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Adele Stephens White Flowing Dress
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My first time 2 An old and experienced Red Setter tells some more of his story. The late afternoon sun spun shadows that were almost moving quickly enough to be observed as they slid across the bare wooden planking. The old Red Setter lay on the back stoop, rheumy eyes half closed and dreams chasing around in his head, making him twitch occasionally and whimper. The reddened sun shone off of his coat giving a false impression of vigour and youth, belying the greyness that now overtook the original colour of Rufus.

He knew his days were running out, like the last rays of sunlight in late afternoon, but he still held a privileged place in the stud farm where he had ruled for nearly ten years now. His teeth may have mostly gone, along with his energy and colour, but he still held a place of honour and was deferred to as a mediator in the squabbles of the other animals. Respect, unlike his once proud coat, never leaves. He heard rather than saw the young pretender to his place.

The fast growing pup was coming across the yard, raising puffs of dust from his oversized paws as he lithely ate the ground up in long galloping strides. Rufus tensed and prepared for the skidding buffeting he was getting used to. It didn't happen. The young dog came to an untidy halt, half a metre away. Rufus was grateful for the reprieve. Every time this whipper snapper hit him, the shock seemed to travel straight to his arthritic joints in a clarion call of pain.

It may have been the heat or that the young gun had run out of energy, but he flopped down alongside the old dog and stuck his tongue out in an effort to cool down. Pretty soon, he was also drifting in the dream world between sleep and wakefulness. Later, when the sun had sunk below the tree line, the young dog woke with a start, jogging Rufus from his light doze. "Tell me a story Uncle?" Rufus wasn't related to the young gun, but the title Uncle had been given to him in some bygone age and it had stuck.

"Tell me the one about you and the girl." "Ahh! Those were the days, but I already told you that one. I did promise to tell you how I became alpha male for a while and got… well I don't want to spoil the story. Comfortable?" The younger dog shuffled a bit and rested his jaw on his paws and waited for the old dog to paint pictures in his mind. One thing to be said for age is that it becomes easy to describe things and cast a mental image to the listener.

"It must have been about six years ago now." Rufus began; "The year of heat and storms. We had some of the craziest lightening storms I have even seen.


Forks of light arced across the sky, lighting up everything like it was day. The summer had been hot and dry, drier than usual. There was no rain and all the grass turned into hay and straw. Even the well was dry and water came in great big container Lorries. Many animals died of dehydration and the land was parched. I guess it must have been ten weeks or more of drought, but it all ended one night with the biggest storm I ever saw.

The new Alpha male had taken the younger kids away. I think they went up state to stay with some relatives. Anyway, he was away for a few days. It didn't matter too much because nothing could be done while the drought continued. The brood mares were either pregnant by now, or totally disinclined to come into oestrous, so nothing was happening there and the small crop holding was all dead. It was just too dammed hot and we all were too thirsty to do much of anything.

So it was just me and the alpha female looking after the place. Mostly, we just sat on the porch, fanning ourselves and staying out of the sun. I remember seeing a huge dust cloud travelling down the road. Loud rock music seemed to be coming from the middle of the dust ball and an engine was screaming. Well it turned out to be the older female sibling, the one I told you about before, remember? She had gone to college or something, which took her away.

She and I had fucked that one time I told you about, yep, that's the one. Well, she drove into the yard raising all kinds of hell.

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The music was deafening, you could actually feel the beat coming through the air in percussive waves it was so loud. All four wheels stopped turning, but the car carried on for a few feet, spinning in a circle until it stopped, facing the opposite way.

The music stopped and all that could be heard was the dust crashing back to ground and the engine ticking as it began to cool. Then she opened the door and got out.

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Well, my heart skipped a beat. In the time she had been away, her body had filled out and she was all women now. She had grown her hair and her breasts, oh!

Her breasts were something else. Now I know us dogs don't get excited too much about the human shape and that, but she looked gorgeous and I fell in love with her right there and then, all over again. Well, the two women fell to holding each other and slapping backs and weeping.

They can be so effusive and gushy at times. They had dinner and talked all evening long. I only just got fed. They seemed to be oblivious of anyone or anything except themselves. I rekon they would have talked all night, but the weather broke in a spectacular storm. The wind picked up first and began screaming through the house and around the corners. They shut the windows, but the heat inside was unbearable.


