Harem Teil 3

Harem Teil 3
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The wind blew through my hair, the cool breeze running across my cheeks. Not to the point where they were uncomfortable but to the point where it almost energizes me, making me want more. Wanting the wind to caress my body. The helmet on my head making me feel secure and safe. The speed almost wasn't fast enough, every time there was a little more speed, it exhilarated me, making me smile. My body sending chills down my spine, I could ride everywhere and anywhere. Daddy made me wanting more.

He was strong and confident, tall and handsome. I could always look at him and never get sick of it. The smile that would spread across his face when he looked into my eyes catching me look at him, making me smile even wider.

He sat in front of me and my legs were against him. Always having contact with him at all time, I didn't have to hug him as tight as I did normally.

I just couldn't help myself, I always wanted to touch him. All the time, anywhere, anytime. The thought of my hands wrapped around him and my hands being so close to his cock excited me.

I always wanted to touch him there. The thought of having him in my mouth always made me wet. My clit was tingling just thinking about it, I could feel the juices from my pussy soak into my underwear, I wanted to push my legs together but I couldn't because he was between my legs.

So I squeezed them against him instead. Even my arms hugged him tighter. Wishing he could feel how wet I truly was. My body throbbed in anticipation. It was a beautiful and sunny day. The sun wrapped around my body the clouds dancing across the sky, slowly. The heat warmed me as the wind cooled me down, a perfect 50/50 ratio. We were in the country going down back roads, hardly any cars went by. The woods were beautiful this time of day. It was 5 PM, the sun halfway down.

Yet we still had to whole day to ourselves, no for sure destination, as there wasn't one to be needed. An adventure always would await us. Not caring where we would go, those were the best as long as we had each others company. We stopped at a gas station to get some more gas and to stretch our legs.

The first thing I wanted to do was go into the bathroom to freshen myself up. I took my helmet off and rested in on the peg of the bike before heading inside. He started to fuel up the tank, I hoped as I walked into the gas station he would stare at my ass. I always had bigger hips that would make my booty sway when I would walk and I loved that. I walked into the gas station and smiled at the clerk as I walked to the area that had the restroom sign hanging on the wall.

I walked through the door and locked it making sure no one could come in. I took my jacket off and laid it on the counter next to the sink. I was wearing a low v-neck t shirt that showed off my cleavage nicely.

I readjusted them so they sat in my bra with perfection. My cheeks were flushed from the wind making them look rosy in color. My red hair was back in a braid that draped around the front of my neck resting by my cleavage.

My eyes were blue and seductive, vibrant and captivating. I was thicker and curvy loving every inch of my body. I smiled in the mirror before I finished using the bathroom for what I needed it for.

I put my jacket back on and grabbed my bag. I bought a couple of drinks to stay hydrated and walked around a bit longer before I went back outside. I greeted my Daddy with a smile and told him I was ready.

He smiled and steadied the bike for me so I could get on. After climbing on my legs were where I liked them the most, with him between them. I was already excited and even aroused as to where we would go next. Every adventure we went on was exciting as the last but for some reason I felt like this one was going to be even better.

I smiled as he pulled back onto the highway. After about an hour we started to get back into the country roads and next thing you know we were in the middle of nowhere. Almost no houses around for miles. I always seemed to enjoy nature and the woods. Smelling the earth around me was relaxing to me. He pulled off to the side onto a side road with a gate blocking the rest of the driveway. It was overgrown and not maintained.

Obviously no one kept up with the property. There was quite a bit of driveway, and where ever it seemed to go was a mystery to me. I wanted to know where it did go, my curiosity was peaked.

There was a no trespassing sign in front of the gate and posted on some of the trees as well. He looked at the gate and all of a sudden we were progressing forward, toward the gate and went right past the side of it with plenty of space for his bike to go through, it obviously would have stopped any other vehicle.

Excited as we kept following this trail. At a slow and steady pace we crept further and further ahead. It had to be at least a mile before we saw a building. It was old, overgrown shrubs and plants growing up the side. Some windows were broken and shutters half fallen off if not missing completely. From what I could tell it was an old two story house.

