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Dirty milf whore fuck young dude on the beach
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The Way of the War After the War VI I drifted peacefully down toward the ground. The few seconds after your chute opens and the instant before you have to prepare to land is the most peaceful time a person can go through. Then it gets hectic when you look down and hope there is no big stick waiting to ram itself up your ass. The instant my feet touched the ground I went on autopilot.


I began doing the things necessary to make this a safe landing. And trying to look around to make sure that my friends were down alright. I had landed the farthest away, Donald and Johan were already assisting our novice jumpers. Al was beaming so proud of himself for succeeding.

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Little Bear was waving his arms around and yelling let's do it again. Johan got him quiet by telling him something he already knew. Sound carries for miles in this type of atmosphere. And the kidnappers weren't that far away. We gathered our gear together and began making our way toward the cabin. We neared the clearing that housed the cabin, Little Bear lifted his Rifle and looked through his scope he pulled the rifle down.

"We have to hurry the son of a bitches are raping the girls." We all raised our rifles and looked through the scope s We all cursed under our breath, On the front porch of the cabin one of the escapees had one of the girls bent over the hand rail and he was raping her. 'Dotty what is your range' 'As far as you can see' ' What if I am looking through a scope' 'That will work' Boys when I say go move quietly but as fast as you can. I will take care of the guy on the porch.

I raised the rifle and sighted through the scope, 'Dotty stop his heart.' I watched till he grabbed his chest ant fell back. "Go, Go now.


The first one there get the girl and protect her.'" I watched to make sure the man was down then I followed. Donald was first to arrive he grabbed the girl and moved under the porch. He was telling her she would be alright no one was going to hurt her any more. We peeked through the windows the rest of the girls were in a corner with their teacher. Stover was against the wall wearing a bandage on his shoulder.

The escapees were sitting around the table. We moved around so we could clear the kids. I passed the word take them out. Four shots rang out and all the escapees went down. The girls were screaming, Until Donald brought their little friend inside, she ran to her friends.

We are okay now, we are safe. I checked on Stover, he was groggy and running a fever. He had been shot and the bullet was still in his shoulder.

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Then I looked at the escapees, all were dead. Al asked, "What we going to do with the bodies?" " I don't care what you do with them.

As for me. nothing. If it wasn't for the park services I would set fire to the cabin and let them burn." 'Dotty, Carol, Louise, All the escapees are dead.

They raped the girls and the teacher and Stover was shot. We took no chances with them.

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We saw the chance and we took them out. They can send out a cleanup crew we are done with them.' We were met by Rafe and Carbo before we even got started We had made a stretcher for Stover. Rafe and Carbo took the first shift on the stretcher.

Two of the girls walked alongside the stretcher. Stover had been shot trying to protect them. The rest of us each grabbed a confused girl and started walking. They snuggled up against us and I knew they would be asleep as soon as we got them to the plane. We swapped off on the stretcher and carrying the girls.

The lake finally came in sight but still seemed like it took forever before we finally got to the plane. We secured the stretcher and we all took our seats the girls picked a a lap and crawled into it and snuggled up again.

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Tobias got us into the air. Another busher was flying Carol to the airport and would wait to return Rafe and Carbo. Every one seemed to be out except for Louise and the pilot, Tobias. A few minutes before we started our approach Louise woke me up. Her and I traded places and I went to the copilot's seat. Tobias asked me if I thought the girls would be alright.

I told him I wasn't sure but right now they seemed to be doing fine.

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They showed sympathy for Stover I guess we will just have to wait and see. I think these girls are stronger than we might think but I am not sure about their Teacher.

Tobias touched down like lying down on a feather bed &hellip. smooth. We Taxied close to the tower and the cars awaiting us. There were parents wringing their hands and praying their daughters were alright. We tried to talk to the parents but they weren't really ready to listen. The Police took our group aside and questioned us we all told the same story.

The girls were in danger, we saw a chance and we took them out. From the looks on the faces of the Police they really didn't want to know more. Tobias took off for our Hanger and we all napped along the way. And as we expected the Sheriff and the State police Commissioner was waiting for us along with the General.

This was the real question and answer session But they all agreed we took the only real way out. I traded the plane for a car and headed for the Hospital to see Erica.

The hallway was teeming with activity. The girls and their parents had just arrived and were waiting for the doctors to check them out. One of the girls spotted me and squealed. Before I could take 5 steps I was surrounded by the girls all of them trying to hug me. Between the girls hugging me and the thanks of the parents it took me 15 minutes to get to Erica's room. She was still asleep. I sat beside her and held her hand till she awoke.

When she awoke she was thrilled to find me holding her hand with my head leaning over with my eyes shut. The change in her breathing was enough and my eyes flew open.

We kissed then she was .come on tell me. I had to tell her everything that happened. When I got to the part where we found the escapee raping the girl she stopped me and said, I hope you killed the bastard I told her yes and the other three too. Next she had to know how many had availed me of my sexual favors.

She wanted to know which ones and how many times. She was disappointed to find out that only Dotty was ready to be tested. We talked for awhile longer then I departed for the house to get some rest. Dotty tested positive … When I awoke there was a festive atmosphere about the house. There was a big sign hanging on the wall. One Week. One PG. I headed for the Hanger. Our new wings were due in and I was in hopes they had arrived. With all that had been going on we were still almost ready to start putting the plane back together.

There was a message on the door that the wings would be arriving this afternoon. I was puttering around when I heard the walk in door open and close. Louise was walking toward me wearing a long coat of which she was unbuttoning as she walked.

The last button was undone and she shrugged the coat off her shoulders and let the coat fall to the floor. What was left was all Louise totally nude. She reached for my buttons and began removing my shirt. I picked her up spun her around and sat her on the desk I stepped between her legs and began to press my lips to hers.


I was stroking my hands down her back, I felt her hands at my belt. I left her to it while I moved my hands around to her front and began tweaking her nipples. I heard my zipper slide and felt my pants begin to fall.

I leaned forward and placed my lips around her left nipple as I continued to stroke the right breast. My boxers slid down my legs and now I matched her in my nudity. She leaned back on the desk and wrapped her legs around my hips. I could feel her drawing me nearer until I felt the tip of my cock sinking in to her velvet glove.

Louise sighed and said "Just like I dreamed it would feel." I don't know if it was because of the difference in pussy's or if I was just extra horny. But it was like I was a teenager just a few seconds and I exploded inside her. But also like a teenager I never broke stride and kept going. Waiting ,Waiting and Bam I felt Louise begin to shake and her butt bounce across the desk and she screamed and released I could feel the wetness leaking out and down my legs.

Her body began to twist and grab at my cock ooh that was all it took and I burst loose with my second explosion. We lay there for a few minutes then Louise said this desk is not too soft.

Then we both began laughing. Not only that but Johan and Donald should be on the way. We cleaned and redressed. Louise said, " I will see you later for a repeat, " Then out the door she went.

This was her week and we got together when we could and I made my daily trip to visit Erica and keeping her up on what was going on. On Friday Louise was tested and she was pregnant. Carol was all smiles it was her turn. It wasn't long after Carol was pregnant that Marie finally claimed her turn and it was well worth the wait. Finally the day came that Erica was released from the hospital but had to go to therapy twice a week.

Slowly she began to get her strength back as nearer and nearer the due date moved closer. People driving past the house must wonder to see six women all in different stages of pregnancy.

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Erica gave birth on March 3 1946 to a 8lb 6oz baby boy. We stuck with General Thomas I became his XO as he requested but spurned all requests to run the training group.

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Oh yes the Girls all had their babies and were opened up and had many more. Once a year Louise comes to visit. she now has 5 kids. The End