Brincando com a Buceta e Gozando

Brincando com a Buceta e Gozando
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The Vampire's Kiss Chapter 6: Unholy Communion by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Aurora's words of defiance echoed through Heaven. The crystal foundations reverberated with her defiance. Aurora had rebelled. She was tired of Heaven's rules allowing Hell's success. No longer would she play the game that led mankind to ever increasing levels of depravity.

She would guide her tool, the vampire Damien, and use him to right the wrongs. She would see Faust destroyed along with all the others whom polluted the human's world. She would rediscover Paradise that had been Lost to Adam's sin.

In her mind, it was all so clear. Damien would kill Faust, be reunited with Abigail, and then she would lead the vampires to hunt others of their ilk. They would be the greatest hunters ever. She just had to leash him before he caused any more harm. And Heaven's rules held her back. "Rebellion!" roared Uriel, her superior.

The Archangel's nimbus of light flickered and pulsed with violent reds. "You throw your cause with the demons?" "No. I will never be one of them. I will be what Heaven should have always aspired to be—crusaders. I will drive back the darkness from the world." "By adding more darkness to it?" Uriel moved towards her. "You think you can fight Hell with its own tools and be victorious?" "I will be victorious because I will not be bound by the petty restraints that chain Heaven.

I will not let Jezebel spread poison any longer upon the world. I will make the Earth burn pure again." "And this has nothing to do with your own pride?" Uriel demanded.

The light seized Aurora. Pain burned across her body. Her once white wings burned and cracked into gray ash. "Do you think I am blind to your petty vendetta against a single demon? We strive against all of Perditions hordes, and you are fixated on one, insignificant spec who wounded your pride." Aurora swelled up and threw off the archangel's arms. "My only concern is protecting mankind and stopping Hell's influence upon them.

Do not presume to question my motivations." "I do not question them, I elucidate them. Go and rebel. You have made your choice. You are banished from the light of Heaven, exiled to the world. Fight your pointless crusade. Swell your pride in the misguided belief that your actions will cause any good and that your vendetta with Jezebel at all matters." The words slammed into Aurora.

She was thrown from the light of Heaven. She tumbled through the void, crashing hard into the Ether as she hurtled towards the stained Earth. Righteous anger burned inside of her. I will see Faust destroyed, his Empire salted into the Earth, and all of Jezebel's foul plans stopped.

I will stop Hell's machinations without Heaven's handcuffed help. Aurora knew her purpose. She knew it wasn't pride that drove her. She knew it wasn't her anger at all the harm the demon had caused, or all the ways she had failed to protect Damien and Abigail. She had a calling. Pure. Righteous. Unsullied. It drove her with purpose.

She would cleanse the world, and Damien would be her fire. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jezebel shuddered in delight from inside the soul of Father Augustine. The priest rubbed his cock up and down the virgin slit of Samantha, the engaged parishioner Father Augustine had corrupted. When he plunged his cock into Samantha's cunt, he would forever be the demon's puppet.

Her dark shaman. The demon trembled in anticipation of feeling the father's cock pierce through Samantha's hymen and buried into her pristine depths. Such a betrayal of his church and calling as a priest to seduce a woman on the eve of her marriage. Jezebel loved it. She loved being a demon, and she exulted in the knowledge that an angel out there had broken the rules and allowed her to so thoroughly corrupt the priest.

Never once in all of Jezebel's plotting and plans had she anticipated the power Father Augustine would harvest for her. The Heavenly threat against Faust shall be cleansed. Jezebel shuddered as Father Augustine thrust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Hyrum Augustine thrust.

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His cock popped through Samantha's cherry. The virgin gasped and squirmed on the altar as his dick sank into the hot, tight depths of her pussy. Father Augustine savored the flesh wrapped about his cock.

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"Your sinful cunt has tempted me," Father Augustine breathed as he drew back. "It has urged me into this sinful act, but do not fear. I will remake you and Joy tonight.


You shall be holy warriors, your whorish lusts chained to righteousness." "Yes, Father," gasped Samantha, her virginal sheath clenching down on the priest's cock. "I want to be a holy warrior. I don't want my sinful hole to tempt men." "We'll fight evil together," Joy said, her blonde hair falling about her face as she leaned over the altar from the other side and cupped Samantha's face.

"We serve the Father now. We're his. We'll use our bodies to satiate the lusts we create in him." Joy kissed Samantha.

Father Augustine's dick ached in Samantha's cunt as he watched the whorish display of lesbian lust before him. Samantha shuddered, her head turning as she moaned into the kiss.

Their lips melted together, their tongues flicking out. Father Augustine fucked Samantha harder, loving the sight. "See what wanton creatures you are," he moaned. "Always giving into the perversities of your sinful flesh. You tempt me with this lust, but know that you are forgiven. Indulge your carnal passions for each other." Joy broke the kiss.

She licked her lips, her hands sliding down her naked stomach to her shaved pussy. She pushed Samantha's head down. The virgin's lips kissed at Joy's pudenda. The father could hear the wet smacks as Joy moved Samantha's lips lower and lower. "I can't believe this," moaned Samantha. "I can't fight this. I never thought I could be so sinful, but you were right, Father.

I am. I would have cheated on Tony eventually. I didn't love him. I just wanted to marry him so I could fuck." Her pussy clenched when she said "fuck." Her word echoed through the worship hall of Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Father Augustine's perish. From here he had aided Damien and Abigail in their holy mission to hunt vampires.

"Oh, yes," Joy gasped. "Mmm, lick my clit, sweetie. That's it. We're holy warriors together. We need to love each other." "Such sin lurks in the heart of women," Father Augustine groaned. I wish I could see Samantha's tongue licking through Joy's folds.

