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Mistress And Handmaiden  Striptease For Mistress
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The last and final chapter of the Unspoken Game sexual trilogy. Before reading this it is highly recommended you read the first two chapters. Enjoy: I was in my car driving down Oak Street towards what was probably going to be my new apartment. While I was on the camping trip with my friends, one of the guys offered me to join him as a roommate in an apartment he lives in.

Because his family owns the apartment, rent would be very affordable and add to that the fact that it was just off campus, made this a hard to refuse offer. I got to the address and parked my car, looking around the neighborhood satisfied. Lots of trees, nice well taken care of buildings, lots of parking and the campus just in view.

I could see myself living here. I spotted the building and walked over to it waiting in the front door until my friend buzzed me in and I took the elevator to the 4th floor. The apartment was nicer than I imagined and after getting a short tour I shook hands with my friend and signed the papers to close the deal.

I got back into my car content and drove back to my current residence though nowadays it wasn't exactly my favorite place. ------------------------------------ It's been 4 days since I returned home from my camping trip but the home I returned to was much less appealing than the one I left behind.

The entire vibe in the house changed and I was glad I found a new place to live. I reached the house and parked the car. Only my step mom's car was in the driveway, it was still early and dad wouldn't be home for a few hours. I closed the car door behind me and headed into the house. I entered through the side door and headed for my room. As I passed by the kitchen I saw mom working on dinner.

She was wearing long tight jeans, emphasizing her fit legs and ass, and a long sleeved lavender colored shirt with an apron tied around it, both hugging her feminine curves nicely. "Hi mom" I said. She looked at me like she didn't know who I was but spoke to me nonetheless, "Hi Bryce, how was the apartment, did you like it?" Her voice sounded so distant to me, so far from the mom who walked around the house naked just a week ago.

"It was nice. Chris had me sign the paperwork there and I'll be moving in, a day or two before school starts" I answered. "That's great honey, I'm happy for you" mom said but it didn't sound like she meant it. "Thanks" I said and continued heading upstairs. "Where is my hot step mom from a week ago", I thought to myself, "the one full of sexuality and passion, the one that would greet me naked and have me go down on her". I missed that mom so much.

Ever since I got back, that side of hers disappeared. That's one of the reasons I was glad to be leaving the house. On my way to my room I passed my step Sister Samantha's room. The door was open and I peeked in.

The room was a mess, clothes in piles spread on the bed and random boxes of stuff on the floor. Sam was getting ready for college, going over all her stuff and organizing it. She didn't notice me yet and I watched her as she worked. God she was beautiful. She was wearing a loose pink shirt with a wide neckline and gray knee length tights.

Her neckline shifted to one side revealing a cream colored shoulder and a white strap of her bra.

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She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, her smooth blonde hair tied up in a ponytail as she went over old notebooks. I knew that for the next year the thing I would miss most was my step sister. I would miss talking to her, looking at her, showering with her, tasting her and being inside her. "Hey sis", I said out loud after watching her for a bit.

She looked up at me as a smile formed on her face, "Hi bro, how was the apartment?" "It was really nice" I told Sam, "I will be moving just before school starts". "That's great, I'm so happy for you" Sam said but I could hear the sadness in her voice. "What is it?" I asked Sam, the melancholy now visible on her face. "I can't believe this is happening" Sam started saying, "you moving out of the house, me going to college away from home. When summer started, all I wanted was for it to end and for college to start, but now." she paused as her voice started to quiver.

I sat on the bed next to her and pulled her into me. I put my arms around her and embraced her, feeling the warmth radiate off her. After a while I let go of her.


We looked each other in the eyes and then Sam put a finger under my chin and pulled me in for a kiss. I felt the familiar and welcome sensation of her warm lips on mine and shortly after, almost in perfect unison, our lips parted slightly as our tongues met. They slyly moved around, like two experienced dancing partners until we broke our wonderful kiss. "I'm gonna miss you so much" Sam said when our lips parted. "I'm going to miss you too sis" I said sincerely. "Do you need help with any of this?" I asked, pointing around to the mess in her room.