We went outside to see what was happening. The lightening forked across the sky and the thunder was a constant crashing cacophony. By now the wind had increased and was getting worse by the second. I can't remember who saw it first, but a giant twister was heading down the road.

It was the strangest thing; the funnel seemed to be following the clear road, leaving the fields on either side alone and was travelling in a straight line, right towards the house. The Alpha female grabbed her daughter and ran across the yard to the storm shelter.


Some time back, Alpha male had dug a large underground hole and put some steel shutters over it. They left me behind, but I soon caught up and managed to climb down the steps before the shutters clanged shut. Not a moment too soon, because the twister was upon us and nearly yanked the shutters out of their hands.

They lit the kerosene lamps and settled down on the cushioned benches. The Alpha female started some coffee on a small primus stove that had been put in there just for these occasions.

While the younger woman began to make a cigarette, burning something that smelled horrible and then, crushing it between her fingers, catching it on the paper with tobacco already spread over it. She lit the handmade cigarette and took a huge lungful down, holding it for a time and then blowing it out again.

She passed it to her Mother who hesitated for a second or two and then gave into the temptation with a huge lungful. I couldn't remember ever seeing the Alpha female smoke before, but she seemed to mellow, they both did.

We settled down to wait out the storm. The females chatted while they smoked a second awful smelling cigarette and forgot about me, but that was okay, I just sat on one of the benches and listened to the howling wind and watched the smoke go out through the extractor. As often happens when I'm sitting up, my cock protrudes a little. It doesn't bother me, but the Alpha female noticed it and started to get embarrassed. She kept looking askance and getting redder by the second.

She must have said something to her daughter because she looked then and started to laugh. They talked about me as if I wasn't there, and somehow, the daughter mentioned that she and I had screwed once before. Her mother was shocked at first, but then remembered the circumstances of her break up with her boyfriend. She became sympathetic and hugged her daughter. I guess I stopped listening, just basked in the knowledge that they were talking about me.

I might have even dozed, but I woke suddenly when the younger female took hold of my semi-sheathed cock. The two women had crouched down on the floor in front of me and were looking intently at the tip as it poked out. They were talking all the time and giggling like little children. I guess I kind of joined in the lighthearted mood and just relaxed.

The young dog shifted position between the old dog's paws and looked out over the dirt yard with half closed eyes. He loved these afternoon story sessions and always ended up in a contented sleep.

Rufus continued the story in his sing song voice. Then it got a little more serious because the younger one had grasped my cock a little tighter and was massaging it in an up and down motion. Well I admit, it got the old boy interested pretty quickly and before I knew it, precum was splashing into her upturned palm, just enough to pool in the folds of her skin and enough to lubricate her other hand, which was still massaging my cock.

Then she lifted her hand to her mother's nose for her to smell it. I was surprised when her little pink tongue flicked out and dipped into the small pool in her daughter's hand.

She made some appreciative noises and without warning bent at the waist and took my hardening cock straight into her mouth. Her warmth and wetness was a shock to me and I jumped up, but instead of getting away from her mouth, I only managed to stick my cock into her throat.

She gagged and choked a bit, but was still laughing at the accident. I managed to stand up, but the younger females hand was still rubbing away and I couldn't resist the urge to arch my back and begin humping against her hand.

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My cock was now fully erect and the sheath had all but folded back out of the way, exposing it all right to my knot, which hadn't yet begun to swell. Then they stopped.

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The two women sat back and quietly looked at my twitching dick like they were watching the television, sort of open mouthed and staring. It was a cruel thing to do to me. My cock was hanging out and needed something to happen. After a short while and seeing they had no intention of helping me out, I sat down and cleaned my dick and helped it back into its protective home.

A knowing look passed between them and some silent communication. I had no idea what they had planned, I swear, but all of a sudden, their clothing was all over the floor and they were naked, sitting on the dirt and then, kissing and fondling each other's bodies. It was getting pretty hot in there; the air intake was only just coping with the demand.

Then they twisted around and started licking each other's sexes. The younger one was kneeling astride her mother's prone body, her knees on either side of her head while she lapped at the offered furry sex.

The heat was mounting and becoming a bit uncomfortable, but I was far too interested in what was happening in front of my eyes. I sniffed at the younger girls sex and liked the memory of our first time together, but her mother was occupying the space between her legs, preventing me from getting so much as a kiss in.