Father Augustine gathered Samantha's brunette curls in his hand, clearing them from the side of her face.

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As he fucked her pussy, he leaned out to the side and grinned at the pink tongue swirling around Joy's nub. His dick ached. He had been celibate since he was eighteen. Thirty years without sex before he met Joy hitchhiking. And even when he was a young man that had indulged in a woman's flesh, he had never witnessed such debauchery before.

If it wasn't for his new-found stamina, he would have erupted into Samantha's cunt on the spot. "That's it, lick her pussy," groaned Father Augustine. His balls smacked into Samantha's pussy. "You stir lusts in women as well as men. You have to satiate her lusts. She is your sister-warrior. You are united. Tonight, you shall be bathed in a new baptism." "Yes, bathe us, Father," gasped Joy, her hips undulating. Samantha moaned and suddenly shuddered.

Her pussy convulsed about the Father's cock. The priest groaned as he slammed into her depths. He grit his teeth as her flesh rippled about his dick, sucking at him, eager to be bathed in his cum. "Did licking her cunt make you cum, whore?" "Yes," Samantha moaned. "Yes, it did, Father. This is so sinful. I feel so.naughty. I can't believe it. I can't believe how much of a whore I am." "You love it," Father Augustine growled. He pulled her head up by her hair and turned her so he could claim her lips in a kiss.

Joy's spicy pussy covered her lips. He savored them as he fucked her harder, his balls about to boil. "Admit how much you love being a wanton whore." "I love it, Father," Samantha moaned, her body shuddering. "Are you cumming again?" "Yes." Her answer had an ecstatic joy about it. Her face twisted in a parody of serene worship as her pussy massaged the priest's cock. "I can't help it. Your cock feels amazing inside of me. I love it, Father.

I'm yours. Your devoted slave." "Yes," Joy hissed in agreement. "Yours, Father." "Fetch the communion cup from the tabernacle," the Father barked. "I'm close to cumming in the whore." "Tabernacle?" Joy asked.

Father Augustine pointed at the ornate cabinet where the holy communion was stored. Joy went to it, her naked ass swaying, her pussy juices trickling down her thighs. She had a hot cunt. A sinful cunt that begged for the priest's cock. I'll enjoy her next. "Hurry," he growled. "Samantha's sinful cunt is about to overwhelm my cock." "Yes," Samantha moaned, her hips bucking back into his thrusts. "Spill your seed in me." Joy opened the cabinet and pulled out the golden chalice.

She held it between her hands and raced back to the altar. Instinctively, she knelt below the priest and held the cup up to Samantha's pussy. Father Augustine's balls smacked into the cold, metal rim of the cup as he plowed into Joy's cunt. "Whore," Father Augustine growled as his cum spilled into her pussy.

Blast after blast flooded out of him. The priest threw back his head. He felt younger by the minute. Cumming into the whores of his church invigorated him. He ripped his cock out, sucking in deep breaths. His cum, tinged pink from her virgin blood, flowed into the cup.

Joy licked her lips as the jizz and pussy juices leaked out. Samantha groaned, clenching her teeth as she forced more cum out of her depths. Words, spoken by a feminine whisper, rose inside of Father Augustine. He seized the chalice. Energy rippled out of him. The golden cup blackened with tarnish as dark electricity crackled around the rim before shooting down into the jizz.

"This is my body," the priest moaned as he held the cup before the two women. Samantha quickly knelt beside Joy, both young women staring up at him in rapt worship. "This is my blood. This is my essence mixed." He thrust the cup towards Joy's lips and tilted it. "Eat and drink this in remembrance of my authority." Joy shuddered as the cum passed her lips. Black sparks rippled across her body. A lasting connection bound Joy to him, tying her soul to his. The feminine voice in the depths of his soul cackled in delight as energy invigorated Joy.

The priest repeated the words and tilted the cup to Samantha. She squealed in delight as she was chained. The priest smiled as he stared down at his holy warriors.


They rose and, in unison, seized his cock, their lips both sucking on the crown and brushing together as they worshiped him. He savored the moment and then his cell phone rang. The loud, electronic, blaring ring ruined the sanctity of the ritual. He set the cup reverently on the altar. It still contained his seed mixed with virgin blood. There was enough for one more whore to drink and be bound to him.

Then he marched to his discarded cassock and fumbled around in his pockets for the phone. He grabbed it. Donna Lawson's name flashed on the screen. He smiled. She was a beautiful woman, as hot as her daughter Britney. Donna was also a whore. She had confessed her one-night stand a few years back, spinning a sobbing tale at how sorry she was for cheating on her husband and how much of a mistake it had been. "I was out of town. Lonely. I went down to the bar.


I was so weak." Father Augustine hadn't believed her lies then. She was a whore. "Hello," he answered. "Father," the half-panicked voice of Donna Lawson gasped. "My daughter Britney's missing. She's not at the church, is she?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Britney Lawson licked her lips, gathering up the last traces of her Master's cum. She loved being Damien D'Angelo's thrall. The recently deflowered virgin was thrilled that she had been chosen to be his.

She enjoyed nursing her vampire Master with both her breast milk and her blood. And she was equally happy that her best friend Mary was Damien's first vampiress.

It had been Britney's idea to lure her friend into her Master's clutches. Britney had expected her Master to drain Mary dry, but instead Damien turned her into a vampiress.

Britney sat on her knees between the two bucket seats in Damien's SUV. The center console had been removed so she could sit there and suck on Damien's cock while he drove. She savored the salty flavor of his cum as she peered over the dashboard. "Why are we pulling off the highway, Master?" she asked. In the distance, Chicago's skyline glowed brightly, a beacon leading them into the city. Her eyes fixed on Faust Tower, the new skyscraper that had been built, taller even than the nearby Sears Tower.

