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I began watching the comedy series, "Chuck", on television when it started two years ago. I continued to watch it every week. For some strange reason I took a keen interest in the blonde actress, Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Chuck's girlfriend, Sarah. There was something familiar about her; then it struck me. Many years ago, just about a generation ago, I had a client that could have been her twin. The only difference was Lisa had slightly darker hair. As I thought further, it could have been her mother.

The resemblance was uncanny. I managed to watch almost every episode since. I was saddened to hear it may be going off the air. Let me tell you more about Lisa. This story begins during one of my many sessions at Rhoda's house. Rhoda is one of my earliest and most memorable clients of my massage career. It seems that almost every week after her daughter Sharon moved back in, my massage business began to flourish.

All of Rhoda's Saturday massage sessions at her house have been full of fond and pleasant memories. There was more intrigue and voyeur versus voyeur at that house than you would think possible. It made the massage sessions more desirous for all involved; including me. They could never get enough sex and special massages.

Carolyn's visits had now become a monthly ritual. After her last massage she thought it might be nice if she brought one of her friends over next time she was to visit.

How could I refuse! Rhoda didn't mind at all. She loved all of Sharon's friends and had plenty of extra rooms to put them up for the weekend. Lisa lived a few doors down the hall from Carolyn, and was also a good friend of Sharon. Before Sharon moved back in with her mother, the three of them would have their weekly get-togethers and discuss matters of importance and interest to each other, including how good or how bad their sex lives were with their men. Lisa, it seems was getting less sex than either of them.

She was a few years older than Sharon and Carolyn and at the beginning of her sexual prime of early thirties. Sexually starved at this point in her life was driving her to the verge of doing something drastic. Her husband, Gary, was a dozen or more years older, mid forties, maybe closer to fifty; he was on the heavy side of heavy, didn't exercise much, smoke, drank, was diabetic and to add to that, a touch of ED.

If he didn't take care of himself soon, he wasn't long for this world.

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Sex was infrequent to none. Lisa, in her wildest dreams would never have thought of cheating on Gary. She truly loved him, but she needed to do something soon before going mad. Her sexual tension was pushing her to the edge of having an affair.

Carolyn suggested, "Before you go and do something stupid like having an affair, have you ever tried a massage?" "I've had a few, but they always leave me more tense than before I started." Lisa answered. "What I should have said, Lisa dear, was, have you ever had an erotic massage? It's not cheating if you have a professional masseur to relieve those pent up anxieties." "That sounds just like what the doctor ordered. But where do you go for one of them?

Not everybody advertises that type of massage." "Why don't you come with me next time I visit Sharon, and I can guarantee you, that after you have a Massage from my masseur, Pete, you will have a totally different opinion about massage?" "You can guarantee that? He's that good?" "Why do you think I've been seeing Sharon every month?

You've got nothing to lose, honey!" "You don't have to ask twice, I'm sold." Plans were made and I was about to enjoy an extraordinary Saturday. This coming weekend with four erotic massages in one day would push my endurance to the limit. Because it was going to be a long day, I suggested we start an hour or so earlier than usual. I arrived at 8 o'clock to set up everything. Rhoda was already up as usual and had coffee poured.

What was unusual was that Sharon was also up. Apparently they both had hair appointments this morning and wouldn't be back until noonish. I said, "That would be fine. I should be ready for both of you by then." Rhoda and Sharon were just going out the door when Carolyn came down in just her robe. Everyone was up early today. Each time I am at Rhoda's house, I seem to be getting more personally involved and becoming a major player in their sex lives. It appears that I am also to blame for allowing some of their sexual fantasies to develop.

While Lisa was taking a shower before her massage, Carolyn said, "Lisa is going first. This is a special treat for her from me. She never had an erotic massage and I told her how good you are. I told her, your magic hands were so soft and adept at getting all the right spots; you would probably make her cum. She got all turned on at that and kept prodding me for more details. I didn't tell how you would do it.

I remember what you said about anticipation. It's the key to a great massage. Her husband, Gary, is just about useless in the sexual satisfaction department and Lisa hasn't had an orgasm in years.

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She needs something solid to massage her depths. She's expecting you to fuck her, Pete. I told her that there is no fucking in an erotic massage, but I also told her that you might if she sincerely pleaded with you." "Carolyn, you know that fucking is not part of an erotic massage," I was quick to add.

"I know, Pete, and I told Lisa also; but I thought because her libido and sex drive had fallen so low, I told her you have ways to make her feel young and desirable again. I've seen you after one of my massages and I noticed a huge swollen mass straining to rip through your sweat pants. As a special request from me, Pete, will you fuck her with that massive tool of yours? It's what she's really expecting. Because this is a one time special offer from me I was hoping you might change your mind just this once." " Well, maybe, but only if I hear it from her, Carolyn." I offered her a cup of coffee while we waited for Lisa, but Carolyn said she would have one later and left to send Lisa down.

