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Sexy redhead in stockings has feet fucked and pussy pounded tube porn
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We had been friends for a while and I knew he liked me. There were many reasons I didn't take it to the next level.

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One was that I wanted to think he'd be around forever so I could keep dating the bad boys and then when I got hurt Jeremy would be there to make me feel better. Another reason was that I was scared to lose him if things went wrong, and inevitably things always went wrong for me. Every relationship I had been in had gone sour within weeks and I didn't want to lose my best friend.

Jeremy was great about it too and though he often told me his feelings he never pressured me to say anything back. We hung out at my house after school almost daily. Most days we would hang out on the porch swing or watch tv in my room and he would go home in the evenings. I loved spending time with Jeremy because he wasn't like other guys. Not only could he bring out a bad mood almost instantly, make me laugh without trying, but we could lay on my bed and watch tv without him ever getting too friendly.

We would cuddle, but that was the extent of it. I loved the feel of his warm body spooning me. Half the time I only partially payed attention to the tv because I was trying to get the courage to act on the feelings I had for him. When I was with him I would be all tingly feeling and it felt like there was a ball of lava in the pit of my stomach that spread down. Usually I'm really ticklish but his touch made me horny.

I was painfully shy, so even though we were best friends I couldn't bring myself to tell him how much I wanted him, much less take the iniatitive and kiss him. ************* Today was like any other day, whereas after school Jeremy came over to my house.

We grabbed some pop from the fridge and ran up to my room. I flipped the channels on the tv until I found a movie. My bedroom is very small and I basically had my twin sized bed in the closet so that I could have some privacy since the bedroom door had to stay open.

My closet was probably the same size as the room itself so I had the tv positioned on my dresser in a way that I could lay in bed and watch it. As on every other day I had changed out of my school clothes, which were baggier, into small shorts and a body hugging t-shirt. I am small for my age and even at seventeen I can easily pass for 11-12 year old. Though I tried showing off what little I had, Jeremy never took the bait.

He was a perfect gentleman. I wished every night that he would get a naughty streak one day and stop being so nice. Then I would wish for my shyness to disappear. Today I was wearing small gray shorts that barely covered my ass and a white t-shirt that molded to my body and showed a few inches of my stomach, and Jeremy's eyes didn't even linger on me, which irked me.

We started talking partway through the movie and I flipped over to look at him. I was about a foot shorter than him easily.

We were both seventeen, and where I looked really young he could pass for 18-19. He already had facial hair and there were hairs poking out of the collar of his shirt. I found my mind wandering and only paying slight attention to what he was saying.

I hadn't kissed a guy before and I wondered what it would be like to kiss Jeremy. I didn't even realize that I had snuggled up to him and we had fallen asleep until I woke up with his arms wrapped around me.

I tried not to move as I turned enough to look at the alarm clock. It was 11:12. My first thought was why my parents hadn't woken us up, they liked Jeremy but they definitly would never let a guy spend the night, not even Jeremy.

I noticed all the lights were off and there didn't seem to be any light coming from downstairs, nor any noise. Though at this time of the night, even on a Friday night like tonight, everyone was usually asleep, I was still perplexed as to why Jeremy and I had been permitted to fall asleep and not be woken up.

I soon stopped worrying about the why of the situation and decided to enjoy the unexpected. I wiggled out of Jeremy's grip without him stirring. The moon was shining in my room and I had pretty good light.

I couldn't help smiling because he was so darn cute. I whispered his name to see if he would wake up and the only reaction I got was for him to roll onto his back. I snuggled up to him. I had dreamt of this many nights, except in my dreams I woke up to him touching me and though the dreams varied, we always ended up making love.

I was actually scared to wake him because being the sweet guy he was, I could see him apologizing profusely for being in my bed and then escaping back to his house.

I knew this opportunity wouldn't arise anytime soon again, but I was scared to do anything. If I woke him I would still be too shy to tell him to stay with me, but at the same time it seemed like a waste to just cuddle all night. While I was debating with myself, my hands had taken on a life of their own. I had started inching his shirt slowly upward, so as not to wake him, and started lightly running my hand on his stomach.

I knew there wouldn't be an easy explanation if he woke up, but I was enthralled with how soft his chest hair was.

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I ran my fingers around in his chest hair and lightly scratched my fingers down his side, giving him goosebumps. I was scared he would wake up but at the same time was wishing he would. I was getting so turned on my touching him that I was willing to face the consequences later.

He barely moved throughout my exploration of his stomach so I got bolder. I started running my fingers along the top of his jeans. Even in the darkened room there was enough light for me to see that I was having an effect on him.

