Sensual amateur teen is fucking a chap that babe is in love with

Sensual amateur teen is fucking a chap that babe is in love with
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She drove along the quiet country road, basking in the warm sun through the windscreen. She was looking forward to the walk through the trees in the woods a few miles further on.

The day was so warm that she hadn't put on a bra under her dark green tee-shirt dress, which only came half way down her thighs. At the last moment when she sat into the hot car, she had slipped off her panties. She wanted to feel the air between her legs, murmuring through her hair as she walked. She imagined her lover, so many miles away, watching her body move sinuously as she made her way through the woods.

Suddenly her phone beeped. Could that possibly be a text message from him? She didn't think so, but took the phone out of the bag on the seat beside her just to see. She urgently pressed the buttons.


As she guessed, a bloody O2 message and not the one she longed for at all. Distracted by her disappointment regarding the message, she suddenly became aware of a traffic policeman waving at her to stop.

He had stepped out from the side of the road just ahead of her, holding a radar speed gun. She glanced down at the dash-board. With a start she discovered that she was travelling at 55 miles an hour. She braked quickly and pulled in to the side where the cop was now standing in the middle of the road.

"Do you realise what speed you were travelling at?" the cop asked, as he leaned in towards the open window. She took in the fact that he was good-looking and in his twenties.

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"Er, no, not really," she murmured. "Over 50 miles an hour in a thirty zone," he said. She suddenly became aware that the hem of her mini-dress had ridden up her thighs, as his eyes flickered down to her lap. "Em, no, I didn't think I was going so fast," she said, resisting her inclination to tug the hem down. "Please step out of the car, ma'm," the cop said. He stood back as she opened the door and put one leg out. From the expression on his face, she realised that he could clearly see the blonde bush between her spread legs.

She swung the other leg out and stood up.


He took a sudden step back. "What's that in your hand?" he said quickly.

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She was still holding her phone! "Just my mobile, officer," she replied.


He looked a little relieved. "I thought it was a weapon," he said, "but I better search you anyway. Please face the car and put your hands against it. Legs apart." She did as he asked and assumed the position that she had seen so many times on American TV series.

All of a sudden she realised how vulnerable she was, with just a short dress and no underwear, being ordered by a policeman on a deserted country road.

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The thought caused her vagina to tingle, as it reacted to this risky situation. His hands felt her upper arms, then across her shoulders. They felt down each side to her hips and she knew he could detect that she wore nothing underneath.

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He went up to her neck and felt all down her back to her bottom. He lightly felt each buttock. The he reached around her from each side and felt down her chest.

As he touched each breast, his hands lingered on her hard nipples. The dress material was so thin that it felt to her like he was touching her naked skin.

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He moved his hands lower, over her tummy and down to the flanks of her legs. She gave a little tremor as she heard him give a murmur of anticipation.

He transferred his hands to her thighs, feeling them up under her dress until the backs of his hands were brushing her hair and the damp folds between her legs. Then he ran his finger along her crack, from her hair at the front, across her wet lips to the tight hole of her anus. She was surprised to feel the sun warm on her bottom as he lifted her dress to her waist, exposing her.

The prospect of another car coming along and finding her like this excited her even more, but she remained with her hands on the car, legs apart, saying nothing.

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She heard a zip being pulled and a rustle of fabric behind her, then felt the cop's rigid penis poke between the cheeks of her bum. For a moment she though he would try to enter her anus, but his long, thick cock moved lower between her legs and slipped easily into the moist wetness of her gaping vagina.

As he plunged deep inside her, she felt the fabric of his trousers against her bare bottom. The cold steel of his belt buckle pressed hard against her back.

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He put his hands on her hips, drawing her closer. Widening her legs slightly, she leaned back further onto his prick. It reached to her g-spot, causing a shudder of ecstasy to ripple through her.

His urgent pumping quickly brought her to a gushing climax as he spurted copiously into her. The cop groaned with desire as she whimpered from all the tumult of emotions coursing through her.

She remained in position leaning against the car, as his cock slowly softened. Finally he slipped out and she heard him zipping up. "OK, ma'm," he said, as he tugged her dress down to cover her bottom, "get back in the car and continue your journey." She didn't dare look at him as she sat into the car, taking care to keep her legs together and not let the fluids run down her thighs.

"Thank you, officer," she said as she started the engine. As she drove away she glanced back through her mirror and saw the cop pick up his radar gun and move back to the side of the road, waiting for the next offender.