Bigcock loving teen eaten out before sucking

Bigcock loving teen eaten out before sucking
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Halloween night was just around the corner and Rita wasn't sure what she was going out as.

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A invite came in the mail for her to attend this haunted house party. It said Rita you're invited to my party please come dressed up and wear this mask. So Rita decided to dress up as a sexy secretary. Bought a mini skirt, taupe pantyhose, red stiletto heels and a tight fitting turtleneck showing off her 36c bust line.

She wore no bra or panties. Had a couple of drinks before heading out to this invite. Rita arrived at the haunted house at 9pm.

The female tenant removed her coat and admired Rita's outfit. Rita noticed this pretty lady checking her out and could feel her nipples getting hard. The female took Rita's invite and lead her to the room were the other guests were waiting.

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When she entered the room she noticed that 80% of the people were women, very pretty as well. Most of them were wearing very sexy clothing also. Rita slipped on her mask and walked around the room admiring the other women too. At 10pm the music started and everyone started dancing where they stood. These half naked waitress wearing only red garter belts,spice stockings with seams and heels came around with these blue colour drinks for all of us.

I started drinking mine and soon found myself feeling quite light headed. One of the waitresses lead me off to a room laid me down on a bed, sat beside me caressing my hard nipples through my sweater it felt wonderful I have never been with a woman before but her touch was turning me on.

She then slid her hand down my nylon legs caressing each thigh before going up under my skirt to my awaiting moist pussy. I spread my legs open for her and pulled up my sweater to show off my breasts and hard nipples.

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She continued to pleasure my pussy and suck my nipples till I was ready to reach a climax. This strange woman looked deep into my eyes and I started to feel her needs in my head. I nodded my head as if under her spell.


She moved her way down between my nylon thighs to place her long hot tongue on my very wet pussy. She licked my pussy up and down against my pantyhose driving me crazy. I heard her thoughts again saying it was time to be with her forever not sure what she meant by that, I felt this sharp pain close to my pussy then pleasure filled my head over and over. She sucked on my blood thigh for awhile.

She then climbed up my body to my neck sinking her fangs into my neck as my thoughts of life pasted me by. When I woke up I was in this coffin dressed in a white gown my nipples fully erect moist pussy and the thirst for a drink.

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My mistress raised up from her coffin and like a puppet I walked over to her so she could feed on me some more. I was now a Vampire as well. I went out into the night looking for blood. My first victim was a hooker very sexy and busty. I hypnotized her and feed on her body till she was dead dumped the body into a trash bin.

I went back to my old place and a very attractive woman had my apartment. Her balconey door was opened I waited for her to invite me in and slowly seduced her until she gave in to my desires.

Her name is Patricia a very busty and leggy lady. I hypnotized Patricia and told her I need her body for pleasure and told her she is not to have any sexual encounters with men. If she is needing her pussy pleasure to seduced one of her co-workers at work.

I gave her the gift of hypnotizing her play toys.

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Patricia started wearing very low cut blouses to show off her bust line and to wear skirts with thigh high slits, no panties no bra's were needed. Had her buy crotchless pantyhose too. Her first lesbian slave was her friend Gail. Gail just had a baby and she was still breastfeeding her daughter.

Patricia put Gail in a trance telling her if she needed someone to suckle her breast milk she wanted to help her. So about 7pm every night Gail would be lead down to the supply room to be feed on by Patricia.


Spreading her nylon legs open to have Patricia lick her pussy and bite down on her to feed. Gail would then lay her Mistress over lap so she could drink the milk from Gail's breast.

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Gail started wearing garter belts & nylons, so it would be easier for her Mistress to enjoy her pussy more. When the time was right Patricia had Gail seduce Sharon the other secretary in the office. Hypnotizing Sharon to be Gail's lesbian slave too.

Patricia was leaving the office one night and this very attractive blonde came on the elevator wearing a white dress low cut cleavage, spice pantyhose, black high heels.

Bust 42b long slender legs. Their eyes met and before long their tongue's were dancing around together. Patricia caressed her body with such pleasure till she heard her moaning, pushed her up against the elevator wall sliding her nylon leg up reaching her moist nylon pussy.

Rubbing her knee against her pussy. Staring into her eyes till she unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor. Unclasping her bra pulling one of her swollen nipples into her mouth sucking and biting them hearing her moan with pleasure.

Taking the other and repeating over and over till the moment was right sank her fangs into her breast sucking the warm blood from her.


Patricia then removed her fangs and ripped her panties off sinking her fangs into the sweet taste of pussy until she wasn't breathing. Elevator door opened carried her lifeless body to her car and dropped her into the trunk by morning this blonde beauty will be a new vampire to prey on females.