Sarah is a happy slut

Sarah is a happy slut
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She chuckled, "Would you like some tea?" she asked smiling as she held up the box Lemon Ginger Herbal. "No thanks," I smiled. "Ginger ale?" "Ginger is hereby forbidden in this house." "Aww, I thought maybe you might want to give me a figging one day." "No, I'm not that cruel." "I'm sorry Doug, I didn't know it was going to actually hurt." "That was a true pain in the ass." "I can kiss it better, if you like?" "Tonight." I said.

"Now I feel bad," she said. "Let me make it up to you tonight. We'll exchange one pain in the ass for another one. I've never done anal. I'd like to try," she was grinning at me, "what do you think, would you like to fuck me in the ass?" We both looked down at my sweatpants which were bulging at the front and broke out laughing.

"I take that as a yes!" she howled. I hugged her. When our laughing subsided I gave her a kiss. "What are you going to wear for Sunday dinner?" I asked as I held her in my arms.

"I'll sort myself out, don't you worry. "Did you really think that I tried to humiliate you?" "I didn't know what your motivation was. Now I know." She hugged me tightly as smiled as she looked up. "I didn't need to go through a frikkin' Spanish Inquisition, you could have just asked." "I hadn't planned on it. I just wanted to suck your cock with my finger in your hot ass.

It didn't quite work out that way." "No and in the end, you're going to get it - in the end." I let her go, opened the fridge and grabbed a beer. "I should get you to pour this into my ass." "Go peel some potatoes," she said. I pulled out the bag of potatoes. "Oh, I nearly forgot," she said, "you had a call on your house line while you were in the shower.

She handed me the note. Her handwriting was perfect, girly even. Your neighbor Jim called. Jim and Julie Cavanaugh are going to the Caribbean tomorrow for 16 days. They'll be back on the Wed. Please keep an eye on the property. You have keys to get in if you have to. No deliveries are expected.

Please pick-up mail and newspapers. Gomez and Lulu will be in the kennel. "This doesn't make sense," I said. She grabbed the note and reread it.

"It makes perfect sense to me," she had a questioning look in her face. "Jim is my neighbor. Great guy," I said, pointing my thumb to the left, "that's his house right there." She stared at me. "Julie is his neighbor, on the other side.

You know the big house two doors down?" "Yeah?" "She's a widow. Her husband died four or five years ago." "So?" "He's married, his wife's name is Cora." She just stood there. "Why the hell would the two of them be going on holiday?" "I don't know. Maybe they've got a thing going." She suggested. "Very strange goings on around here," I answered. "And this is coming from a guy that just got a figging?" * I sat on the couch reading the Sunday paper and drinking a beer.

I had my new dress shirt and my new pair of slacks on. She came down the stairs. Black high heel shoes appeared first, followed by black see-through shiny stockings, a skinny black skirt to just above her knees, her sleeveless white cotton blouse had holes cut out to permit her boobs to garishly stick out.

The nipple rings contrasted to the nipples and areola which were painted bright red. Her lipstick was the same bright red. Eye make-up was way over the top in a combination of black and red. Somehow the tattooed arm fit right in. The overall look was something she had clearly contrived for herself.

She did a masterful job. My cock pressed in my pants. When she made it the bottom of the stair she did a slow pirouette. The stockings had a vertical line down the back of each leg. She looked like a complete vamp, a total slut. My cock jumped up immediately, pressing further into my pants. She was my own private, walking fuck-fest. "Wow!" I said, standing up to adjust my cock. I held out my hand. "Don't you look absolutely delicious?" She smiled demurely and held out her hand to take mine.

I could smell perfume. She had fake nail extensions, painted bright red. "Anal cherry red," she said. "Do you like it?" "I love it," I answered enthusiastically. She walked off swaying her bum. "Ooo.the table is set nicely," she said. I was the one who was trying to transform her?

She had me squarely under her thumb and fake painted thumbnail. The fact of the matter was that I couldn't be happier. I carved the roast beef and dished up the dinner for both of us. I held the chair out for her to sit. She had bought a new red candle stick.

I lit it. Sunday dinner was rare prime rib roast beef, roasted potatoes, roasted parsnips, Brussels sprouts, fluffy Yorkshire pudding and lots of rich thick gravy.

A little dish of horseradish sat on the table. The meat could be cut with a butter knife.