In there was Damien's kidnapped wife Abigail. "Gas," Mary purred. The vampiress lounged in the seat, her thighs almost fully exposed by the short skirt she wore. The tart scent of her pussy filled Britney's nose. Mary stretched her arms over her head, her small breasts pressing against the tight halter top.

Mary was a self-described Lolita, an eighteen-year-old slut that loved to drive men wild with desire for her. She knew how her body made them hard, and she loved it. "Master needs to fuel up." "Might as well top it off in case we need to drive more," Master said, his hand resting on Britney's blonde curls. The busty thrall shuddered, her tits straining her shirt, her nipples hard and a pair of wet spots appeared as her milk leaked out. Though she had been a virgin this morning when Damien had drained her blood, she lactated.

Her breast milk had been artificially induced to help her mother out when her baby brother was born. Britney was glad because Master and Mary loved her milk. "And you need food and water, Britney," Master added. "Your thrall metabolism will let you eat anything and not get fat, but you have to replenish your energies and fluids." "So we can drain you dry, slut," giggled Mary, her hand joining Damien's.

The vampiress licked her lips. Britney smiled. I can't run dry. It's too dangerous for Master to kill people. That leaves a trail. I shouldn't have brought Mary to be killed, but it worked out well in the end. Mary's hand slid down and caressed Britney's cheek, shooting a warm flood through her veins.

Britney turned and kissed her friend's palm. Their friendship had always puzzled and exasperated Britney's parents. She had been a model student, attend church, never got in trouble whereas Mary would go out drinking all night and screw any man or woman that caught her eye.

And now we're both Master's sluts. The SUV slowed to a stop in the well-lit gas station. Mary opened her door and stepped out with a subtle grace. Britney noticed the way her friend moved with a fluid beauty.

It was subtle, but more than Mary's hair color had changed when she turned—her bleached-blonde locks had returned to their natural black. Mary had been reborn today. They both had been. Made to serve our sexy Master. Britney crawled out and hooked Mary's arm before they strode to the attached convenient store.

"Mary, no feeding," Damien called after them. "I mean it." "Yes, Sire," Mary answered, then she whispered, "He's my sexy, strict daddy now. It's so wicked." Britney giggled in agreement. She had always had a crush on Damien growing up next door to the D'Angelos. He had a rugged, muscular sexiness that made a younger Britney fantasize such wicked thoughts.

A two tone, digital bell beeped when they pushed open the door and strode into the convenient store. Coolers full of sodas, bottled water, energy drinks, sports drinks, and beer lined the walls around shelves covered in everything from engine oil to chocolate bars.

There was nothing truly healthy to eat, but Britney didn't care as she strode to the back to grab a few bottles of water. Then she snagged some snacks, filling up her arms. "Well, look at her," Mary moaned, nodding her head up front. "Isn't she a yummy morsel?" Britney turned her head as Mary pressed up behind her.

Mary's hands wrapped around Britney's waist and rubbed on her stomach. Britney licked her lips. She had discovered a new appreciation for a woman's beauty since being turned into a thrall and freed from society's puritanical morality. "Yes," Britney purred, drinking in the coffee-cream skin of the nineteen-year-old girl working behind the counter.

She was clearly half-Black, with a small nose and cute lips. Tall with curves hidden by a loose T-shirt and the blue vest that formed her uniform. "I wouldn't mind watching Master drain her blood." "She has such sweet blood," moaned Mary. Her lips kissed at Britney's neck. Britney shuddered as Mary's fangs lightly pressed at her flesh, not hard enough to pierce the skin, but enough to make Britney wet. "I can smell it racing through her veins." The clerk looked up and her brown eyes widened.

Her cheeks darkened as she jerked her eyes away. "She blushes like a virgin," remarked Britney. "Like I used to." "She is a virgin.

I can smell it. I want to taste her blood." "Master said no feeding," Britney reminded as she stared at the girl. "You say she's a virgin?" Mary let out an orgasmic moan that could have been a yes, her hips undulating and grinding into Britney's ass. An idea popped into Britney's head. Master plans on turning Rosa into a vampiress when we reached Chicago to help him rescue Abigail. How many vampires can I feed? Three might be too many.

If we had a second virgin to turn into a thrall. "Let's introduce ourselves," Britney grinned. "Ooh, you have changed," Mary laughed.

"I love the new you. If I get to taste her blood, I will worship your pussy." "You'd do that anyways, slut." "I would." Mary squeezed Britney's ass through her skirt as the pair walked up to the counter. Britney set her bottle water, a few candy bars, jerky, and a bag of chips on the counter. "Is this everything?" the shy clerk asked. Her nametag read "Vickie." "No, it's not," Britney purred, leaning her elbows on the counter and catching a whiff of apricot.

Probably her shampoo. "Did you like watching my friend nibble on my neck?" "What?" Vickie asked. "Did you find it hot?" Mary asked, leaning on the counter beside Britney. "Did it make your pussy wet?" "What?" gasped the girl.

"I bet it did." Britney put her arm around her friend. "Look at us. We're hot. Who doesn't like watching a pair of hot chicks make out?" "A straight girl," Vickie muttered. "Even straight girls like to watch," Mary giggled. Then she turned and kissed Britney. Out of the corner of her eye, Britney watched Vickie face as Britney moved her lips and flicked her tongue against Mary's mouth. Vickie's eyes widened as Britney and Mary's lips and tongues moved together.

