Bigtits grandma pounded after a massage

Bigtits grandma pounded after a massage
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My name is Alex. I am 19 turning 20 this year. I have dirty blonde hair that reach down to just over my ears. I have recently cut my hair don't ask me why but it seems a lot of girls actually like the short haired look.

Every morning i see myself in the mirror I still can't believe that it is me that is standing in front of the mirror.

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I have deep brown eyes that seem to love to stare at all the girls walking past. I am going to say that my hormones sometimes get the better of me. I have had my few experiences with girls in the past and I must say very much enjoy doing naughty things and if someone ever took that away from me I don't know what I would do. I am not the muscular gym type that spends their spare time working out the whole time.

I am more of what you can call a computer nerd that likes to fiddle around on my computer in my spare time. Although these last few days I have spent my time writing stories such as these you are reading at the moment. Literature has always been more interesting that watching normal porn videos. I took a job at a local cell phone branch and was pretty excited to start work as soon as possible to keep my mind busy.

I started work on the Monday and arrived a bit early so I decided to sit at a restaurant to drink a cup of coffee to get the "first day" jitters away if you know what I mean. I was wearing black slacks and a black button up shirt.


I mean I wanted to impress my boss on the first day of work. As I was taking a sip of my coffee I looked at the shop I was going to work at and saw that there were a few people there before opening time and decided to join them.

I quickly finished my coffee and paid the waiter and left for work. I was new to the work so I didn't have anyone to talk to but everyone else seemed to have someone to talk to. I walked around and observed the shop and decided that I should get to know the shop. More and more people showed up and there was this one girl that caught my attention. She had brown hair that reached to just below her shoulders and green eyes. She was about the same length as me.

1.8 meters and she smiled at everyone as she entered the shop. She had on the signature red shirt with the logo of the shop on and a pair of tight fitting black jeans that clung to her ass. I must say she had a very tight ass that any man would drool over. I was still in my trance when one of the other guys walked up to me and woke me out of my trance. "I hear that you are the new guy here. Call me Gangster" The black guy said and I looked at him and shook his hand. "My name is Alex" I replied.

I continued looking at the girl and she looked over at me and smiled and waved at me and I waved back. "That over there my friend is Carmen.

She has been here for quite some time actually and she is very good at what she does" Gangster said and I nodded in response. "I guess you would know if she has a boyfriend or not" I asked and Gangster cracked a smiled and then burst out laughing. "No she doesn't but she would cut your balls off if you even tried anything with her.

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She is what we call a very stubborn girl and only goes for a certain type of guy" Gangster said and I was a little deterred by what he said. Gangster and I talked a bit more before the boss arrived. I greeted him and he looked at me like I was a piece of meat.

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"You're the new guy hay. I am Andrei" He said and I nodded. We were already off to a good start by the looks of it. He walked into the storeroom at the back of the shop and came out holding a red shirt. He tossed it over to me and I caught it. "Go get changed then we will have a meeting" Andrei said and I walked out of the store to change my shirt.

I stood in the bathroom and pulled my button shirt off and looked at myself in the mirror and put the other shirt on and gave myself one more look. I must say the red shirt really looked good on me. I returned to the shop and Andrei nodded and everyone gathered around one of the tables in a circle. "Over here is Alex he is our new trainee and he will be shadowing one of you until he gets the hang of things around here" Andrei said and everyone looked at me. I was on the spotlight at that moment.

"Hi everyone" I said and everyone nodded and a few said hello.

The meeting continued on and Andrei talked about shop business and what our goals are for this month and so on and so on. "Carmen, come over here quickly" Andrei called and Carmen walked over and I stood next to Andrei.

"You wouldn't mind if Alex shadowed you for the next few days" Andrei said looking at Carmen and she smiled and looked at me and back at Andrei. "Oh of course I wouldn't mind Andrei" Carmen said in the sweetest voice I have ever heard.

"Good then it is settled. Alex you will shadow Carmen for the next few days. Listen to what she has to say and do exactly what she tells you to do" Andrei said and he squeezed my shoulder and I nodded in agreement.

My heart skipped a beat at that moment. This hot girl was going to train me and I had to do everything she said I should do. I was at her every whim. "Hi Alex my name is Carmen as you have heard" Carmen said putting her hand out for me to shake and I hesitated for a moment before I shook her hand.

Her touch was so smooth I couldn't even begin to describe how nice it felt to touch her hand. Of course I wanted to touch her whole body but that had to wait. Like Gangster said she is a very difficult girl to score with but I wasn't going to give up.

We walked into the storeroom and Carmen shoved me out of the blue against her locker and looked me straight in the eye. "I may come off as a sweet girl but don't expect me to go easy on you just because you are new here" Carmen said putting her hand on the side of my head standing closer to me. She was so close I could smell her perfume and did it smell good.