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We both went back for seconds. I had a hard time concentrating during the whole meal. Those bright red nipples were beckoning me, almost taunting me. She grinned every time she saw that I was staring. What a devious cunt. "Sunday dinner," I said as we finished up the meal, "is now my most favorite time of the week." We stood to clear the plates away. She looked over her shoulder back to me as she slowly rubbed her bum cheeks with her hands, "But you've not had your dessert yet." "I am so looking forward to dessert." "So am I," she smirked at me, "everything's ready.

All clean." "Wanna do dishes later?" I asked.


"Yeah, we'll need tissues and some olive oil," she replied as she walked off to the living room provocatively wiggling her ass. Stepping into the living room I saw Caitlyn standing facing me, legs spread shoulder width apart.

She had slipped her skirt off. The stockings were held up by a garter belt. She wore no panties. Her pussy was bare. Little pussy rings glistened underneath. My cock popped to attention right away. "Strip naked for me Doug," she cooed, "and then come and lick my pussy." In about a nanosecond I was naked sitting on the floor below Caitlyn's crotch. I saw a smile of sweet satisfaction as she pulled the back of my head towards herself.

I cupped her bum cheeks.

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I was suddenly overcome by her aroma and her taste. My tongue darted everywhere. I knew that I was supposed to be pleasuring her. I wasn't. That was all about me. I was being greedy, lost in the need for more and more Caitlyn juice. Caitlyn was oblivious to my selfishness. Her hips rocked up and down and side to side as she pressed the back of my head. I could hear a low moan. After a few moments of self-indulgence I became cognizant of the fact that Caitlyn's thighs were quivering. She continued to press my head and flex her hips.

It really was my first opportunity to explore Caitlyn's pussy in the shaved condition. Earlier that afternoon, yes my tongue was there, but my mind was a little pre-occupied.

Sitting there on the carpeted living room floor with my face surrounded by black stocking tops and her soft bum cheeks, I could really make out the difference that shaving caused. Every fold was smooth, silky, naked, almost more vulnerable. More intimate. I was loving it.

Her quivering had become a tremble. I pushed my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could manage. From her bum to her clit I licked her with my tongue flattened. Just the tip of my tongue teased every tiny bit of her labia and then her clit. I collected more Caitlyn juice as a reward. I gently sucked on her clit. "Aaaauugh," she jerked and pressed my face into herself. "Nnnaagghh" she jolted again. My chin was soaked. I kept sucking on her clit. "Haaagh" she gasped as she shuddered and let go of my head.

"I need to sit down," she said. I could see her face was red. Her chest was heaving. Apparently she liked that.


She sat on the floor in front of me with her legs wide opened and her weight on her arms behind her. After her breathing normalized a huge grin washed across her face. There's always something just a little bit ridiculous about porno films. The girl is naked yet is still wearing high heels. I'm afraid for the leather couch when I watch it. Yet watching Caitlyn on the carpeted floor wearing high heels, sexy black stockings held up with a garter belt and the blouse with the boob cut-outs was anything but ridiculous.

She was sexy as hell! My cock was as stiff as can be. She rolled herself onto her knees and pressed her chest and face to the carpet.

She wiggled her bum and said, "Come on Doug, fuck my ass." I didn't need a second invitation. Her bum hole was a pinkish brown. Little creases converged to a small opening. She flexed it out at me several times.

I poured a little olive oil into my palm and smeared my cock with it. My lubed fingers found her bum hole. I tickled it with my finger. It flexed inwards in reaction. Just the tip of my index finger slip in momentarily.

She wiggled her bum. With a bit more oil on my finger I smeared all around her anus and then pushed the finger in. At first to my second knuckle and then all the way in. I wiggled and rotated my finger, "You okay?" I asked. "Uh-huh," she replied, "feels funny. Different." "Does it hurt?" "No." I oiled my finger again and pressed it back in, wiggling it from side to side. When I added a second finger Caitlyn's head came off the carpet and her back flexed.

"You okay?" I could feel her tighten on my fingers. I held them inside her. She paused for a moment before answering, "Yeah." With two fingers I twisted, flexed and pulled in and out. Her bum hole relaxed after a few moments. "Feels nice," she said. I pulled my fingers apart inside her bum while rotating my hand. She continued to relax. I pulled my fingers out and wiped my hands on some tissues.