"I'm going back to bed and lay down while Lisa is having her special massage." Saying and doing don't always happen. Knowing Carolyn, I knew she was too anxious to go back to sleep. I would be willing to bet, her pussy was already drooling in anticipation of watching her friend get a special massage. Carolyn couldn't wait to see her neighbor spread on my table, seeing her glistening juices oozing from her excited vulva.

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I knew she would be running back downstairs to get a bird's eye view. She would lie on the couch in the darkened living room just across the hall from the sun filled dining room where I set up my table.

I could just picture her now; with her robe open giving herself a massage trying to imitate the same strokes her neighbor was receiving, just a few feet away. I would set up my table and angle it so the foot end was aimed toward the room across the narrow hallway. Carolyn was a watcher with uncontrollable voyeuristic desires. She would be there, on the sofa, watching and listening as Lisa would gasp and moan from my caresses.

She would most certainly be masturbating while she watched; I've seen and heard her on other occasions. I began to wonder what she would think when she saw my thick 7 -1/2 inch tool escape from my pants as I approach Lisa's swollen, hot, wetness, less than ten feet from her wide open eyes. Just then I heard Lisa coming down stairs and interrupted my thoughts. Good thing; my dick was already stirring from thoughts of what today will bring. I had not met Lisa, so while Carolyn was 'settling in', Lisa and I had a little chat in the kitchen before we got started with her massage.

Carolyn had already told me that Lisa hadn't been laid in months and that she was going to plead with me to bone her hard and deep. Lisa needed a solid fuck to relieve her tensions and frustrations.

I never let on that I knew this; I would just go with the flow and see where this session ended. Lisa was tall, about 5'9" with light brown shoulder length hair; almost blonde. She had high cheek bones and Slavic shaped blue green eyes. She was thinner than most, but the body attached to those long legs was as shapely as any model. She was in one word, beautiful. She had used some of Rhoda's lilac and lavender scented body wash. If she only knew how much I love that fragrance; it was making my mouth water for a taste of her pussy.

She was wearing only a robe and slippers; her hair still damp from her shower. Like most wrap-a-rounds, no buttons and just a single sash for a belt, the top somehow always managed to open when the wearer sat down. Lisa's robe was no exception, exposing everything above her waist as she sat. Reaching for her coffee caused her robe to fall away further exposing left breast completely.

I couldn't help to stare at such a beautiful, firm 36C breast. She had a large pink areola with a small budding nipple; just the kind that makes you wet your lips and wish you could plant your lips around applying soft kisses while licking and sucking.

My cock twitched reflexively and snapped me out of my ogling trance. I think I was licking my lips. If the rest of her body was in the same shape, I would have a difficult time trying to hold back from giving her the cock she's expecting. We finished our coffee and Lisa went to the dining room for her massage.

She removed he robe just as she entered the room and I of course caught another brief glance at her. Wow! Down boy I said to myself Just as another lilac fragrance wafted under my olfactory nerve endings; the aroma clinging to my senses drawing me into the room.

By now, Carolyn would have had plenty of time to get settled in to watch the show. Lisa was ready, lying face down on my table with a sheet covering most of her. Yes, today was going to be hard to keep control of my urges. As I mentioned earlier, I had learned to position my table for the best possible viewing from the living room.

Lisa was in fantastic physical shape. Being around the same age as I was, my cock quickly became attracted to her. Her shapely form lying partially covered on my table. Her naked outline clung to the thin sheet covering her long legs and curvaceous butt. It made the thin sheet appear as if it was invisible. Her light brown shoulder length hair reflected all the highlights in the sun light. I just stood next to her admiring her form for several long seconds. I could feel my cock telling me not to make her ask for it.

For first time clients, I always give the extra touch; the full 115%. Lisa was no exception and I wanted her to continue coming back for future treatments. I approached and turned the sheet down off her shoulders and down to the top of her firm round ass. I had to stop and regain my composure before I even got started. My dick was telling me to take the sheet off completely for a better view while I rubbed her back.

I silently told my engorged cock to shut up and let me do this massage without becoming completely out of control. After all, this was going to be a long day. There will be plenty of time for fun and pleasure later. From the first soft gliding stroke down each side of her spine, Lisa moaned and oohed and aahed sounds of sincere pleasure.

I could do no wrong; she wanted more massage on every square inch of her back that I touched. I couldn't take any more. Her smooth and sensual voice forced me to move directly onto her butt. I pulled the sheet down to her knees and began rubbing and squeezing and kneading her firm butt.

It helped me a little thinking she might object to this direct assault onto her beautiful ass; maybe a loud 'Hey, what are you doing?' But that was not the case. Lisa was thrilled all the more and asked for me to continue. I had to stop for a few minutes and work on her lower extremities.