I wanted to explore, my inner child wanted to go adventure. He stopped the bike and encouraged me to hop off. I was eager, and did so. I took my helmet off as he was getting off to do the same, we took both of our helmets and put them onto the pegs. My backpack still on my back. "Give me my bag." Daddy told me, with a smile on his face. "Of course Daddy." I said with a smile. I opened my bag and pulled out his bag from mine. I grabbed my water bottle and took a long drink before I asked if he wanted any, he took it and drank some and said thank you as he handed it back to me.

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He then smacked my ass and lead the way to the house. I followed close behind him. He tried to open the front door which it was locked. He then tried the window next to the door, which it slide open, not with ease but he was strong and seemed to do it with no issues at all.

He stepped over the frame and then was inside. He held out his hand to me to help me through the window frame. Once I was through you could smell the house. It wasn't as bad as I thought, almost reminding me of a log cabin. I was amused. I turned around to look at my Daddy. He was glancing around taking in the building and the beauty it came with. I couldn't help but to check him out. He was taller than I was which I always loved.

I stood at 5'9". He stood at 6'1". He had the most beautiful brown eyes, gentle yet they seemed to look right through me seeing me for all I was. He had broad shoulder and was fit. His shirt was tight and you could see all of his chest and how defined it was. When his shirt was off you could see a defined V that I always enjoyed looking at. His ass was plump and I always enjoyed grabbing it. As my eyes were looking him up and down he must have noticed because he turned his body towards mine.

I noticed the small chub in his pants and it sent chills down my spine. It made me even more wet then I was to begin with. He looked at my eyes and I didn't dare look away. I held his gaze as he walked closer to me, so close I could smell him, the cologne faintly hit my nose, my nipples seems to react to this. I could feel his breath on my ear and he circled me slowly. His hand traced from my stomach all the way around to my ass, he paused there.

Hesitated for just a moment, before he continued to the rest of my hips. "Undress." He said, watching me intently as I undid my jacket. Placing it on a dusty chair nearby. I took off my top so I was standing in just a bra, then I unbuttoned my pants placing my clothes on the chair.

I stood there in just my bra and panties. The bra was black with red lace and the panties were red lace with a black bow in the front that hugged my ass caressing my ass cheeks. I could see the bulge in his pants was now hard. I wanted to touch it so badly but I waited for his next command. Wanting him to do anything he wanted with me, using me for his own pleasure. "Close your eyes." He said, I did so right away. Next thing I know fabric went over my eyes, to officially blindfold me.

He took my hands and guided me backward till my back hit the flight of stairs going to the second floor. Then I heard ruffling from what I assumed was his bag. Then I heard some items being set down and after a few moments he spoke.

"Hold your hands in front of you." My fingers twitched slightly. As I brought my hands in front of me he held them softly as I felt something go around my wrists, it was rope. I could tell as he wrapped it around. Once secure he pushed me further back, making my ass hit the wall behind me and made my arms raised above my head.

They were tied to the railing post, from the stairs. His hands trailed from my wrist and moved there way down to my chest stopping at the curve of my bra, he traced his hand into my cleavage before he took my straps pulling them back, so they snapped back onto my skin.

I smiled slightly at this, liking the feeling. He then did the same to the other side and pulled this one a little further back than the other, with it coming back stinging even a little more. I bit my lip now, slowly releasing it from between my teeth. He took his hand cupping my face as he took his thumb and rubbed it gently across my lip where I had just bit. I heard a low rumble coming from him, turning me on. I could now slightly feel his lip dance across mine.

Not kissing me, I went and tried to move my lips closer to his, and he pulled away. His lips still touching mine, but not giving into my kiss that I wanted. Him showing me that he was the one in control. He moved to my ear and nibbled, feeling his hot breath against my skin it made me tingle.