"No, I'll manage with this" Sam answered, "but if you're offering I wouldn't mind to get some of you once I finish". "Then you better get a move on it" I answered with a smirk and left her to it, going to my room.

I took my shoes off and climbed onto my bed. I thought of what Sam might be into us doing once she finishes organizing her things, and my cock started getting hard. Knowing that our time together was about to come to an end, we agreed not to hold back and each of us can suggest whichever sexual fantasy he's into, no matter how perverse, without the other judging. Still, so far nothing too extreme was suggested or done. Sam's request was for us to fuck outdoors, which we did two days ago.

We drove off to a secluded part in a small forest not far from home and we fucked there on the ground, the thrill of getting caught apparently extremely turning her on. Mine was a simple one so far, to let me cum in her mouth. After she told me the story of how she fucked dad and how he came in her mouth I was obsessed with doing it too and Sam did not object. Yesterday after breakfast, we started fooling around in her room as usual.

I ate her pussy until she came and then we switched and she started blowing me with all her expertise. When I felt my orgasm building up I told Sam but she decided to surprise me and kept sucking my cock until I exploded inside her mouth. It felt incredible. I lifted the book I was reading from the night stand and started reading where I last left off, my cock still hard and awaiting my sexy sister's pussy.

----------------------------------------- "Bryce, Bryce, Bryce!" I heard a familiar voice call out as I awoke and opened my eyes, "Dinner is ready" Sam said after seeing my eyes open. The book I was reading was on the bed next to me and Sam was standing at the door. "Dinner?" I asked after realizing I fell asleep.

"How long was I out for?" "I don't know, two maybe three hours" Sam answered. "Why didn't you wake me?" I asked disappointed, "What about the pre-dinner coitus we talked about" I continued, my voice sounding raw from the nap. "Coitus?" Sam said laughing, "What are you, eighty years old?" "Still, why didn't you wake me?" I asked. Enjoying the sound of her laugh. "I came in something like two hours ago and saw you sleeping.

You looked so peaceful I didn't want to disturb you" Sam said. "But don't worry, we'll have sex after dinner. I'm not going to sleep without getting an orgasm from you first. Now come on, dinner is ready and mom and dad are waiting for us". I really didn't want to go down to dinner.

I would much rather stay here and make Sam scream with pleasure, but what could I do. "Yeah ok, I'm coming" I said as I got out of bed and we both headed downstairs for dinner. We climbed down the stairs and headed for the kitchen, me dreading another awkward dinner with my parents. We entered the kitchen and my parents were already at the table which was set.

We exchanged house hold pleasantries and sat down to eat.


Just as I feared the atmosphere was weird and the conversation casual as we all ate dinner. At least the food was good. I was ready to get out of there and we were just finishing dessert when mom brought up an unexpected subject.

"Are you kids going to watch the new Game of Thrones episode tonight?" mom asked to my surprise. Sam and I looked at each other.

We both loved the show and would watch each new episode together. We didn't understand why mom was asking this. "Yeah" "Of course" Both of us said at the same time. "Ok, so your father and I will join you tonight" mom said stating a fact.

"You watch Game of Thrones?" Sam asked surprised. "Yes" dad said looking offended, "A good friend from work told me I had to start watching it, so I started watching it with your mother. I am ashamed to say we were immediately hooked and your mother and I have been binge watching all the seasons for the past few weeks". "That's pretty cool guys" I told my parents and we continued eating dessert while talking about the show.

We continued talking about the show even after we finished dessert and I was actually enjoying the conversation for a change. For a short time I felt things had gone back to normal, whatever that was. Time flew by and before we knew it, the show was about to start.

We all moved to the living room, sat down on the large sofa, and waited in anticipation for the show to start. We were all watching the show intently and enjoying ourselves. After a few scenes, one with nudity came on and rapidly turned into a very hot sex scene. The actress in it was so hot and that with the fact that I hadn't had sex with Sam yet today, was getting me extremely aroused. I looked over towards Sam and see that the scene was getting to her as well.