I covered her gorgeous ass with the sheet before continuing on her feet. My throbbing boner was already demanding I separate these long legs and go right to the pussy. I ignored the silent screaming voice and slowly picked up her left foot and restarted the massage.

Everything seemed to be under control. I decided to do both feet before going up the back of he legs. She seemed very relaxed from this; and it helped me also to calm down. Now for the next phase; trying to keep this part of the massage non-sexual might prove too be difficult.

I uncovered just her left leg and worked my way up. Lisa came back to life again with her constant words of pleasure she was feeling. I was still in control; maybe I was getting used to this. After all this wasn't my first time doing this. As I was ready to move to her right leg, Lisa sensed my next move and kicked the sheet completely off. In doing so she had spread he legs slightly, showing a glimpse of her trimmed light brown bush.

A faintly noticeable slit between her puffy little pussy lips was showing the tiniest amount of moisture. I took this gesture as an invitation and this time my hands got much closer to crotch. I could feel the heat emanating and the familiar light fragrance of excitement as I was rubbing her inner right thigh while rocking her side to side. Her moaning intensified. I said, "Time to turn on your back. Would you like to have the sheet covering you?" "You've already seen most of me, and I have nothing to hide," was her reply.

She quickly flipped over displaying the most perfect 36C breast I had ever seen; almost no sag towards her sides. These firm orbs stood straight up. The large pink areolas and nipple were just waiting to come to life under my tender touch; but not just yet. Looking down the front of her torso I saw her neatly trimmed patch of light brown hair atop her love mound. Her legs were already parted more than when she was lying on her tummy.

She was ready and anticipating more. I was also getting anxious and wanted to speed things up a bit. Quickly I moved down her front forcing all her sexual energy toward her abdomen and into her sexual nerve endings deep in her tummy. I continued with more special attention near the top of her love mound churning her energies to increase the stimulation for what's to come. Lisa began moving her hips from side to side as I stirred her sexual energy into her lower abdomen.

Her moaning was almost non-stop. It was time to move on.


It felt like she was almost ready to cum. Before going to her feet, she instinctively parted her legs further. It was an invitation or should I say a hint that she was ready for me to go further. I rarely pass up an invitation. Unlike the first half, I decided to do one foot and leg completely. I finished her right foot rather quickly because her pussy was calling out for my touch.

Once on her leg, I slowed down and inched my way to the top of her thigh. Lisa began shivering as my hands neared the top of her leg. She shifted slightly and in doing so, parted her limbs an additional inch. I could feel the heat wafting toward my face as I leaned over her. I could feel her excitement building. She was still trembling with anticipation as my warm soft hands slowly slid up her inner and outer thighs of her left legs. She needed my touch and was moaning louder than before.

I closed in on the hot and now moist slit between her silky smooth thighs. She was squirming and slowly bucking her hips ever so slightly.

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Her lips were still closed together but they wouldn't be much longer. One touch and I knew they would swell and open for the duration of this massage. Her aroused fragrance was causing my cock to swell again.

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I stopped just as my fingers barely brushed the short hairs outside her lips. Then I thought, "This pussy is screaming to be touched. An early hint of the next phase should keep her interest." One last stroke before telling Lisa to turn over; I pressed my fingertips gently and softly into her outer lips.

As I lightly pushed her lips against her clit, Lisa let me know that this was what she was waiting for. "Oh, Pete, do that some more!" I left her with just that one touch. "It's time to turn on your tummy again." I said. "That felt so nice. Do I have to turn over now? Can't you do that just a little longer?" I gave in and said,"Okay, just a little bit more." I continued softly stroking her inner thighs, listening to her purring in almost a chanting tone. Every dozen strokes or so I allowed my fingers to wander closer to her steaming pussy.

Just before the final strokes, I lightly brushed my fingers up and down her inner thighs while slowly stroking her soft outer lips. They parted slightly as I pushed her lips once more against her aching clit. She was getting very wet. Reluctantly she turned over for more treatment. I quickly went from her back to her firm round ass. Kneading and rocking her butt, I could feel my dick swell against a wet spot that had developed in my pants.

My hands were all over her butt with several strokes sliding between her slightly separated legs. They separated further after the first stroke. Allowing for more contact, I instinctively poured more warm Astroglide between her cheeks onto my hand. With no pressure at all, my fingers slipped between her already slippery lips.

Only a few strokes were needed to keep Lisa's interest and several times my fingers slid into the base of her little hooded button. She was hot and excited. My wet spot was growing. Lisa let out a little squeal of startled pleasure. "Do more, Pete. That feels really nice." My hand lost some control and dipped into the base of her now swollen clit several more times. I was rushing things and had to slow down once more.

Her long smooth legs were waiting for my touch. As I began on her feet, I spread her legs a little more. Lisa knew what was coming soon. Her warm flesh began to tremble again as I slid my hands up the back of her left leg.