The kissing girls moaned as they pressed tight, Britney's pussy clenching in delight. Vickie's breasts rose and fell when the two girls broke their kiss. Britney smiled at Vickie and reached out, touching her hand. Britney loved how her pale fingers contrasted with the light-chocolate of Vickie's skin. "Now tell me that didn't make you hot," Britney purred. Mary took Vickie's other hand.

"I can smell how wet you are. Mmm, it's a delicious musk. Tangy. I bet you want to feel my tongue licking through it." Vickie shook her head. Mary nimbly leaped over the counter, slipped behind Vickie, and pressed up against the clerk. Vickie gasped as Mary pushed the clerk against the counter. Vickie bit her lip as Mary's hands slid down and rubbed at Vicky's jeans. "You are so wet right now," purred Mary. "You are just aching to have that cherry popped." "H-how do you know I'm a virgin?" groaned Vickie.

"It's so obvious," Britney smiled. She leaned forward and cupped Vickie's cheeks. "I'm going to kiss you." Before Vickie could say anything, Britney pressed her wet lips against the clerk's. Britney shuddered, her pussy clenching and her juices trickling down her thighs as she let her tongue flick out and meet Vickie's lush lips.

Vickie shivered into the kiss, her body squirming as Mary kept teasing the clerk. Britney broke the kiss. "See, that was nice, right?" "I guess," Vickie groaned. "Who are you? What are you doing to me?" "We're making you wet," Mary moaned. "We're exciting you. We want you to fuck our boyfriend." Britney shuddered.

"He's such a stud. Look at him." She turned Vickie's face to peer out through the glass door. "He's a stud. Tall, muscular, handsome, a badass. And he knows how to please a woman." "He'll take you in hand and make you his," moaned Mary. "You'll want to please him." "So badly," Britney moaned. "So come with us and discover something so much better than this dump." "Discover what a man is like.

Not one of those pussies you went to high school with that failed to spread your thighs and take your cherry. But a real man." Master walked towards the convenient store. A thrill ran through Britney. "You'll love him, Vickie." "You're both his girlfriends?" "No," Britney purred. "We're his sex slaves. He's our Master." "Oh, yes," Mary moaned. "Don't you want to be his, Vickie." "I've never even met him." "You're about to." Mary rubbed harder at Vickie's crotch.

"You'll want to worship him." The two-toned beep resounded as Damien stepped through the door into store. He wore his sexy jeans and t-shirt. His hungry, dark eyes swept across the three, a cocky smile spreading across his chiseled face.

His muscles stretched his t-shirt as he moved. "Oh, my," Vickie whispered. "He's." "Hot," Britney moaned. "And you can be his. He'll make you cum so hard when he takes your cherry." "What are you sluts doing?" growled Damien. "Getting snacks," Mary grinned. "Doesn't Vickie look like a tasty cherry treat?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien D'Angelo breathed in deeply, letting Vickie's scent fill his preternatural nose. He could smell the sweet blood pumping just beneath her veins.

Her heart thudded rapidly, her eyes were dilated, her arousal perfumed the air. She had an exotic quality, her light-chocolate skin was alluring. His fangs sprouted. He fought the urge to feast on her in the middle of the convenient store. He didn't have to look to know several CCTV cameras were aimed at them right now. If he drank Vickie's blood right here, even if he turned her into a Thrall like Britney, it would be recorded.

And if the system automatically backed up in the cloud, there would be no destroying evidence. "Are you a tasty cherry treat?" Damien smiled. He knew women found him attractive. Even before becoming a vampire, he was used to turning down flirting women. They sensed that he was dangerous, a soldier in the fight against darkness.

Now, Damien could indulge. "Well, Vickie?" he asked, reaching out and lightly caressing her skin. She was warm. Beneath her skin, capillaries beaded with drops of her blood. She shuddered, her eyes staring at him. "You know you want to be made a real woman by him," moaned Mary.

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"You're like her," Vickie whispered. "You're" "He's a vampire," Mary moaned. Vampires bodies were as warm or cold as the surrounding air. "Like me. But we won't hurt you." Britney shook her head.

She lifted up Vickie's other hand to her lips and kissed her finger. Damien's cock throbbed, remembering Britney's mouth sucking on a far thicker member. Vickie shuddered, her eyes fluttering. "The gas is almost done pumping," Damien grinned. "If you want to really live, come join us." Better to be safe. If she's shown voluntarily leaving with us, no one will care. Just a nineteen-year-old acting irresponsibly the way they're supposed to.

"Let's go, sluts." "Yes, Master," Britney purred while Mary husked, "Yes, Sire." Mary gracefully slid across the counter, snagging Britney's snacks in the process. Damien took both his women's arms and walked out of the convenient store. He didn't have to look back to know Vickie watched. The girl's breathing quickened. Her pulse thudded. He could hear her tongue sliding across her lips, moistening them while her jeans rasped as her hips shifted. Shoes squeaked. Damien smiled. The door burst open.

"Wait," the girl called. "I.I want to." "Even though I'm a vampire?" Damien asked. "I'm dangerous." "Yes," Vickie moaned and rushed after. "Sluts love a bad boy, Sire," purred Mary, snagging Vickie and pulling her close. "Even a virgin slut." Vickie blushed. Damien's cock throbbed harder. "Where are we going?" Vickie asked when they reached Damien's SUV. "Chicago." "We're partying tonight," Mary laughed. "You and Rosa. Mmm, we're feasting." "You'll love it," Britney added as she scooted into the back seat.

She pulled Vickie in after her. Mary slid in, leaving Damien by himself up front as he drive. He adjusted his rearview mirror and watched as he drove. Britney and Mary's hands roamed Vickie's body. The virgin gasped and squirmed as she traded kisses with each. The scent of three women's arousal filled his car, keeping Damien hard with anticipation as he roared down the highway to Chicago.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The limousine pulled up at the curb. Abigail D'Angelo sat beside the vampire who killed and sired her.

