Horny legal age teenager fills cunt with toys

Horny legal age teenager fills cunt with toys
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This is my first story ever written, and i thought that this web sight might appreciate it.


If it is liked i will do a part two, but have no idea when it will be posted. Please note that this is more of a story than a sex book, and not much incest at the moment, but i plan to add more later on in the story. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please don't post any means of communication in the comments, its annoying for someone who actually wants people to comment on their story.

As i slowly fall in love with one girl, her sister falls for me. Ill start this off by telling you the description of the main characters, Rob is the main Character, 14 years old, he is 6'1", 130 pounds, dark brown "beiber"-ish hair as it is called that by everyone except him, and hazel eyes that could melt your soul. He is more of a twig, but a LOT stronger than he looks.

He dresses more of the skater type, always rocking some DC or Osiris shoes, black jeans and a T-shirt most of the time. Brittany, she is 5'3", 14 aswell, 97 pounds despite eating ALL the time, long brown hair with blonde highlights, bright green eyes, a solid C cup and nice ass.

She dresses as a prep/skater mix sort of, namebrand clothes like American Eagle and Hollister, with skate shoes or maybe a Zoo York shirt. Cassie, she is 5'6", 16 at the beginning at the story, 115 pounds, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, a B cup, but has a bigger ass than her sister, Brittany.


Cassie is more of a nerd type of girl, wearing band and anime club shirts alot, and a regular old pair of tennis shoes. I wake up one wednesday morning, regular morning. As a shy 14 year old kid i didn't have much confidance, a skater kid stuck in a back woods Georgia town.

Hardly any real friends, i was just the shy emo kid sitting alone all the time at school, glad when the final bell rang. My sister, who is a hardcore hypocritical christian, forced me to go to church with her. I didnt complain too much though, after all, I got to see one of my only friends then.

Brittany and her family went to that church, and I loved every time I could see them. I had always had a crush on her, because despite me being an outcast, she still treated me with respect and like she actually wanted to talk to me. Today was different though, I walk behind the church, where we usually hang out at before we are forced to go in and sit there. I walk up to her and she's crying, i pure out hate it. "Whats wrong sweetie?" I asked her as i put my arm around her.

She looks up at me and fakes a smile "nothings wrong, dont worry about me." I look at her and then hug her, "Please dont lie to me like that, now tell me whats wrong?

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You can trust me." "Well. Zach was kissing another girl." Zach was the guy that Brittani liked, and has been talking to her for about a week now. Brittany would always talk to me about him, and as jealous as I got, i was happy she was happy, but it didn't last. "Brittany, don't worry about him. Hes an asshole and he didnt deserve you anyway. You are beautiful and he will regret losing you." She looks up at me and smiles, this time a real smile.

"you. you really think so Rob?" I look at her, with a smile on my face, "nope." her face drops, "I know so Brittany!" I kissed her forehead right after saying that. She instantly hugged me and we just sat like that until we were told to come inside for the service. We sat next to each other, she grabbed my hand and just sat there smiling the entire time, completely forgetting about that asshole.

After church I would always walk her to her car and say goodbye to her and her family. They usually left as soon as they could, Brittany pulled me by my hand out there to get to the car first, being the innocent kid I was I didn't realise this.

We get to her car and she opens the door, and lets go of my hand, which kind of saddens me for a split second. She told me to sit in the car with her for a second so she could show me something. I climb in and out of no where she kisses me.

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Its my first kiss and it takes me completly by surprise. I kiss her back and wrap my arms around her, loving every second of having her in my arms. We don't kiss for too long, due to her family already heading out of the church after a minute or two.

We break apart and I ask her "Sooo does this mean that you are finally mine?" She smiles "Wheres the shy and awkward kid I knew yesterday?" I looked at her, unsure of what to say, all I can say, "he was gone the moment he saw a beautiful girl cry." That earned me another kiss and then her mom opened her car door and gave me a look, sort of an evil eye but with a half smile.

