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Teen Girl Masturbating in Front the Webcam Free Porn
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Chapter 2 In the last chapter, Jack's ex showed up at his doorstep, out of the blue, with an interesting request. Please read it if you can. It's mostly setup for the story, but isn't necessary to understand this chapter. ----------- JACK: When Jack woke up in the morning, he heard the soft breathing next to him, and it took him a moment to wake up and realize who it was.

Last night his ex had shown up at his door and told him about what had happened in the last year since they had seen each other. She offered herself to him, as a slave, and he accepted. After their breakup, he had been quite angry, and took her in as an opportunity to have a little retribution and help her get her life back together after her family had died.

After her offer last night, he promptly tied her up and fucked her, then throat fucked her till she was almost comatose. The soft breathing and slight movement brought old memories back and he started to think about the year and a half since their breakup.

He remembered the way she just told him it was over and that he needed to move out. She stopped talking to him during the couple of weeks that it took him to find a place, and get his stuff out. It was hell, being in love with her and not even getting a hello or how was your day. He even tried to stay on friendly terms after, but she quickly found someone else, and moved in with him 6 months after she ended their relationship. He was still stewing as he got out of bed and headed for his shower.

He had slept in sheets that were soaked in her pussy juices, and he definitely smelled of sex. A nice hot shower would help him get his mind of the rage that was building and also help him smell a hell of a lot better. He brushed his teeth and got into the shower. Under the spray, he started to think about what happened last night. He was pleased that she was here, and he could use her to fulfill his every sexual want. He had spent a lot of time surfing porn, and reading stories, and he had a mind full of ideas and things he wanted to try, and now had a willing subject.

He realized he needed to build up trust with her. He wanted to push her beyond her limits, break her barriers. He also wanted her to eventually become a whole person again, to be the intelligent and strong woman he knew.

But he wasn't going to rush into that. He had much to enjoy first. As he ruminated and planned, he finished washing himself and dried himself, sporting another hard-on as he considered his plans for this morning. He walked back to his bed, drying off his hair and naked otherwise, and just looked down at his new pet, on her knees beside the bed.

SLAVE: She felt him leave the bed, but she fell back into a peaceful if light sleep. She dreamed of her new Master, his hard body taking her, forcing himself into her. She dreamed of the helplessness as she was manipulated into whatever position he wanted and used however he wanted. She heard the shower turn off, and she rushed to get out of bed and get on her knees beside the bed.

She wanted him to see that she ready and willing. She brushed her fingers through her hair, trying to untangle some of the mess. When he walked in, he had his towel covering his eyes, so didn't notice her checking him out. He looked amazing. She just couldn't believe it. Because of his toned physique, his hard dick looked even bigger than it was, and her mouth salivated at the sight. She couldn't control herself, as soon as he stopped in front of her, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his member.

"Good morning, master. Thank you so much for last night, master." She said, looking up at him. Her voice was rough, like she had a bad cold. Then she remembered the way he had used her throat, and she felt a little surge of moisture in her pussy.

For a second, he frowned, then relaxed and gave a small smile. She then took the head of his penis into her mouth. She sucked a bit, and rubbed it with her tongue. She slid down an inch at a time, wetting it as she went down. When she reached her gagging point, she was surprised.

I bet you want to watch my feet while you jerk off

Only about an inch was left. She could feel the dick in her throat, and overcame the sensation and pushed the last of it in. She held for as long as she could, and then slowly withdrew the flesh from her throat and mouth, leaving the tip between her lips.

She repeated the action, over and over, speeding up gradually, until she felt his hand on the back of her head. After a few more strokes, he pushed her head into his crotch, and she felt his dick swell in her throat, then felt the pulses, as the head would throb with every shot of jazz he was pumping straight into her stomach.

She felt so used, like she was only a cum dump, and she felt amazing about it. She hoped he would be done soon, since she couldn't hold her breath much longer, and just as she felt the burn in her chest, he let go and let her come up for air.

"Good morning, my pet." Again a look passed over his face, and just as quickly as it appeared, he replaced it with a smile. "Now that is a good way to wake up your master.

I hope you aren't feeling to bad this morning?" "No, just a bit of a sore throat and slightly stiff neck and shoulders, master." She replied, coarsely. "OK, get up and get cleaned up. You will find towels in the cupboard next to the sink.

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Don't waste too much time washing up, I think I did a good job last night. You have 10 minutes to be back out here.

There are new toothbrushes below the sink, in the drawer." She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and rinsed herself quickly in the shower.

She was tempted to play with herself, but doubted she had enough time, and didn't want to go past her 10 minute limit. She quickly got out and dried off, and tried again, uncessfully, to tame her curls into something presentable.

She gave up and grabbed a rubber band from the drawer and pulled the hair into a ponytail. She took a second to admire herself in the mirror, and wrapped the towel around her chest and came out.

