Stunning vixen fucking with two hunky bisexuals

Stunning vixen fucking with two hunky bisexuals
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Due to safety I have changed the names and a few details to help the story along and to keep the characters likeness out of harm. Hi, my name is John. I've been having fun for years now and have been living such a great sex life that I thought I would share some of my stories with you.

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As you know from my last adventure I was only about 13, well this story happened a year later and I was 14 and about 6'4" with long brown hair. I was still a little chubby but not overweight just trying to grow into my new body.

So this story took place in the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was at home one hot summer day and couldn't think of anything to do, the pool was so far away and I didn't have any money to go anyway. If I stepped outside I felt like I was going to melt. So it was just me and my sister Sarah, 19, who decided to stay up in her room all day.

Sarah had been away at college but she came home for her summer vacation. She usually went out at nights and partied with her friends, and then would come home early in the morning and go to sleep.

Our parents left for work around 7-8 so we had the whole day at home. I was sitting on the couch in my shorts it was too hot to wear any other clothes, so I flipped on the tv. It was only noon and I was bored already. Finally around 1 Sarah decided to wake up and she came downstairs. She was wearing the smallest shorts I had ever seen they hugged her ass so perfectly that it looked as if they weren't even there, and she had on a tight t-shirt showing off her big D breasts.

She looked like heaven on earth. Now I always had a slight attraction to her but it wasn't bad until this morning. "Morning sleepy head," I mocked towards her. "Shut up twerp," she snapped. "Well someone's in a good mood this afternoon." "Why don't you put some clothes on, I don't want to see that." She went into the fridge, and as she leaned in I saw her bend over and watched as the bottom curves of her ass showed below the edge of her shorts.

Instantly my little friend shot to life. I really wanted to go masturbate but I didn't want to get up and let her notice the gigantic teepee sticking out of my trousers. "I'm gonna go take a shower, its to damn hot for this," she told me. "Whatever." I watched her run up the stairs as her ass and tits bounced with every step.

Gawd I just wanted to plow into that.


What was with this heat wave? Its making me think some very inappropriate things. I waited until I heard the bathroom door squeak and then ran up the stairs as quietly and quickly as I could. I didn't want to miss the show. I reached the door just in time and noticed Sarah didn't even close the door all the way. She had started the shower but had not gotten in yet.

I could see things already starting to get misty inside and hoped she would start getting undressed soon. Then I noticed her she peeled off the shirt, I could see she was glistening with some sweat that's how hot it was. I watched as her tits bounced as they were being let free. They were magnificent I looked at her big round areolas, they were the biggest ones I had ever seen including all the porn ive watched. I continued to watch and as she bent down, she slid the shorts off revealing her tight looking ass, it was just wonderful, enough jiggle to bounce and play with, and enough tight firmness to make you want to just smack at it.

This was the first time I had ever seen my sister naked before. I kept looking her up and down watching her revealing body and then without notice she disappeared into the shower. I watched her silloute in the shower curtain seeing the water splash off her body. I noticed just how big her chest was and just had to have it.

I watched her and as I did I pulled my throbbing penis out from its tight prison. I started to stroke it and watched her spread soap along her body. I just kept watching and before I could stop myself I let out a moan without controlling it. I was scared as soon as I let it go, I knew she had heard it.

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I tried to hide away from the door but that's when I heard. "Are you just going to sit outside the door and jerk off all day or are you going to join me," she said. I looked back in and noticed her head sticking out of the shower curtain.

I glanced away and then back and this time it was open and I was staring at her beautiful naked body. "Well, im waiting," she said in the sexiest tone. I quickly hoped up and poked the door open. I slowly entered. Not knowing for sure this was real. "Well get those clothes off twerp." That was all the encouragement I needed and then I ripped my shorts off and jumped at my sister in the shower. I was thrown off at first by the water hitting my body but began to relax and enjoy it.