She turned a little red and had her hands on her lap. To my trained eyes it was obvious that she was trying to inconspicuously rub her pussy through her thin shorts. I looked to my left where mom was sitting next to me to see her reaction to the scene. She seemed indifferent to the steaming, noisy sex going on, on the screen in front of us. Dad was sitting on the other side of mom and I seemed focused on the show as well.

An idea popped into my head and I instantly acted on it. I rested my right palm on my sister's left thigh, forcing her to move her hands from her lap.

I kept it there for a little while then slowly moved it up to Sam's waistband and quietly inserted it under it. I kept looking at the TV like I was up to nothing as I continued my expedition inside my step sister's pants. I felt the top of her underwear which was quite moist and slid my hand under it as well. I felt her teenage bush under my fingers and pushed my hand down to her pussy lips which I started rubbing softly, my fingers getting wet in the process.

Only then did I turn my gaze to meet hers. She was looking at me with an angry expression one unmistakably meaning stop it now. I just smiled and nodded to her signaling that it was fine and knowing she was enjoying it immensely.

I wasn't worried. Dad seemed focused on the show and mom, well, I kind of wanted her to see. Show her what she has been missing out on. I turned my gaze back to the TV show where the next scene just started, my fingers nimbly playing with my sister's familiar pussy in the meantime.

She was getting wetter by the second and I was getting hard. I cautiously extended my middle finger inside Sam's panties and gently inserted the tip inside her warm wet cunt. Sam wasn't as careful as I thought because just as I inserted the tip of my finger inside her, she let out a quiet moan.

She quickly realized it, stifled it and I stopped moving my hand, worrying that taking it out quickly will be heard. I kept looking straight at the screen, my hand still inside Sam's now soaking panties and after a few more seconds let out a sigh of relief, noticing that my step mom's gaze hasn't left the screen. I waited for another minute then continued rubbing Sam's pussy, paying more attention to her reactions now.

Ten seconds after I start again, I notice my mom's head turn and her look draw to my hand inside her daughter's pants. I kept looking at the TV, an obnoxious smile on my face, and continued playing with Sam's twat for mom to see. Sam was back to watching the show while enjoying the sensation between her legs and seemed like she didn't notice mom starring. Mom watched for another half a minute, then turned back to the show.

Shortly after, another nude scene came on and brought back my erection with it. Suddenly, I hear a noise of what sounded like a zipper opening from where my dad was seating next to mom. On other circumstances I might have turned my head to see what it was, but I still had my hand over my sister's pussy and didn't want to draw attention to myself. After another few seconds of unrecognizable noises, I hear a rhythmic rubbing sound.

I kept my ground, looking intently at the TV but Sam didn't. I watched her as she turned to look over at dad. Her eyes went wide from whatever she saw and she quickly turned her gaze back to the TV. "Oh My God" she mouthed me without a sound as I looked at her, trying to understand what she saw.

I slowly took my hand out of her panties and put it back on her thigh. I then peeked over to where Sam did and instantly understood. Dad had his zipper open, his cocking sticking out of it completely hard and mom was stroking it gently with her left hand.

Watching my mom giving dad a hand job right next to us made me even hornier for some reason and I had to do something about it. I brought my pussy soaked hand to my face and licked it while inhaling, taking in my step sister's intoxicating taste and aroma before continuing to unbutton my pants.

Sam looked down to see what I was doing and right then I managed to take my erect cock out. I signaled Sam towards it and after a few reluctant seconds on her part, she placed her hand on my erect member and started stroking it.

I in return positioned my hand back over her wet haven and inserted a finger inside her sizzling cunt. The show was over but no one seemed to care as each was busy with his own sexual task. Mom immediately noticed my hard dick out and about but said nothing, only continued to stroke my dad's cock as her daughter stroked mine, all of this happening with us mere inches apart. We kept going for a little while longer, mom jerking dad while Sam and I pleasured each other, until mom made the next move.