Faust smiled, watching the video of her feeding earlier. Abigail's pussy itched as she heard herself pant like a slut, feasting and fucking the three strapping thralls that served Faust. The dress Abigail wore was different from her usual attire. She was a beautiful woman, a cascade of fiery hair fell about her shoulders and her round breasts were barely concealed by the slinky, red party dress she wore.

Her usual outfit was more utilitarian. Stiletto heels and skirts that barely fell past her ass were not the best clothing to fight vampires. Of course, that was before she had become a vampire herself. Abigail felt with her new reflexes she could easily fight in heels. "Remember to smile for the cameras," Faust smiled as the valet in a black suit opened the door, white gloves covering his hands. He reached in to take her hand and she gracefully stepped out, keeping her thighs pressed together to not reveal her lack of panties to the cameras flashing.

Faust stepped out after her and took her arm. He wore a genial smile, waving at the cameras as they marched up to the mansion's stairs.

Abigail had no idea where they were, besides somewhere in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. "This is the mayor of Chicago's house," Faust answered. "A good friend of mine. He's throwing a party. And you will be on your best behavior, my little slut." "Of course, Sire," purred Abigail.

She was under his domination. He had turned her, and until he died or released her, she was bound to him. A small part of her resisted. That part screamed inside Abigail. Colored lights painted rainbows across the white side of the mansion. The various bushes dotting the dark ground were lit up by carefully placed floodlights to show off the manicured grounds even at night.

Music drifted out through the open doors where a pair of strong men stood, their suit jackets left unbuttoned. Ex-special forces, Abigail appraised. Sidearms with extended clips under their jackets in shoulder harnesses. Possibly fully automatic. Her eyes could see through the darkness. Some of those floodlights created pools of shadows that no normal human could see into against the glare.

In there, other men stood with far larger bundles slung beneath their jackets. Submachine guns. "Tight security, Sire," Abigail observed. "You can never be too careful." "And how many vampires are there inside?" Faust gave her a curious look. "A few.

None of the politicians. Too visible, but there are a few among those that pull their strings. Chicago is our city now. We have ensured it. With the city's murder rate, a few extra bodies hardly raises an eyebrow." They stepped into the mansion. A string quartet played in the entry hall, the songs composed by long dead men echoed through the room. Faust smiled as he looked at her and then turned to the three men who followed.

Abigail called them the Texan, the Black man, and the German. They were Thralls that she had fed off of and fucked earlier. They were also Faust's bodyguards. Each one was stronger than the average human and, if any vampire hunters arrived, impervious or resilience against many of the weapons a hunter would use.

A shotgun firing rock salt would only piss off a man the size of the trio. "Collar her," Faust ordered.

Abigail blinked. The Texan, a big grin on his rugged face, pulled out a dog collar studded with diamonds. He placed it around her neck and pulled it tight, then he clipped on a leash and handed it to Faust.

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"Bitches go on their hands and knees," Faust growled. Abigail obeyed. What is going on here? She knew Faust wanted to humiliate her as punishment for killing a dozen or so of the vampires he had sired over the years. He had promised as much to her. He wanted to degrade her before he finally killed her. The German yanked up her short skirt, exposing her ass.

The quartet never blinked and no surprise disrupted their music. They kept playing as a butt plug was shoved into Abigail's asshole without lube. Her sphincter widened, burning pain shooting through her.

She embraced the pain, letting out a wanton moan. For a vampire, pain could be as exquisite as pleasure. Abigail felt something attached to the butt plug.

A doggy tail. People glanced at her in their suits and beautiful dresses. No one batted an eye. The powerful men of Chicago and their wives didn't seem to care that a woman was forced to crawl like a bitch for their amusement. "Come along," Faust grinned. Abigail swallowed her shame. She wanted to rip the butt plug out of her ass and kill everyone who glanced at her with those knowing smiles. As she was led through the room, everyone paused to give her a glance before dismissing her.

These pathetic humans think they're better than me! Her fangs itched to sprout. Everyone smelled so alive. There was so much she could feast on, and she had to deny herself. She knelt next to Faust, her insides stewing while he gabbed pointless pleasantries. "What a fine bitch you brought, Faust," a portly man laughed, his face ruddy. "Wouldn't you agree, Maddy?" "Oh, yes," the woman on his arm laughed. She was a skinny woman, her face kept young by plastic surgery and her boobs had the perkiness of a woman half her age.

She held up her foot, clad in a golden pair of open-toed heels. "Lick, bitch." Abigail flushed as her tongue slid across the woman's painted toenails and in between her toes, brushing the sour shoe. Abigail's enhanced senses let her taste everything. Her eyes squeezed shut while the inner her raged. A zipper rasped. "Now lick this, bitch." The portly man's cock thrust out. "Go on, bitch," his wife laughed, snagging Abigail's red hair and yanking her head up. "Lick like a good girl." I could rip out your throat and drain you dry before your fat husband even knows what has happened.

Abigail opened her mouth and licked across the tip of the cock, gathering the bead of precum. The polite society of Chicago gathered around, watching her lick and tongue the weak man's cock while Faust stood next to her, watching her humiliate herself.

The wife pulled harder on her hair, forcing her mouth down her husband's short cock. "That's it, bitch, work that mouth," laughed the woman. "I don't know what you did to piss Faust off, slut, but you are going to love tonight." "Mmm, look at her work that pretty mouth," laughed a man.