So I gave up on that and went to explore the other end.

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The older woman's sex had a differing smell that told of disuse and an overwhelming need. She was ready to mate and was desperately trying to reach orgasm. Well I barged in really, shoving my snout in between the young girls face and her mother's thigh. She allowed me to get close enough to lap at the furred mound and lips hidden underneath.

My fist touch didn't really do much, so I wormed my way in a little more to get at her better. I tried again with my tongue and tasted her wetness. She had a musk that her daughter didn't, something switched on in my mind, because I just had to slap my tongue all over her sex.

Forcing myself in a little more, I got into a comfortable place and slurped her musk with all my heart. I guess it must have been the right thing to do, because she started to thrash her head from side to side while still sucking on the younger ones clit and then, suddenly, she arched her hips up and shot a thin liquid all over my face. She sort of grunted into her daughter's body, she also grunted and showered her mother in girl cream. I guess the cigarette had made some kind of difference, because I had never smelled my owner as she did now, even when she menstruated.

They collapsed back and giggled at each other before kissing again. A third cigarette was made and smoked. I watched as they fell about laughing at something that had been said. Then the mood changed again and the daughter laid on her back with her legs wide open. Mother started to lick and suck on her body, using her hands to massage her daughter's breasts, pinching the nipples and making them hard.

She knelt between her daughters parted and drawn up knees. Pretty soon, her daughter was writhing and grunting as she came.

Her body twitched the way I remembered it when she and I had screwed all that while ago. Mothers exposed pussy was dripping her lubrication and the musk of her scent was so intoxicating. It was a compulsion; I had no choice but the follow the source of the pheromone producing attraction. My tongue found the source and her musk flooded my taste and smell. The message was as clear as the mid-day sun, she was more than ready to mate, in fact, she was desperate and I had a certain pressing need that had only been played with up to now.

Anyway, I gave her the benefit of my tongue, she moaned into her daughter's snatch and exuded more of her wetness. It just sent my own needs spiralling out of control. I gave into the opportunity and jumped onto her back, locking my front paws around her slender waist. I was humping like I would never stop, but was missing the point by some margin.

I got off and twirled around a couple of times in frustration, licking her and trying to get her labia to open for me. I tried again; pulling her into me, but still couldn't get it right. It was so frustrating and I was nearly going mad with the need to mate with this woman. Then I tried once more and felt a helping hand guide me to her silken depths.

I don't know whose hand it was, but what a boon it became, because I shoved my whole cock straight into her body with no resistance, it was like throwing a sausage into a tunnel. For someone who hadn't had sex for a while, she was so loose; it was only that I was banging against her arse cheeks that I got to feel very much. I started humping her just as fast as I could; shoving my whole dick into her and pulling her waist back, trying to bury myself deep inside her. Pleasant as it was, it just didn't do it for me, although I think she might have orgasmed, but I couldn't tell.

I don't know if it was because she was so loose or what, but I got as hard as I could and managed a partial cum shot. It wasn't at all satisfying and I jumped down, still with a raging hard-on and as frustrated as all hell.

Bless her, she tried to suck me off, but it was too uncomfortable, her grip was much too tight and I kept catching one of her teeth, it was getting very sore and my hard-on was dwindling.

I was so horny, but had still to get off myself and she just couldn't do it for me. The women took a breather while I cleaned myself. I noticed the wind had dropped and was no longer tugging at the shutters or howling above us. Another cigarette was made and smoked between them, I guess the smoke relaxed them and they got right back into eating each other on the floor, only this time, it was the mother on her back with the girl kneeling between her parted knees.

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For the second time, I was confronted with a very ready pussy that was just begging me to lick it to heaven and back.

Well, what was I supposed to do? I just got right to it, slurping over her shaved lips and finishing at her anus. She tasted lovely, much different from her mother, as good as I remembered from before, but just as ready. I licked, curling my tongue so I could reach her swollen clit, I know that she liked that, and then running my broad tongue over her lips with a little stubble where she needed a shave, tasting her sweetness, then running up and over her puckered anus that had a faint trace of her spoil.

Those tastes told me she was healthy and fertile, ready to mate, hot for a stiff cock to be rammed into her beautiful twat and I was more than capable. It took a few tries, but I managed to connect with that red-hot and waiting pussy and my cock slid most of the way in. She was much tighter than her mother and gripped my dick like a gloved hand. It felt like heaven as I began to pound her and tried to get the whole length home.