Kneeling behind her I asked, "Ready?" "Yeah." As soon as my cockhead slipped in her head lifted off the floor again. I knelt motionless holding onto her hips. She lowered her head again.

I watched her bum hole relax. The urge to slam my cock into her was almost overwhelming. I had to control my emotions and think rationally. One screw up on my part and I could ruin my chances of having anal sex with her forever. I pushed forward slowly. The skin of her anus followed. I slowly pulled back drawing her anal ring out. I pushed forward a little further and stopped. I watched her intently. I pulled back again and forward and slowly forward and back, each time watching her bum hole follow my glistening cock.

I held for a few moments longer and then pushed forward until I was all the way in. She was tight around my cock. It was fantastic. Caitlyn made no sound except for her breathing.

I held my breath. I swear I could feel her pulse on my cock. "You okay?" I asked.

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She nodded. Her face was pinkish red. What a trouper. I knew that she hurt.


I held my cock inside her motionless for a few moments. Slowly I slipped it in and out and side to side. She seemed to relax a little. With my cock all the way inside her I held myself motionless again. Just a little, she pulled herself off my cock and then pushed back. After a moment she did it again. And then again. What a delight to watch. Slowly I started fucking her ass. What bliss.

She started fucking back. She shifted herself a little on the floor. I could feel the motion of her rubbing her clit. That was all the green light I needed. With each stroke the tempo increased. Not just mine. She was gyrating her ass into me as I fucked her. I couldn't believe that she was loving it. The tell tale quiver in her thighs came back. My breathing was heavy but I paced myself. I couldn't believe how tight her ass was around my cock.

Her face was red. Her eyes closed, nostrils flared. I needed to hold off cumming until she did. It was a challenge. The sight of my cock plunging into her ass was too erotic. I tilted my head and gazed at the ceiling. That didn't help, it only focused my mind on the feeling of her sphincter on my cock.

Her quiver turned to a tremble. I knew she was close. I could feel her rubbing her clit with vengeance. "!" Vise-like her asshole clamped down on my cock, I was fully inside her.

Her back and belly arched upwards. She relaxed for a fraction of a second, "Auugggggh" again she clenched. It was too much. I came inside her. My hips were out of control as I squirted over and over. The room was filled with our combined guttural growls and sharp intakes of air. My spasms synchronized with her contractions.

I fell in a heap on her back. My motion pushed her bum forward so that she was face down on the carpet. I was lying on top of her with my cock still in her ass.

We were both gasping for air. I moved slightly. "No! Leave it in!" I complied. I kissed her neck. "That was fucking awesome," she said, "I like that." I turned my face to the heavens above and mouthed a quiet thank you. "You're awesome Cate," I whispered in her ear. I kissed her neck.

A few moments later my cock slipped out of her bum hole. Cum oozed out. Such a glorious sight. "Shall I feed it to you?" I asked. "Not from my ass, that's gross." Her index finger and red painted fingernail replaced my cock. She swirled it in and around her bum hole playing with the cum.

I'm sure she wasn't aware that she was moaning in pleasure as she did it. A few minutes later, for the first time, tissue was used to clean-up after sex.

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I was still naked and she was still skirt-less as we cleaned up the kitchen. I had my finger in her ass as I climbed the stairs following her up to the bedroom. The garter belt, stockings and heels perfectly framed her bum.

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She seemed to enjoy the finger, she certainly didn't complain. * The shop phone rang as we were having lunch the next day. "Hello," I answered it. ("Doug, it's your sister.") "Sally! How are ya?" ("I'm great. Don't worry nothing's wrong.") "Where are you?" (I'm at the airport. My connecting flight to Chicago has been delayed so I'm jumping in a cab to go see mum and dad.

Can you meet me there? It would be really nice to see you too. I can only spend an hour there before I'll have to get back to the airport.") "Okay, I'll meet you there." ("Great, I really miss you.") "I miss you too. Love you. See you in about forty minutes." I pulled my shop coat off, grabbed my keys and said "Caitlyn, I'll be back in about two or three hours.

I've got my cell phone." I jumped in the pick-up truck and took off to see my sister. From the airport she'd be at mum and dad's before I would. She is married with three kids, my nephews and niece. Naturally, I'm always feeling guilty because I don't see my mum and dad often enough.

But at sixty six and sixty seven, they're still doing okay. God bless them. Sadly I only rarely see my sister and her family. We had a pleasant visit. It was very strange for just the four of us to be together, without her husband and her kids, although I love them all very dearly.

