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Super thick chic showing ass hole and pussy play
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"Jess, can you stay after school today? I want to help you out with your piece." Called out my music teacher after classed was dismissed. "Erm… yeah sure.

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Just let me call home." I said, smiling and leaving the class to go out to lunch. "Ooooooo, Jess. After school lessons, aye?" Heidi said, emphasizing the lessons and winking at me. You see, me and my music teacher… we are pretty close.

We joke very often and me and my friends always act so dirty in front of him, unintentionally, and we notice him watching our every move. But, all the other girls love to make fun of me saying we are lovers. We are just friends though.

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I never thought of him in any sexual way, nor did anyone else in the class. So when he had told me to stay after school to practice my piece, I honestly thought he was going to help me with it. I really wasn't expecting him to make any moves, or for me to get so turned on by him. "Oh, Shush Heidi. You know as well as I do that nothing will happen." "Aww, did he do something to upset you?

Is that why you aren't going to do anything? Trouble in paradise?" "Heidi! Ew, no! Stop or else!" But, I was erupting in laughter so my threat was useless.

******* "Great! You made it." Sir said, welcoming me into the classroom. "Yeah, I really need the practice. Thanks for helping me out." I put my bag down, took off my jacket and took out my sheet music. As I took my seat at the piano, he moved over and sat next to me.

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His cologne empowering me and making me slightly faint. I started playing my piece and half way through I noticed he was staring at me. "Everything ok sir?" "Yes. Perfect. Awesome. Amazing. Beautiful. So many words but none exactly describe just how amazing you look." I froze.

Where the fuck did this come from? Blushing and trying to calm myself down, I tried to look anywhere but at him. "Jess, look at me." I turned my gaze to him hesitantly. "You are so beautiful." "Th-thanks sir." I said, blushing furiously.

"Jess, you have no idea just how great the effect you have on me is. And when you and Heidi are grinding and joking around," he said, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "Please, don't tell anyone. I would get into so much trouble." "I won't say anything, don't worry." "Good.

Because right now, I would love it if I could kiss you." Ok, so I knew this guy was straight up and not hesitant, but WOW! And for some odd reason, it was turning me on so much.


I bit my lip, not knowing whether I wanted him to kiss me or not. But, he didn't wait for my reply. He stood up, lifted me out of my seat, and kissed me hard on the lips. At first, I was frozen. I mean, he is my music teacher! Then, giving in to his scent, opened my mouth and let his tongue in. I kissed him back, equally as hard.

His kiss was so full of lust and want. His hands were traveling up the side of my body, slowly making their way towards my breasts. With one of his hands placed on the small of my back, he lifted my top up and grabbed one breast in the palm of his hand, rubbing and squeezing it with such roughness.

He broke away and took my top off. Throwing it away, he undid my bra in one swift move and lowered his head, taking my nipple between his teeth and biting and sucking it, while slowly rubbing the other nipple.

I moaned in pure pleasure, lacing my hands through his hair as his tongue and fingers worked away on my breasts. My moans grew louder as my panties became wetter. I didn't want him to stop. He traced kisses over my tummy and downwards. Then going on his knees he reached up and undid my pants and pulled them down. He started kissing from above my knee and upwards, slowly rubbing his hands over my other thigh, up and down. He reached my inner thigh and then started biting me through my panties.

He pushed me to sit back on the seat and took of my panties. Then he lifted my leg up so it was on the piano keys and my other leg over his shoulder, providing him a full view.

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I rested my arms on the table behind me and leaned back as he started his slow torture of nibbling and sucking around my area. "Mmmmm, you're so wet for me." He said, looking up at me before taking me in his mouth.

I rested back on one hand while my other was scrunching up his hair, pushing him deeper into me. Oh, it felt so good. His tongue was licking and sucking my clit, adding to my wetness. Then he moved his tongue over my hole and started licking away, pushing it in and out making my moans grow louder.

He kept licking away until I finally convulsed. He licked away once more then stood up and kissed me hard on my lips. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled away to take of his shirt.

For years I've wanted to see his body. He looked so good with a top on and his arms… oh his arms. So seeing it for the first time naked was like an answer to my prayers. He had the most perfectly chiseled body and just staring at his v-line made me feel wet all over again. I rubbed my hands over his body as we kissed then started to unbuckle his jeans. I pushed him away and slid off the table.

Getting on my knees in front of him, I pulled him out of his jeans and boxers, and smiling up at him, I took him into my mouth. He threw his head back as started moaning softly, grabbing my head in one hand and guiding me deeper down his throbbing cock. I took his all in my mouth, sucking hard and fast while playing with his sack. Pulling him out, I licked down his shaft and took his sack in my mouth, sucking and biting it softly.

His moans grew louder as he came closer to his climax. I took him back in my mouth and he almost instantly came. I swallowed his hot sweet cum and stood up. His grey eyes were blazing with lust and I felt myself weaken under his gaze. "Oh, you are so amazing Jess." "Sir, I still need some more practice." Confusion spread across his face.


I sat back on the table and spread my legs open, motioning for him to come closer with my finger. "Oh, you bad girl." I let out a scream of pain as he slammed into me. Thrusting as fast as ever, he slid easily into me.

I felt myself nearing my climax but he pulled out and took me off the table. Laying down on the floor, he told me to ride him like a bull. I sat on top of him, guiding his cock into me before slowly moving him in and out. He went deep into me, massaging my insides by circling himself inside of me.

Then he put his hands on my hips and guided me faster and faster. I dug my nails deep into his chest, loving the sound of our bodies clapping against each other.

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It was pure ecstasy. I finally came and keeping thrusting until he came to his climax too. I felt him empty his full load into me before pulling him out. I sat up against the leg of the table as I tried to get my breathing back to normal. Looking over at him, I took in the full sight of his body properly.

He looked so amazing and the size of his cock surprised me. That fit in my mouth!?

"See something you like?" He said, his sexy cocky smile playing on his lips. "I'm just surprised that it fit in me." I said, blushing and biting my lip. "You were so amazing Jess. I've never wanted anyone as badly as I've wanted you." I crawled over his body, lowering my head near his ear and whispered: "You can have me anytime, anywhere." *******