She stared at me and I could tell she was very serious about what she just said and I nodded slowly in response. Being so close to me and the way she was standing accentuated her boobs. I could have guessed she was a 36C or maybe a 32D. I made the obvious mistake of letting my eyes travel down to her boobs just for a second but she caught me.

"Oh I see what you are thinking and if you think twice that you will ever stand a chance you are wrong my little friend" Carmen said and I blushed a bit for being caught. "I must commend you on doing it right in front of me that is very brave of you so you do score some points in my book" Carmen said and she leaned closer and grabbed my crotch.

"If you ever try something like that again I will squeeze these until you cry like a little girl" Carmen said and I swallowed hard feeling her hand squeezing my cock hard. Gangster entered the room and she let go of my cock quickly and turned around and left. "You better follow her dude you don't want to be on her bad side" Gangster said and I sighed and walked after her.

The rest of the day was hectic. It was a Monday but don't get me wrong it looked like it was a Saturday with amount of people walking around in the mall. I had a note book with me that Carmen told me to go buy because I was going to need it. So I stood and wrote down notes while she was helping customers. My hand started aching while writing so many things down in such a short amount of time. Gangster was right she knew what she was doing because she kept pulling customers left and right serving them with an exceptional speed.

We finally caught a 5 minute break and stood against the wall and sighed and Carmen punched me on the shoulder and I looked at her. "What was that for" I asked looking at her. "That is to keep you awake but I must say that you catch on pretty good for a beginner" Carmen said leaning against the wall folding her arms pushing her boobs up even more.

I wondered then and there how her cleavage must look in a top.

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Gangster came past with a piece of paper and handed it to Carmen. "You are taking lunch with me today" Carmen said writing down my name at one of the lunch times.

I wasn't going to protest at that statement. The more time I spent with her the better chance I have at learning who she is and what made her tick. We continued helping customers until Gangster snuck up on us and told us that it is lunch time for us and I haven't noticed that the time had passed so fast. Carmen went to her locker and grabbed a few things. I stood behind her and she bent down because her locker was at the bottom. I tried not to look but something compelled me look and she had on black hot-pants but these were see through.

I wondered what the rest of it looked like as I only got a little sneak preview. "Continue staring at my butt and you won't live the next day" Carmen said and I turned around immediately. How did she know that I was looking?

She got up and pulled her pants up at the back and walked out and I followed her. We walked to a restaurant and we sat down in one of the corners and ordered lunch. I wasn't that hungry so I ordered something small however Carmen looked like she was starving and ordered a big plate of food. I wondered how she was going to fit everything into that skinny body of hers. While we waited for the food Carmen looked at me and started her interrogation. "Let me guess you don't have a girlfriend" Carmen said and she hit the nail spot on.

I wasn't really good at the whole relationship thing. "No I don't have one" I answered taking a sip of my drink.

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"Thought so because of the way you were staring at me" Carmen said looking around before letting out a huge sigh. "Are you okay" I asked and Carmen nodded.

"This work just gets to me sometimes and I don't have time to blow off some steam if you know what I mean" Carmen said and the food arrived. She dug into the food immediately and I slowly ate and watched her. She was hungry I can tell. I sat there wondering how she would blow off steam if she had the chance.


I kept on shadowing Carmen for the rest of the week and every day we would go to the same restaurant to talk at lunch. She turned out to be a very nice girl and not the evil person she was hiding behind.

I wondered if she got hurt in the past that made her put up the barrier she is hiding behind. I was standing at my locker putting some things away, getting ready to head home and Carmen was standing with me in the storeroom busy with some paper work. I closed my locker and sighed and looked over at Carmen. She was too busy working to even notice me. Should I try something or should I not I asked myself.

There was a little voice in my head telling me that maybe I should give it a try. What could happen? I looked over her body and then there was another voice that said that I should just ask her for a movie or coffee outside work. I walked over to her and Carmen turned her head to me. "Yes Alex" She asked me and I stood still looking into her green eyes. "Would you like to go see a movie with me" I asked and Carmen raised her eyebrow. "That is not really what you want to do am I right" Carmen said and I nodded.

She caught me and I wasn't going to try and turn it around. "Alex we are alone here just the two of us and my guess is you would give anything to be able to do anything to me. Am I right or am I right?" She asked and I couldn't believe my ears. She was reading me like a book. "I give you 5 seconds to do what you wanted to do" Carmen said and I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips. Her lips tasted so sweet as she kissed me back. We stood there for what seemed like ages and then I felt something hard hit my groin.

Her knee had hit me in the groin and I fell to the floor as I felt the worse pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I grabbed my groin and looked up at Carmen with tears almost forming in my eyes. "Why did you do that" I asked with my voice almost gone from the pain. "I told you that if you tried anything that I would squeeze them until you cried but I thought it would be more fun to just lift my knee" Carmen said walking past me to her locker.

