Blonde amateur getting mouthful pov after fucking

Blonde amateur getting mouthful pov after fucking
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Well you find me about to get the mother of all hickes; from what I thought was a girl that would end up being my girlfriend, which I am now fending off, but hay ho she turns out to be a vampire and all she was after was my meat what a bitch that is.

How the hell did I end up here, answers on a postcard please. I just thought vampires were just in stories but apparently not. I have no idea yet how I'm going to get out of this at the moment; I'm under her both hands on her jaw just about keeping me from being sucked dry, yeah yeah I'd love to be sucked dry but this is not the way I had imagined it. I think. Now is the time to make my move.

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"Sorry love not today!" 'Smack crack' as I land a right hook on her knocking her off. "Oh crap!" I feel sick and faint but can't pass out now, she recoils jumping up and back just out of range of me to strike again. "Come on super bitch come get some," picking up a chair just at the side of me. "Hiiissss hiiissssss" she spits. "Not so chatty now are we!" I retort. She jumps - lunging forward at our protagonist he swings the chair 'cccrrrrunch' it breaks as it connects with her, just leaving two legs one in each hand, she lunges forward again.

Closing his eyes our protagonist thrusts forward with the chair legs with a sickening crack and squelch. "Erk why?" she says as she falls limp impaled on the chair legs "Darling do you really have to ask!" Letting go of the chair legs she falls to the floor.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit what do I do now? I have a dead girl in my room, how am I going to get out of this." I wonder to myself if they turn to dust, putting my foot on her and pulls the chair legs out; 'slurrrppp' as the chair legs slid out "well that answers that one; no they don't." I am going to have to get rid of her over night the good thing she's not bled out. Right my big luggage bag will do, looking down at her, i'll have to wait before I can get rid of the body.

I had only met her A week earlier as well; or now I think of it she did pick me, as her hors d'oeuvre. I am not liking the idea of me being the ready meal for one. Several hours later after killing her putting her in the bag and thank goodness for wheels, taking the bag and placing it into the boot of the car.

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"where do I dump her body? A river I think would be a good idea!" Driving around for an hour thinking where to dump the body "hmmm the river Derwent!" I think this will be a good place to put her, hope it washes her away. Walking down a path for ten minutes looking round being furtive and back to the car again. Back in my car "Oh God oh God hope I've not been seen." someone walking down a path with a big piece of luggage at night does not look good, "Aaaarrrggg my hand" off to A&E I think.

Back home after having my hand put in plaster light headed "Shit these meds are good!" well good night "ZZzzzzz." Beep beep beep "Uurrgg dam it alarm 5 more minutes," 'thud' as I bashed the alarm clock.

Sleepily Raising himself dragging my carcass out of bed to the shower turning it on whoosh of water over his body; warm and soothing. 'Fffuurp' my eyes widen "gee cripes!

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I got to stop doing that while I'm in here." Looking in the mirror while having a shave to get the clean look, oval features slim straight nose; green eyes, and ears one slightly higher than the other; with slim lips and short mouse brawn hair on the account of hating to more than wash it.

'One would say our protagonist was average in looks, he looked after himself keeping in shape he was always pissed by the fact his abs hid.' Getting dressed and out to work, not glamours work working in retail serving the masses but it pays the bills; while I looking for the job he really wanted. Clocking off after his shift and headed to the gym to do a workout and finishing an hour later.


Sitting down in the cafe in the gym at the only tables not taken with a soup and roll I had just purchased. "Can I sit here?" a females voice asks. Looking up at the owner, my eyes widen composing myself "Yes sure," I reply with a slight stammer I quickly clear my throat, she sat down smiled at me with her meal. She was a beauty in my eye; dark shiny shoulder length hair with brown eye, lushes red lips lean muscular frame and roundish feminine face, a c-cup at a guess she was wearing a gym crop top and a faint sweet smell.

Latin looks tanned skin. Looking down trying not to stare and drool in my soup as I ate it.

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"Can you pass the salt?" she asked. "Hmm" was the reply with his mouth full; passing the salt. Our hands touching I was sure I felt her finger stroke the back of my hand but then again my mind was in over drive, imagining about her.

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Finishing her meal she got up to leave, I watched her go a slight sway in her hips as she walked, and just a brief moment she looks back over her shoulder at me and then she was gone. Sighing "I'm in love, only if, in my dreams," I chuckle finish and go home.

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Over the next couple of days I kept bumping into her in the gym passing pleasantries. On the third day I was walking to the next piece of equipment and as I pass the free weights area.

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Hearing a voice "Can you help me?" I looks round and seeing her. "Who me?" She nods, I walk over and so help her with the barbell.


"Thanks for that I put more on than planned, my name is Rosalita." "Rosalita," I say in thought. "Did you say something?" she asks. "No no I'm Kendrick nice to make your acquaintance." So it began they started going out over the next three days getting to know each other chatting away, meeting in the gym working out together chatting about their likes and dislikes and about things in general and she could talk.

I could listen to her forever she was captivating which leaded up to were we began. Taking her home; we had just got through the door, she put her arms round my neck I turned in her arms and I kissed her, our lips presses together feeling the warmth from it my hands ran down her body stopped at her hips pulled her close she offered no resistance to this.

Pulling away she started to helped me out of my t-shirt i finished taking it off, I did the same for her. She stood in a purple lacy looking bra the latin tan to her soft silky looking skin at this moment I was hers for the taking having been single a little to long, could I still remember what to do? my brains turning to mush with desire. I was like a child in a sweet store in need of a bucket from drooling ok not in the literal sense but heck I was in heaven right there and then and definitely not thinking with my brains.

We both stepped in my place shutting the door, she undid my belt whipping it out unzipped the fly and unbuckled the button then eased them down i stepped out of them a raging hard on under my boxers. I reciprocated helping her out of her jeans she stood pink bra and pink lacy panties.

Kissing her neck I undid her bra and she let it drop to the floor. Dark areolas and erect nipples taking hold I began to lick each then flicked and finally sucked each.


She slid my boxers down and I stepped out of them my erection bobbed she took hold gently and stoked it. She ran a finger down my chest, I looked down looking up again and went to smile when I saw a fist heading straight for my face.

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A second later I was on the floor seeing stars. She was on me teeth bared ready to strike with a bite. That brings us up to date with my story.