"Slave, remove the towel." he said, standing by the bed, still naked. She undid the towel and let it fall to the floor. She could feel his eyes going up and down her body. He lifted a finger and rotated it in the air, indicating her wanted her to turn.

She slowly twisted around and made a full turn. When she was facing him again, he spoke. "This morning, you spoke without permission. Not only that, you acted without my telling you, I won't lie and say that I didn't enjoy it, but still, you have to wait till I tell you. I won't punish you this time, but it is the last time you avoid it. Also, you are never to cover yourself in my presence unless I tell you to. Understood?" "Yes, master. I am sorry, master." She lowered her yes, disappointed with herself.

"You need to know your place in this arrangement of ours. You are not a person anymore, simply a pet. Just like a pet, I will make all the decisions for you. But unlike a pet, you won't have much freedom in your captivity. You will do as I say, and if I haven't told you anything, you will kneel next to me, hands behind your back and eyes down.

Do you understand?" "Yes master, I am a pet, and I am to kneel whenever you do not need me, master." She wasn't sure what that meant, but figured this was what he wanted to hear. "Yesterday I told you there would be some rules for your new life. I told you that you had lost your name, and that you were to only speak when told to." "I am sorry master." she said. He stepped forward and grabbed a nipple, and twisted it roughly. Then he let go, and did the same thing to the other one.

She yelped in pain, not understanding what happened. "Again you speak when you are not supposed to." he growled. He frowned, but then delicately rubbed her sore nipples with his thumb, one side at a time. "I want you to follow the rules, and you should know, I will enjoy punishing you, very much, and might get carried away. So, I will do it as often as needed.

And like I told you last night, there will be no safe word. No stopping when you feel like you can't take anymore." He paused, and she almost said yes, master, but then realized he hadn't asked her a question.

"Good, I see you are slowly learning. You gave yourself to me, and I am very, very happy to have you as my slave. But now you have to forget that you were once independent. You no longer have that freedom. Is that understood?" "I understand, master.

I am just your slave, nothing else, master… And, master?" she added, sheepishly, "thank you, master." She felt that it would be important to say that. She didn't know why she did, but it just felt right, after he punished her.

He smiled, "For what?" "For teaching me to stay quiet, master." His smile turned to a wide, teeth-baring grin. She was so happy to please him, after disappointing him first thing this morning. He continued, "Last night, we discussed that you would be available to me at all times." He placed his right hand on her bare pussy, covering her mound with his palm and slipping his middle finger into her soft folds.

He found her wet, since the nipple twisting and the submission were turning her on so much. He pumped a couple of times, and pulled his hand away. He licked his finger in front of her, keeping his eyes locked on hers' the whole time.

She got even wetter at the wonton display. "Since you presented yourself here with nothing but a jacket and some very inadequate clothing, I think today we will have to get you some clothes to wear. From now on, you will dress only to please me. So we will be buying clothes that your old self might not have been very comfortable in. "But that isn't all. Your body now belongs to me. And I have a few ideas for it that we will also be exploring today.

You know some of the things I have always wanted to do to you? Well, now that I can, I will be making them happen." He squeezed her left breast quickly and patted her head. "Good pet. Now, go put on your boots and jacket, since the stockings and corset are useless." She promptly left the room to find her jacket, then returned to find her boots. She threw the jacket on the bed, and sat down to put on the long boots. They were a struggle to get up her calves, being tight leather, but once they were both on, she stood up and put on her jacket.

"Step outside the apartment and wait for me by the elevators. I will join you once I am dressed." She left the bedroom and walked to the front door. She pulled it open and stepped out, and headed down the long corridor, to the elevators.

She just realized, she knew it was morning, but didn't know what time it was. She hoped it wasn't early enough that people would start leaving for work and see her out here, dressed in almost nothing, looking for all the world like a prostitute. Her cheeks flushed, but then she realized the idea of being seen as a whore actually turned her on. She was contemplating this as she heard a door unlock, and a woman step out into the hallway. The lady didn't notice her right away, but when she looked up and down the hall, she paused.

The woman looked to be in her late forties, very plain looking. But she had a look of distaste in her eyes, and she scowled at her. She approached the elevator, and called for one heading down. She kept muttering while she waited, and although the lady wasn't looking at her anymore, she was still saying things like "harlot, slut, whore".

When the elevator arrived, she couldn't help herself, and she smiled and said: "Have a nice day, ma'am." to the lady as she stepped into the elevator, and feeling really naughty, she opened up her jacket and flashed her tits as the doors were closing.

The lady just stood there with her mouth open, stunned. She just laughed and closed her jacket after the doors had closed all the way. No one else came out into the hallway until her Master, after that. JACK: As she left the apartment, Jack thought about what he needed to do today. First, he needed to deal with the cashier's check she gave him. Over 10 millions dollars. He wasn't comfortable with having it all to his name, so he would deal with that first.

