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Wafi xxx big ass hasband waching
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Megan headed to the shower while Terry changed the sheets on his bed. When he heard the shower stop and the door to her room close he knew it was his turn to shower. As the warm water ran down his body he took an inventory. "Lets see. Your step sister catches you jacking off using the panties that you borrowed from her room and she then stays to help you finish.

You then help her mastrubate because she had gotten hot watching and helping you that she needs release. You touch, kiss and lick her breasts while she does herself. Today you wear a pair of her silky panties while she rubs her hot silk covered pussy along the length of your silk covered cock. You then wind up banging the hell out of her because the masturbation wasn't enough. Yeah, that about sums it up,"he thought as he finished showering. From the first time he met her as their parents were making plans to wed Terry had always considered Megan very hot.

Watching her stretched out poolside in one of her tiny bikinis while she applied suntan oil to her magnificent body was a favorite summer pass time.

More than once he had to wait in the pool until she went inside before he got out.The bulge in his swim trunks was very noticeable.

When the family went out for dinner were among his favorite times. The sight of her shapely legs in a mini skirt, black pantyhose and heels were almost too much to handle and it was an effort not to stare.

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He had been forced to carry his jacket in front of him as they left the table because his erection was very prominent. It was that vision of her in her skirt and heels that fueled his masturbation later that evening and for many more. As he was shaving he recalled a long unfulfilled desire and wondered if Megan would be the one to help him grant it.

He donned his robe and headed toward the kitchen to get something to eat and was surprised to find out that Megan had fixed dinner for them. She served him dressed in a short blue satin robe and she always found a reason to rub her lush breasts against him as she passed by.

He allowed his hand to caress her satin covered bottom whenever she did. Afterwards as they drank coffee and shared a smoke he decided to just come out and ask her.

"Megan, I have something really personal to ask," he said haltingly. "Go ahead and ask," she responded with a creamy smile. "Have you ever had anal sex or have you ever wanted to try?" he asked blushing.

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Beneath her sculpted bosom Megan felt her heart began to beat a little faster and her nipples grow hard. "Have you?" she asked. "No, none of the girls I dated were into that." "None of my boyfriends wanted to either," she responded. Megan slid off her chair and planted her firm satin covered butt in Terry's lap and then she wrapped her arms around him. "Terry, would you like to fuck me in the ass?" she crooned in his ear and she felt his cock twitch under her.

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"Very much," he responded as he planted a kiss on her neck. "Would you like me to dress up?" "Yes." "Tell me how you see me dressed?" she questioned. "You're wearing your black velvet mini skirt with the black silk blouse, black nylons, garter belt and your knee high boots," he answered his face flushed.

"I don't own nylons or a garter belt." "I'd buy them for you," he answered. "You would do that?" she questioned. "Yes I would. I know of a dancers supply house that stays open late. Just write down your sizes," he answered. Megan slid off his lap while Terry made a beeline for his room to dress. When he returned she handed him a piece of paper with her sizes written on them, Terry grabbed it as he and headed out the door.

A few seconds later she heard the whine of his electric starter and then his Harley roared to life and he headed up the street.

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Megan went to her room and placed a set of satin sheets on the bed and lit some scented candles before she dug out her miniskirt, blouse and boots. She then located her sexiest bra and panties before she refreshed her makeup as she waited for Terry's return.

It was an hour later that she heard his Harley coming up the driveway. She donned her robe and headed to the kitchen to greet him. As he entered the house he gave her a shy smile and handed her one of the plastic bags he was carrying. "Now I have something to ask you," she stated. "Go ahead," he responded. "Terry, would you dress up for me?" "More of your lingerie?" "No.

I want you to wear your leather chaps, vest, boots and nothing else." Terry felt his heart begin to race and he began to feel the familiar tingling in his balls. "Sure, whatever you want," he responded as he headed out to his bike. Megan took the bag and went to her room and opened it.


It contained a stunning black silk garter belt and a pair of black seamed nylons. She put them on and then looked at her reflection in the mirror and got excited by what she saw. Her long legs looked even better clad in the black filmy material. She continued to dress and check her reflection as each new article of clothing was added. As soon as she zipped up her high heel boots she sent Terry a text that she was ready.

He knocked on her bedroom door and was invited in. When he entered her room dressed as she had requested, it filled her with a lust and desire that she had not known.

Megan had been sitting in her desk chair with her legs crossed so Terry could enjoy the sight of them. Her skirt was so short that it had ridden up when she sat down and was now offering him a tempting glance at the lace tops of the nylons around her tanned thighs.

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She stood up and approached him and then slowly wrapped her arms around his shoulders and began to kiss him very deeply. Her hands caressed his muscular arms and chest and then moved down to his black leather covered legs. They moved behind him where she rubbed his firm tight ass that the chaps exposed. Megan then pulled him closer so his now throbbing cock could feel her black velvet mini against it and the heat coming from under it.

Terry continued kissing her as he began to slowly caress her arms and breasts before his hands went under her skirt and slid down her already wet panties. Megan took him by the hand and led him to the bed. She peeled down the top sheet before she mounted and got on her hand and knees. Terry removed a tube of lube from his vest pocket and squeezed out a generous amount in his palm and applied it to his shaft as Megan watched wide eyed.

He then squeezed out another generous portion in his palm and slowly slid his hand under her velvet skirt again and then gently began to apply the lube to her anus, she softly moaned at the movement of his fingers in and around her back door.

He then knelt behind her and pushed the skirt to her hips while admiring her legs covered in the black seamed nylons and knee high boots. He pushed the head of his cock between her cheeks and paused at the opening to her anus. "Are you ready?" he asked softly. "Oh yes, but go slow as its my first time," she answered. Terry placed his hands on her waist and slowly inserted himself and Megan moaned with pleasure as he did it. There was a momentary flash of pain but it quickly vanished as her body seemed to accept this new intrusion.

Megan could feel the heat of his cock as it entered her and Terry could not believe the sensation it gave him. "Are you good?" he asked. "Yes, Terry. Take my ass cherry," she softly responded. Terry slowly began to push in and pull out of Megan's tight hole at a slow but steady pace. He paused for only a moment to take something out of another pocket on his vest. Megan then felt something being pushed into her dripping pussy.

She looked down and saw a pink dido in his right hand and she moaned with delight at being taken at both openings. "Fuck me harder," she begged.

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Terry quickened his pace causing Megan to moan even louder. "Megan, I can't hold out any longer," he managed to say breathlessly. "Then don't.

Fill my ass with your cum," she begged. A low moan issued from Terry as he shot his load into Megan's beautiful ass. This caused Megan to moan his name loudly as she enjoyed a monstrous orgasm. Afterwards they held each other for longest time as their breathing returned to normal. Terry then pulled Megan into him and gave her a long passion filled kiss. "That was fantastic," he said. "Yes it was," she said dreamily. As they cuddled Megan silently celebrated the end of her long self induced celibacy.