Hot twink scene Caleb however is very anxious for the real act to

Hot twink scene Caleb  however  is very anxious for the real act to
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This story is about me and my girlfriend of barely 24 hours flying though the bases of dating if you will, and me getting my first blowjob. Side notes, it was my 16th birthday and for the lols i asked her out and she said yes so she came over to hangout. We were left alone and the following ensued. She was not a virgin, and I was.

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This is one of the things we talked about all the time. She was different and didn't really have a problem talking about sex. Now here is the interesting part. She had a purity ring, but it was really to please her parents since they were heavily…heavily religious.

That reminds me on an occasion where we were upstairs on my bed the day after I asked her out and we were doing the usual make-out session scenario that teenagers do, until she asked me to ask her some questions. So I asked her if she had ever French kissed. She did, I have not. I asked her if she wanted to try it, she whispered "yes" seductively in my ear. What an experience that was, to have someone else's tongue inside of your mouth is just.fascinating.

I said "Wow, your tongue is pretty crazy." Just to make things interesting because we liked to joke around with that kind of stuff. Now here is where the unexpected hit me. She said "I can do a lot more with it if you want" and popped my jean's button open. Now at that moment being a virgin and an excited kid I about busted a nut right there. It was very suprising and I said "Like what?" just to be a smart ass.

She responded my holding her hand up, taking her purity ring off, putting it in her mouth and said "If you want to do anything, come and get this" with a wink gesturing to her ring in her mouth. We fought over it for a bit with our tongues and I won and she said that I had a very talented tongue, and me still being horny as all hell from earlier said "I can use it on a different pair of lips if you would like." That drove her crazy, she pushed me down on the bed and straddled me cowgirl-style.

I still had my jeans on and she felt me hard as a rock through my pants, then slowly bent down and whispered in my ear to get something comfy-er on and she will be right back.

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She left and I don't even remember how I managed to get my jeans off and a pair of PJs on so fast. She came back and told me to lay on the bed.

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She covered my eyes with a pillow and told me that she wanted to do this without me looking. I asked "What are you going to do?" She said "Oh I dunno, how does this feel?" and kissed my dick through my pants. I replied with a very enthusiastic "oh my god amazing!" She said this is her first time giving a blowjob, and she said she won't be that good at it.


I said "No matter how good you think you are, it's going to feel great!" She then slowly slid her hand down my pants and pulled my rock solid cock out of my boxers. At this point I took the pillow off my face and asked if she was SURE she wanted to do this.

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She replied that she was scared but she wanted to make me feel good. I was in the middle of saying "I love y-" and she pushed the pillow back on my face and said not to watch and that she is ready to do it.

Oh. .My…God. Words can not even describe how good it felt from her stroking me and anticipating the next thing she was going to do. What can I say? First time right? So as she is doing that I began to wonder when she is going to go farther and then it happened.

I couldn't see it but a really warm, wet, tingly sensation surrounded the tip of my dick. I gasped out loud from the sudden pleasure. She took her mouth off and sexily said it was tasty, and that I could look. Right as I did she put her mouth back on me and looked at me with her enormous eyes and said, with my dick in her mouth, to guide her on what feels the best. Everything felt amazing but I told her to hold me in her mouth and use her tongue.


Oh man did that feel wonderful. The warm, wetness engulfing me and with her tongue sliding all around my penis felt amazing. Then I asked her to see how far she could take me. She took her hand off and started going down…and down.and farther and then stopped about halfway and I didn't want to ruin the experience for her so I didn't push for her to go any farther.

She said she loved doing this and I replied I loved getting it. She said that she would do this every chance we got to be alone and that made me so excited that I think I actually grew a little harder and she took this as a sign to get back to sucking. She was going so fast that there were a couple slurping sounds here and there and that just made it even sexier.

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About 2 or 3 minutes later she stopped, started stroking me and said that she was shocked I hadn't cum yet. Little did she know I was right on the edge, so I stopped her, and asked her what is she going to do with my cum. She started stroking again and then right when I was about to blow, and I thought she wanted it on her humongous tits, surprised me and said in the most amazing way "I want your cum in my tummy" and practically swallowed my dick.

I came harder than I ever have in my entire life. She slurped it all down and said that she loved it, and I told her that I loved it way more.

We laughed about it, and then she asked if I would be grossed out to kiss her. I mean I was a little but I got over it. I tasted myself on her lips a little but I didn't mind. I just got to 3rd base…like I care if her lips are a little salty. She then soon had to go home and we didn't get any farther. Which really sucked ;) giggity.

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So that is the end of my story. Would you guys like to read more? Because this actually happened the night I wrote this, so when we do anything else I sure can write about it. Would you be interested? Leave comments and rate please  Thank you.