"You're going to begging for me to stop." He whispered into my ear. "I don't think that is possible Daddy." I said with confidence, I could always handle what he gave me. He slapped my ass hard. "We will see Babygirl." His hands took my bra strap as it came undone in the front, so you could make it a strapless one. He did one strap, then moved on to the next. He took his one hand and started to undo the clasps in the back.

He took his other hand and gripped at my hips. My bra came undone and he tossed it aside. My breasts falling free, bouncing slightly before they rested naturally. He gripped them in his hands rubbing his thumb over my nipples. He held them firmly then took his fingers and rubbed my nipple in between them and my other nipple was getting harder, he then took it into his mouth and he nibbled on it. Making them tingle, the sensation went right from my nipples and into my clitoris.

I squeezed my legs together in response. He felt me shift my body, his arms roamed from my chest down to my hips, he then put his hand under my panties and started to pull them down. I felt them move from my thigh to my calf, once there my natural response was to life my leg to step out of them. Once off, I heard him stand back up straight.

"Open your mouth." I did so, just then I felt the fabric of my panties touch my lip before the balled up fabric was in my mouth. I was so wet from earlier I could taste myself. This made me even more wet. "How does it feel to taste yourself?" He asked, I nodded and my lips twitch into a small smile. "You're such a naughty girl." He said.

I moaned in agreement. He then took his tongue and trailed it from my chest down to my phupa. He put his hand against my legs and forced them open even wider. I did so with no complaint. Then he licked my pussy from the my entrance all the way up to my clit. He did it slowly taking his time. His tongue slowly circling my clit, each time he would go back over my clit again with his tongue in a certain motion my leg would twitch, even if I didn't want to my body couldn't control the spasm.

He then latched on sucking on it with such force. The feeling was incredible, the way he did it always brought me so close to orgasm right away.

"I'm close Daddy." I whimpered. It didn't even come out as words more as muffles through the panties in my mouth. He latched on even more, his tongue flicking over my clit faster than before.

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My body began to tremble. My moans and panting increased, louder with each lick. I was waiting for him to say yes so I could release, so I could come, he knew I was on the verge of an orgasm, but instead he stopped. I whimpered at the fact that he had stopped. "I'm not ready for you to come yet." He said.

He took my underwear out of my mouth, I could feel his breath on my face. Hot, warm, and inviting. He then kissed me, I could taste myself from his lips, the wetness made me gulp with such excitement. Almost like a nervous feeling, it made my lips twitch, so I bit down on my bottom lip.

In between the kisses, I couldn't get enough of him. He pulled back. I wanted him, I wanted him badly. I then heard him grab something else. I heard a chain, just then something went around my neck, a collar, a chain I could feel, fell between my breasts. They were cool and felt nice against my skin.

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"To tight?" He asked. I shook my head no, It was snug in place. Just then he picked up one of the chains and took the end and traced it against my skin. Giving me goosebumps making my nipples hard, just then he grabbed my hard nipple and whatever it was that he was holding went onto my nipple.

Nipple clamps. Then the next nipple got the same fate. "Let me know when it's uncomfortable." The pressure from the clamp started to make my nipple tingle. Then it was uncomfortable. "There." I said. He left it, and did the same to the next one. Once again I repeated myself, he left them in place.

He then lightly slapped my tits from the sides making them shake. I moaned from the sting I felt. My nipples feeling numb, with a tingling sensation. Then his hands went behind my head and he undid the blindfold. My eyes instantly locked with his. I look at him hungrily, not caring if he saw the look in my eyes. His eyes lingered over my body taking in every feature of me. He then grabbed a flogger. My eyes widened with eagerness. I bit my lower lip trying to contain it.

I was still slightly moaning when I felt it come across my back, it made me yelp and even a little squeal. It didn't hurt, it actually felt amazing. Then another lash went across my back, making me moan this time.

"Yes, Daddy. Oh yes more, please." I begged. He did, each lash sent pleasure ripping through my entire body. I could feel my body get warm in the spots, it came in contact with. Knowing that my skin was red. This made me smirk. "What's that smirk for Babygirl?" Daddy asked.