"I wonder where Faust found this whore?" "Do you notice the wedding band on her finger. I wonder if her husband knows she's such a whore." "Slut." "Bitch." "Cocksucker." "The slut's wet. Her juices are dripping down her thighs." "She's eager for his cum. Look at her suck." Abigail heard every remark as the man's precum filled her mouth.

"Her husband begged like a little girl when I claimed her," Faust laughed. "He blubbered while she rode my cock." Abigail sucked harder as her insides twisted with humiliation and rage.

If Damien were alive, he would kill you all. Even you, Faust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Augustine, his two sluts in tow, arrived at the Lawson's house. He parked the gray church van out front and left Joy and Samantha to wait inside.

As he walked up to the Lawson's door, he glanced at the silent D'Angelo residence. Neither Damien or Abigail seemed to be home. He would have expected both of them to be involved in the search if Britney were missing. "Thank god," Donna Lawson gasped when she opened the door. The blonde housewife's tear-stained face did little to hide her mature beauty.

Father Augustine's cock stirred. He knew who his final woman had to be. "I'm so worried. Her father's outlooking for her. It's not like Britney to be out this late.

Especially, without calling." "I'm sure everything is fine," Father Augustine smiled, his cock hard in his pants. "I'm more than willing to help." "Thank you." She hugged him. Her breasts were pillowy. He wanted her, Mary, Britney, Abigail, and all the other sluts that attended his parish.

He wanted them all to be his sluts. Britney was another virgin. He could use her to consecrate more women to be his. "Do you have any idea where she could be?" asked Father Augustine. "She went over to D'Angelo's house, I think, around sunset." Father Augustine nodded. He knew that Abigail was close to the girl, and he suspected Britney had a whorish crush on Damien.

"Did you call Damien and Abigail?" "They didn't answer their phones." The priest frowned at that. He shoved his hand into his pocket, fished out his smart phone, and dialed Damien's number.

It immediately went to voice mail. He tried Abigail's. His stomach clenched. He could always reach one of them. They were hunters. They had to be ready to go out and fight evil at a moment's notice. "Did you knock on their door?" "It was unlocked." Donna's face twisted. "I peeked in and called out, but no one answered. I didn't feel comfortable going inside. Something.felt off in there." His heart racing, Father Augustine strode across the lawn to Damien and Abigail's house.

Donna trailed after him. The priest's steps hurried. He almost ran as his heart thudded faster. He threw open the door. The scent of blood was unmistakable. Father Augustine strode through the house, his stomach clenching.

Why did I leave the weapons at the church? Blood stained the carpet in the living room. A pair of pink panties frilled with lace, a heart made of small holes on the front, lay by the blood. The priest recognized the panties. He picked them up. They were still damp with Mary Daniels's pussy. She's been killed or turned by a vampire. His hand clenched on the panties. She was supposed to be mine! "Oh, god, that's blood, Father," groaned Donna.

"It's not fresh. But hours old. Britney was in here after this blood was spilled." "It's not hers?" "No, it's not hers." Not this patch. Britney's a virgin. If she's coming and going from a house where a vampire's fed, she been turned into a thrall. "Go back to your house and do not call the police," growled Father Augustine.

"Go, Donna!" Donna squeaked and obeyed, leaving the priest to search the house. He had to find out who the vampire was. He had to know if Damien and Abigail were alive or turned. The D'Angelos' bedroom was a mess. A tub brimmed with cold water and congealed blood. More blood stained the bed. Two more people had been drained in this house and there were no bodies. Damien and Abigail have been turned. You have to kill him, whispered the feminine voice in his soul. It's the only way to save Mary and Britney.

Kill him, and they'll be yours. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You are not what I expected, Mr. D'Angelo." Damien smiled at the real estate agent as she waited by the back stairwell. Around the corner, a line queued to get into Risqué, the hottest new club in town. The dance music thudded through the brick walls, rattling a dumpster pushed against it.

Damien licked his lips as he eyed Rosa the real estate agent. She sauntered up in tight, maroon dress that hugged her curves. Her skin was a gorgeous golden-brown and a ruby smile covered her lips. It was a fake smile. Damien could read the minute differences. Rosa Reyes was a professional. She put on the tight dress and lush smile to woo a rich tech billionaire interested in renting out a piece of property the night club on the first floor made any tenet pass on.

"Three women and you're someone that takes care of himself." Rosa stopped before him. "I like that in a man. So many think they can be slobs but expect me to have all the right curves. Mmm, but you have it figured out." "Yes, he does," Mary purred behind him. She and Britney had Vickie sandwiched between them. The virgin's scent was fear and arousal.

All Damien smelled from the real estate agent was a pussy growing hotter. "Show me the loft," Damien grinned, "I'm sure the lighting's better in there. I want to get a good look at what I'm buying." His eyes boldly roamed her body. She arched an eyebrow. "What all do you think you're buying tonight?" Damien just grinned at her. The pupils of her eyes expanded, turning them almost black. Her nipples dimpled the front of her dress. She wore no bra.

Her tits were lush and perky. "Lead on." "So you can stare at my ass?" She was bold, too. "That's why you wore this dress with that skirt and combined with those stockings.

You want to be watched. Your current boyfriend has you bored." "I'm between them, "she answered as she walked up the stairs, her ass swaying. "So I'm back on the market." Damien could almost hear her thoughts as she climbed up the stairs: she hoped to land a rich bad boy tonight. The woman was ice inside. No matter how wet he would make her, she wouldn't lose sight on her goals of getting all she could in life.

She had a hot body, and she would use it. The stairs creaked as Damien followed her up to the loft while trailed by his three women. Well, Vickie wasn't his yet.