We locked up and went our separate ways. Weeks past and I was finally allowed to work on my own. I still felt crap about what I did to Carmen and guess that what she did was probably normal. I decided that I needed to apologise to her to clear the air between us.

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She had been avoiding me after the incident but I didn't blame her. It was our duty to close the store again and we were alone. Carmen was busy with some paper work and I just finished some of mine and put it in my folder. I put the folder away and looked at her and sighed and walked over.

"Carmen I really sorry about last I shouldn't have." I said and before I could finish my sentence Carmen grabbed me and pushed me against the counter and kissed me deeply. I was shocked. I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening then and there but I knew it was good. I continued kissing her back but I was scared out of my because I knew this might be just another trick to kick me in the groin.

After about 5 minutes of us furiously attacking each other the fear of her kicking me again disappeared. Carmen broke the kiss and looked at me and licked her lips. She pushed the door of the storeroom close and I looked at her.

"Now that we are all alone what do you have planned this time Alex" Carmen asked and I picked her up and put her on the counter she was working on and kissed her again before my hands went to her hips. She put her arms around my neck and our tongues started playing with each other.

I started lifting up her shirt. She bit my bottom lip and began sucking on it as if it was a lollipop all while I was pulling up her shirt. She broke the kiss long enough for me to pull her shirt over her head tossing it to the side.

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I looked down at her lacy bra with a red flower design on it. It wasn't padded so I could see her nipples pushing at the fabric.

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Carmen leaned back and spread her legs and I walked closer and stood up against her and my hands slowly made their way up her stomach. She closed her eyes in anticipation of what was about to happen.

I enveloped her breasts in my hands and my god did they feel like the best gifts to man. She whimpered at my touch and I massaged them and she started moaning. "Ahh yes I need this Alex ahh please don't stop" Carmen moaned and I decided to take it a step further and unclipped her bra and tossed it to the side and her ample breasts bounced as I let them loose.

I leaned closer and took one of her nipples into my mouth and she gasped. I flicked my tongue over her nipple and it got harder and harder. She leaned her hair against the wall and took my head in her hands and rubbed my hair. I started sucking on her nipple and tried to get the rest of her boob into my mouth to pleasure her even more. Carmen began fumbling with my jeans and managed to unclip the button and pull down the zipper.

I started sucking on her other nipple and her hands slowed down before she got used to it and continued with her exploration. She pulled down my pants and my boxers and revealed my growing hard-on. She grabbed it with her hand and slowly started jacking me up and down. I slowed my assault on her breasts to savour the feeling of her soft hands on my cock. She was a pro at this. She didn't go fast like I usually went she went slowly but she did have the magic touch.

"Looks like someone is really turned on by what is happening" Carmen said as she tugged on my cock. I stopped sucking her nipples and she got off of the counter and turned around and shook her ass for me.

I spanked her and she flinched. "Oh someone loves my ass" Carmen said and I started pulling down her jean revealing the hot-pants she wore the first time I saw her. Damn she looked so hot bent over the counter. "Do me from behind Alex I want to feel you inside me" Carmen said and I pulled her against me and rubbed her hot-pants at the front and felt the heat from her pussy emanating towards my hand.

I started pulling down her hot-pants and she rubbed her bare ass against my cock and I took that as a sign that this girl wanted it badly. I rubbed my hand over her pussy again and felt something that turned me on even more.


She was shaven cleanly. I slowly pushed into her hot pussy and she moaned and grabbed the counter with all that she was worth. She was tight, very tight. I felt resistance as I pushed deeper and deeper but I knew it was worth it in the end. I continued pushing until I couldn't go any further. She let her head down and I started pumping in and out slowly and picked up the pace. She moaned louder and louder and I am sure anyone that passed by could hear that I was fucking the hell out of Carmen.

I reached to the front and fondled her swaying boobs and she bit her bottom lip. I knew that I wouldn't be able to last any longer than this. "Carmen I am about to cum should I pull out" I said and Carmen reached around and grabbed my butt and held me in place and grinded her ass around on my cock.

"No I want to feel you inside me. Don't worry I am on the pill" Carmen screamed and she began having her orgasm. I felt her pussy juices leaking onto my cock and down her legs. I couldn't hold out any longer and started pumping rope after rope of cum into her hot pussy. She let go of my ass and fell onto the counter but I quickly grabbed her from hitting her head. "Wow that was intense Alex where did you learn to do that" Carmen asked and I was surprised myself.

"I have to give some credit to you. You helped me out a lot" I said laughing and I pulled out of her and we kissed a bit before we got dressed. "I hope that in the future we close the store together more often" Carmen said winking at me before giving me kiss as we parted ways after shutting the store. The End