed both ass cheeks with either hand; spread her cheeks open as I dove in for my target with my tongue. She moaned as my tongue touched her ass hole. I started licking up and down her crack with her ass cheeks spread as wide as I could. After a few times of going up and down I concentrated my efforts on her asshole. She started to let out sighs of pleasure. I let go one of her ass cheeks and moved a hand to her tits.

Playing with her now erect and hard nipples as my tongue started probing her hole after every few licks. She lay on her chest and moved her arms back she pushed my head into her crack with one hand and spread her ass cheeks with the other. It was a sign for me to insert my tongue in her ass as far as possible. As my tongue probed the inner parts of her asshole I took my right hand off her tits and switched it with my left.

My free hand now moved around her thigh and went straight for her clit. Soon as my hand touched her clit she let out a loud moan and pushed her ass back into my face even more. I kept this up for as long as I could before my neck started hurting. She must have noticed my discomfort because she let my head go and moved her body up so she was on her knees. "Get under me". I did as I was instructed and laid on my back with my head directly under her pussy.

I started licking hard as she moved herself down on to my face. I moved my hand up to her tits again and started playing with them as she rode my face. She would move her body north to south and give me access to her clit down to her ass and back up. She looked down and asked if I wanted to fuck her and I said "I'm fine where I am" so she lowered herself back down to my face and started riding it again, Moaning and groaning louder and grinding more furiously now.

She moved forward again and once again I found my tongue on her asshole. I kept licking it and fucking it with my tongue and noticed she was now playing with her clit. A few more minutes of this and she started screaming as she came again.

She collapsed off of me still breathing heavily. I moved up next to her and held her in my arms. As she caught her breath she said "That was amazing, you really know how to apologize.

I would love to return the favor but now I'm even more tiered." I kissed her gently to say it was ok and turned around to sleep.

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I guess she took this as me being upset because she leaned on my back and asked if I was mad. I turned again and told her no I was not mad and that she'll have plenty of chances to make it up to me. She smiled and lay back down spooning me.


I looked over to the clock and it was 4am already. I was running out of time and wasn't sure how to still bring up my trip that was coming up in a few hours.

As I started playing different scenarios in my head I heard a whisper. "Are you awake?" "Huh?" I said. "Good you're awake.

I forgot to ask you who that phone call was" "Ohh, it was Bob." "What did he want, this late?" "He was inviting me to go to Vegas with him tomorrow." "Ahh huh." she said with a sarcastic tone. "It's for his 21st birthday" "Ohh that's right, I had forgotten about it. Who else is going?" I told her who and didn't get a response so I added "I told him I can't go because you have plans for us for the weekend" "Why did you say that?

Now he's going to think I'm a bitch. Plus you don't need my permission to go. "I know honey but I rather spend the weekend with you" I said hoping she would tell me to go. "aww, you're too much. I love u" was the last thing she said before she turned around and went back to sleep.

I was now a bit ticked off. I thought I had played everything perfectly yet my plan wasn't working. I started thinking about it some more and getting even more upset and frustrated. I don't know when but I finally fell asleep to be woken up by the ring of the phone. I just pulled the pillow over my head in an attempt to muffle the sound. I felt my wife get out of bed and the ringing finally stopped. I looked over at the time and it was 7:00 am.

I turned away and suddenly remembered that I had asked my cousin to call me in the morning. "Ahh shit" I said to myself as I sat up. My wife was already off the phone and walking over to my side of the bed.

She climbed up and went straight for my cock. I was a bit surprised but I wasn't about to move or say anything. I had morning wood and she was taking care of it the way any man would wish they woke up with. She licked up and down the shaft slowly gazing up at me with her beautiful brown eyes before she swallowed the head in her mouth.

Her gaze looked so innocent that I almost came right there and than. She worked her tongue around the head of my cock while moving her head up and down slowly. I moaned and twitched. She started to increase her speed moving up and down my shaft while she circled her tongue around my head every time she got to the top.

Although she hadn't mastered deep throating yet she still gave the best blow jobs I have had. She found a pace that was comfortable for her and made me moan louder and she kept with it. Sucking and my cock like it was the end of the world and the only thing saving it was my cum.

