Bionda si masturba la figa italian old

Bionda si masturba la figa italian old
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Lisa and Robert had been married for a decade now. There are so many differences between them that most people thought they would never make it past the first year. He is 6'4" tall, red headed, slim built and possessing a quiet reservation. She is 4'6" tall, brunette, petite and likes to get out and party.

Despite their differences though, they have stuck it out through thick and thin and made for themselves a nice little home. Neither one is really sure when it happened, but at some point they found that the one thing they really have in common is an openness in their sexuality that most people would call deviant.

They liked to share their passion. They shared it with each other. They shared it with their friends. They shared it with their neighbors. They even shared it with random people they might meet while out and about. Sometimes they shared together. Sometimes one would watch. Occasionally they both would watch. There wasn't much between them that they couldn't find pleasure and enjoyment in. The one exception to that though, had to be their friend Alice.

Alice was 5'6" tall, blonde, and built like a brick shithouse. She was outgoing and a rather free spirit herself. The only thing that had kept her off the list was the fact that she was actually Robert's niece, even though there were only a few years difference in the ages of the three.

You see, Robert's dad was like Johnny Appleseed. He had a few children here, a couple there, and a few in the middle. All of them were spread around the country living with their respective mothers and they rarely got to see each other growing up.

Robert was next to the youngest and was just starting school when Alice was born to his oldest brother. So the lack of connection extended to her as well. That all changed a couple years back however, when Robert and Lisa moved north in search of work. They moved in with Robert's oldest brother for a few weeks while Robert found a new job.

The connections were made with the various relatives in the area and since then Robert, Lisa and Alice had been pretty much inseparable whenever the time allowed.

It was the next to last weekend before school was back in session. Alice was finalizing her shopping list and getting the things she would need when she returned to teaching.

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Lisa had called her up on Friday and asked if she wanted some company for the next two days. Alice knew she could finagle Lisa into helping her out and Robert would at the very least drive them around as she picked up the last few items on the list.

So for the daylight hours, Alice and Lisa managed to drag Robert through several strip malls, a big mall, and a couple outlet stores before finally ending back the day back at Alice's with a couple steaks and some adult beverages for the rest of the evening.

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After dinner, they all decided to listen to some music and enjoy some drinks. As it tends to happen with booze and music, the dancing started not long after.

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This brought a mix of partners and a mix of songs. After one of the slow songs, Robert dipped Lisa and gave her long kiss. Alice let slip how she would love for a man to do that to her. Robert, being the more risqu?ember of the bunch decided Alice should have a man to do that for her. So n the next slow song with her he dipped her low at the end. Looked her in the eyes and tenderly started to kiss her. Alice's first reaction was that her eyes nearly popped out from the surprise, but seeing Robert watching she decided it couldn't be all bad and closed her eyes to enjoy the kiss.

Seeing her eyes close, Robert continued the kiss for what seemed forever, but was actually not that long. When he brought her up, he finally pulled away and saw it took a moment for her to register it was done. Upon opening her eyes, Robert gave her one of those bigger than life grins and released her. Then he abruptly turned and headed to the kitchen to grab another round of drinks. Lisa remarked, "Holy cow Alice. That was freaking hot. I never expected Robert to do something like that." "I never thought he would either, but I thought it was actually quite nice.

Guess that will teach me to open my mouth." "Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, he can be quite the surprise. You better be careful enticing him, I don't know how far he will go." This caused both girls to start giggling, both from the innuendo of more to come and from the drinks. Robert reentered the room near the end of the giggles and asked what was so funny, but got nothing out of the girls. Another drink and few songs later, Robert was slow dancing with Alice again. Feeling a little braver and meeting no resistance last time, Robert again dipped Alice low and locked his lips with hers.

It was another long, slow kiss at the bottom of the dip. This time however, after picking her up, he pulled her back in close and locked his lips to hers again. Alice was not surprised by the first kiss this time, but the second one was not expected. Feeling warm and fuzzy and a little frisky herself she returned the kiss in kind. She knew she probably shouldn't be doing anything with him, but she ran her hands down his back and gave his ass a squeeze enjoying the attention of a man again.

When Robert tried to let go first, Alice didn't seem ready so he held on for a bit longer. Once they finally separated Alice gave Robert a wink and a smile and headed for the kitchen to grab the next round of drinks. Robert sat down next to Lisa to catch his breath, and it was not just because of the dancing he was winded.

"Damn babe, that was hot! She is starting to get me all excited." "Really? Alice is doing that? I think is more likely to be Big Ed than little Alice." Laughing at her joke, Robert looked Lisa in the eye, "Well she is mighty fine and seems to be enjoying it. Would it be so wrong to carry on?" Lisa thought about it a moment then replied.

