Beauties sucks jock and gets cum all

Beauties sucks jock and gets cum all
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"nataslut" I awoke this morning horny and with a great sense of urgency to pee.

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I looked down between My legs and saw My urinal. I grabbed it by the hair, waking her, pulling her up to my cock. AS her mouth hole opened I shoved My dick into it and let out my morning stream. My chocolate human urinal swallowed My morning piss leaving none of it to spill out onto the bed. As I also awoke horny I began pushing My cock deeper into her mouth hole. I could feel the head of My dick swell as I pushed it to the back of this mouth holes throat.

I held the back of her head holding her hair and drove My hard cock in and out of her until I could feel my balls spew their cum deep into this hole I call Mine, I call MY three hole toy, I call "My nataslut".

I met nataslut online though alt., an on line sex site catering to those of us into "bdsm". At the time I met her she was Natasha, a sub looking for a Dom and I, yes, a Dom looking for his sub. We chatted for a time on line finding out each other's likes, dislikes, and limits, she would find that I didn't have many actually only limit I had is nothing involving children. Natasha I found wasn't real sure of hers as she was quite new to the bdsm scene. I had been in the scene for a number of years and that had been a plus as she wanted to be trained and at the same time feel safe and confident with the one training her.

The only thing that she really knew she was interested in was being dominated and was very curious about water sports. Natasha was very quick online when chatting to call Me "Master" and I had a good feeling about this woman, that she would make a very nice little sub. If she really found that the bdsn scene was where she wanted to be and not just a fantasia that came and went, I knew I had found My "one". Natasha was eager to learn and I did My best to teach her many of the things I knew.

I taught her that b&d play should always be safe, sane and consensual. She learned how safe words worked and how and when to use them. I let her know that not everyone calling themselves a Dom even knew what that really meant. We went though many of the ground "rules" for bd&sm. I taught her many of the subservient positions she should get into when in the presence of her Master. I began giving her small commands that I would want her to follow through with, praise her if she did and give her small consequences for the ones she didn't.

This was all before we ever met in real time, it was only online play and or by telephone. This we did for about three months when I told her that it was time we met in person. I told her that if she decided that she would meet ME that once she enters My room I was to be in total charge and only her safe words or I could release her.

She with eager in trepidation agreed. Natasha lived about forty-five minutes north of Me in a near-by town. We decided to meet on the following Friday. I drove up there in the early afternoon registered at a local hotel and called her to let her know where and which room. I should tell you nataslut is about five feet, five inches tall. She is a dark chocolate African American, with big breasts, small areolas and nipples the size of pencil erasers and she has a tight little ass.

She is not petite but not big either she is very nicely put together. At about six-thirty there came a knock at the door and I opened it to find Natasha standing in the door looking a little shy and probable a little nervous. She wore as per My instructions a short skirt and a tight white blouse with no bra that made her nipples clearly visible though the material also as per instructions she wore no panties and was barefoot. I stood in the doorway and just looked at her.

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I looked her up and down letting her realize I was examining her. I stared at her nipples though her blouse which were visible hard and the longer I stared and made her wait the more nervous she was becoming. I didn't smile or make any kind of expression on the outside but inside I was smiling. I finally let her scoot in and I shut the door behind us.

Still without saying a word I led her in between the two hotel beds and I sat down. She began to sit on the opposite one when I finally said My first word to her.

I said "slut who told you that you could sit down". She immediately stood back up. I told her to stand with her legs about two feet apart and to place her hands behind her head, which she did. I then told her she was not to speak unless I asked her a direct question. "Do you understand "I asked her? She immediately said yes. I gave her a quick slap across her face followed by a slap across her tits.

"You will answer Me with a yes Master is that understood". I said with calmness. "Yes Master" she replied in a quiet voice. I then asked her if she was ready and willing to be mine to do whatever I asked of her. She again answered with a quiet voice "yes Master". "Do you understand that this body in front of Me is Mine, Mine to do with as I chose"? Do you understand that you are MY slut, My whore, My toy"? "Yes Master" she replied looking into My eyes I grabbed her nipples though her blouse and pinched them between My fingers and told her that her eyes should be on the ground not looking at ME.

She quickly averted her eyes and looked down to the floor. "You are a cock hungry slut aren't you"? "You are always just looking for a way to get a cock somewhere into your whores body aren't you"? And before she could answer I reached under her short little skirt and put two fingers into her pussy. She was wet. "You're horny aren't you slut"?

"Yes Master" came her gasping answer. "Ok wet pussy slut I will give you what you want, right now, so that you can concentrate, on what I want you to" I said still talking in a calm clear voice.

I told her to get on her hands and knees and when she complied I walked behind her lifted her skirt. I then dropped My pants and as MY cock was all ready hard, I knelt behind her and without any preamble shoved My cock as deep into her pussy as it would go. I fucked her hard for about seven or eight strokes. Then just as quickly withdrew and shoved My swollen member just as hard and deep into her waiting asshole, again giving her another seven or eight thrusts. I pulled out of her ass walked around to her face grabbed her head told her to open and let her mouth receive what her ass and pussy already had.

