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Jason's heart was pounding as he walked towards her room. She was standing just outside her door, looking much as she had the first time - flustered, desperate and with a wild look in her eyes. "Don't worry Mom, I'll help you" Jason said, drinking in the scene before him. Where last night she had been wearing her maternity pyjamas, this time she was wearing matching black bra and panties.

Her breasts strained against the fine silky material. This was no maternity bra, it was sheer and sensual. It looked too small for her milk filled breasts, which were spilling out over the top, yearning to be free.

Her nipples were erect beneath the bra, he could see them poking up beneath the material. Her round pregnant belly stuck proudly out before her and beneath it her pussy was hidden behind a pair of small black lace panties.

"I'm sorry about this Jason" she moaned, "but there is just no other way. Come in." With that she turned and walked into her room.

Jason stood rooted to the spot for a couple of seconds, watching her walk away. Her ass was so round and full he just wanted to grab it and squeeze it, especially given the way it seemed to engulf the tiny panties.

Jason followed into the room and watched in silence as she lay down on the bed and motioned for him to join her. As he did so, she reached behind her and unclipped the bra. Slowly she slid it over her breasts, over her rounded belly and flung it to the end of the bed. Her breasts looked incredible. Although it had only been one night since he had seen them, Jason felt as if he was looking at them for the first time.

They were paler than the rest of her body, which was tanned a light golden colour. But his eyes were drawn straight to the nipples. Surrounded by dark aereolae, they too were very dark and engorged. He had never seen nipples so big, in real life or in magazines.

"Well don't just sit there honey" his mother said, a half smile on her face, "let's get started". Instead of assuming the same position as last night, Jason positioned himself between her legs. He reached down with his head and took the nipple of her right breast into his mouth.

And held it there. For about thirty seconds, he did nothing. He didn't suck it, or lick it or do anything at all. After about half a minute, he ran his tongue around the base of the nipple and sucked, all in one fluid motion.

A small moan escaped his mother's lips and he felt a jet of warm milk hit the back of his throat. He carried on licking and sucking, while his cock strained at his shorts. After a couple of minutes he opened his eyes and looked at his mother. She almost seemed to be in a trance, lying with her eyes shut. He could feel her hips gyrating ever so slightly beneath him, although he was doing his best not to come into contact with her down there - he was still slightly embarrassed about the incident of the previous night.

What gave him a real shock, however, was when he noticed what her left hand was doing. She was massaging her left breast, playing with the nipple and kneading the soft tissue. At the sight of this his cock swelled so hard he felt that it would burst. Two can play at that game, he thought to himself and reached down to stroke his cock.

He released it from his shorts and began to gently stroke it, all the while carrying on sucking and licking at his mother's breast. Another few minutes passed and he felt a tap on his shoulder. He immediately let go of his cock and looked up at her face. "Time for the other one honey" she breathed huskily.

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Her eyes dropped to look at his hard cock sticking out in front of him, his glans so swollen it looked a fierce purple. Yet she said nothing, merely guided him towards her left breast. As he made contact with her nipple, he felt the tip of his cock brush against her panties. He shifted again and it came to rest there, pressing into her tiny lace panties. He was licking her nipple, which seemed even more erect than normal, if that was even possible. Another soft moan escaped her lips.

He could feel her beginning to gyrate again beneath him, but now her pussy was pushing against the end of his cock. She must know, he realised, she must know this is not my thigh like last night. But she's not saying anything.

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Emboldened by this, Jason reached across to cup her other breast. He took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed gently. He war rewarded with a stream of milk which arced through the air and landed on his back. Another moan escaped his mother's lips, but where they had been soft before, this one was more guttural. At that moment, Jason realised that this was making her exactly as horny as him.

She was so thick with lust that she was helpless beneath him while he sucked on her swollen teat and massaged her other enormous breast. The thought of his mother lying beneath him suffused with lust was almost too much for him to handle - he almost shot his load right there and then. But he managed to control himself. All of a sudden, he was feeling very much the lothario.

He had done this, he had worked her up into this state. This gave him more confidence, and he started to rub his cock against her pussy, separated only by the thin layer of lace. In fact, he could feel a couple of her pubic hairs sticking through the material, tickling his glans. It felt so good that he continued to rub faster. Yet still she made no move to stop him.

He began to gently thrust, trying to push into her pussy through the panties.


As he did so he felt her begin to stiffen, as if he had broken the spell. "Uhm Jason I think that's enough now" she breathed, "I can probably finish the rest on my own." Jason moved his mouth away from her breast and looked into her eyes.

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Her face was covered in a delicate sheen of perspiration, her chest moving up and down as she breathed heavily. He was overwhelmed by how erotic she looked, lying beneath him panting with lust but with a slight look of fear in her eyes. Jason knew that the boundary between them had already been broken, that there was nothing that could stop him now. Without breaking his gaze, almost as if he was not in control of his body, he felt his right hand moving down towards her pussy.