I couldn't remember that last time it was just the four of us. We all hugged and kissed before my sister and I had to return to the real world. I got back to the shop just before three. The black Yaris wasn't there. Caitlyn wasn't there. I called her cell. She didn't pick up. Just after four, the shop phone rang.

"Hello," I answered it.

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("Doug Jenner?") "Yes?" ("My name is Dennis Progue, I'm Caitlyn's dad.) "Is she okay, where is she?" ("She's in the hospital. She's been in an accident.") "What?!.Is she okay?" My knees started to shake. ("She'll be okay, she's been banged up. Her car's a write off.) "Oh my God." I needed to sit down. I was going to faint. ("What happened?") "What do you mean? I have no idea." I was breathing heavy.

How could he be asking me what happened? ("She's completely distraught, she ran through a red light and got t-boned, luckily on the passenger side. The mini-van that hit her is a write-off too, but it appears the woman who hit her is fine. Her air bags went off.") "How bad is she banged up?" My world was going grey.

("A couple of broken ribs, some minor cuts, a bunch of bruising. Her head is fine, spine's fine. She's very shaken up. Why wasn't she at work and why did she run a red light?") "I don't know. What hospital is she at?" With a bunch of deep breaths I knew I was going to be okay. He told me. "All I can tell you is that I went out and I was back three hours later and she was gone.

That was completely unlike her. And she wouldn't pick up her cell phone when I called. I thought maybe she went for groceries or something. I was getting a little worried." ("I'm calling you from her cell phone right now. I think they might be discharging her tonight.") "That's fine, I'm going to see her right now." I was panting. Back down the highway I went shaking the whole way. I met Dennis and her mom Jenny standing outside the little room Caitlyn was in. They were obviously worried and upset.

Caitlyn had bandages on her face with traces of dry blood below. Her bottom lip was blue and swollen. The nose ring was gone. Clearly she'd had a nose bleed. She had a shiner in both eyes. Her right arm was in a sling. She had a neck brace pad around the back of her neck. There was something wrapped around her ribs below her sweater, which was bloody. Her pants were off and she had a big bandage on both knees and her right ankle.

Tears welled in my eyes. I thought I might faint. "Caitlyn you poor thing." I leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Do you still love her?" she mumbled through swollen lips. "What?" "Sally. Do you still love her?" Oh fuck. "Caitlyn. My sister's name is Sally. I went to see my sister, not my ex-fiancé." "What?!.Fuck off! Fuck right off!

You fucking bastard!" She was shaking in the bed. "Hey, don't be blaming me." She started crying. Dennis interjected, "What's going on?" Her mom looked like she was in shock. I turned to face them both. "I had a fiancé named Sally. My sister's name is Sally too. My sister's connecting flight was delayed and she and I met for an hour at my parent's house this afternoon. Caitlyn overheard the phone call from my sister and thought I was talking to my ex-fiancé.

None of that would matter, if your daughter wasn't desperately in love with me." I turned to look down to Caitlyn, "Isn't that true Caitlyn?" Tears were streaming from her face as she nodded.

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"Do you love her too?" Jenny asked, her face even more in shock. I brushed Caitlyn's forehead, there was dry blood in the hairline. "I do, but not when she's stupid like this." I smiled at her. She tried to smile back through her blue swollen lip. Tears were still flowing. "Are they going to discharge her tonight?" I asked Dennis. "That's what they said," he answered, "the Doctor's going to come by one more time." "Should we let Caitlyn decide where she wants to go home to?" I asked. "I think so Doug." The three of us turned to look at Caitlyn.

Through blackened, teary eyes she slowly raised her slinged right arm and pointed a crooked finger at me. Thank you lord.

I looked around the little room. I could see her shop coat in a plastic bag next to the bed. "What happened to her pants?" I asked. "They cut them off." Jenny answered. "We'll need to buy her some sweatpants or something," Dennis suggested. "No," I said, "I'm going to buy her a skirt. A flowery one." "Fuck off!.fuuuuck offfff!" came the response.

Dennis said in a low voice to me, "I'm glad she's going home with you." As we drove home Caitlyn asked, "Is it true?" "It what true?" "That you love me?" Her voice was a little hesitant. "Yes, it's true. I love you Caitlyn." "I love you too Doug." Tears were streaming down her face.