But she will be. Keys rattled as Rosa pulled them from her purse. Her long legs were silhouetted by the streetlight at the mouth of the alley. Long and gorgeous, the perfect legs to be wrapped about a man's body. Damien's dick throbbed harder.

The door opened and she stepped inside. Damien followed. The floor boomed beneath him as the music thudded from the club below. The excitement of the youths dancing and looking for partners to fuck permeated the air. The mix of sweat, perfume, hot pussy, and warm blood filled his nose. His body responded as he watched Rosa stroll through the open loft. She spoke, describing the amenities, but he had eyes only for her. He let her words roll past him. They were empty, meaningless.

Soon, she would be gasping and moaning beneath him. Once turned, she would be ruthless and devoted to him. He couldn't wait to watch her in action as a vampiress. "You don't say much," she purred, her heels clicking as she sauntered back to Damien. "I hope you're not judging the loft by the racket at night?" "I like it." The song change, frenetic and fast. "Primal.

Beats in your chest. Below us, a hundred people are looking to have fun and find someone to fuck." "Not to love?" "Love is such a rare thing." I'm lucky to have found it. "Most of us just settled for fucking." "And should I settle for fucking?" Damien moved to her.

She gasped as he seized her, pulling her close. He stared into her dark eyes, her body trembling against his. Not even she could stay cool. Her heart raced beneath her breasts as Damien slid his hand down and grabbed her ass. "You shouldn't settle for fucking," Damien whispered into her ear. "You should settle for passion." "And you can give it to me?" she gasped, touching his face. "You're not warm. What are you?" "Death and life.

Passion and pleasure. Immortality." Behind Damien, Vicky shuddered as Britney and Mary stripped her naked. Mary had her orders. A few bites only, enough to keep Vicky docile while Damien fed first on Rosa. The Latina beauty in his arms stiffened. "Who are you?" she moaned. "What is going on tonight?" Damien squeezed her ass. He could bite her and claim her, but where was the challenge in that? "If you surrender to me, I will give you pleasures you've never heard of.

You will be transformed." "Oh, yes," Vickie shuddered. "Mmm, she tastes delicious," purred Mary as the sharp scent tang of spilled blood perfumed the air. "Let me taste," groaned Britney. A kiss was shared.

Damien kissed Rosa's neck. Her pulse thudded against his lips. One bite, and he would deliver her oblivion. He forced himself to kiss higher, fighting against the itch to plunge his fangs into her flesh and feast on her life. His hands hiked up her skirt, rubbing at her naked ass and dipping beneath her skimpy thong. "You crave the power of wealth.

But there is a greater power than that." "What?" she shuddered as his fingers teased her sphincter. She clenched and relaxed as she squirmed in his arms. "Death." Damien ripped her thong from her body. He held it up to his nose, inhaling her tart excitement soaking the fabric.

"You're not afraid. Not really. Only a touch, an instinctive flutter you struggle to master. You want what I can give you. You yearn for it." "Yes," she hissed, her thighs parting, her pussy rubbing at his jeans.

Through the denim, her excitement bled hot against his thigh. "I don't know what you are, but I want it. Give it to me." "It'll cost you." "I'll pay," she moaned. Her hands fumbled at his belt. She pushed down his pants, seizing his cock through his boxers.

"Anything." Her hand pushed in and grasped his hard cock. "Anything covers a lot." She stroked his cock and then parted her thighs as he backed her up. He pushed her against a brick wall. The music thudded through building, rumbling the walls. Her hands guided him to her pussy. He savored her wet, juicy warmth. "Even your death." He thrust into her. "My death," she groaned, her pussy clenching hot and tight about his dick.

"Oh, no." Her fear filled her and that made her hips pump faster. A desperate, primal instinct surged through her to please him. She groaned and gasped, her wonderful, perfect thighs wrapping about his hips as she humped against him. His cock ached in her hot, wet silk, shooting pleasure through his body. His fangs grew sharp. "Please," she groaned as he kissed at her neck.

"Please, no." "You'll thank me when you're reborn." Damien bit. "Yes," she shuddered as his venom flooded her bloodstream. Her pussy clenched harder on his cock. Her juices poured out of her pussy as she undulated. Her heart thudded through her chest, pumping her blood into Damien's mouth. His dick ached and his balls boiled as he fucked her. He thrust hard as he drank down her salty life.

It poured down his throat, invigorating him, mixing with the pleasure her tight cunt gave. It was such a wonderful, intimate gift. More precious than fucking her pussy. The blood set alive his nerves. Every thrust of his cock burned with additional pleasure. It shuddered through him as she clutched harder and harder to him. Her moans echoed through the loft as he fed. "Yes, yes," she groaned. "Drink me. Oh, yes. I'm going to cum so hard. Fuck!" Her body spasmed.

Her pussy grew even hotter as her blood left her body. Her hips stopped undulating. She let out soft moans.

Her heart faltered as the pressure dropped in her veins. The pleasure only built inside of her. As she neared death, her pleasure increased. Her pussy spasmed. Her orgasm burst through her. Rosa's hot pussy sucked at his cock, massaging him, shooting pleasure through his body that mixed with her life essence spilling down his throat.

Damien growled as he sucked out the last of her blood. His hips hammered her. His balls tightened. He was too close to stop. He had to cum in her. He had to drain her of every drop of her blood and spill into her body. "Yes," she whispered as she drowned in pleasure and sank towards death.

"Mine," snarled Damien as he thrust into her depths. He turned her face and kissed her with bloody lips. He claimed her as his cum burst out of his balls. The pleasure flooded through him. His body shook as his cum spilled over and over into Rosa's body. The ecstasy shot through him as his cum exploded into her over and over. She quavered one last time, her pussy clenching and then relaxing. She was gone. Damien broke the kiss and smiled. The change settled through her.