"Melissa, what are you doing?" I heard my dad say as mom got up and the only barrier between me and my dad was removed, revealing the image of my dad with his cock out of his pants and erect for Sam and I to see, and the image of Sam stroking my dick and my hand in her pants for dad to see. Dad looked shocked at my sister and I but quickly had to look somewhere else as mom got on her knees on the floor in front of him, took his cock in her hand and after a single stroke put her mouth over it and started blowing him.

"Oh god" my dad let out in pleasure as my mom started taking his cock in deeper. "Melissa babe, are you sure about this?" Dad asked then let out another moan as my step mom sucked him harder. Dad didn't say a word after that, only continued to moan as mom gave him what looked like a great blow job.

I couldn't believe mom was just sucking dad off in front of us. It was so bizarre but at the same time so fucking hot. Sam stopped stroking me and just grasped my dick as she watched intently as my dad's cock disappeared repeatedly inside her mother's mouth. Well, two can play at this game I thought to myself. I got down on my knees in front of Sam, grabbed her tights' waistband on both sides and peeled them off along with her panties.

The sight of her toned teenage legs, pink tight pussy and golden bush came into my view. I spread my step sister's legs apart and dove in for the prize, running my tongue along her drenched slit. "Oh god" Samantha screamed when I inserted my tongue inside her vagina and found one of her more sensitive spots. I ignored the presence of my parents and focused entirely on my sister's pussy, licking, sucking, caressing and touching just like I have been doing for weeks, making her moan noisily in the process.

I usually don't need more than a minute to make my sister cum but now I decided to take my time and explore her a bit longer. I licked her gently yet passionately for two or three minutes until I sensed she was ready. I then brought my tongue to her clit and started licking it vigorously while using my right index finger to finger her exactly where she liked it.

"Oh fuck oh fuck yes!!!" my sister screamed out as she erupted like a volcano. Sam moaned aloud and her entire body started shaking violently. I backed away and let her orgasm take its course, the immense sexual pleasure causing tears to form in the corner of her eyes. Sam kept on quivering for another minute of two, her moans weakening until her orgasm completely died out. I looked over at my parents as Sam finished cumming and noticed they stopped. My father was stroking his raging hard on and my step mom was on her knees motionless.

They were both looking incredulously at their daughter as she climaxed powerfully. My cock was even harder by now and I realized how uncomfortable it felt with it sticking out of my pants. I unbuttoned my pants, pulled them along with my boxers off and sat down on the sofa beside Sam. I started stroking my cock with my left hand as I used my right to gently rub the top of my step sister's pussy, a method I found out was best at calming my sister's body down while getting her hungry for more.

Mom got up and helped dad pull down his pants and underwear. She then continued by taking of her shirt, revealing a black bra as dad took his shirt off as well. Mom didn't waste any time and immediately unclasped and removed her bra, showing off her marvelous breasts, her small perky nipples rock hard.

She then unzipped her jeans and with one quick motion pulled them off over her athletic thighs and legs. Either she was not wearing any panties or she pulled them off together with her jeans, either way I didn't care. My step mom's naked body was inches away from me, her sculpted ass just begging for a squeeze.

How I missed the image of her naked body the last couple days, she was so insanely hot. She finished taking her clothes off while facing my father, her back turned to me, then moved towards my dad turning to face him and allowing me to see her heavenly pussy which was shaved into a triangle that had me biting my lips with lust as I saw it.

She moved closer to dad, both of them completely naked now and sat down on his lap while facing him. She slid her cunt along his legs and moved in for a passionate kiss. After they broke the kiss, mom lifted herself up placing her pussy over dad's cock and without another warning dropped herself onto his hard cock, maybe 20 inches away from me.

They both moaned as dad penetrated mom from below and mom started riding his cock lustfully to an audience of her children. I looked over at Sam and saw her watching them also, understandably very aroused by the display. "Would you like to show them how it's done" I whispered in my sister's ear, knowing her all too well. Sam immediately acted, trying to mimic mom. She took my shirt off but left hers on. She sat on my lap facing me and started grinding her wet pussy towards my cock.

