Jerk off to my friend

Jerk off to my friend
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Before I ever went out in public dressed up. I was normally careful when i went out. I would only wear panties and maybe a bra. Sometimes I would wear a garter and nylons. On very rare times I would fully dress up under my normal clothes and go out. And if I was going on a long trip I never went dressed fully under my clothes so I wouldn't have to worry about using a public restroom.

This time however my wife Lisa talked me into wearing the new skirt and blouse she bought me on the trip we were taking.

Now I was very careful when traveling about using a rest area. I would always use a stall and would make sure my panties were hidden and if i was wearing nylons I kept jeans high enough to hide them. This time however I got caught. The guy walks in since i forgot to lock door. I have my skirt up around my waist. panties around ankles looking red and scared im gonna get ass kicked by some one.

he looks at me locks the stall. asks me if i am done i nod yes. still worried about getting ass kicked. He pulls down his pants he has on black lace panties. says seems like we have something in common. He was already hard.

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I reached out and grabbed him pulled him to me and started to suck him. I give very good blowjobs so he came real fast. Like the good little slut I am I swallowed it all.

I turned around and stuck my ass in the air and said fuck me now. He slid into me. And as we are fucking the door to the restroom opened up.

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I thought for sure the guy fucking me would stop but he kept going and I know the guy who walked in heard me moaning since I am loud when I get fucked.

But at this point I didn't care. The guy fucking me reached around and started to play with my cock I was close so I told him to stop cause I was gonna fuck him too. He started to pick up the pace and I felt his cock swell up and he said I'm gonna cum and and by now I was really loud and told him to cum in my ass.

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He shot in me and we didn't stop just switched spots and I fucked him. Didn't take me long to cum as I was already close. I came in him and we got dressed and he walked out first. I walked out shortly after and the other guy who entered is standing there with his dick in his hand.

Looks at me says damn youre loud and made me horny want more? I said sure but not here cause I don't want more people walking in. We headed out to where lisa was waiting for me. She noticed I was leading the guy to the car and jumped in the drivers seat thinking this was going to be just a quick blow job.

We crawl into the back seat and start to kiss a little. We wiggle into a 69 and start blowing each other.

Even though I had just came his mouth made me get close quick. I told him I was gonna cum and most guys wont swallow when its random like that but he did. And then he came in my mouth. We sat up and Lisa asked if she should turn around and head back to rest area. The guy says not yet. I want to fuck him.


So I strip off my normal clothes and push him back some. We start to kiss and I play with his cock. He got hard fast and I got on top of him sliding him into me gently as I wanted it slow this time.

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Here I am hardly ever in public dressed fully visable in the car to everyone dressed as a woman fucking a guy. Damn I was excited. I took it nice and slow for a while but being the slut I am it didn't take long for me to start to pick up speed and moan loud.

He reached down and started to play with my cock which got me going even more. He started to match my motions and I knew he would cum soon.


All of a sudden he pushed me off and threw me on my back and got in between legs slammed back into me and says scream slut I scream and he grabs my hips and pulls me into him as he slams in and I felt him cum in me. Sadly he wouldn't let me fuck him. So we head back to rest area and I took over driving not bothering to put normal clothes back on. Lisa started to give me a blow job and play with herself as we got back on the road.

I told her about the first guy and she says damn I missed it. We got to where we were going and she says here I got this for you put it on and get in bed and wait for me. It was a matching purple bra panty set with purple garter and nylons. I did as I was told and she left.

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About 15 minutes later she come back. With a guy in hand. He looks at me don't say a word just walked over pushed me on my back took my legs and put them on his shoulders moved my panties and slammed into me as hard as he could. I screamed in pleasure and told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted to. He rammed me pretty hard and then pulls out shooting his cum on my cock.

Not wasting a second he jumped on my hard cum soaked cock and rode me. Lisa walked over and stuck her pussy in my face. I started to lick her as the guy rode me like the wind. It took a bit for me to cum.

And then he got dressed and left. That was the first of many times I started going fully dressed under my normal clothes when we took trips. I was more careful at times in the rest areas but let myself get caught at times.