But he didn't want her to come to the bank with him, so he had to figure out what to do with her in the meanwhile. He grabbed a shirt and some jeans for himself out of the closet, and a pair of underwear from the drawer and got dressed. He then called his bank and made an appointment to see someone about the money. They wouldn't be able to meet till 11am, and it was just past 9am now.

He thought quickly, and had a brilliant idea. He grabbed another t-shirt from his closet, and a pair of basket ball shorts. He figured they would be too big, but he needed to to be wearing something for the next couple of hours.

He would take her shopping, and buy her a couple of things to wear, then she could change out of these. Then he would drop her off at the spa/salon and get her a massage and have someone take care of her hair, while he went to the bank and the office.

Everything in it's right place. He then called his office and told them he would be in late, not surprising his employee, since he would occasionally take mornings or afternoons off. The perks of owning your own business! Just as he was stepping out of the apartment, his stomach reminded him of it's own needs, and rumbled out it's hunger.

He locked the door and headed to the elevator, and his pet, keys and clothes in hand. He came up to her, put his free hand around her back and pulled her in, leaning in and kissing her firmly, and was please to have her eagerly part her lips and accept his tongue.

They made out for a few seconds, and he was proud of himself when he pulled back and saw her blushing at the passion he showed her. She used to tell him he was a great kisser, but he assumed she said that because he felt inadequate in the sack, after a few pumps and being done.

He finally realized that maybe she wasn't just saying that to please him. He called the elevator, and once inside, he handed her the shorts. "Put these on, my pet." She grabbed them and slipped them on quickly, over her boots, and without opening her jacket. They still had 6 floors to go. "Now this." he said, handing her the shirt. She looked at it, and saw that they had 5 floors left. She quickly opened the jacket and let it fall to the floor. 3 floors left. She straightened out the shirt and lifted it up to slip over her head, when suddenly the elevator stopped.

2 floors to go and the doors opened. She tried her best to pull the shirt down quickly, but still the young man on the other side of the door must have gotten a good view of her boobs and stomach before the shirt was down. He was smiling as he stepped in. He bent down and picked up her jacket, handing it to her. He gave a look to Jack, who smiled. The man turned around and faced the doors as they closed.

"Pet, thank the gentleman for picking up your jacket for you." She was beet red, but somehow she found enough voice to say, "Thank you, sir." The man offered her a thanks in return, smiling and just then the doors opened to the lobby.

They all stepped out, Jack grabbed her arm and put it though his. They stepped off to the right, and took the stairs down to the parking garage. Once alone in the stairwell, he stopped, and pushed her against the wall, and again kissed her. This time he made out with her aggressively, and she was reciprocating. He was tempted to take her right there, but he knew he had so much more to do.

"You made me very happy in the elevator, my sweet slave. You should know having you show-off in public will be a big part of my expectations from my pet." He gave her a light kiss on her lips, then her forehead, and then pulled her along, down the steps. He loved the red colour of her skin as she blushed, and loved making her glow like that. They got to his BMW X3, a nice car he was proud to buy thanks to how well his business was doing over the last year.

It wasn't even 2 weeks old. It was also the first car he ever bought. It still had that wonderful new car smell, mixed with the scent of leather. He opened the passenger side door for her, and after she hopped in, went to the driver side and got in. The car roared to life, and he pulled out of his spot and headed for the door. About 10 feet from the exit, he stopped the car and looked at his pet.

She looked ridiculous, wearing burgundy leather boots that screamed "fuck me heels" and a shirt and shorts that were not only too big for her, but didn't match and looked like something you would be embarrassed to wear at home alone, let alone out in public. "Well slave, you have pleased me this morning, so I think it is only fair you get a small reward. Wouldn't you agree?" "If you fell like it, master." she replied.

"I do feel like rewarding you. We are headed to the mall, and you will be allowed to play with yourself until we get there. But, you have to remove your shorts and sit on them, since the car is new and I don't want your wetness to stain the leather." She looked around, as if to see if anyone was around. The windows were tinted, and although not completely opaque, you would have to be less than a couple of feet away and above the window sill to see into the cabin.

She lifted her hips and pulled her shorts down. She straightened them out, and lifted her ass of the seat again to slide them under her butt. Then she leaned back into the soft seat, and put a finger between her lips, sliding it through her folds. Jack was happy to see her so compliant, and even saw some of the moisture that was there. Was this girl always going to be wet? He then drove up to the door and pulled out when it raised up automatically. SLAVE: She was so hot and bothered.

From the moment he laid his lips on her outside the elevator upstairs, a passionate kiss that took her breath away, her pussy was soaking.

Then accidentally exposing herself to that stranger on the elevator and having her embarrassment amplified by actually talking to him and thanking him, both things that she had never thought would affect her so strongly. She felt feverish. And then the make-out session in the stairwell, the way he just did what he wanted with her, had her pushed to the limit of her arousal. She needed a release right there, and she hoped he would take her. She almost begged him for it, but held her tongue.

She had time to catch her breath as he pulled her to his car.