His cock was still pressed up against the lacy material of her panties, which by now were damp with her juices. He hooked a finger underneath and began to pull them away from her pussy. As he did so he could smell the husky sweet aroma of her arousal and it made his head swim. She said nothing but carried on looking at him, silently pleading with him to stop but unable to utter a word. He moved his hips forward ever so slightly and the end of his cock brushed against her pussy.

He felt her stiffen and a small moan escaped her lips. He paused there for a moment, unsure what to do. Suddenly he realised what he was about to do. He was about to slide his cock inside his own mother. She was half naked and suffused with lust, but she was still his mother. It seemed like an eternity that they were paused like that, the tip of his cock poised at the entrance of her delicately fleshy hole.

Still they did not break off their gaze. All of a sudden Jason could not hold back any more. He had to push, his hips were yearning to, he couldn't stop himself. With a delicate thrust, he slowly slid the tip of his cock into her hole. Her eyes widened - it was as if she couldn't believe that he had actually done it, he was actually going to fuck her.

But still she said nothing. With the tip of his cock in, Jason knew that he was not stopping there. In one fluid motion, he thrust his cock all the way in, as deep as it would go. It was the single most erotic experience of his entire life. He couldn't believe how warm her pussy was, how wet and delicious it felt as it gripped the length of his penis.

"Ohhhh fuck Jason" his mother moaned and she bucked her hips forward to meet him. "We shouldn't … oh fuck" He looked down at her breasts - her nipples were standing so erect now, more swollen and engorged than he had ever seen them Each one had a bead of milk on the end and as he slowly pulled out to thrust again, each nipple leaked a tiny bit of milk.

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He thrust into her again, harder this time and as she squealed in delight, a small jet of milk erupted from each nipple. He felt himself about to cum and so began to thrust more slowly. She opened her eyes and said "Jason stop now. I understand that this is hard for you, it would probably be better if I went on top." With that she gently pushed him away and motioned for him to lie down beside her. She stood up and slowly and seductively hooked a finger under the waistband of her panties, sliding them down her body and leaving them in a soggy heap on the floor.

Jason lay on the bed, his cock standing up straighter than ever before, twitching and yearning to be back inside her wanton love hole. He was unable to take his eyes off her as she stood next to the bed, her large full breasts and round pregnant belly looking incredible. She slowly moved back on to the bed and lifted her leg to straddle him. As she did so he looked at her pussy, her swollen outer lips were parted and the delicate pinkness of her inner labia poked out so invitingly.

The curly hairs were matted with her juices. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and guided it towards her pussy.


Ever so slowly she slid down onto it, emitting a satisfying grunt as she was finally impaled on his full length. She began to rock back and forth, sliding up a couple of inches and back down, grinding her clit against his pubes.

Jason reached around and put his hands on her ass. She had always had a good ass, but ever since pregnancy it had gotten fuller and he grabbed a fleshy cheek with each hand. As she lifted up for the next thrust, he pulled her down onto his cock.

"Oh honey, you like it when Mommy fucks you hard," she panted, "well ok then, Mommy is going to fuck you hard you naughty little boy." She reached around and took his hands away from her ass, positioning them above his head on the bed. Holding his hands in place, she began to move up and down harder and harder, until she was slamming her hot wet pussy down on his cock as hard as she could. Her belly was pressing against him, which was incredibly erotic.

Her breasts were freely leaking milk onto his chest.


She removed her hands from his and straightened her back, cupping one of her beautiful breasts in each hand. With a practiced motion she squeezed each one, causing an arc of milk to shoot out and hit Jason in the chest. Still bouncing up and down, she began to squeeze her milk into his face. "Drink Mommy's milk honey, that's it, drink Mommy's milk will she fucks you like the naughty little boy you are.

I'll teach you to sniff Mommy's panties you naughty little pervert" She began to fuck him harder and Jason could feel his balls tightening, he knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold out for much longer. "Fuck me Jason, I want you to come in Mommy, I want you to shoot your cum in Mommy's pussy" she moaned, as she slid her warm pussy up and down his throbbing cock. "I'm going to come now Mom" he gasped and as he did so, he felt the orgasm rising up the base of his penis and exploding from the tip.

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He began to cum inside her, coming harder so hard that he thought he was going to pass out. As he began to come, his mother ground down on his cock and arched her back. As she was squeezing her tits, strong jets of milk squirted out of each one and hit Jason square in the face.

"Oh Jason, oh God, I'm coming, Mommy's coommming" she yelled. As she did so, she rose up so that his cock actually left her pussy and then slammed down hard, emitting a visceral moan of pleasure.

By now Jason had pumped the last of his spunk inside her and they lay there for a couple of minutes, her still impaled on his cock which showed no signs of softening. Eventually she slid off it and looked him in the face. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, she said "My honey, you are still so hard.

What are we going to do about this?" Before Jason could even think about a response, and with a wicked gleam in her eyes, she lowered her mouth towards his cock. To be continued.

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