Out of courtesy and to prepare her for my load I managed to moan out "I'm about to cum" She started sucking even harder. "A few more baby, I'm almost there." as the words exited my mouth she stopped. I opened my eyes to see what was wrong and with her sinister grin she said " ohh not yet you're not." moving up close to my face.

She kissed me hard. I was so close that the kiss just about made me go over the edge than I felt a sharp pane. She had twisted one of my nipples. I thought she had twisted it right off. I tried to move my mouth off hers and yell out a scream of agony but I couldn't. She kept her lips pressed tight on mine. I tried to wiggle her off of me and finally she moved her lips away and said "I told you, you're not cuming yet you little bitch.

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Now eat my ass!" I have to admit I have a submissive side to me when we're in bed. I want to say she's the one that woke that side of me but I would be lying. Her sudden change of domineer and her tone drove me wiled. I tried to get up so I could do what I was told and she stopped me. "Not like that you whore, stay on your back." She turned around and put one leg over my head so her pussy was right on top of me again. I was so eager to lick her that I didn't wait for her to move down.

I moved my head up and started eating her pussy. She almost sat down on my face causing my head to fall back down on the pillow. She pulled herself up again and I heard "You don't deserve my pussy, I told you to eat my ass" as she moved back down on my face. Again I started licking her asshole, sticking my tongue in it.

She was clearly turned on as the juices from her pussy started to drench my face. I felt her play with her pussy.

Rubbing her clit and running two fingers in and out of her pussy from time to time. Although she had started this off with a blow job I feared I was going to get the short end of the stick again. As the thought started to set in my head she leaned forward and before swallowing my throbbing cock again she looked back at me and said. "Now be a good slave and eat my pussy." Happy now I started eating her pussy. Sucking all the juice I could get out of her hole as my tongue flicked at her clit.

I was still eating her pussy trying to get her off and not to cum before she did and she suddenly stopped. With my cock still in her mouth she managed to tell me to finger her ass. I kept licking her clit and moved my index finger to her pussy. Using her own juices to lubricate my finger I stuck it up her ass hard, so hard that it went in all the way to my knuckles with one push.

She let out a loud moan and continued to suck my cock. I kept licking her pussy and fingering her ass hard and could tell she was close. So was I and she knew it too. She started to tense up and cum while my cock was still in her mouth. She was still cuming and I was trying to lap up all the juice I could. She grabbed my balls and pulled on them as she gave a little bite on my head.

This did it for me too as I shot my load into her mouth. I came so intensely that I thought I was never going to stop. Her orgasm had subsided and now she was only concentrating on swallowing my load. She did her best but for some reason I came more than I had ever cum.

Some of my cum dripped down the side of her mouth and some on to her chin. She kept my cock in her mouth for about a minute still sucking and trying to milk more cum out of it when she finally got off of me. She moved up to kiss me and I turned my head.

"You have some cum on the side of your mouth and lips." I got some in my mouth too, that was quite a load" she said as she partly opened her mouth as though to show me and moved in to try to kiss me again. I moved my head again. During sex it's a huge turn on for me and I have often told her to kiss me so I could taste myself, many times I've even told her I would eat her pussy and clean it all up after I've cum in her but could never bring myself to actually do it after I have cum.

She didn't argue or try it again. She just swallowed whatever was left in her mouth. She cleaned her lips with her tongue and I mentioned again that she had some more on her chin.

She cleaned it up with the tip of her finger. "Are you sure you don't want a taste? It's great" as she moved her finger close to my mouth.

I caught it a few inches from my lips and said I was sure. She licked her finger clean than finally moved in and kissed me. I lay there for few minutes with her head on my chest and was starting to dose off again when she got up and said "You better get in the shower your cousin will be here in 30 minutes to pick you up". I looked at her with surprise and the only thing I could say was "huh?" "That was your cousin on the phone earlier.

I'm not going to have your cousin think I'm a bitch and plus I know you really want to go so I told him to come pick you up" "Are you sure?" "Yeah I'm sure now get in the shower before I change my mind" To be continued