I wasn't gentle or kind but rather shoved My dick deep into the back of her throat. She gagged and made funny choking sounds but I continued fucking her mouth with a good eight thrusts before pulling out and pulling My pants back up. She fell back against the bed coughing with spittle dripping from her mouth. "Now do you understand what I mean"? "You are a three hole toy, My three hole toy. I can and will use those holes how and when I want". "Now stand back up and into your inspection stance but first take those cloths off".

Natasha with tears in her eyes stood again before Me with her legs spread and hands behind her head now naked before Me. I reached down and played with her bald pussy. I had told her before that I did not like hair on a pussy and that she would always keep her pussy free of any hair. I traced her pussy lips with My fingers letting them run up and down her cunt crack I did so gently and deliberately brushed against her clit every upstroke. I put My lips to her ear and whispered how much I appreciated her complying with my wish and having shaved herself bald for Me.

I then gently licked off the tears that had run down her face. As she stood there and my fingers playing with her wet hot pussy I also began rubbing her asshole and I again put my mouth to her ear and whispered to her. "Little slut you have now had My cock in all three of your play holes. What kind of a woman lets a man she has just met for the first time and in the first ten minutes no less do that to her"?

I slid My middle finger up her asshole and My thumb slipped into her pussy and I slowly worked them in and out of her. She was dripping wet and she squirmed a little around my fingers trying to stand still but getting more excited all the time. With My mouth still next to her ear I said "Natasha answer Me.

What kind of woman would do that"? With a gasp she replied "your Whore Master your slut Master" "Yes Natasha My slut would" I replied that's when I knew what her name would be. "Slut your name is no longer Natasha it is nataslut" I whispered in her ear. I leaned back My fingers still inside her playing with her and asked "What is your name"?


"nataslut Master" "Good nataslut very good" I replied "Now My little nataslut I want you to go over to the mirror by the hotel desk and lean over keep your eyes open and watch what I do with this body that is now Mine". Nataslut walked over to the desk and leaned over resting her arms on the top of the desk. She looked back at Me thru the mirror and watched as I kicked her legs open and again began playing with her pussy.


I worked first two fingers in then three slowly fucking her with them and building tempo ever so slowly. I watched her face as I increased the speed and depth and adding a fourth finger to her snatch, god she was hot and so damn horny.

I was starting to fuck her good with My hand and her having been in a state of arousal even before she had come to the hotel was closing in on an orgasm. Closer and closer she was to orgasm as My hand fucked that pussy. I heard little mews come from her as I saw she was ready when I slowed the tempo down way down and watched her face contort in anguish when she realized I was not ready to let her come yet.


She cried out when I removed My hand entirely. Her pussy juices were running down her leg and she could hardly continue standing. If she hadn't been leaning on the desk I don't think she could have. I stood up and told her "No nataslut you may not cum yet, not yet, you will wait till I say" and with that I placed My hand flat against her ass. "Nataslut you were trying to cum around My hand without permission".

With that I brought My hand back and gave her ass a hard smack. "Nataslut I want you to count out each smack and a thank-you to Me for each one. For being so bold as to think that those holes are for your pleasure they are not they are for My pleasure and if it gives Me pleasure for you to orgasm then I will let you.

Do you understand". I again brought My hand down on here ass with a hard and ringing smack. Nataslut cried out "Yes Master yes I understand Master". Tears again were forming in her eyes as My hand came crashing again across her ass checks.

"Now count and thank Me". And each time My hand came across her ass she would cry out" one thank-you Master", "two thank-you Master"," three thank-you Master".

This continued until I had reached twenty-two when I realized she was gushing wet her pussy was dripping cunt juice her legs were twitching and she could actually start to orgasm if I didn't stop.

I gave her one more very hard swift smack and listened as she cried out in a barely audible "twenty-three" and in a half whisper "thank-you Master". I then watched as her legs started to wobble and I looked into the mirror as her eyes started to drift back up in to her head.

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Her pussy was gleaming wet. I didn't go for the twenty-fourth but rather placed My hand on her backside. Her ass was hot to the touch and I knew it probable felt like it was on fire to her. She pushed her backside back against me and actually started sobbing in a quiet way.

I again had stopped before but only just before she could have an orgasm. I stood back and started to laugh I put both My hands on My little Nataslut's ass cheeks feeling the heat and said "Damn you are a pain slut as well aren't you nataslut.

Did you know that you were"? She only hung her head and gave a whimper. I pulled her up and turned her toward Me. She put her head onto My chest as I wrapped My arms around her and held her. This little subbie had almost cum from My hand spanking her ass. Damn this little sub was making Me hot I had a raging hard on now and new this three hole toy was going to satisfy Me and do it now.