She then came in for a kiss and finally placed herself above my cock and slowly lowered herself onto it, letting out moans much louder than mom's as my cock found its way deep inside her tight snatch. Even though we would fuck on a daily basis, her pussy remained as tight as the first time we fucked and I also let out a slow groan as she wrapped my cock with it. I closed my eyes in pleasure as Sam started riding my cock and enjoyed the sexual sensation as I heard my parents moan next to us.

I opened my eyes after a bit and noticed Sam was still wearing her shirt. Without saying a word I lifted it over her head and threw it aside and followed by masterfully taking off her bra to expose the arguably most beautiful pair of tits in the world. I watched Sam's tantalizing boobs bounce up and down as we fucked then turned my head to the side to see my parents fucking, my dad's cock continuously disappearing between my mom's legs as she rode him.

"Oh fuck babe" my dad let out with pleasure just after mom let out another loud moan. Sam let out a countering but very real moan that flipped a switch in my mind, we are fucking right next to each other, Sam and I next to mom and dad, brother and sister next to husband and wife.

The feeling was strangely erotic and only heightened the excitement of having sex with my sister. I was looking at my parents fuck and lost myself in thought when I felt my orgasm nearing.

I grabbed Sam by the waist with both hands and held her as I started quickly plunging my cock into her from below. My hips pushed frantically as I thrust into her with great pleasure. I started groaning heavily and quickened the pace to my step sister's words of encouragement until I was fucking her at full speed. I only managed a few more seconds before I climaxed.

"Oh Oh yeah oh yeah Oh Sammy!" I cried out in pleasure while fucking my sister as the orgasm hit me. I continued moaning loudly for my parents to hear as I shot loads of thick cum inside my sister's warm cunt. I stopped my thrusting and Sam took over, riding my ecstatic cock as it kept cumming inside her.

She kept riding me to my euphoric calls until my cock was drained and receded shortly after. Only then did she climb off me and sit down next to me panting. Mom was still riding dad's cock and moaning as I sat there catching my breath from the extreme orgasm I had. Sam was watching our parents fuck, rubbing that delightful pussy of hers while doing so.

She rubbed her pussy for a little while before getting up on her feet. She took only a step or two, to where mom and dad were and lowered herself a bit. She placed her lips to her mother's ear and whispered something, both dad and I watching intrigued. Mom stopped fucking dad and just sat on top his dick as she listened to what her daughter had to say.

As she finished whispering, Sam sat down between dad and I and shortly after, to my surprise, my step mom climbed off my dad's still very erect cock and stood on her feet looking down at her husband and daughter. "Go ahead, ask him" mom said as she looked down at her naked daughter.

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Sam sat there, quiet at first, like the teenage girl she was and not like the sexual fiend I helped her become before she spoke shyly, "Daddy, will you fuck me?" Dad looked shocked and confused. He looked over at mom who I swear I saw giving him a small nod before he answered, "Hell yes sweetie".


He reached over to one of her breasts and started fondling it. "For the past couple days, since you came into my room, I couldn't stop thinking of seeing you like this again and doing to you what we did last time" dad continued saying as he reached with his other hand down and started playing with her pussy. Mom sat down next to me and Sam moaned as dad climbed on top of her and started kissing her neck. He traced his tongue down and started licking her tits and sucking on her hard nipples as she moaned enticingly.

I watched in awe as my sister spread her legs to allow her step father access, and him, without a second thought, bringing his hard cock to her entrance and slowly pushing it in, penetrating his step daughter's twat with his big fat dick. "Oh god I forgot how tight you are" dad said moaning as he breached further into his daughter and she let out a satisfied groan. Dad stopped as his cock entered Sam all the way in.

They both adjusted to the other's intimate presence before dad pulled his cock out to the tip. He then inserted it slowly back inside her, letting out a long moan and pulled out again.