Her sister and stepfather arrive at the car shortly after, and I get out and wave goodbye. I don't see Brittany at school anymore because she moved about 4 months before this story happens, to where she has to go to the other middle school, but she still came to the church to see me.

I loved hanging out with her and the little times we could get alone. Cassie would try to stop us from being alone, just because she didnt have anyone else to talk to. She would always follow Brittany and I around, truth be told i didn't mind too much but i always looked for a chance when we could get alone. Weeks went by, even months.

The secret kisses continued, nothing else happened.

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Until one night we had a lockin at the church. I was not expecting Brittany there and was very happy to see that she had came. After countless games of Dodgeball and Simon says, the youth pastor in charge of us had a brilliant idea; Hide and seek.

He said we could hide anywhere in the church and he would find us, so I went into the storage closet in the Kitchen of the church. When the pastor was almost done counting i heard someone outside the door looking for a place to hide. Slowly i opened the door to see who it was. Brittany was trying to hide in the oven when she saw the door open and me inside.

she quietly closed the oven and ran over to hide with me. As she stepped in and pulled the door shut I couldnt help but notice how beautiful she looked.

Wanting to take advantage of it, i went to go hug her.

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Instantly rejected, was heart broken for a split second when she said she heard the cabinate doors opening and closing, most likely the youth pastor looking for people. Scrambling to find a place to keep on hiding in this closet, we went to the back, and i accidentially hit a small recipy book off of a bookshelf. slowly, but quietly the bookshelf moved.

Brittany and i went down iside and pulled it too, no sooner than we did the youth pastor comes and picks up the small book and puts it back where it was on the shelf, he looks around a bit, and walks back in the kitchen closing the door behind him.


A little relieved, i look at Brittany and ask her hwat this place is. "i have no idea, should we look around a bit?" and i lead the way. i saw some light along the way and it turnes out that it was under the floor of the sanctuary, and light was seeping through the cracks of the wooden floor.

The church was an older building, just barely old enough to be a part of the Underground Railroad, so we figured that was what this was for. Now that we could see a little bit, i walked up behind Brittany, wrapped my arms around her and told her that i was having a fun time. She turned around and said so was she, and looked at me in the eye. I didnt let this opportunity go to waste, i went in for the kiss. we just stood there kissing, and loving it.

After a few minutes we started to kiss harder and more pashionately, our hands started to Explore. hers went from my face to my chest, mine went from her sides to her ass. more and more passionate we went, I started to pull up her shirt, and she lifted her arms so i could.

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Once her shirt was off she wasted no time going for mine. We kissed some more, i tried to get her bra off, and i couldn't do it. i tried for about 5 minutes while she was giggling between kisses.

After what seemed like an eturnaty she finally helped me out and took it off, and i could not believe my eyes. It might of just been my Virgin eyes, or perhaps the low lighting reflecting off of her beautiful face, but that was absolutely the best body i have ever seen. Slowly i reached up, my hands shakey and a little sweaty, I felt her boobs.

For the first time i grabbed a boob, and not just any boob, the naked boob of the girl who i loved. They were soft, yet strangly firm.

Impossible to accurately describe. I kissed her neck, and again. I got an idea in my head, and slowly, ever so slowly i kissed from her neck to her shoulder.

Nervously when i got to her shoulder i started kissing and sucking down to her heart, as slowly as i could, a little bit twitchy out of the nervousness i was feeling. i loved how she tasted, i thought to myself. Slowly i continued down from her heart to in between her boobs, slowly squeesing my face in them.

I kissed from the middle to one nipple, sucked on it a bit and softly bit it, and slowly went back down to do the other nipple. Just then a huge stop on the floor above us, as someone ran from one side of the isle to the pews on the other.

it scared us enough to scramble for our clothes, when we found then we put them on and rushed out, making sure to close every door and leave no evidence of what had happened. We went out of the closet and closed the door quietly.

As we walked out of the kitchen and into the sanctuary everyone was there, and Cassie was running from the youth pastor and had tripped and fell into the pew, explaining the noise from earlier. Thankfully she was alright, but I was a bit frustraited.