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I had no clue what he was dreaming about but I'm sure they were turning sexual if they hadn't been before. My own body was responding in ways I wasn't used to, which just served to let my shyness slip away. My body was on fire and I wanted him, needed him to wake up. I had masturbated before but I knew that it wouldn't suffice this time. Besides I would rather Jeremy wake up to me touching him, than him waking up and seeing me fingering myself.

When I went from running my fingers along the top of his jeans to slowly undoing his the button and unzipping them, I noticed a change in his breathing ( no more snoring) but continued. I was sure he was awake and if he wasn't going to stop me then I was going to see how far he let me go. I rubbed the very noticeable bulge through his boxers. I was loved the effect I had on him but I also knew my parents could wake at any moment and come in. So I slipped out of bed long enough to close and lock my bedroom door.

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From the edge of the bed I could see that Jeremy's eyes were open. I knew I had gone to far to try and explain as touching him in my sleep and not realizing what I had done and emboldened by my lust for him, I stood at the edge of the bed and started stripping.

Pretending I didn't notice he was awake I pulled my t-shirt over my head and unsnapped my bra. I pulled my shorts off, leaving just my g-string on. It was soaked with my juices and for a moment I debated on taking it off, but decided to leave it on.

I was so horny that when I had pulled my shorts down, just the slight touching of myself had made me moan from pleasure. I ran my hands over my pussy, ever so lightly, but enough to make me moan again. I beginning to believe it was a very vivid dream since Jeremy hadn't tried stopping me and my parents hadn't come banging down the door.

When I crawled back into the bed I straddle Jeremy and kissed him. He kissed me back, pulling me closer to him. My first kiss sent tingles shooting throughout my body and I had a mini orgasm, soaking his boxers.

Afraid to break the spell by talking, I used my flexibility to kiss him while slowly working his jeans down and off of him without breaking the kiss. Maybe Jeremy didn't quite realize that it wasn't a dream either, but he didn't try to stop me. I started grinding on him loving the feel of his hard cock rubbing me. I wanted him to fuck me, but as soon as I started pulling his boxers off, I was flipped onto my back. He pulled away from me breathing heavily, getting himself under control.

I was scared he was going to leave, I mean if we were going to do something to regret later I wanted total release, not the pent up orgasm that had been building. I was stark naked but I didn't care. I pulled him back to me, kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear. His resolve started crumbling again, but he found enough to pull away once more. I clung to him. He kissed me and I felt the heat building again. My body was begging for him, and the determination I had of keeping our relationship platonic had disappeared.

If I had known that kissing him was going to awaken my body I would of done it earlier. When he looked at me I saw nothing in his eyes that made me think he was going to run away after getting some action.


He asked if this was what I really wanted. I don't think he was ready for the response I gave him. I whispered into his ear "I love you and there's nothing I want right now more than to have you make love to me", because he looked startled. He got over the shock pretty fast and kissed me with renewed passion. His hands traveled all over my body followed by his lips. I thought his hands felt good on me, but his lips brought on a whole wave of sensations.

He ran his tongue around my nipples, lightly flicking them with his tongue, then engulfing them in the heat of his mouth. Every time he switched sides the other ached for his touch again. I lost count of the orgasms wracking my body as I tried not to make much noise. My nails dug into his back. When he started rubbing his hand on my pussy a whimper escaped my lips.

He found my clit and rubbed it while nibbling on my left nipple. I knew I was humping his hand and drenching it in juices.

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It didn't take long and I screamed into his shoulder as a huge orgasm hit me. Instead of being satisfied I wanted him inside of me.


I had turned from shy to hornball and I didn't want to go back. My politeness was gone and ordered him to fuck me. He started to comply, hesitating at the entrance of my pussy, knowing I was a virgin. Again he gave me the questioning look giving me ample opportunity to back out. Instead I gripped his cock and guided it in. It hurt a little bit, but before he could get all emotional about hurting me I wrapped my legs around his waist and raised my ass off the bed forcing him to bury his cock into me.

It hurt but not for long. The pleasure outweighed the pain tenfold.

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I didn't want it to ever stop. It felt so good and being a teenager he didn't last long, but I knew it that though it was first time for us it wouldn't be the last.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and scared that Jeremy would be regretting what had happened, I took my time. When I walked back into my room I saw my own fears mirrored on his face, but no regret, only the love he had shown me before. I kissed him laying his fears to rest, and cuddled him knowing this was the start of a wonderful relationship.