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Stunning shemale screwed in her asshole
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Danielle wasn't ready for this type of change. Having people other than her mother living with them wasn't something she wanted to experience just yet. She was already stressed out with two months left of high school; college acceptance letters were coming in, prom was around the corner and her graduation plans were already stressing her out. But at the very least, the people coming to live with her were people she loved and trusted. Danielle's mom, Sandra, had been best friends with a woman named Vanity for years - Aunt Vivi was what Danielle affectionately called the woman.

And Danielle had been best friends with Vivi's son, Xavier. The two of them had known each other since they were six years old, and their mothers probably had been friends even longer than that. Vivi had been married for most of Danielle's life, but had recently divorced. Xavier's dad left him and Vivi with little to nothing, so Sandra had offered for them to come live with them for a while. Seeing as Danielle and Xavier would both be graduating soon, it wouldn't be much of a problem.

And seeing as Danielle's older brother was already long gone with his own family to take care of, there was an extra room for Xavier to stay in. The day had finally came that Xavier and Vivi wouold be moving in, and although Danielle was apprehensive she was happy about her best friend being close to her all the time.


She and Xavier were as close as close could be and most people swore they were either related or going together. Dani and X would merely laugh at those rumors. Dani was cleaning her room when she heard the doorbell, and she headed downstairs as her mother came through the foyer from the living room to open the door. "Sandy!" Vanity threw her arms around her best friend as soon as she could, and Dani smiled wide as she came down the stairs.

Vivi was a beautiful woman for someone who was in their early 40s. Her long brown hair seemed to compliment her bright skin and big hazel eyes. Her body was absolutely perfect in Dani's eyes; her breasts had to have been a B-cup, similar to Dani's, but her hips and behind were her "star attraction." "Thank you so much for letting me and X stay with you guys," She said. "No problem! I wouldn't leave you out on the streets, and my little man needs somewhere to stay too," Sandra chuckled softly.

"Where is he, anyway?" She asked, and Dani stepped down off the last step to hug her "Aunt." "He's outside getting the bags. Hi Dani," Vivi kissed her temple, wiping off the red lipstick print she left behind.

"Hi Aunt Vivi. I'll go help X with the bags," Danielle walked outside and saw Xavier at the car, unloading the bags from Vivi's SUV. "X," Dani called out to him before walking in his direction. Xavier turned around and he smiled, his pearly white teeth making an appearance as he extended his arms towards his friend. It was loke looking at a giant and an ant when Dani and X were together.


Xavier was nearly 6'5" in height and though he was skinny, his athletic build worked for him. His skintone was a mixture of his mother's brightness and his father's deep rich brown skin, and his eyes were a normal but unique shade of brown. Compared to Danielle's 5'3" stature, he was always towering over her.

"I finally get to bother you every day. Aren't you glad?" X laughed slightly as Dani rolled her eyes, smiling when he leaned down and pressed his cheek to hers. She grabbed some of the bags and helped him get them inside. It didn't take long to get the house ready for Vivi and Xavier - Vivi was going to stay with Sandra in the master bedroom and Sandra and Dani had already set up her brother's room for Xavier.

After dinner and an eventful evening of conversation and television, the new "family" of four were off to bed to do their own thing before finally going to sleep. Dani was in her room when she heard her phone ring, and she grabbed it before laying down in the bed, lowering her night shirt over her thighs. "Hello?" She greeted. "Hey, it's me," She heard the voice of her best female friend and she laughed.

"So, X in the house with you yet?" "He is, Candice. Why?" Dani turned on her laptop and flipped it open, yawning as she pulled up her browser and opened a couple pages to look at until she got tired.

"No reason. I'm still jealous though, you know that right? You have the cutest guy in school at your house," Candice cooed, and Dani laughed a bit. "You know it's true!" "I don't know what you all see in him. He's a dork," Dani teased. Xavier was far from the "dork" stereotype, but she teased him about it anyway because she only ever saw him as a friend. "He might be a dork to you, but he's a fucking.ugh. He's so sexy, I don't know how you don't see it," Candice complained.

"I just don't. But I guess. We're going to use the pool tomorrow while mom and Vivi are out on their errands. Are you coming?" Dani asked. "Sure, I'll come by. I'll bring Terrence too," Candice giggled, and Dani rolled her eyes at the mention of her old middle school crush.

"You know he still asks about you." "Sure. I guess. Well, come by tomorrow at like, noon. They should be gone by then," Dani and Candice said their farewells and Dani hung up her cell phone before hearing a knock at the door.

"Who?" She inquired. "It's me," X responded from behind the door before he cracked it open. "I just wanted to come say goodnight," He said, and Dani sat up as she noticed X in nothing but a pair of sweatpants. She squinted slightly as she noticed a large lump in his pants, and she stood up to her feet as she pulled her night shirt over her cotton shorts.