"I don't think it would be a bad thing. As long as she doesn't stop you or protest, I say go for it. I would actually enjoy watching that. Who knows where it could lead.

Just make sure you save me some of that for later." With that response, Robert leaned in and kissed Lisa.

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This one involved some tongue action as well as some touching and feeling. Alice walked back in the room in the middle, but didn't say anything about it. She felt Robert already had enough of and opening and didn't need additional encouragement.

Robert commented that he needed more of a break and told the girls to have at it. It wasn't that he really needed to rest. He just wanted to wait for another slow song before cutting in again.

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A few songs later and there was the song he was looking for. Robert cut in and replaced Lisa as Alice's partner. As he held Alice slow and swayed to the music, he decided to take his chances and not wait until the end.

Robert leaned in while holding her close placed his lips on hers. Alice responded in kind and returned the kiss Robert was offering. Pushing the limits to see if she would resist, Robert pushed his tongue into her mouth to she if she would respond. Alice let out a little moan and pushed back with her own tongue.

This was the response Robert was looking for from her. So he slid his hands down her back and took firm hold of her ass pulling her hips closer in as he was dipping and swaying in time to the music. A few moments later, Robert eased around to nibble on Alice's ear. He blew a little and sucked on her lobe.


Getting no resistance, he decided to let his hands roam a little. He brought his right hand from her ass, around her side and up between the two of them to start playing with her left breast. Kneading it and rubbing the tip to make her nipple stand out. All the while, Alice just let out soft, plaintive moans of enjoyment. Now, while Robert was thoroughly enjoying himself, he wasn't sure just how far to push it. He was definitely starting to harden up and knew that if Alice didn't put up a barrier soon, Lisa was going to get the show she wanted.

Alice was thoroughly enjoying herself. It had been a time since she was the center of attention.


She thought that it might seem a little weird it was from Robert, but it just felt so right. The kissing and the nibbling was definitely turning her on and starting to make her juices flow.

When he grabbed her left breast, she thought she should stop it, but decided to let it go. Thinking turn about was fair play, Alice decided she was going to push a few barriers herself. She backed out just a little to allow Robert cleaner access to her breast. At the same time, she brought her hand around and started rubbing his chest. Her motions were circular and teasing as she worked her way down.

She had to know if he was just teasing, or if he was really interested. Once she finally worked up the nerve, she handily grabbed his crotch and was not disappointed. Robert was rock hard and almost out the top of his jeans. Alice started to stroke him through his jeans while he was kneading her breasts and nibbling on her neck and ear.

Robert was sure now there would be no stopping. With Alice stroking him, he slipped his hand under her shirt for some flesh on flesh contact.

With her left nipple being rolled in his fingers he returned to kiss her lips. This time, it was straight in with the tongue in a soft, furtive resemblance of what he wanted to do to her elsewhere. Alice was starting to feel like it was a game of one-upmanship that she was starting to lose.

However, when she thought about the stakes, she figured there really couldn't be any losers. Well other than the barriers that have kept them apart previously. Meanwhile, Lisa was getting totally turned on watching the two of them. By now, all pretense of dancing had ceased. It had become a total make out session between Alice and Robert. It was an incredible turn on for Lisa, who didn't want to do anything to break the mood or stop the progress.

Robert dropped down on his knees and pushed Lisa's shirt up her body so he could start planting kisses on her belly. He could tell by the scent that she was totally into the game. He started moving from her belly button up leaving his trail of kisses and moving her shirt up as he went. For her part, Alice put her hands on his head and held him close with out fighting. Robert made his way up until he finally exposed her breasts to air.

See them exposed, they looked even better than he had imagined. They were large and round with a well defined areola and her aroused nipples poking out begging for attention. He took her right breast in his mouth and started to suckle the nipple.


Kneading the meat below and nibbling the tip ever so slightly. Alice was enjoying every bit of the attention she was getting.

Robert's warm soft lips and moist tongue playing with her breasts, his manly hands kneading the firmness he couldn't fit in his mouth. The thrill she felt coursing through her body. She knew she was at the edge.

Her mind was telling her to stop, but her body was telling her to go. She felt torn between emotion and practicality. How would the rest of the family take it? For that matter, how would they even find out? She didn't know what to do at that point. She felt her heart pounding in her chest and knew that if she didn't stop now, she never would. Then Robert pushed her shirt on over her head and let it fall to the floor as he pulled her close again and attached his lips to hers.

Felling his warm embrace and the passion with which he kissed her was enough to make her decision. To hell with her mind, she was going to follow her body and the juices that were starting to flow. Just to prove the point, she grabbed Robert's shirt and tugged it over his head in another tit for tat move. Robert stepped back a bit after she got his shirt off. He wanted to get a good look at her and also to allow Lisa a chance to get an eye full of those massive breasts uncovered.