He did it several more times before getting comfortable and then started plunging into her with force, making her scream in pleasure. I felt ambivalent as I sat there watching my dad fuck my step sister. I felt by now like she was mine, at least sexually. I felt like she didn't need any other cock but mine and that I had complete jurisdiction over her sweet tight pussy.

On the other hand, watching her pleasure filled expression and listening to her familiar moans made me feel pleased, even if I wasn't the one causing this.

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I was watching the two fuck when suddenly I feel a warm sensation. I look down and see my mom sucking my cock. "Oh Bryce, how I missed your big beautiful cock" mom said to me taking my cock out of her mouth and continued sucking me after.

"Oh mom" I said with a moan as I leaned back and watched her as she started masterfully sucking my dick. My dick was still mostly limp as my mom placed it in her mouth and ran her tongue over it.

She continued by slowly pulling my cock out of her mouth, her lips locked around it as she did and the friction causing me to let out another slow groan.

I was already starting to get hard again as mom started licking the tip of my cock like a lollipop, only encouraging my erection to grow. She kept sucking me expertly until I was fully hard inside her mouth. "Oh fuck baby fuck baby FUCK!" we suddenly hear dad screaming.

Mom stopped sucking me and we both turned to look as dad was thrusting his cock into Sam like crazy and moaning loudly. "Oh yes Sammy YES, I'm cumming" dad screamed and followed with a series of low moans as he slowed down and was now slowly inserting his cock into his daughter as he shot his load inside her tight pussy.

Dad finally finished cumming and pulled his cock out of her, sitting on a couch next to her exhausted. Sam kept sitting on the sofa breathing heavily as a bit of her step father's cum started trickling out of her freshly fucked cunt. The sight got my cock's full attention and I looked at mom to see if she noticed, but she was busy looking at her daughter's cream pie hungrily.

A few more seconds passed and mom left my dick alone and moved over to her daughter's pussy. She crawled in between Sam's beautiful legs, ran her hands up both until reaching her pussy then spread her lower lips and pulled in. "Oh mom" Sam said shivering as her mother's tongue made contact with her soft vaginal skin. Mom started licking the area. Tasting her husband's cum off her daughter and licking it off hungrily. She finished licking the outside of Sam's pussy then inserted her tongue inside it, drawing a loud moan from Sam.

I looked over at dad and saw the astonishment on his face as he watched the arousing sight of his wife eat her own daughter's pussy. Dad kept watching for a few moments, then got to his feet and walked over.

He crouched down besides mom as she was licking a moaning Sam and to my surprise, closed in and started licking Sam's pussy together with mom. Sam looked down in ecstasy as both her parents were now eating her pussy without holding back, making her moan repeatedly. I was just sitting there like a horny idiot, stroking my dick and watching my parents go down on my sister as I waited to make a move.

After I few seconds I got my change. Dad gently moved mom aside as he inserted his tongue deep into Sam's pussy and started exploring it. Mom was rubbing Sam's thigh when I seized the opportunity. I got up, grabbed mom by the waste and pulled her up to a sitting position on the sofa next to Sam.

I looked at her unbelievable naked body as I got on my knees. I gazed up at her as she spread her legs for me and then I moved in, devouring her womanly cunt. She tasted just as good as the last times and moaned genuinely as I slid my tongue along her slit, her moan overpowering the ones my dad was making Sam make right next to us.

I grazed my tongue along the surface of my mom's cunt before inserting my tongue inside, going deeper inside her and getting reacquainted with her pussy. I kept licking her vigorously to her increasing moans as I made my way over to her clit. When I finally reached it she exploded.

"Oh Bryce Bryce Bryce! AAAHHH" mom yelled in pleasure as I made her orgasm with my tongue. She moaned heavily, her legs shook, and I felt her pussy convulse around my tongue as I kept licking her. Not thirty seconds pass from the beginning of mom's climax when I hear another all too familiar voice.