The further up the stronger her intermittent shaking continued. This time I went all the way up over her soft firm butt cheek with my left hand and on to her inner thigh with my right; also all the way up until my fingertips pressed into her hot slippery lips. Rocking her slowly from side to side; squeezing her butt while pushing my fingers into her lips and pressing softly onto her clit. I had awakened some long lost sensations. She moaned softly and said, "Pete, keep doing that.

It feels so nice. This is the best massage I've ever had;" and it had barely gotten started. Yes, Lisa was definitely becoming aroused. Her sexual fragrance was filling the air. Her flesh was warm and moist and it was having an effect on me. It was time for her to turn on her back once more. She needed time for this peak in her excitement to subside a little. At this point I could feel myself dripping down my leg in anticipation of what I knew was coming.

Lisa did not know that Carolyn had filled me in and told me that Lisa was expecting a stiff reaming of her vagina. I was supposed to act shocked at the mention of it. Carolyn had told Lisa she would have to beg for it if she really wanted Pete to sink his rod into her depths. Little did Carolyn know that it took all my strength to refrain from stretching her neighbor's wet pussy. My swollen member was throbbing and rubbing against the wet slipperiness inside my pants making it harder to concentrate on the task at hand.

My mind was so wrapped up in thoughts fucking this beautiful woman, I had temporarily forgotten about Carolyn. As Lisa turned on her back to receive the rest of her massage, I stepped away from the table to get more warm lotion. Lisa was facing me when I turned toward the table. I could tell by the way hers eyes opened a little wider that she noticed the massive wet bulge pointing at her. This is when I had a bit of d? vu and remembered I had done this same thing before, except when I turned, I caught a flash of someone in the living room.

She immediately turned to look up at the ceiling as she placed hers hands beside her along the edges of the table. "Why not!" I said to myself. I started applying warm lotion to her right hand and arm. As I put her hand back on the table, it automatically came off the edge to rest against me as I slid along the edge of the table.

She didn't think I noticed, so I played along. I could see her small pink nipples reacting before I even touched them. I didn't want to keep them waiting, so I began to work on her upper torso. The right side first, then the same treatment on the left. Her left hand also felt my shaft as I slid myself along her arm. I could feel the warmth from her arm as I leaned in closer to the table as I worked from her left side. After finishing the left, I continued massaging both breasts before moving down to her lower tummy.

Her pink nipples were stiff and aroused from my delicate touch. Her breathing was breathing slow and even. I watched as her chest rose and fell with each deep breath; a sign she was anticipating my next move.

Her legs inched wider apart as I approached her hips and abdomen. Her hips rocked from side to side and lifted slightly as my hands brushed lightly over her tummy. "Pete, I want you to know.

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No one has ever touched my breasts the way you just did. I could feel my clitty tingling when you pinched and tugged softly on my nipples. God, it still feels so nice." After her upper half was thoroughly massaged and aroused, I proceeded to the lower half.

Her shaking had subsided and she appeared more open to accepting every stroke. As I worked my way up her right inner thigh, Lisa was whispering something to me. It sounded like "Fuck me!" I said ,"Did you say something?" she replied, "I was thinking out loud; it was nothing." And so I went back to her inner thigh with the lightest of strokes.

She began opening her legs inch by inch as my hands and fingers moved closer to her womanhood. The closer I came, the further she spread herself waiting for that first touch again. I couldn't tease her any longer; my fingers finally slid up her smooth hot inner thigh and pressed softly into her moist crotch. I continued rubbing her lips and thigh at the same time. She appreciated every stroke. Her hip movements and her own lubrication increased with each soft touch.

Lisa was hot and very excited as I stopped and went to her left foot and leg for a similar treatment. As I proceeded up her left leg with long gliding strokes, she knew from me working on her right leg that I was about to perform the same light arousing strokes.

She voluntarily opened her long smooth limbs further so my hands would have no trouble exploring her outer and inner lips. I could now see her clitoris poking its little head from between her lips.

I could hear it softly calling for some immediate and special attention. As I began softly massaging and caressing this tender sensitive nub, it visibly grew to twice its former size. A muffled mewing burst from across the hallway. Carolyn was close enough that she could also see the swollen excited clit of her neighbor. Seeing her friend so highly aroused and excited, Carolyn knew it wouldn't be long before she heard Lisa asking, and more than likely begging, for release; demanding Pete to stretch her hot pussy with that hard cock she felt earlier, sliding along her arm.

Because Carolyn had been through this part of the massage, she new how nice it felt and was probably in the same state of excitement. She also knew what was coming next; a slow enduring and undulating clitoral and vulva massage.

Things were definitely starting to heat up. Lisa was very warm and excited; she accepted my gentle touch where ever I placed my hands. With my left hand on her tummy just above her pubic bone, I could feel the heat and the slight movements as she lifted her mound toward the palm of my hand as I manipulated her clit with my right hand.