"You make me feel so good." I said almost too excited as I almost lost my balance. "Careful Babygirl." He cupped my face with my hands. "May I have more?" I said as a whimper through my lips. He only replies with another lash on my sides. He even did a couple lashes over my tits. Then my thighs, my arms. I was enjoying every moment. I couldn't believe the feeling I was experiencing. Every lash I took my body would twitch or I'd squirm.

The old house was filled with my moans. His eyes were wild looking, hungry almost as if he wanted to eat me. The predator, and I was the prey. I was at his mercy. He put the flogger down and came up close to me, his hand dropping in between my legs.

Feeling how drenched I was. "Oh my! Babygirl. You are so naughty." He said with a smirk. He then took his fingers and stuck them in my mouth making me taste my own wetness.

I moaned, then I panted. I wanted him inside me. I could feel my juices start to run down my leg just thinking about it. "Fuck me Daddy. Please fuck me!" I said. I couldn't wait any longer. I longed for him to be inside me. Just imagining him fucking me this way was making me crazy with desire. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back, turning it slightly so my ear was right next to his lips. "Soon. Very soon Babygirl." He nibbled on my ear and then my neck.

I whimpered at his response. His hands grabbed my ass pulling me closer to him. Then he used his finger and made it wet with my pussy. Going to the entrance of my tight asshole.

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"Breath Babygirl." I took a deep breath from his command, which relaxed me, he started to shove his finger in my ass. Slowly working it. Kissing me, out tongue dancing together.

Distracting me for what he was doing to my ass. It didn't hurt, just a new sensation. He then grabbed a small rubber butt plug. It was pink and I knew he was going to work it so it could be inside me.

I wanted it too. He used my own wetness to lubricate the butt plug. Starting to work it inside me. I moaned loudly as he started to push it slowly inside me, back and forth slow, steady movements.


I nibbled on his neck as I was taking in this growing sensation. Before I knew it he stopped moving. I almost went to complain, but then he spoke. "It's all the way in." I looked at him almost surprised, because I enjoyed it. I giggled. "I like it a lot." I said. "I knew you would." He said in soft voice.

He kissed me once more on the lips. I could feel his cock, it was so hard. I wish I could have it in my mouth but my hands were tied up and I couldn't move. I looked him up and down wanting touch him all over. He then took his and went below my ass and then to my thighs grabbing on he lifted me up and pushed me up against the wall behind me. My air escaped my lips as he took me by surprise. His cock was right in front of my entrance. He rubbed his cock back and forth over my clit a few times before his tip slightly emerged into my pussy.

I moaned accepting him. Encouraging him to go in further. He pulled back slightly before thrusting hard into me. I practically scream with pleasure. His lips crashed into mine hard, kissing me aggressively.

He started to fuck me hard. His cock pulling back so just his tip was still in before thrusting it all the way back in. My moans were loud, you could hear my wetness with each movement he made.

You could smell the sex, it was intoxicating.

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With each thrust my ass bounced off the wall. My body began to build, my orgasm was going to come. My moaning and my breathing became more jagged. I was climbing and fast.

The new sensation from my ass combined with him pounding me against the wall was going to make me have an intense orgasm. "Daddy. " I panted. "I can't…" I moaned loud. "I'm gonna come!" I couldn't think straight. But I needed his approval. I wasn't going to come until he commanded me to. "Yes, Babygirl, come for Daddy." He said as he fucked me even harder. Just by his command the orgasm started to rip through my body. My pussy clenched hard on his cock, I threw my head back and dug my hands into my hands.

The heat spread from my pussy down my legs and through my chest, my nipples tingled through the clamps. My orgasm pulsating, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. My body began to shake "Oh my god Babygirl, good girl." He said, as I clenched even harder. He moaned loudly from this response. My orgasm was finally subsiding. I knew it wouldn't be long before my next one came. I needed his cock in my mouth and I wanted it bad. "Daddy, I want you in my mouth. Please, Daddy?" I begged, using a small voice, as it was hard to find my voice after my orgasm.

