Very old granny takes two cocks

Very old granny takes two cocks
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My name is Sean, I'm '6,3', brown hair, a little bit tanned,and a little muscular but not so much it makes you think i go to the gym everyday. I'm 16 and currently in high-school, and i usually get straight A's.

I also live with my mom and my sister. My Shit-head of a dad left when my little sister was born. And my mom doesn't mind reminding us every once and a while how our dad doesn't worry about supporting us. She tries to keep it from us, but we heard from our aunt that our dad was cheating on our mom long before me and my sister was born.

My sister,Rosey, is only 3 months younger then me,but i always refer her as my little sis. She is '6,0',long brown hair that goes to the mid of her back,and the cutest face you could think of.

she is a well tanned and haves curves that goes all around. She also has C36 breast that just beg for attention and a well rounded ass that any guy would want to be around (or their hands atleast) She could get any guy she wanted,but just because she has this body doesn't mean she's some kind of slut. she's the effect her body has on guys,but shes really kind and fun,and she knows how guys can be.

Of course shes dated a couple of guys before, but most of them were jerks pretending to be "Mr. Nice" or "Mr. Considerate". I've never been attracted to my sister in any way before,but that all changed,and THIS is how it happened *** I just came home from another date fail.

The girl I was with, Chelsy, Seemed like she wanted to go on another date,but i wasn't. She was one of those girls who would talk through the whole date and not let you say a peep.

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She was nice,but a chatter-box. I closed the door ( a little to louder then i meant to) and walked to the living room. I sat on the couch,put my feet up on the coffee table,reached for the remote,and tried to relax and forget about my so-called date.

Unfortunately my sis heard the door and had a feeling something was up. Our house wasn't small but it was quiet. It was a two-floor house,with plenty of room,that's how the sound of the door echoed off the walls. She asked me how was my date,already knowing the answer. That's one thing i always enjoyed about coming home from a failed date, my little sis always wanted to comfort me.

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"Another fail" I told her,but she a quizzical look on her face,so I explained to her what happened."Ahhhh sorry bro, but you shouldn't worry about It, you have it lucky" This time it was me who gave her a quizzical look,then she smiled and said " Your an amazing guy who,unlike most of the guys at our school,try to treat a girl right. Any girl would be lucky enough to have you" I smiled back and for a split second I wished she wasn't my sister because I would ask her out in a instant.


I know its wrong, but there's no other girl like Rosey. She's always so sweet and comforting,that if it was legal I probably would ask her out. But I quickly brushed the thought aside,if I keep thinking like that who knows what will happen. I look her in the eyes "Thanks sis, I truly am lucky enough to just be your brother,you always know how to cheer me up" She gives me a heart warming smile, then I say playfully" You know,when your not annoying the crap out of me and hogging the remote!" She laughs but pushes me against the side of the couch and grabs the remote.

"You mean THIS remoter bro?" She says as she stands up,and then runs off through the house giggling when I get up to chase after her. Its easy to catch her when she starts to go up the steps, I jump every 3 steps and tackle her. I grab the remote and stick my tongue at her, then she does the same playfully but didn't think about how close our faces were.

Before I even noticed her tongue brushed against mine,and I feel as a tingle go through my mouth, down my spine,to the tip of my cock as it twitched. We both just stare at each other in shock for a few seconds,not knowing how to react. "EWWWWWW EWW EWW EW EW!" Rosey whines as she pushes me off of her,and continues to over react to it in a way that tells me shes being playful "Now I got your germs!" "No I got your germs,now I'm going to become a alien zombie!" "umm excuse me I don't have any germs and you gotta stop watching Sci Fi" "Oh no its to late, I can.

. ehhhh.


my body. . CHANGING!" She giggles "Hey I'm kinda tired,I'm going to take a nap. Night Sean" She says while I finish my Oscar Performance material. "K,night Rosey" I say as she closes the door,and I'm not sure but I think I also heard her lock her door,which is weird because she never locks her door, because in this house everybody just knocks.

But I just think nothing of it and go watch some TV. I turn it on and try to watch something on the Disney channel but I didn't even pay attention to it.

I was too distracted by what happened earlier. Then I started to think if I could feel her tongue again,to feel it wrap around mine,or my tongue exploring her mo-NO what am I thinking? I shouldn't think of stuff like that,its wrong. I decide to go to bed early like Rose,and probaly like my mom would too when she got home. Shes a very successful woman, she owns her own company.

But sadly neither me or Rose knows what she does.