"Oh yes daddy yes, right there yes oh god yes!" and then a series of high squeals as my sister got hit by an orgasm as well. The air was filled with sounds of moaning climaxing females, my step mom and step sister. I just kept on licking my step mom as the pleasure of her orgasm rushed through her. I kept on licking her as she moaned and shuddered and only after her orgasm completely ended, I got up and looked at Sam as dad was licking her vagina through the last waves of her orgasm.

My mom looked at my very hard cock, still calming down from her orgasm but I didn't care. I lowered myself onto her sexy body and without warning penetrated her burning cunt with my erect cock. Her pussy felt even better than I remembered and I let out a moan as it embraced my entire cock inside it.

Mom let out a hoarse moan, still affected by her recent orgasm and I noticed dad get up from Sam's pussy and watch as I pull my cock out then thrust it back in, fucking his gorgeous wife who just happened to be my step mother. I reached over to her heavy breasts and played with them, fondling and rubbing her hard nipples as I fucked her continuously.

Mom let out quiet moans each time I thrust myself inside her and so did I, the pleasure of her pussy clasping my cock as I slid in and out of it was indescribable. I noticed dad standing beside us, holding his erect cock in his hand and watching as we fucked. To this, I strengthened my thrusts and starting ramming my cock hard into my step mom's snatch.

That seemed to really get to her as her moans turned into screams which only turned me on more. "Bryce hold on" mom said a few seconds after I started fucking her hard, "I want you to fuck me from behind" she said to my delight. I pulled my cock out of her and moved aside as she shifted on the sofa. She got on her hands and knees, facing towards my still recuperating naked sister, as I positioned myself behind her.

I was now in direct view of my dad but didn't mind by this point. I bent down and gave her delicious pussy a few licks before spreading her ass with both hands and licking the rim of her asshole, all while looking straight at my dad as he started jerking himself off to the sight.

Mom shrieked in pleasure as I played around her ass with my tongue for a bit before getting up. I then positioned myself behind her, grabbed my hard cock and shoved it back inside her slick pussy with a loud moan. I grabbed mom by the waist with both hands and started fucking her gently from behind, savoring the sensation of gliding along her wet cunt.

While I was fucking her from behind, mom reached over to my father. She grabbed him by his hard cock with her right hand and pulled him towards her. She then looked up at him and let out another small moan before taking his cock in her mouth.

I watched from behind, my cock entering and exiting my step mom, as she started blowing my dad. She started by putting just the tip in her mouth and then slowly inserted a bit more each time as she bobbed her head over my father's cock. After doing so, I quickened my pace and started fucking her faster, the living room now echoing with the slapping sounds of our naked bodies colliding.

Mom started moaning harder, my dad's cock still in her mouth, and dad let out a loud moan as well, looking up at me as I ravished his wife from behind. I kept going until I was fucking mom at full force, moaning loudly as I did. At first she still tried sucking dad's cock but after a while she gave up. Dad pulled his cock out and mom just started moaning like crazy as we fucked intensely.

I felt my orgasm closing in but held it as best as I could, fucking my mom harder than ever. "Oh Bryce don't stop don't stop don't&hellip." and then mom started screeching at the top of her lungs as she climaxed. I gave her another two or three massive thrust before I exploded inside her pussy. "Oh mom fuck mom oh god" I yelled out as my orgasm took over shortly after hers. I felt her pussy clench around my cock and her entire body started to shake as we beautifully orgasmed together, me squirting deep inside her convulsing pussy as her body continued to shiver from the raw sexual pleasure.

I managed a few more soft plunges inside her throbbing pussy before our orgasms subsided and we collapsed on the sofa in front of Sam and dad. After regaining my strength, I sat up, still gasping, scootched to the side of the sofa opposite from Sam and leaned back exhausted. Mom followed right behind me moving along the sofa until her naked body met mine and she fell back onto me.

I put my left hand around her and held her back to my chest as we looked at Sam and dad, both of whom were very visible horny. Sam didn't say a word. She just got up on her knees, turned her back to dad, placed her hands on the sofa's headrest and raised her ass up provocatively, offering her firm teenage ass to her step dad. Dad didn't need any more of an encouragement. He closed the small gap between them until he was right behind her. He then started rubbing his erect cock along the outside of her pussy until finally he gave her what she was silently begging for, his big hard cock.