I pulled nataslut to the bed threw her down and climbed on after her. I threw open her legs and positioned myself between them My cock was about to have fun oh yes. I dropped down and pushed My cock into her wet pussy and started to ram Myself inside her. I could feel the walls of her pussy grab My cock as I fucked deeper and deeper into her, god it felt so good.

When I felt her once again starting to head for climax I pulled out grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head over the side of the bed.

I directed My cock to her open mouth and pushed the head of it just inside. Her lips closed around My dick and I pushed deeper in to her mouth hole. I was going to fuck her mouth. She might gag and or puke but I was going to let My cum fill up the back of her throat. So with her head hanging off the side of the bed I deliberately fuck her mouth as though it were a pussy.

I could hear her gag and choke. Her face was a sloppy mess as gobs of spit ran out the sides of her mouth yet I kept fucking her I was close her pussy mouth hole was about to be filled with My cum. Then I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it deeper onto my cock and with a deep thrust shot My hot sperm deep into the back of her throat and held her head there till the last drops emptied from My balls.

Looking down with My cock so far into her mouth My balls covering her nose and face I knew she couldn't breathe. But what a slut she was waiting for Me to pull out.

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When I finally did she had tears flooding down her face along with her own spit, My cum she had swallowed like a good cock sucking slut but she was gagging and coughing up a storm. Yes this was going to be the best little sub slut I had known and now she was to be rewarded for her performance. It was now going to be My pleasure to watch her come. I let her catch her breath lay back and relax a little.

I got up and got some water I was thirsty as hell. When I got back to the bed I made her open her legs wide for me. Her black skin was in deep contrast to her wet pink pussy making it look like neon pink. As I was climbing back on to the bed nataslut asked "Master may you nataslut speak".

I looked at her and gave her a nod. She then said "Thank-you master for letting your natalsut give you pleasure and for using this sluts holes and giving them a purpose." I smiled and then lowered My mouth to her hot pink hole. I kissed her pussy lips and nibbled on her skin around it. I pushed a finger into her pussy as I licked her clit I twirled my tongue around it.

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nataslut opened her legs even further as I began eating that hot wet little box. Her hips came up off the bed as I finger fucked her pussy and lick around her clit which had been standing out hard and ready for quit sometime now. I reached up to her tits and grabbed one of her nipples between my finger and thumb and as I ate this delicious pussy I pinched and pulled on her nipples.

I could hear her moaning and she was trying to grind her hips harder against Me. Earlier before she had arrived I had placed a double headed dildo in the drawer next to the bed and now let go of her nipple, reached over and pulled it out. I pushed one end into her pussy and started to fuck her with it. Nataslut was sure now I wouldn't stop her from Cumming so when I let go of the dildo and sat back I heard her gasp and cry out loud.

I smiled and told her I wanted to watch her get herself off and that is what would please me. She grabbed the dildo and began fucking herself with it. Poor little nataslut had been so close many times already and to hear Me say that I wanted to now see her get off was all she wanted to hear. I stood up on the bed one last thing for My slut, My three hole toy, My nataslut. As she pumped that dildo deep into her pussy working her way to ecstasy I stood over her and began to piss on her.

As My pee hit her tits she cried out she opened her mouth as I sent more of the stream into it. Her hand holding the fake cock was slamming it into her drenched cunt and when I directed the stream to shoot directly onto her clit It sent little nataslut right on over the edge. Her whole body shook, her hips spasms shook the whole bed and she screamed out loud and My nataslut peaked right on over the edge.

Her pussy gushed like I had never seen a pussy do before and nataslut shook from head to toe. I laid down next to her and pulled the blanket that had been thrown to the floor earlier on top of us and let her body slowly return to normal. After we had laid there a while and she was finally calm enough I had her get up and draw us a bath I let her bath me and then watched as she bathed herself.

I brought her out to the room again and laid down with her on the clean bed that had not been used. I had her lay on her side and I entered her from the rear and fucked her very slow and deliberately. I took my time and did let her have another orgasm although it was not near as strong as her first, then I let my cum fill her pussy again and fell asleep with My cock still in her. We slept for the rest of the night and only awoke when are wakeup call came My nataslut had to work, she is a nurse in the local hospital in her town.

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But before she got ready to leave I had her give Me another blowjob she sucked it very good and as I do not allow the use of her hands I guess well yes I fucked that pretty black mouth of hers one more time. She had brought a change of clothes for work and when she had changed into them I walked her to the door told her she was now released and asked her if next time we met if she would like to come down to My house the next time where I had put together a very nice little dungeon.

She smiled lowered her eyes and said "Yes Master". This was our very first real-time encounter I would like to share how she eventually became My 24/7 slut-wife and how I use her for My pleasure be that letting others use her male and female.( come to find out she not only is a cock whore but a pussy whore as well, oh and more on how she never knew, until that night, is also a fucking pain slut as well )so if you would like to hear more let Me know.