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She says that she'll tell us when were older,so naturally we think its probaly a company that makes alcohol or something and shes trying to protect us from it. But anyway, I go to bed trying to get my little sister off my mind. I lay down and try to go to sleep,i usually jerk off before I go to sleep as the horny teen I am,but tonight I'm to worn out and confuse to do it. I wake up in the morning to the smell of breakfast. I try to go back to sleep but I can't resist the smell of it, I can't tell what it is but I CAN tell that my mouth is watering.

I get up and walk down the stairs to the kitchen to see Rosey cooking eggs,bacon,and of course,pancakes! She see's me and smile " Morning sleepy-head, I wanted to help you forget about last night and I was hungry so I made us breakfast!" She said as she flipped a couple eggs. "I'm just about done,and I don't worry I know how you like your eggs" I smile but stop because I was starting to drool,but I go up to her and kiss her on the cheek.

We both get out our plates and start to eat one of the most amazing meals I've ever had in my life.

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When we finish I chuckle as I spot some syrup on Rosey's mouth down her chin. I tell her and she wipes it off with her finger and sucks on it with her mouth. My cock twitches under my pj's after seeing how erotic it was just to see her suck syrup off her finger."Mmmmm sweet" She says after sucking the syrup off,and I try to hide my now growing hard on. I try to change the subject " Hey is mom still here?" "No she left when I started cooking" "She went to work this early?" "She said it her company was working on a important project" "K" "I'm bored,you want to watch a movie?" "Sure but YOUV'E got to make the popcorn" "but I MADE breakfast,its the guys turn to do the cooking,unless you cant handle putting popcorn in a microwave" She got me there,so I got the pop corn and put it in the microwave while she puts in a movie,Cloverfield.

I try to get rid of my erection. I bring over a big bowl of pop corn (infront of my hard member to try to hide it) and when I sit down she unfortunately,decides to sit in my lap and hold the popcorn.

DAMN. Mid-way into the movie she starts to move around trying to get comfortable and then she suddenly stops. At that point I know she can feel my hard cock,especially after she says" Is that because of me?" She then turns around and looks at me in the eyes then at the tent being made in my pj's.

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I think to myself fuck it might as well tell her and hope she doesn't get disgusted with me "Yes it is,but its also because I didn't jerk off this morning or last night like I usually do.

"But I still had something to do with it right?" I nod not expecting what she said next. "Well if I caused you any problems then I should be the one to 'fix' them" She says as she rubs my cock through my pj's "Wait no you shoul-" She presses her lips to mine,and what ever voice left in my head trying to tell me this is wrong instantly got quiet. I know I have feelings for her,so why not let her take care of me?

I wanted to see how far I can get. She stops kissing me " I know its wrong but after yesterday I realized I have feelings for you,and I want to please you" she says while getting my pj's down releasing my cock and hitting softly on the nose. She smiles "I've never seen one of these before,its really big" truefully its only 8 inches but I'm still proud.

She then slowly starts to stroke me,slowly at first then more steady,getting the hang of it. She see's my balls and starts to roll them around with her other hand whil stroking me.

"Does this feel good big brother,do you like the way your little sister is playing with your big juicy cock?" I don't know what got into her but I liked it. I nodded. She then says "Speaking of juicy, what it tastes like" I almost exploded when I heard that,and again when she started to lick my shaft, paying special attention to the head.

Then she got bolder and put the whole head in her mouth and started to suck,and trying to go deeper. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" She moans while closing her eyes,that's when I went over the edge.

The vibrations from her mouth on my cock,and the fact that my little sister ENJOYED sucking my cock made me explode with out warning,but she felt my cock swelling up and by balls swelling in her fingers and she guessed what that meant. She took her wonderful mouth off my cock with a loud wet 'Plop!' and I sprayed 5 loads of cum on her face.

I never came like that before,the whole thing was so erotic to me. 1 load went on forehead,another on her chin and two both cheeks,and one more on her mouth. Then I started to get hard again when she started to scoop up the cum with her finger and suck all of it off while moaning!

She see's my cock and sucks it off one more time to clean me off from any left over cum. Then she strokes my cock slowly and says "That's enough for now,but I cause any more problems,let me know so I can 'fix' them." she then walks out of site and up the stairs,leaving me in shock but then before going to her room she yells"By the way,let me know if you have anymore of that white stuff,it tastes REALLY good!" She closes her door and leaves me to think of what just happened and what might happen next.

*** thanks guys for reading and let me know wat u think and any suggestions :) and if u want a part 2!