As a secondary consideration, Robert wanted to let things cool down just a bit to see if Alice was going to change her mind or not. He wanted to insure it was a mutual feeling of attraction that would culminate in a passionate exchange with the possibility of future interactions.

Alice wasn't sure why Robert stepped back, but she could tell by the look in his eyes it wasn't hesitation. She decided the press forward as she was not about to be outdone in this unspoken competition. She stepped back in and planted her lips to his. Reached down, unzipped his jeans and undid the button while tongue wrestling him into submission.

Once she got it open, she reached in and grabbed his dick for a close up feel of what she had been stroking. Robert damn near let go right then and there. Her soft warm hand grabbing his dick and softly stroking with her tongue giving the full court press to his was exhilarating to say the least. They stayed like that for several more minutes. Robert playing with her massive breasts, Alice stroking his hard dick, the both of them tongue wrestling to determine who would get the next move in.

Robert came out on top in this round when Alice pulled back to catch her breath. He dropped to his knees and grabbed the opening to her jeans while nibbling on her navel. Unlike Alice though, once he got them unzipped and unbuttoned, he peeled them down to the ground.

This gave him a close up look at her soaked panties. He promptly leaned in and nibbled at the wet spot. For her part, Alice stepped out of her pants and opened her legs a little to allow him better access to his goal.

With his lips planted around the wet spot, Robert began some deep breathing through his mouth, sucking the panties and their contents in on the inhale and pushing them out on the exhale. It was a sweet taste and he couldn't wait to get it straight from the source. With that thought, he started to tug her panties down across her hips and didn't stop until they crumpled around her ankles. The sight before him was nothing short of spectacular. Alice had a nice trimmed triangle of soft blonde hair sitting above her glistening lips.

They were puffy and pink and you could see the moistness on them. Robert leaned in and took a long lick from the bottom to the top and was not disappointed. It was one of the sweetest tasting and juiciest pussies he had ever licked. After several vertical passes through those silky folds, Robert stood back up to kiss Alice again.

While they were engaged at the lips, she realized she was now naked and Robert was not quite there yet. So she pulled Robert's trick when they finally broke for air, and dropped to her knees. She tugged his pants to the ground and rapidly followed them up with his boxers. This left his fully engorged dick now free and pointing towards the ceiling. She could tell he was truly excited by the drop of pre-cum she saw starting to ooze out of his slit. To keep it from getting away, she ran her tongue from the base of the shaft up to the tip and around the head a time or two before parting her lips and sucking the head into her mouth.

She didn't take very much in, but it was enough for Robert to let out a sigh of pleasure. Robert let her play on the end of his engorged shaft for a bit, and then decided to get on his knees with her.

He pulled her naked body close to his and locked his lips to hers again and eased her down on her back during the kiss. His naked body on hers as they were laying there kissing.

His hands roaming up and down her body with their sexes pressed together. He started tracing his lips and kisses south down her body, pausing at her mammoth tits to suckle and fondle them a bit more. After a few more minutes, he resumed his trek south until he returned to her glistening mound. Easing his hands under her legs and lifting them up and out to give him better access brought forth a spreading of her moist lips to reveal the button nub hiding inside.

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He leaned in and gave her another soft stroke from bottom to top with his tongue making sure to flick the nubbin at the top. For the next little while, Robert licked and sucked and flicked and tongued that sweet moist pussy. Alice for her part was moaning and groaning and grinding her hips at his face in rhythm with his ministrations.

Robert could tell she was nearing her first orgasm and continued to press for all he was worth. He wanted to taste the flush from deep inside her.

He continued to suck and tongue her until she finally let go with a buck and a scream. His mouth was flooded with her hot juices and he was sucking for all he was worth trying to get every last drop out from inside her.

That was one of the most mind blowing experiences Alice had ever had. She never once had a man do that to her or for her. All she could think was she wanted to return the favor and give him a mind numbing experience like that.

So she pulled Robert back up on top of her and locked her hands to the side of his head as she pulled him in for another passionate kiss.

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Now that she had him back up in her face and was holding his head, she rolled him over onto his back. Laying astride him and still holding his face she knew what she wanted.

When she let go, she sat up grinding her soaking pussy on hid rock hard dick. Rubbing her tits and gently rocking, she began to ponder her next move. She knew she wanted him, but she was just having problems deciding how she wanted him first.

When she finally reached an internal decision, Alice leaned back down to kiss Robert again. With their lips locked again, she picked up her hips and reached down between the two of them to grasp his shaft.

With a firm grip, she pointed his head at the entrance to her hole and slid down until she had fully engulfed him.