In a little while, she would have her rebirth, her new power. Damien held her in his arms, cradling his new vampiress as he walked to Britney, Mary, and Vickie. All three were naked, their bodies smeared with the blood dribbling out of a dozen bite marks across Vickie's breasts. "Oh, yes," gasped Vickie as she shuddered, lost to the vampire's venom. Her eyes flicked up at Damien. "Is it my turn to be drained? To be gifted?" "Yes," Damien grinned. He set Rosa down then shed his clothing while his three woman watch.

They licked their lips as they undulated their blood-smeared bodies. The crimson glinted in the dim light of the loft, painting the curves of their bodies.

Damien pressed behind Britney, his still hard cock rubbing at her ass as he leaned over the thrall to kiss Vickie on the lips. The virgin shuddered, tasting Rosa's blood as Damien rammed his hard cock into the depths of Britney's asshole. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Yes," Britney moaned as her Master's cock speared into her asshole.

She shuddered and clenched on him, her hips writhing as Damien's lips were locked on Vickie's. Her Master's strong body draped over her, holding her blood-smeared body and pressing her into Vickie's trembling flesh. Britney's large breasts pillowed into Vickie's side as the thrall shuddered, her hips bucking and working her Master's cock in and out of her asshole. His shaft was lubed by Rosa's pussy.

It was so hot watching Master fuck her. Now I get to watch him drain Vickie. Joy bubbled inside of her. Britney leaned over and licked at the blood trickling down Vickie's light-chocolate breast, savoring the coppery flavor as her pussy ached. Damien groaned, then kissed down to Vickie's neck. Mary pressed in on the other side. Britney shuddered as both vampires bit into Vickie.

The virgin shuddered, moaning in delight as she was fed upon. Britney knew how wonderful that was. Damien and Mary swallowed the blood gushing out of Vickie's body. "Drain her, Master," Panted Britney, her body writhing as Master kept fucking her ass. His thrusts grew harder and harder as he growled and drained down Vickie's life.

Every time Damien buried into Britney, her pussy rubbed on Vickie's thigh, shooting pleasure through Britney. "So good," moaned Vickie, a big smile crossing her lips. Britney turned her head, resting it on Vickie's chest. She had to contort her body, but it was worth it to listen to her heart beat. It slowed and faltered as Vickie came closer and closer to death.

The girl shuddered, her eyes fluttered. "I'm yours," moaned Vickie before her heart grew labored. She exhaled and convulsed. Britney's asshole tightened on her Master's cock. Damien ripped his lips away, stained with Vickie's blood, and bit into his wrist.

His blood poured out. Britney shuddered at the memory of his dark blood filling her mouth, changing her. Vickie convulsed as she drank his blood. Mary lifted her lips, rolling onto her back and squeezing her blood-stained tits as she moaned in delight.

"All mine," growled Damien. He twisted Britney's head around. He claimed her lips in a kiss as his dick buried into her asshole and pressed her clit hard against Vickie's hip. Britney came as she tasted Vickie's salty blood on her Master's lips. Her asshole clenched and relaxed on Damien's dick.

Her body convulsed in her Master's arms. She shuddered in delight as his strong arms held her. Mary crawled over Vickie's unconscious form, pressing her bloody tits against Britney's. "You little slut, you're cumming, aren't you?" "Yes," moaned Britney, breaking the kiss with her master. His thrusts pressed her tight against Mary.

The vampiress humped her hot pussy against Britney's thigh as their lips met in a passionate kiss. The pleasure flooded through Britney as she savored the blood on Mary's mouth. "My sluts," growled Damien. Britney and Mary both moaned in unison. Damien's flesh slapped into Britney's asshole. His balls smacked into her taint. Mary rubbed at Britney's clit, circling it, keeping her orgasms bursting through her body. She shuddered and moaned between her two vampires.

Then they sank their fangs into her neck. "Yes!" Britney screamed as she fed them. Her body convulsed. Her orgasm drowned her in bliss as her screaming heart pumped her blood into the vampires' hungry mouths. She barely felt Damien's cum flooding her ass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien pulled his cock out of Britney's ass. The thrall shuddered, a big smile on her face while Mary nursed blood and milk from her tits.

Damien surveyed the loft. No furniture. And there were large windows that needed covering before dawn. "Britney, take Mary and a thousand dollars from the bag," growled Damien. Inside the bag was the $250,000 he and Abigail had saved up for emergencies over the years.

"Go to Walmart. There's one on the outskirts of Chicago. By a couple mattresses and lots of black curtains or black sheets." He paused. "And black paint. And hurry. Dawn's only five hours away." "Yes, Master," Britney gasped.

"And Mary, no hunting." "Yes, Sire," the raven-haired vampires pouted. The two dressed and raced out, giggling in delight.

Damien sat naked on the floor, watching over Rosa and Vickie as they went through their separate changes.

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He had Rosa cuddled up to Vickie. The new vampiress would need to feed when she awoke, and Vickie would be the perfect meal. The door to the loft threw open, crashing into the wall. A wind swept through the room. Damien bolted to his feet as a woman stepped in, gray wings spread behind her.

Silver-blonde hair fell about her shoulders and her golden eyes seemed to glow as they fixed on Damien. She was a warrior. The angel strode forward. The light fell on her face. "I know you," Damien growled, his eyes widening. "You sat beside me on the plane last night. You were in my dreams." "I tried to save you," the angel answered. She shook her head and glanced a the two women as they were changed.

"This has to stop, Damien. You can't keep ruining women's lives and making them yours. You need to find your purpose again." "Or you'll kill me?" snarled Damien. Then he lunged at the angel. To be continued.