Sam arched her back and moaned as dad penetrated her deeply, slowly entering her young cunt as he let out a series of praises to it. He found his way in completely and held it there a few seconds before pulling out and immediately snaking it back in. I placed my free hand on mom's warm thigh and started rubbing it as we watched hypnotized as Sam and dad fucked in front of us.

Dad kept fucking her daughter from behind, gently at first but then slowly going harder.

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He gripped her waist with both hands and started pumping his cock harder into his step daughter to the slapping sound of their bodies crashing. "Oh daddy yeah, just like that" Sam called out as dad started fucking her hard. Sam and dad began moaning and groaning constantly as dad was fucking her faster and faster.

"Oh yeah Sammy god yes, oh god your pussy's so tight" dad said as he thrust himself into his step daughter deep and hard. They kept on fucking passionately for a few more loud minutes before Sam's orgasm hit her first. Her moans became higher and higher and then turned into high pitched screams as she climaxed.

Her legs shook and her face contorted in pleasure for mom and me to see from where we were sitting. She couldn't hold herself up anymore at one point and fell onto the sofa's headrest whimpering as her orgasm was shooting its last waves of pleasure through her stunning teenage body.

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I moved my hand from mom's thigh over to her pussy. It was soaking wet and radiating heat like an oven. I started rubbing it gently and playing with it as we kept on watching the two fuck. Dad held Sam by the waist through her orgasm and kept holding her after it had finished. Sam was drained and sat there still, letting out silent moans as dad kept fucking her with vigor, her female climax only turning him on more.

"Fuck Sammy fuck fuck" dad called out shortly after as he too had an orgasm. He shoved his cock all the way inside his daughter's pussy and held it there, his cock glued to her ass as he came inside her and moaned loudly while doing so. Dad's orgasm finally ended and he pulled out of Sam. They both sat down on the sofa after that, exhausted and sexually satisfied. We sat there motionless for over an hour, all four of us naked and drained, taking in this extraordinary family night of sex, neither of us believing this actually happened.

Even after fucking my mother and sister together more than once, I never believed something like this would happen. "Guys, Mell, Kids…" I heard my dad say and opened my eyes, "I think we should all go to bed". I looked around at my sleepy mother and sister and realize we fell asleep in the living room. I nod to my dad, showing I heard him and agree.

I take one final look at the two naked beauties slowly awakening on the sofa and climb up the stairs to my bedroom. I climb into bed and continue sleeping peacefully. ----------------------------------------- A few days later I moved out of the house and Sam flew off to college. Sam and I fucked insanely our last days together but that night was the last time I fucked my step mom. I started the second year of school the week after and for the first month couldn't get Sam out of my head.

The next time I saw her was after two months when she came to visit. When she did, we fucked like the world was going to end. Even though I haven't fucked mom since that night I did see her naked once more.

I came over for dinner one night a bit early. Dad wasn't home yet and I used my key to enter. I walked over to the kitchen and there she was, naked with all her glory as she was cooking dinner.

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She greeted me and we hugged while she was still naked, then she kept on cooking. I watched her amazing body as she cooked and after she finished she went to take a shower and was dressed when she got back, leaving me with a burned image in my mind of her amazing womanly body. A few months later I get home to the apartment building and see a stunning blonde standing at the entrance. I walk up and buzz both of us in.

She thanked me and we started talking as we walked up the stairs. She had the most amazing blue eyes and tight ass. When we get to my floor I build up the nerves and ask her for her number.

"Yeah you're pretty cute" she said to me and I handed her my phone. She entered her number and gave me the phone back. "Call me" she said, meaning to sound cliché. "Wait is that your first name?" I ask her as I look at the contact on my phone. "No" she answered looking at me with a piercing pair of blue eyes, "My first name is Samantha.

But everyone calls me Sam". And with that she walked away, leaving me standing there laughing at how twisted life actually is. The End Please comment :)