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She was starting to realize her exhibitionist tendencies in the past might have been the tip of the iceberg. She wasn't as self conscious as she used to be, and the idea to flash that old lady would never had occurred to her in the past. Maybe she wanted to be paraded around, shown off? But when he asked her to strip out of the shorts he gave her, she wasn't sure she could do it.

She hesitated, looking around to see if anyone was looking. She was definitely in need of some attention for her soaking pussy, but to masturbate in the car, as he was driving, she was apprehensive.

One look at the smile on his face though, and she gave in, and pulled his shorts off and placed them under her to protect his precious car. She slipped her hand down and slid a finger through the folds of her pussy lips. She could feel the wetness on the tip of her index, and used it to rub a circle around her clit.

The contact sent a surge through her, just as the light from the outside world suddenly flooded her vision. She got nervous for a second, and shut her thighs together, over the hand, but a quick slap to her thigh, above her knee, from her master made her spread out again.

She closed her eyes, and imagined she was inside, in a private place, and proceeded to play with her self. She rubbed the lips first, getting them covered him her pussy juice. She brought down her other hand and spread her lips open, and then used two fingers to stretch the pink folds inside and rub them, speeding up slightly, going up and down. She didn't put her fingers inside herself yet, appreciating the sensitivity of her inner lips and occasionally rubbing her clit.

She did this for a minute or so, and then when she could feel wetness flowing down the crack of her ass, she pushed both fingers into her hole. She had to moan, the sensation so strong that she had to let some of the feeling escape her through sound. A bolt of energy went from her pussy to the tip of every cell on her skin, raising goosebumps and sending a shiver through her. She had never felt this way when rubbing her pussy before.

She pushed the fingers in as deep as they would go, then curled them to touch her g-spot. It felt swollen, and far more sensitive than usual. She couldn't put much pressure on it, she could just touch it with the tip of her fingers and even that was creating ripples through her muscles and making her flooded pussy squeeze her fingers.

She then suddenly was brought back to the present world, as she felt her Master's hand on her thigh, just an inch below her pussy. He eyes flew open, and she again had her sensations flooded with light.

As they adjusted, and the car then the scene beyond the car came into focus, she saw they were stopped at a traffic light. There weren't any cars around, but she could see a couple crossing the street in front of them. He squeezed her thigh and she turned to look at him. "My beautiful little pet, I see you are enjoying yourself.

I should warn you, the drive to the mall is about 5 more minutes. And you will keep playing with your self. But you are not allowed to cum. And you are not allowed to stop either." He smiled, wickedly, at her. Then turned back and put both hands on the steering wheel as he started to drive. She was in turmoil, she was so close, and would have cum in a matter of seconds had he not snapped her out of it by bursting her bubble.

But she hadn't lost any of the sensations in her pussy, and it was still sensitive. How could she keep her fingers moving and also not cum? She pulled them out slightly, avoiding her g-spot. She figured with she didn't touch the most sensitive part, she might be able to manage 5 minutes. She was right, as the feeling was still incredible, but not overwhelming. What she didn't expect was the increase in the sensations, as the seconds went on. The slow pumping of her fingers was creating more wetness, which was also making it easier to speed up, and she had to keep fighting with herself to prevent her from going past the point of no return.

Despite herself, she kept accelerating her movement, and was burying her fingers to the hilt, which was pushing the pad of her palm into her mound. Although she wasn't directly touching her clit, she could sense the pressure from above and a few seconds later she was pressing her palm into the mound to increase the feeling in her little nub. She felt the car turn a couple of times, but she had her eyes closed and had no idea where they were, until the car stopped.

Suddenly, the cool air from the air conditioner stopped and again her Master put a hand on her thigh, bringing her out of her trance.

Her fingers were in her, and her palm was pressed down on her mound. She looked at him, her eyes pleading. "You did well, slave. I am very impressed. Stay right there." He said before stepping out of the car. She was wondering what was happening. She looked out the windshield and saw they were parked facing a tree. It looked like they were in a parking lot, but there was only a street and some woods across from them. Then suddenly hot air hit her side, and she realized the door had been opened.

Her Master was standing there, and he made a gesture with his hand, obviously expecting her to get out of the vehicle. She pulled her fingers out with a load moan, more despair than pleasure.

She didn't know what to do with her hand. It was covered in her nectar, and she didn't want to touch anything and leave a stain. She looked at her Master, and quickly put her fingers in her mouth and sucked her juices off herself. She had done this before, and even in front of him, but never in such a public place, and definitely never out of necessity. The idea of it made her feel so dirty, and she felt a gush of moisture in her pussy again. She had to get herself under control, or she would die of dehydration at this rate.

She then lifted herself up off the seat and pulled the shorts out, hoping to wear them. But her Master reached in and grabbed them. He pulled them from her hands and stepped back about 3 feet from the car. She just stared for a second, and it dawned on her. She would have to get out, bottomless, and take the shorts from his outstretched hand.