Circular strokes, up and down strokes, side to side strokes for added variety was driving her to the point of no return quickly. Grasping her lips and pulling gently from her clit to her vagina and back again.

Gripping and gliding with my thumb and forefinger latched onto her sensitive lips brought a continuous stream 'oohs and aahs and uuhs and don't stop, keep doing that, it feels soo nice' phrases from her now louder emotional build-ups. I knew she couldn't hold off much longer. I wanted to make this last so she would get the most benefit from her first sexual massage.

I could feel the swelling and throbbing between my own legs Carolyn could also see the massive bulge in the front of my sweat pants. She knew that I would have that throbbing tool out soon, boning her friend to orgasm right in front of her face. Lisa panted again, "That feels soooo nice! Please don't stop!" I didn't want her to let go yet; it was hard for her to hold off much longer.

I kept my rhythm slow and even. Lisa was shaking and holding her breath; she wanted me to move faster. I stopped just then and told her that I was switching to the vaginal clock massage. Her shaking and butterflies in her tummy stopped fluttering for the moment.

She was very wet, and when I applied more warm personal lubricant to my right hand, she never felt my thumb enter her. I held my thumb still inside her hot orifice. It wasn't until I gave her the first firm squeeze with my thumb at the 12 o'clock position that she knew something was inside her. With my fingers placed over her mound and my thumb pushing against the front wall of her vagina, I drew my thumb in and out for a half a minute to a minute then released the pressure and moved to the 1 o'clock position and repeated the whole process around the clock.

As I was approaching the 11 o'clock position, I felt several medium contractions as her vaginal wall squeezed my fingers. After the 'clock' I usually would go to the side of the table and start the G-spot treatment.

When I moved around to the side, Lisa's hand was over the edge and felt the wet throbbing hardness in my pants. She turned her hand and gave me a squeeze; instinctively my cock twitched in her hand.

She pleaded for me to put it in. I repeated that intercourse is not part of the massage. She begged some more. I was weakening, but said the table was too high. She immediately hopped off the table and bent over the end with her glistening genitals displayed for the unseen visitor in the other room.

Carolyn's moment had arrived. Lisa blurted out loud, "Pete, do me from behind. I want to feel all of that massive cock in me. I want to feel you balls slapping my clitty.

Lisa turned her head and watched as I dropped my sweat pants and stepped out of them. She could see the wetness of pre-ejaculate coating the head of my shaft.

I was stiff and bouncing as I turned and approached her from behind. A slight glance toward the semi-darkened living room was all I needed to know that Carolyn was enjoying her neighbor's massage. Without realizing it, Carolyn had inched even closer to the end of the couch to get an even better view. Her bathrobe was completely open and the sunlight had lit up her crotch.

She was slowly polishing a pink silicone toy with her vagina while pinching and twisting her left nipple. I reached for the bottle of Astroglide, not that I needed it, but it was mostly for the audience. I slowly applied the solution to the crack between Lisa's butt cheeks and let it drool down between her wide spread legs.

She was face down with her openly displayed vulva waiting for me to proceed. I covered her genitals with warm soothing strokes. There wasn't the smallest area that was dry. As I stood sideways to the hidden audience, I slowly applied more lubricant over the entire length of my swollen tool.

I appeared like I was masturbating in slow motion; I heard a few more gasps from Carolyn just before I led my log toward Lisa's hot slippery slit. I teased her, sliding the soft smooth head up and down the length of her slit.

I could feel her swollen clit enter the tip of my dick before I returned to insert just the head into her hot tight love tunnel. I did this for several strokes before Lisa finally said put it in, now! She gripped the sides of my table as I approached her again and guided my cock to the beckoning hole. For married women, she was tight. After I inserted the tip, I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my shaft as I pushed with equal pressure.

I'm glad I did use the extra fluid. As wet and slippery as she was, she had the hottest and tightest vagina my cock ever felt. I had thrust hard and slow and deep and pulled back just as slow. She winced with a little discomfort at first, but after several strokes, her pussy had adjusted to my cock. After a minute, I was ready to blow my whole load. The heat, the tightness, the friction was almost too much to bear.

All of a sudden I felt her vagina grip my cock with a strong clenching action. She was cumming already; trying to milk my semen from my balls. She was hot and steamy; I had to stop for a second or two before I lost it. She calmed down and I pulled my throbbing dick all the way out. My glistening cock bounced up and down in view of the audience. Lisa's love tunnel remained stretched open for several long seconds.

This apparently caught Carolyn off guard as I heard another uh! in between her panting. I adjusted my tool once more and began drilling and reaming the steaming tight pussy before me. Within seconds, Lisa began again, pushing her firm round ass against me with each powerful thrust. Her contracting cunt was trying to strangle my weapon. I pounded deeper, harder and faster than before. My balls were slapping loudly against her clit with every stroke.