"Goodnight best," She called him by his nickname before they shared a hug. X wrapped his arms around Dani's tiny waist and squeezed her gently, pressing his body against hers. She definitely found it hard not to notice his length pressed right against her lower stomach. "Uhm.thanks for letting me stay here with you. I know your mom had most to do with it but I appreciate it a lot. Mom has been really stressed lately, you know?" He mumbled, and Dani nodded in understanding as she ran her fingers down his sculpted back.

She had never noticed how muscular Xavier was before. "No problem, X.

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We're like family, we'd never let you guys suffer for no reason," She said, and Xavier smiled before pressing his lips to her temple, pulling away slowly. "Goodnight Dani," He said before walking back to his room.

Danielle closed the door again and walked back to her bed, biting her lip as she furrowed her eyebrows together. She had definitely felt him harden against her body, and he was acting slightly more.affectionate.

Maybe she was just imagining things. She shrugged it off before going to sleep. She had to have been asleep for about an hour or so when she got the urge to use the bathroom. She forced herself to wake up and she walked to the bathroom, tugging on her cotton shorts along the way.

She walked into the bathroom and shut and locked it behind her, proceeding to do her business then wash her hands. She stepped out of the bathroom and she noticed a sliver of light from one of the doors down the hallway. Xavier was still awake. She was going to ignore the fact and go back to her room until she heard some noises come from the room.

Raising an eyebrow, Dani let her curiosity take over as she walked over to the door, peeking in as she recognized the artificial lighting - Xavier was in the bed looking at his laptop. She squinted slightly as she tried to make out the image before her; she couldn't hear much since she assumed he had his headphones in, but once she got a proper angle, she softly gasped at what she saw.

Xavier's fist was closed around his length, stroking harshly as his eyes stayed transfixed to the laptop screen. She assumed he was watching some type of porn, but that was the least of her concern at the moment.

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She couldn't stop staring at the way his hand stroked and squeezed his thick and hard dick, and her face reddened at the sight of it. She had heard that Xavier had a large dick - something she chose to ignore - but oddly enough she couldn't ignore it right now. She couldn't keep her eyes off of it. "Oh fuck," He mumbled, and she shrunk back from the door, not sure if he could see her or not.

He grunted deeply as he continued to stroke himself, and she licked her lips as his eyes fell close and his face twisted in ecstasy.

"Mm, fuck yeah." He groaned, and Dani winced as she felt a weird tightness in the pit of her stomach.

Her eyes kept on him as he continued to stroke his dick, and she gasped as she felt a tingling between her legs. She felt so wrong for watching her best friend like this, but at the moment he looked so perfect.

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She bit her lip as she gently pressed her hand to the crotch of her shorts, feeling how warm she was becoming. She watched him jerk his dick with more speed and force and she bit her lip as she heard him grunt in a strained tone, signaling his oncoming orgasm. His body slightly jerked, and Dani gasped again when she saw cum spewing out of him.

She slowly backed away from the door and she walked back to her room, closing the door behind her. Dani blushed deeply as she looked down at her body, her perky nipples showing through her sheer night shirt. She could feel her pussy throbbing, and she frowned as she undressed, knowing she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep unless she got off. Walking to her bed, she laid back on it before grabbing her large teddy bear from the side of the bed.

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She rolled onto it and she held it close, sighing as her hips began to rock against the soft "fur" of the animal. She mewled softly as she rocked her hips gently, shaking her head as she went under her bed and pulled out a shoebox, opening it to see some of the toys she had collected. The fake I.D. she would use to get toys from the local sex shop came in handy at times, and it had helped her gain her own personal collection.

She grabbed her pink dildo and closed the box before climbing back into bed, situating the dildo onto the bear before climbing on top of it, slowly sliding down on the toy. "Mm," She hummed softly as she began to ride the toy, closing her eyes as illicit images of Xavier deep inside of her plagued her mind. It felt so weird to be thinking about fucking her best friend, but she could almost imagine how good it would have felt for his large length to stretch her tiny hole, his fingers teasing her little clit until she couldn't take it anymore.

She moaned as she rocked her hips a little faster, sitting up as she placed her hands over her breasts. She bounced up and down against the toy, growing wetter than she ever had been before.

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"Fuck me.oh fuck," She moaned softly as she bounced harder down on the top, feeling the tip of it push up against her spot. She whimpered as she shook her head, growing more aroused as her body writhed and bucked helplessly against the teddy bear. ".X.Xavier." She squeaked as she imagined his tongue wrapping around every inch of her, making her juices dampen the bear and the bed below her.

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She trembled lightly as the toy continued to invade her most private parts, and she felt her orgasm slowly begin to overtake her. Her body shook as she began to cum, her juices dripping as she slowly pulled the toy out of her, smacking it against her pussy, causing her to jump everytime. "Shit," She moaned as she buried her head into the pillow, her body rocking slowly as her ass pushed high into the air.

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Bringing the toy to her lips, she pushed it into her mouth and sucked up all of her juices until it was clean, tossing the toy back into the box when she was done. She slowly crept under her sheets and curled up in the bed, pressing her hand against her mound as she closed her eyes, sleep overtaking her quickly. But her dreams would be filled with unadulterated thoughts about her best friend, and she wasn't sure how to feel about it.