She turned sideways, and put her feet out the side of the SUV, then looked around. They were in the mall parking lot, but at the far end, and there were no cars parked around, and no one to see her get out. She quickly got out, and took the two steps forward, put her hand out to grab the shorts, and wrapped her fingers around nothing but air. He had pulled them up and away, his arm out in the air. She would have to stretch up, and even in her heels, she would have to get on her tip toes and maybe she could reach them.

She pouted but still tried. She got a couple of fingers on it, but he leaned back, making it tougher. She then leaned against him, pushing her breasts into his chest, and put one hand on his shoulder for leverage, and hopped up and grabbed the shorts from his hands.

He laughed, and she gave him a little puppy dog pout, her cutest little look, and then slipped the shorts on. He waited for her to stand up and pull them in place, and started to laugh out loud, She looked down and saw that the front of the shorts were basically a giant wet spot. It looked like she had pissed herself, and judging from the damp feeling on her butt, she must have soaked them right through to the other side.

He kept laughing, and then calmed down. She was worried, because she knew that she would have to walk around the mall in these clothes. Her Master was merciful though, and reached into the car and pulled out her jacket and handed it to her, still chuckling.

"I am sorry my pet, but you looked so funny. Put the jacket on and let's get you something more appropriate to wear." He waited for her to get it on and then took her by the arm, closed her door and they started to walk to the mall. She was still hot and bothered, but she felt so good about the way he took her arm when they started walking. She put her head on his shoulder and let out a sigh of contentment.

JACK: After having a bit of fun with her, he decided he would give her a bit of a respite from his dirty mind. As they walked out of the heat and into the air conditioned mall, he felt her shiver against him. They headed first to the food court, to get something to eat. It was close to 9:30am, and he was really hungry.

He grabbed a fruit bowl and some yogurt from one of the places and coffee for both of them from Starbucks. They sat down and he handed her a fork and spook.

He started with the fruits, so she opened up the yogurt and had a couple of spoonfuls. "So, my little pet, here is the plan. First, we finish breakfast. Then we go to the shoe store, where you will get some more appropriate footwear.

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I think a pair of running shoes and a pair of high heel sandals, to start. Don't worry, we just need a few things to get you through the day. Tomorrow we will go somewhere really nice and outfit you the way I want. You will be allowed to select 3 pairs that you like, and I will make the final decision which one to buy.

"Afterwards, we will get you a nice dress to wear. Something simple, so I can take you out in public. You look pretty funny right now dressed in oversized men's clothes." He said with a chuckle. She just pouted and speared a piece of melon from his fruit bowl. He took a spoonful of yogurt and a sip of coffee, then continued. "I assume your neck and shoulders are still stiff, and your hair looks a proper mess, so after that, I will drop you off at the spa.

I will come and get you after a couple of hours and we will grab some lunch. Oh, and between now and the moment I drop you off at the Spa, you will not say a single word. If anyone talks to you or asks you a question, you will turn and look at me, understood?" She nodded. He patted her head, and they shared what was left of the breakfast.

A few minutes later, he got up and tossed the trash. They both headed out, and he took her arm. He stopped quickly and got a couple of bottles of water. He was starting to realize he would need to keep their fluids up. As they walked, she kept looking around, scanning the stores but not really paying attention to anything she saw. He was just enjoying the leisurely pace, and they stepped into a nice shoe store when they came up to it.

They looked at the selection, and a cute sales girl walked up to them. Jack looked her over, she looked to be no more than 20. She had dark brown hair, and eyes to match, and a short but trim body. She was in jeans and a tank top, and her name tag said her name was Jessica. She looked at his pet, and was clearly confused by her appearance.

The term "walk of shame" would not be enough to explain the jacket over mismatched, oversized clothes she saw her wearing. She didn't stare too long, and asked if they needed any help. Jack said they were looking for a pair of high heel sandals for his pet (he just said her, not explaining the nature of their relationship to the shop girl) and a pair of running shoes. The girl started by showing them a few models, and his pet pointed out the three pairs she liked best.

The first pair was yellow, a 2 inch strap at the front and a small place for the heel at the back, above 3 inch tall, square shaped heels. They were cute, but Jack didn't really like them. The second pair was a bit nicer, red, had thin crisscrossing straps that went up the foot and stopped at the ankle. They we're not very tall though, only about an inch and half. It was the last pair that he liked the best. They were cork wedges, at least 4 inches tall, but the wedge was very narrow at that back, no more than half an inch wide, and the shoes was basically a pair of white ribbons that had to be laces across the top of the foot and up the ankle to end at about half calf height.

Sexy, but still classy, and they looked summery and light. He loved them. He had the girl bring out her size, and as she tried them on, he went and grabbed a nice pair of high end running shoes. They were simple, and red, but not much can be said about running shoes.

He wanted to have adequate foot wear for her later, when she would be heading to the gym with him.