I was staring at her beautiful body looking up and down getting and eye full. I looked at her and she just looked at me. "You want to touch them?" she asked. I couldn't yet use words and just nodded and reached out and grabbed at my sisters chest. I loved the feeling it felt like squeezing a bag of pudding I loved it.

I took my other hand and placed it on her other breast. I noticed she liked it and just tilted her head back enjoying the feelings going through her body. I was in heaven I couldn't even notice me getting drenched with water I just loved touching her body.

The next thing I knew I had a hand wrapped around my cock. "You've got such a nice penis, why didn't you ever show me before!" she exclaimed excitedly.

I felt her hand stroke my cock fully, all 7 inches being rubbed between her fingers, it felt great like nothing ever felt before.

This was my first experience with a woman and I didn't notice how long I would last but it must've only been about 3 minutes and then I spurted my entire load all over her front, her pubic mound was covered in sperm.

She just gave me a smile and giggled. "Well I'm glad we got the first one out of the way," she said. First one? Wait does that mean theres more. At that thought I about shot up as fast as ever! "Come on lets go to my bedroom." She shut off the shower and started sprinting away and I took notice and just ran after her.

I watched as her ass swayed as she ran. And as I approached her room I saw her jump right onto her bed and onto her back.

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Her legs were spread so wide I had the best view of her vagina. I wanted it so bad. "Come eat me!" she demanded. I didn't need to hear it again, I ran over and got between her legs. I had never done this before so I started off by kissing her inner thighs. I kept going until I reached her vagina and kissed the top and smelled all its glory. I let my tongue flip right up her slit all the way down her crack and back up.


My tongue started darting in and out of her pussy and swirling around the clit, for a first timer I had her moaning within seconds. "OHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GAHHHH JOHNNNN!" I heard her yell as she came, the juices flowed into my mouth I loved it. I started to kiss up her body until I got to the top her breasts, and then to her face and I kissed my sister with the most passion I had.

"That felt so good," she said. "I really liked doing it," I told her. "It tasted so good." "Well im glad you liked it now, its my turn to try," she said scooting down my body.

She took my cock into her hand again and started stroking it slowly. I was in heaven and just closed my eyes and leaned back. Then I felt it, her warm mouth was around my cock and it was great. I could feel her licking up and down the shaft. Then she shoved me as deep as I could go making her gag. "Oh sis, this feels amazing, im gonna cum," I told her. "Nope! Not yet," she said as she got up. I was confused until I saw her climb up my body. Before I could say anything she slammed my dick into her pussy.

It was great warm and so wet that It just sucked on me.

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"I want every drop of cum you have inside my pussy," she told me and started to bounce up and down on my cock. It felt so good watching her tits bounce in the wind. I looked down and saw her pussy gripping and sliding on my cock, I could see her juices coating it in all its glory.

I then ran my fingers up her body and started to pinch her nipples, she looked at me and smiled and then started moaning. I kept ramming my cock deep into her and then with one thrust I exploded into her, I felt ropes of cum hitting her inside one after the other. She was so tight that I could feel it all over my cock inside her womb. She rolled over and lay beside me and kissed me. WE lay cuddling in her bed, we were so distracted by the sex we forgot about the heat and it just built with our sweat covered bodies together.

"From now on, when were home and mom and dad are at work, no clothes!" she told me. "Im definitely ok with that," I said and kissed her while rubbing her tits.

"Just give me a minute ok, we got 3 more hours before they're home," she winked.

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WE had sex nearly 5 times that day. It was so amazing, before my parents came home, I had pumped so much cum into my sisters mouth and pussy that I thought that's the only fluid left in her body, I found out I was wrong every time I made her cum and the juices ran onto my face or fingers.

It was the best day of my summer vacation and we had a lot more summer fun that year. We've never talked about it since that summer and have never done anything sexual since. We still see eachother and talk a lot but its as any normal brother and sister would.

I hope one day when my wife is gone and he husband is gone I might be able to get in with my sister again. Hope you enjoy! I may write more of our adventures together…