She was so hot and wet; my cock was ready to burst. I let out a low growling sound of pleasure of my own as my swollen member continued attacking Lisa's depths. Lisa retaliated with a scream of pleasure that was loud enough to wake the neighbors. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, Pete, fuck me. Oh, Pete, cum in me! Cum in me now!" I couldn't take it any more as I gripped her hips tightly and rammed my dick like a piston out of control.

My table began inching across the floor as my throbbing cock slammed her tight hole. A few more strokes and Lisa was about to get her wish. I could feel my balls tightening for the initial explosion. One more mega thrust and it felt like the head of my cock shot off. Pulsing torrents of hot cum blasted deep into Lisa's seething pussy. Her vagina was still contracting from her massive orgasm.

My legs became weak and shaky. I collapse over her ass and lay there for a minute or so. My cock still pulsing in her, but getting softer as she milked every last drop of my sperm filled semen. Eventually I had to pull out; and as I did a huge dollop of cum clung to my some what flaccid beast.

As my cock was finally removed, a long strand of cum clung to the tip of my penis and to Lisa's vagina. It stretched about a foot before finally breaking. My dick was dripping in long strings to the floor. Lisa's pussy was doing the same. Both of us, motionless with hot cum pouring all over Rhoda's dining room floor. Carolyn was entranced and dazed by this sight.

Her naked spasming body was in full display; her pink dildo rapidly working her hole. She never noticed when I turned to look into the living room because her eyes were shut while her body writhed with orgasmic pleasure. If these people ever knew that I knewI'm sure these shows would come to an end. Lisa was amazed with my skills and said she hadn't felt anything like that in her whole life. It seems I had awakened her dormant sex drive. She was already discussing plans for future massages.

Carolyn, as usual had gone back upstairs to fake her sleeping routine. Lisa was none the wiser and never knew how happy she made her neighbor, Carolyn, feel. I straightened up the dining room and prepared my table for the next massage.

Before grabbing another cup of coffee, I had some cleaning of myself first. Luckily I had brought a couple of extra pairs of shorts. My sweat pants were still a bit wet to wear. Just as I sat down with a hot drink, Carolyn appeared and decided to join me. Her robe was wrapped around her. Why bother with a belt? She knew it was coming off shortly. She started asking questions about Lisa's massage.

"Was she satisfied with it?" I said, "She'll never be the same again. As a matter of fact she's already planning on another massage soon." "I can't wait much longer for mine. My whole body is already tingling in anticipation." I could tell Carolyn was still aroused from watching Lisa and wanted to get started right away. I obliged her wishes and headed for the dining room together.

I still needed recoup time so I worked slowly, giving Carolyn the full one hour basic massage before the special. After, Lisa, I didn't think my cock could take any more. Carolyn knew the routine and was already turned face down, legs opened wide. Her level of sexual excitement was obviously higher than someone who was relaxed. Her pussy was already damp and her fragrance was causing my penis to swell once again.

I now began moving a bit faster. It was getting late and Rhoda and Sharon could pop in any time now. Carolyn's pussy didn't need much stimulation while she lay on her tummy.

She was still wet from earlier and her clit was hard from my light strokes while I worked don her inner thighs. She didn't need any coaxing to turn over on to her back again.

She knew this was the best part where I would complete her erotic massage. She was spread wide as I began the 'clock'. Only several strokes and by the 2 o'clock position I could feel her Muscles contracting on my thumb.

My cock was stiff once more. Her orgasm wasn't the big one, but I kept massaging up to the 3 o'clock spot. "Pete!" she said. "I want to feel you in me!" I told her the same thing I tell all my clients. "Carolyn, you know that's not part of the massage. I'm not sure I can&hellip." She interrupted me and pleaded for me to do her. I faked a weakness and told her to promise not to tell anyone. My cock wanted to taste this pussy also. Carolyn quickly got off the table and positioned herself exactly like Lisa had done.

She wanted to feel my power tool in her. She wanted to know what Lisa felt. I was stiff again with a mixture of pre-cum and semen bubbling from my tip. Again I opened the Astroglide and poured the warm fluid over her butt and smeared it gently all over Carolyn's hot, wet awaiting pussy. There was enough still to coat my cock as well. Talk about a d? vu; Carolyn was already gripping the sides of the table.

She saw how big I was from an earlier occasion and knew she had to brace herself for the ensuing onslaught of her horny cunt.

Carolyn felt my shaft gliding along her lips, bumping her clit with each stroke. She knew what was next and tensed before I positioned my head at her entrance. She was more than ready. As I placed the slippery head over her opening, I pushed slowly and steadily into her hot wet canal. A non-muffled ooh from both of us and I was soon pumping her vagina at the same pace she was so familiar with from her toy. Imitating the same pace drove her into an almost instant orgasm.