He asked the girl to bring out his pet's size in those as well, and as his slave walked around and modelled the sandals for him, the shop girl returned with a few boxes. She brought out a couple of sizes, to make sure that she had a comfortable pair right away. After his pet trying on 2 pairs, the third was perfect and he asked her to pack the runners and that she would wear the sandals out. As his pet put on the complicated shoes, he headed over to the cash and paid for their items.

He was placing her boots into a bag when she walked up to him. He carried out the 2 bags and she walked out next to him, again wrapping her arm around his. "I really like these shoes you chose. Good choice, my slave." Her smile light her face up. He couldn't help it, he leaned over and kissed her again. It was a quick kiss, but he had to have it. They passed a sporting store, and he went in and got a couple of pairs of shorts and tops for her to wear to the gym. He knew her size, but had her confirm through a head nod when he grabbed the right sizes.

Then he put them down and grabbed everything one size smaller. She looked confused, but he figured the right size wouldn't stretch out as much as a size smaller, and since he was selecting short shorts and tank tops that were barely more than sports bras, the look would be sexy and slutty as hell.

He paid for the clothes and they kept going, coming up to a nice looking shop filled with clothes for women. The staff were all prettily dressed, definitely attractive and classy.

Like rich girls on TV. Pretty much the look he wanted for his pet. They walked in and a nice looking blonde walked up to them right away. She asked his pet how she could help, and looked surprised when she looked over at him.

He answered for her, and asked for a few light dresses. The girl brought Jack and his pet to a small sofa near the dressing rooms and asked them to sit down and she would return with a few items. He sent his pet into the dressing room, and told her to strip down and wait for the girl to come back with some clothes for her to try on.

SLAVE: Not talking was killing her. She wanted to thank her Master for the amazing shoes he bought her, but he hadn't allowed her to speak.

She also wanted to ask why all the gym clothes he chose were a size too small.

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She was sure of her clothing size. But she could only give him a confused look. And then, when they walked into the dress store, she wanted to tell him what colours she wanted, but he just sent her into the dressing room. She decided no point worrying about it now, and she stripped down. She waited a couple of minutes and a hand clutching 3 dresses on hangers was pushed in to her stall. She took them and hung them up.

They were all of a similar style, the top part would hug her body and the skirt flared out a couple of inches below her waist, and looked like it would end a couple of inches above her knees. Cute and civilized. The first dress she tried on was black and covered in white polka dots.

It looked nice on her, but seemed a bit tight around her big double-D breasts. The top probably wasn't designed to show off cleavage, but you could see a lot of flesh nonetheless. She was used to this, having to regularly alter some tops to relieve the pressure on her chest. It had a square cut, with short sleeves. She took it off and then grabbed the next one. This one was a dark shade of pink, with red stripes around the waist.

It looked cute as well, and had short collar around the neck, but no sleeves. She pulled it on and zipped up the side and found that it covered up her back to her neck, and her breasts were completely concealed. The dress was nice, but didn't really fit her, her tits squeezed into the material, and frankly, she felt didn't show off her assets enough, so she took it off quickly and grabbed the last one.

This one was yellow, and the had a halter type tope, that tied behind the neck. It was basically a flared skirt, the hem reaching mid-thigh, that joined into a tube of stretchy material around her waist that went to about the bottom of her breasts, and finally two pieces of cloth that went over her tits and tied behind her neck.

The cloth narrowed, so was wide enough to cover her tits, but showed a lot of skin between her tits and around her sides, her back almost completely exposed. The material was all the support her tits would have, so they would swing around a bit as she walked. She knew her Master would love this dress, even she felt great in it. She opened the curtain, stepped out, and did a quick twirl in front of him, letting the skirt rise a bit as she did. She then stopped to face him and put her hands on her hips and posed for him, looking sassy and smiling.

He was smiling too. "I assume by the time it took you, that you tried all the dresses on in there?" She nodded. Oh shit! She just realized she chose this dress. She completely forgot she wasn't supposed to decide anything. She gave him a sad look, accepting her mistake, and dropped her eyes.

"It's ok, I know it must be hard for you to change so suddenly. You will be punished, but I won't let this spoil our lovely morning." He said with a mischievous smile. The girl came back just as he finished telling her, and he asked her to find 3 more dresses like that one, in different colours. He also told her she would be wearing this dress out. She grabbed her stuff from the stall as her Master headed to the cash counter, and the girl met him there with the dresses.

She headed for the front of the store to wait for him, and he joined her and put his arm around her waist, pulled her in close and kissed her cheek. Then he nipped at her earlobe and they exited the store.

He kept his arm around her waist, all their bags and purchases in his other hand. They walked out the mall and towards the car. She couldn't help but feel weird, as the warm wind flowed against her bare legs and thighs, and she could feel the air hitting her between her legs.