He had no complaints, he began to untie my hands,letting them fall in front of me. I took my sweater and put it on the floor in front of me and dropped to my knees landing on top of it. Instantly taking his cock in my mouth. Tasting myself after I came on his dick was thrilling to me. My lips twitched wanting to smile. He moaned and put his hands into my hair pulling it back so all my hair was in one hand. I sucked hard using my tongue to caress his cock at first I was fast, then I did longer and slower strokes.

Going down as far as I could, I started to gag and then I pulled back for just a moment, letting the saliva fall off my chin onto the ground. Then my mouth was around his cock once more. Using my hands to fondle his balls as my mouth moved up and down him, taking my time, enjoying each movement I made. He moaned as I did so, each stroke more and more encouraged.

He moaned louder and then pulled my hair making me stand up. He walked me over to the chair and toss the clothes onto the sweater behind us where we were. My knees went to the edge of the chair, sticking my ass up and out as much as I could. He smacked my ass hard, so hard I knew it was going to leave a hand print.

I moaned loudly from the contact. He slightly spread my ass apart before inserting himself into me. My hands grabbed the top of the chair and I rested my chin on it. He smacked the other side of my ass as he thrusted into me, then he grabbed the side of my hips and began to fuck me hard and slow.

I already felt myself building to a climax. I relaxed myself and took a deep breath. I didn't want to come quite yet. I clenched down on his cock, encouraging him to continue. He felt the pressure and moaned, fucking me even harder. I knew I was closer and closer.

"Daddy, I'm going to come. May I please?" I asked him, almost pleading. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my body closer to his. While he took his other had and wrapped it around my neck. Choking me, the pressure of his hands sent me almost to overdrive, I bucked back onto his cock.

"Come for me Babygirl." He said into my ear. Then as he just as soon as he had said that I came. My orgasm ripping through my body with such intensity. My body just writhing underneath him. Shaking uncontrollably, my legs, my arms, trying to gasp for air, yet none reaching my lungs. My orgasm seemed to last forever. Never ending.

"Good girl." He said and he released my neck. Air finally rushing back into my lungs. The pressure that my face felt lifted, yet I didn't want the pressure to end. He was still fucking me at a hard and steady pace. Knowing that he himself was getting closer. "Yes Daddy, fuck me!" I yelled. Moaning loudly. "I want you to come in me." I said, between my moans.

He picked up his pace even more. My pussy even more wet, clenching as hard as I could. I felt him even getting harder than before. Knowing he was closer and closer. I moaned louder. "Yes Daddy. Fuck me." I screamed.


"I'm going to fill you up." He said, grabbing my hips firmly. "Yes Daddy." I moaned. Just then he moaned loudly and thrusted into me will hard slow thrusts, feeling his seed fill me up.

My pussy being filled by him, claiming me as his own. He rested for a moment pulling out. Slapping my ass once more.

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I rested there a moment, before standing up. As I did get up, I faced toward him, he took my hands and untied me. My legs wobbly, he helped me study myself.

Then kissing me on lips. I smiled after. Biting my lip as I bent down to get my pants. "Thank you Daddy." I said in a playful tone. "You are most certainly welcome Babygirl." He said. I watched him put his clothes back on, then he caught me looking at him and smiled.

I smiled back feeling like I won a prize knowing that he was satisfied. I picked up my sweater, shaking it off and zipped it up. We explored the rest of the house and even the woods outback a little bit, before heading back towards his bike. I was blessed to have gone out on an adventure, I enjoyed every second of it, almost wanting it to never end. Wondering where our next adventure would take us. "Where would you like to go next Babygirl?" Daddy asked me.

Looking at me waiting for an answer. "As long as I'm with you I don't care where we go." I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. We reached his bike, putting on our helmets on. Getting on the bike we started to leave. I looked back at the house, recalling all the fun that just took place.

Smiling, I squeezed my legs against him and hugged him tight. Excited to see what the future holds.