Well I tried and tried, driving myself into frenzy in the effort to sink it all inside her, but although my knot was knocking against her outer walls and clit, it just wouldn't pass. God! But I was getting really angry now, two attempts and strike two. My banging against her clit sent her mad, she gushed her juice all over my belly fur. The bitch had come and left me behind. I could have bitten her just out of sheer annoyance. He checked on the young dog, which was not quite sleeping, but happily entering a doze state.

Don't stop, the pup murmured. Where was I? Oh yes, and he continued where he had left off. Her mother managed to kneel again after wriggling out from under her daughter's mouth. She made it obvious that she wanted me to try again with her, I though, Why not and climbed aboard.

My cock was twitching from frustration and my knot was now fully blown out, but it made little difference to her, it passed right between her outer lips with no guidance needed this time and lodged inside as if it belonged there. Then, the strangest thing happened; her muscles tightened and clamped me in. Well, that's all I needed to trigger me off. I couldn't pull or push too much where the pressure on my knot was so great, but it forced my dick deeper into her.

I felt the end enter her womb and nestle in the opening where it was gripped in a wanting and needy embrace. I managed to hump her a little, feeling the pressure build up and a familiar twinge in my sac. Because I had shot a half load already, I was able to hold on for a while longer, the need was not quite so urgent, but it wouldn't be too long.

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I was doing okay until she started shoving back on me, screaming for my cock to fill her. Already, I had pumped quite a bit of juice into her, it sloshed around inside her, trapped by the tight fit of her pussy lips around the bulb of my knot, but her pushing back as if she was desperate for me to give her a litter of puppies, tipped the balance and the twinge in my sac became too much. I thrust forward in the final throe of orgasm just as she pushed back; the effect was to drive my knot way beyond her outer lips and deep inside her.

Her ass brushed against my belly and my balls slapped against her quim. Three of four thrusts were all it took; I started to pump seed straight into her womb.

It was like holding onto a bronco, trying to keep a hold on her. As soon as she felt my first hot jets, she went wild. Her back arched, first upwards and then down, the effect was to lift her off her knees and raising her ass higher.

I had to grip her even harder and then pulled her into me so I wasn't thrown off, but it had a dramatic effect on me too, through her thrashing around, my dick had gone even deeper and I thought I might lose my balls inside her and I was pumping cum like I hadn't ever before.

Gradually, she settled down, having gone through a major climax as I was still emptying my balls into her warm and willing body. Sweat was pouring off of her, making it difficult to hold on. I slipped and managed to step over, so that we were stuck ass to ass. Bliss; as I totally emptied into her. All this time, the younger female had just sat and watched, encouraging with soft words, but now she wanted some of the action and lay on her back under her mother.

She started to suck on her clit and I guess her mum did the same for her. With me still stuck inside, the mother orgasmed straight away with a muscle spasm that felt like it was going to cut my dick right off.

Then she just kept spasming and it milked me absolutely dry, it was wonderful and I knew I had never been fucked like it and probably wouldn't again, ever. One of her spasms pushed me out of her body and a huge gush emptied out of her, all over her daughters face and open mouth. She gagged in surprise before clearing her throat by swallowing in a reflexive action. She cleaned her mother and somehow, managed to alternately clean my hanging cock that was dripping still and pulsating in dry twitches.

Her lips and tongue felt wonderful, but I had nothing left to give her. The girls kept at it for a little while. I watched and cleaned my self off. They were enjoying each others bodies, lost in the moment and oblivious of me or anything around them. They continued, sucking and pushing fingers into each others pussies, moaning and writhing until, exhaustion eventually overtook them.

Funny thing is, after we had rested and then opened the shutters to leave the shelter, their attitude towards each other and I totally changed, it was as if nothing had happened except the yard was all blown to hell and back. The young female came to visit often, but we never repeated what had happened and if I got a bit too fresh with either one of them, was shut out with a harsh word or even a tap on the nose and hurts I got to tell you.

By now, the young dog was snoring, content in his trust and love for the old hound. He hadn't heard the last part of the story, but the remembrance, for the old dog, raised his heart rate and he felt the old excitement course through his veins and a tingle in his balls. For a short while, he felt young and virile again.