The feeling was foreign to her, and she desperately wanted to ask her Master about buying some underwear, but she had been ordered to not say a word. When they got to the car, he opened the tailgate and put their bags into the back. Then he pulled her in close to him, pushing her body tight against his, and planted another passionate kiss on her lips. This was was filled with an eagerness, and his tongue was pushed into her mouth, and he even sucked her tongue back into his mouth.

The kiss went on for a few seconds. When he finally leaned back, she could feel the heat in her cheeks, and she had to catch her breath. He released his grip on her, then turned her to face the back of the SUV.

"Bend over and put your palms flat on the floor of the trunk, slave." She complied, but she was nervous because the skirt was short enough that if she bent over too far, her ass and pussy would be completely exposed. she started by bending only about 30 degrees forward, enough to lay her palms flat as ordered. "Put your hands further inside the truck, slave. As far as they will go with your hips against the bumper." Damn it, he caught her.

She now had no choice but to basically bend at 90 degrees. She felt the air touch the crease where her ass met her thighs. She figured her pussy was covered, but not by much. That wasn't meant to last though, because he lifted the skirt and pulled it over her back. She gasped at the sudden complete exposure. She didn't know if anyone was around, but she knew that she was effectively mooning the mall, although it was far enough away.

"So I owe you some punishment, my pet. And I think you know what I am going to do next. You will have to count out loud after every stroke, but apart from the numbers, you are not to say anything." She was nervous, she knew he was about to spank her, and the idea of it had always excited her, but she never imagined it would be out in the open, in a parking lot on a bright sunny day.

Suddenly, there was a sharp heat in her cheek, and the sound of the slap followed, and she yelped before she said "One". She counted out five before the heat from the spanking started to turn to a sting. It felt like he was working up in strength, and each spank was harder than the previous one.

Each slap was a shot of heat to her loins, as well as a sting to her buttocks. He alternated between cheeks, waiting for her to count it out before the next.

After 12, she had tears to go with the pain in her ass cheeks. He was methodical, starting in the middle of each cheek, and laying one spank above and below, then restarting at the middle. He had repeated this pattern on each side, and the force was rocking her forward now. After the 14th stroke, she was shouting out the counts, but he didn't stop until he hit 24.

Four times on each check he laid his 3 slap pattern, and even though the last 6 strokes were much softer than the previous 6, they didn't hurt much less thanks to the sensitivity in her skin and muscles.

She was crying at the end with loud sobs, but she could also feel how swollen her pussy lips were and how squishy the wetness was between them. JACK: He was starting to feel a sting in his palm by the 18th stroke, and wasn't hitting her very hard by the 24th, so he decided to stop. She was crying, and he had to admit he got carried away, seeing the way her ass pushed in only slightly under the impact, and small ripples spreading across the cheek and the redness deepening.

It was an angry shade now, almost purple. He was a bit upset with himself, but he knew his perverted mind wouldn't be able to control itself. He stepped back, and admired his handiwork. He pulled out his phone and took a couple of pics of her ass, to show her later.

That was when he noticed her pussy lips were swollen and red as well, and were shining with moisture. The sight was too much for him.

He undid the fly of his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock the hole. He had a hard time freeing it from his underwear, but finally managed. It was almost painful, the elastic band was pressing between his balls and the base of his steel hard dick, but that was not going to stop him. He couldn't hear any more sobs, so he didn't feel bad as he grabbed her waist and slipped his turgid member into her soft wet velvet sheath.

He was quick, and his thighs slapped against her upturned ass, making her shriek out in pain. He couldn't be bothered to care in that instant, and he just kept pumping.

After the display in the car this morning, and then dressing her up and finally spanking her, his arousal had taken over, and he wasn't going to stop until he offloaded in her cunt. SLAVE: She was torn. Her cunt was on fire and was radiating heat and pleasure through her lower body with every out stroke and push in, but every pump was punctuated with a stab of stinging pain.

This pain wasn't increasing her pleasure though, it felt like it was almost acting like a stopper. The stroke would increase the sensations and bring her closer to an orgasm, then the sharp pain would dull the edge.

The crescendo was building, and being on the edge without being able to cum felt like her climax was a water balloon, full to bursting, stretching it out past it's limit but not exploding.

All this pressure built up until she felt him push himself hard into her, as deep as he could.

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The sudden pain in her ass cheeks started to take the edge off again, but then another sensation took over. She felt his cock swell up, stretching her further than she already was, and then felt him start to shoot into her. Shot after shot of hot cum erupted into her cunt, the heat and stretch was exactly what it took to finally shatter the walls of her growing climax.

She started to cum as well, every spurt into her sending 10,000 volts through her body. Again her vision went bright white and turned to spots over a black background, her legs and arms lost their strength and she slumped into the back of the SUV.

Her Master followed her down, arms gripping her around her waist and kept pumping his jizz into her. He pulled back slightly and pushed back hard, a couple of times, trying to get it all out. It took her a second to realize she was holding her breath, and she let it go and gasped and moaned. She still had small shivers going through her muscles, short spasms through her thighs and abs.