She came hard. Although her pussy wasn't as tight as Lisa, her contractions were every bit as strong. Her cunt clamped onto my dick and took me for a ride. Bucking and slamming her ass into my groin as she came, I held her hips tightly to keep her from falling off the log. Her whole body shook and trembled while her pussy continued to suck my shaft. No person alive could keep from going past the point of no return with this kind of massage.

My balls swelled and tightened as I shot a powerful load of viscous juice into her convulsing body. She turned her head toward me to let me know she felt the hot shooting spurts within.

Another very satisfied and a continuing relationship was sealed. Carolyn arose and went back up stairs to lie down for a while to bask in her own ecstasy. I cleaned up the table and myself once more and even got a half hour to relax with a cup of coffee and ponder my morning accomplishments before Rhoda and Sharon returned.

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I was working on my fourth or maybe fifth cup when mother and daughter returned ready for their massages. Lisa and Carolyn were still up stairs in bed. Sharon decided to go first today; Rhoda had to run back out for a few minutes to get something for an afternoon snack and then she said she also wanted to take a shower when she came back to rinse of all the itchy hairs that had fallen down her neck.

Sharon got ready in the massage room. Rhoda was heading out as I closed the dining room door. I had enough extra eyes in here for today. Sharon was very relaxed before I started her sexual massage. Just as I began the final phase, the front side, Rhoda returned and spoke through the door that she was heading for her shower and would be back down in a few. Sharon didn't want the extra special treatment today.

I was a bit relieved for that; it was still too soon for me to go again. Finishing up with Sharon's favorite part of the treatment, the G-spot massage, Sharon began thrashing her body under the effects of this powerful stimulation. She had a massive release which lasted several minutes. Sharon was totally satisfied with her massage today. I heard the water shut off and knew Rhoda would be down soon.

Sharon got dressed and said she was going to get her friends upstairs. They were going out for a late lunch together. I was thinking they would more than likely be discussing the topic of the day. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. I replaced the sheets on my table for the fourth time today and went to wash up before Rhoda came down. The girls were gone for the rest of the afternoon.

Rhoda, in her robe, and I talked before her massage as we usually did. She mentioned how badly she needed me to massage every nook and cranny of her body. As she continued the discussion came to what she really had in mind. "Pete, I was watching this cute new guy doing Sharon's hair. I noticed he had a bulge in the front of his pants and I began thinking of you and the time we got close" I could sense it coming; Rhoda wanted me for more than just her usual erotic massage.

She loved for me to take her from the rear. She could relax her upper body on my table while she enjoyed the deep penetration of my shaft reaming and stretching her velvet lined pussy. Rhoda removed her robe as we stood up to leave the kitchen; she knew I liked to watch her bubble butt bounce with each step. I felt my penis growing and knew I would be ready for another special massage today.

With no prying eyes for the last massage of the day, I could relax a little and maybe even allow Rhoda to take the lead. I've known her for many years now and only just this year she came on to me this past spring. It was an extremely erotic scene. Rhoda has a mind of her own and is very spontaneous.

I never know what she'll say or do. It was like yesterday when I had finished her first erotic massage and she still wanted more; she wanted me. Even at her age, I was amazed; her sex drive was like that of a woman in her early twenties.

I took her from behind as she bent over my table; slow and easy she said. Speed was not necessary. Just the thought of having an older woman caused my manhood swell to its utmost length and girth. I recalled the hot slipperiness as I stretch Rhoda's mature cunt for her first time in over a year. I buried myself into her as she moaned with delight.

Rhoda gave me one of my biggest releases of my early career. Back to today, Rhoda was in a very playful mood this afternoon. She was almost completely sated after her massage but felt like doing something different. Rhoda liked all types of sex; and apparently she particular liked me. She trusted me completely to do whatever I felt would please her. Today she wanted to please me; she said she wanted to massage me.

Normally I don't have clients give me a massage; but being alone together and we both felt totally relaxed with each other, I allowed Rhoda to give me a massage. For a beginner, she did quite well. I asked where she learned and she said, "From you, Pete." I laughed and said, "No wonder it feels so good." She laughed too as she finished the front of me. Then in a more serious tone she said, "Now turn over on your tummy for your sexual massage." Was I hearing correctly? This sounded quite interesting and I quickly turned over for my first sexual massage.

My back side was almost done when Rhoda began using her amateur skills on my crotch and testicles. Her magic fingers had gotten my arterial blood flowing. Rhoda could feel the swelling even though I was laying on my penis. Immediately she said turn on your back now. As I did she watched my shaft spring to attention. Her version of the front massage rapidly moved to my genitals. "I'm not going to use any of that artificial lubricant on you, Pete.

I hope you don't mind." She gently stroked my swollen tool. It felt nice and I said, Rhoda, your hands are so soft, I don't think lube will be necessary." I closed my eyes to enjoy the rest of my massage.

I could feel her naked breasts and hard nipples sliding against my side. She had both hands on my dick as I felt something warm and wet enclose around my tip. I quickly opened my eyes to see Rhoda's head leaning over my cock. She sucked my head while hers hands continued to move up and down and twisting as she did.