Robert audibly gasped as he felt himself penetrating Alice from tip to base. Her silky soft insides slid effortlessly around his engorged shaft. Once she was fully seated, he could feel her warmth had totally and effortlessly enshrouded him in a tight secure place. It was a feeling he hoped would never end, and to that point he grabbed her and pulled her back down tight to hold the position they were currently in.

As excited as he was, Robert was afraid that if she moved to quickly he might lose control right then and there due to the pressure she was exerting on his throbbing member. Alice was thoroughly loving the feel of Robert buried deep inside her. She felt totally and completely fulfilled in a manner she had never previously experiences. She almost felt as if he has filled her void as full as it could get.

She could feel his pulse racing through their intimate connection. He pulled her back down and was holding her tight when all she wanted was to ride the shaft inside her and feel that stretching and stuffing coming and going. Robert held her head in his hand and kissed her deeply while holding the connection they had.

He held her just long enough for the initial wave to pass and him to rein his control back in hand. Once he felt it was safe, he relaxed his hold on her to let her do what she wanted to do. Alice felt Robert relax and instinctively knew it was her turn to play.

She began to slowly grind back and forth. This didn't provide much thrusting action, but the motion was still quite fulfilling as he pressed back and forth inside of her from the motion. The twinkle in his eye and the smile on his face told her she was making him feel as good as she was feeling.

After some grinding action, Alice began to ride his dick. She started with short strokes up and down. The strokes gradually grew longer until she was stroking the entire length. Her puffy lips stretching out as she moved up in their attempt to hold onto the shaft they had between them making it appear they were actually sucking on the cock between them.

On the down stroke, they were shoved back inwards as it was forcefully put back in its natural place. She loved every minute of it and was letting it be known with her moans of pleasure. Robert's grunts of enthusiasm were the match to her moans.

She kept this pace up until she felt another wave of orgasm crash over her and bring her to a halt at the bottom of her stroke with Robert again buried deep inside. Robert felt her squeezing and spasming on his hard shaft as she let go with another hard blast of juice.

Knowing he had given her two orgasms, Robert wondered if she could go for a third. Meanwhile, Lisa had sat quietly watching the show on the floor before her, which so far was even hotter than she would ever have imagined.

Robert and Alice were definitely going at it hard and heavy and they both seemed to have forgotten she was even there. She was as wet as she had been in a long time and was hoping Robert was going to save some for her.

Just in case, she was quietly rubbing herself wishing she was in the middle of the floor with them. As Alice came down from her second orgasm of the night, Robert eased her over to put her on her back so he could take the top, controlling position. He took the reigns and started to stroke in and out with a pause at each end of the stroke to add to the sensation. It wasn't long until he was fully stroking her pussy the same as she had been, but he was the one in charge this time.

He pushed her to the edge and over one more time with out the pause for her to crest this time. The feelings were so intense Alice thought she was going to pass out from hyperventilation. Robert loved every minute of it and was trying to hold it back as long as possible, but all good things must come to an end. With Robert moaning and groaning and Alice panting and screaming, she was approaching her fourth orgasm of the night and Robert was fast approaching his.

Alice didn't think it was possible for Robert to fill her any fuller, but as he neared the peak of his pleasure, she could feel his head starting to swell and his shaft starting to pound form the blood coursing through its veins. Alice started to involuntarily squeeze and contract her vaginal walls as she was approaching the end of her endurance. Then the end came with a mind numbing crescendo.

Robert thrust in hard and deep and literally exploded inside of her spraying her insides from the tip of his cock. With every pulse of his shaft, Robert shot a thick stream of hot cum deep inside of Alice. For her part, she contracted and squeezed in a milking action with her inner walls to help empty his sack of every drop inside of her love canal. After about a dozen pulses of his shaft, Robert finally started to come back down to earth. That was when he the full reality of what he had just done hit him.

It was Alice on the floor beneath him and he had just filled her so full it was already starting to leak out around his shaft and down to the floor. Not knowing what else to do, he leaned in and looked lovingly into her golden brown eyes to see if she would readily accept what had just happened or see the light of revulsion take her from within. As the moment of bliss began to pass for Alice, she finally realized that she had just been fully satisfied unlike she ever had before by Robert.

She could feel his cum squeezing out around the shaft still inside her and running down the crack of her ass. Then he was there leaning in and staring in her eyes. To show that she was not okay with all that had happened, but thoroughly pleased, she pulled Robert on down and held him close as she kissed him with a soft tenderness to express the abundance of love she felt. Then Alice remembered Lisa sitting on the couch.

She knew then that she had watched everything that had happened. She also knew that she did not say a thing at any point in the ordeal to break the moment or disturb the flow. For that she was truly happy, because it was one of the best nights of her life.

It also made her wonder why she would let her man do that in front of her and with a close relative at that. For now however, she was overjoyed that she had and knew that the relationship between the three had been changed forever. Who knows what would come next, only time would tell.