She couldn't control her body, and she could hear her Master panting into her hair, his forehead pressed into the back of her head. His cock was slowly softening in her. He slowly let her go, and lifted off her back. He pulled out, and she felt like a plug was removed from her pussy, the warm mixture of his cum and her cunt's secretions flowing out of her. She felt another shock as the fluids hit her clit and started to cool out in the open air, and could feel it congeal into a drop, and drip off and down to the ground.

She heard some shuffling behind her and then the unmistakable sound of a cell phone camera shutter. The sound snapped her out of the micro-sensations she was experiencing, and she got up and turned around. Her Master was standing there with the phone pointed at her, a wide smile on his face, as it was all morning. She looked down and saw his glistening cock, now soft, but still sticking out of his fly.

She squatted down, and took it into her mouth. She sucked on it, getting as much of the cum cocktail off of it. Her tongue was licking it while it was in her mouth, cleaning it as she enjoyed the flavour of their product.

She could feel him shudder, the sensations in the head of his cock probably too strong, but she was like a woman possessed, and only let him out with a plop when she couldn't taste anything on his soft dick anymore. She didn't know what got into her, but it just felt so right, cleaning him with her mouth without being told. Then she realized, she hadn't been told. No, not another punishment. Her ass was still on fire. She felt like the heat was creating a current under her skirt. She didn't look up, and she delicately put his flaccid member back into his underwear and then carefully zipped up his fly.

She then got up and looked down at the floor, her hands clasped in front of her. Without warning, she was picked up and tilted flat into the SUV, then he was on top of her, kissing her.

Her was aggressive, mashing their lips together. He was sucking on her tongue, then pushing it back into her mouth and using his tongue in hers.

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He didn't even seem to care that it had been all over his cock a second ago. It was animalistic, and he was growling as he did it. She started to reciprocate, sliding her hands under his shirt and up his back. She also wrapped her legs around him, trying to lift her ass off the floor to take away the pain. They made out like this for a few minutes, until he finally stopped, and pulled off her. She released him from her leg lock, and he pulled her out of the back of the truck. Although it felt like hours had passed, she realized the whole spanking, fucking and kissing must not have been more than 10 minutes.

The parking lot was still deserted. He closed the tailgate, and walked her to the passenger side door, opened it and waited for her to get in. She winced as she sat down. She had to scoot forward in the seat, putting most of her weight in her lower back. Then he went around and sat in the passenger seat. He turned on the car before turning to look at her. "Wow. Just, wow. What the hell happened to you to turn you into such a perfect little slut? What happened to the old you, the one who was kinky, but so rarely, it felt like it was a precious commodity?" She just looked at him, looked at his smiling face, and looked at his eyes that were bright like stars in the night.

She didn't answer though. She smiled, but she didn't answer. "Oh, fuck, I forgot. You can answer." He said. "Well, master, I don't exactly know. I hadn't had sex before last night in quite some time. Since before my mother and sister died, actually." she blurted out. But she couldn't stop, and quickly started talking in a constant stream. "And I definitely haven't had a cock as big as your's since we broke up.

And I have never been treated the way you have treated me since I gave myself to you. And I think the fact that I am only supposed to please you has allowed me to focus on my own pleasure, and forget about the rest of it.


Before, I would always look at sex as fun, but not something to let get out of hand, so that the other person wouldn't think of me as a slut. I was always horny before too. But I was afraid if I let you see it you wouldn't respect me. And honestly, I had never cum with you, so I used to get frustrated when you were done and I was just getting warmed up. I often had to take care of myself in the bathroom after, or I would sometimes do it in bed after you fell asleep." She stopped to take a breath, and continued, "You don't know this, but I would masturbate every morning in the shower, and sometimes, I would steal a quick cum while you were watching TV in the living room in the evenings.

Billy, that asshole, was a bit better in bed, but he was only interested in sex in a bed, and I wasn't able to get off entirely then either. After the accident, I stopped masturbating, just not feeling any sexual energy, and even stopped putting out for Billy.

Probably why he kicked me out. Anyways, It took a while before I started to masturbate again, and that was never enough, because I kept thinking of you, and I didn't want just sex anymore, I wanted you, your personality, you physically with me. And I didn't even know where you were or what you were doing. "So I think this is all this pent up sexual energy, combined with the fact that I am starting to accept my submissiveness and letting go of my self imposed limits, that I am with you and that you are pushing my as hard as you want, not stopping or concerning yourself with how I feel, and on top of all that, the pain, my god, the pain, it's so good…" she shuddered thinking about it, "and finally, the fact that you look like some sort of a magazine model now, well, a girl can only handle so much, so I keep exploding." This time she was done talking.

"So let me get this straight," her Master said, "deep down, you were constantly a horny little slut, but were afraid to let me see that side of you because you didn't want me to think you were nothing but a dirty little slut?" She nodded. What else could she say?