I continued to watch as she lowered her head further, sucking half of my log into her warm mouth. With just one hand on my cock Rhoda squeezed the length of my shaft up to the tip. As she removed her mouth, she ran her tongue around my head and licked the oozing pre-cum and said, "Pete, you taste so sweet." "The better to love you," I jokingly said.

I guess you could say I was thoroughly lubricated after being sucked on for at least ten minutes. I had been hard for quite a while and Rhoda was amazed by my staying power. She never knew a man could have such stamina. I told her it must be because I was a bit tired after giving three massages. Again, I jokingly said maybe next time I won't hold off. She said that sounded delicious. I had to make a note of that remark; it might be good for an opener next session. I didn't tell her I had emptied my load twice today.

I was going to stay hard until my semen supply had replenished itself All this time Rhoda was exciting herself.


She was ready to have me. She said her mouth was getting tired and wondered if there was something else she could do. I told her she had done more than enough already. I knew she wanted me. She quickly came up with an idea. As I was getting up, Rhoda was bending her naked body over my table. "Pete, I want to finish your penis massage. Her legs were spread wide. Her vulva was wet and swollen. My head was spinning as I reached for my plastic squeeze bottle of lube.

The lube had cooled to room temperature, but it easily warmed in my hands. I came up behind Rhoda and poured the lube through my fingers onto her vulva and my throbbing log. The extra fluid I rubbed onto her bubble butt and softly massaged her cheeks. As I spread her cheeks, I moved closer and targeted her hot love hole with my one eyed monster.

I continued rubbing her ass once my cock head was placed at her opening. She relaxed completely as I pushed my way deep inside. She let out a deep moan of pleasure as I continued slowly pounding and slamming. Her cheeks jiggling with every powerful thrust, was causing my already swollen cock to grow even larger "Pete, you feel so much bigger than last spring." "You seem to bring the best out of me, Rhoda." I was finding it hard to speak as thoughts of last spring became clear in my mind.

I looked down and watched her vaginal walls clinging to my penis as I pulled almost all the way out before plunging back in. It was like her vagina became physically attached to my cock.

The only thing missing this time was no Sharon hiding in the living room watching. The memories of that first time Rhoda bent over my table were causing my balls to ache. The heat, the slipperiness, her ass bouncing with each deep thrust, her squeal of delight each time my heavy balls sac slammed her clitty, the sucking sounds, the slapping noises, and the heavy aroma of sex was putting my mind into overload.

This was too much to handle at one time. Just then, Rhoda started moaning deeply. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped my table tightly. With my hands still on her ass, I began squeezing harder as she pushed her ass toward me. I drove deeper than before pushing her cervix with every thrust. She tensed and screamed she was cumming. Her firm middle aged ass was crushed to my abdomen when I felt her shudder as her hot cunt began milking my cock.

Her contractions added to my already overloaded frenzy. My huge swollen beast couldn't take any more and blasted into her cervix at the same time. God, this was better than the first time. We lay against each other until we were able to catch our breaths. My legs were weakened once again. Rhoda was totally done in for the day. We both got dressed and settled in the kitchen for some refreshments and nourishments.

We chatted for a while, mostly about how great each other's massages were. I couldn't help mentioning the part about not holding back next time. Rhoda picked right up on it and said, "I wanted you to cum in my mouth today.

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I did my best. I used to suck Harry off all the time. He really loved it. I wanted you to love it too." I promised her she would have many chances for that now that I know how you feel about it.

Again she thanked me for being so understanding and making her feel so good both inside and out. We made plans for our next session and said our good byes for this weekend. This session with Rhoda lasted almost four hours; truly a pleasant afternoon for both of us. I should mention that this was supposed to be a story about Lisa, but there was so much going on this day, I had to include everything otherwise you might wonder why I'm saying this was my most memorable Saturday session.

It was Lisa's first time and I have to say not her last. I met with her one more time as Carolyn's guest while visiting Sharon. Lisa came to my office every week for almost three months strait.

Each session I reserved three hours for her pleasure and enjoyment. Her sexuality had been brought to the surface and she was no longer shy to ask for what she wanted. Along with her now basic sexual massage she tried everything she could think of to fully develop her sexual awareness. I was delighted that I was the chosen one. Suddenly she stopped coming and I found out through Carolyn that Gary had passed away and Lisa had packed up and moved to New Zealand or Australia.

It was too far away to go for a massage. I'm sure she was able to meet her desires in the outback. Although she was memorable, thoughts of her were in the back of my mind; until I saw her twin on TV. I knew it couldn't be her, could have been her daughter. Yvonne could possibly be related.

I guess I can only wonder. If you enjoy my stories please let me know with your comments and your votes. Let me know what else you would like to see. Leave your name and I will try to answer all. Thank you, Pete.