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Emo boy toys ass with huge dildo and gay uncircumcised sex Long time
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Note to the reader: This story takes its own sweet time to get to the sexy action. Be patient and you'll be rewarded. The sunlight pushed through a crack where the drapes met, painting a bright slit across her body.

She lay inertly on her bed, arms flung out, legs curled under her. The sheet beneath her was stained with blood. On the floor in disarray were her shoes, skirt, top, bra, panties, and an assortment of stuffed animals.

She stirred, tried to sit up, fell back on the bed. She was a mass of aches, with particular sites of pain in her nipples, vagina, and especially her rectum. There was a stickiness in her mouth. It took a while for Tiffany to remember what had happened to her. And why. "Tiffany, why are you doing this?" Tiffany patted her long blonde hair. "Just look, Louise. He's sales manager of a successful software company, loves to ski, and he owns a boat. How big does a boat have to be for it to be called a yacht?" "How in the world would I know?" "And he's only 25." "Only 25?

You're 16!" The two girls were at Tiffany Mansfield's computer, logged into MateMatchers.com. Using a photo of her older sister and the made-up name of Kathy, Tiffany had created a totally fictitious profile and was trolling for men. She always got a kick out of pushing the envelope. When she rode her bike into town, her miniskirt was hiked up so her panties showed as she pedaled innocently, of course. On the sidewalk, she would sometimes bend way over, supposedly to re-tie a shoelace, causing men to pause and stare.

"Eat your hearts out, guys," she would think to herself with mischievous pleasure. In short, Tiffany liked to play games. Now she was taking it to a new level, flirting with strangers on the Internet. She had done this with a couple of men already, stringing them along with increasingly warm emails and then pulling the plug by telling them she'd found someone special and was no longer available. She listed herself as 22 (her sister's age) and pretended to have a secretarial job with an accounting firm in Ventura, California, which was actually where she lived.

In her profile she described herself as loving and romantic but not ready to give herself completely until she found the right man. The headline of the profile read, "R U My Mr. Right?" and her description ended provocatively with, "I'm waiting.

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If U R my Mr. Right, come and take me!!!" Louise was very uncomfortable with the whole thing. "Why are you such a tease? Do you really hate men that much?" Tiffany looked grim. "Yes, I do. They're all animals. You know who once made a pass at me? My Dad! My damn Dad!" "Really? You never told me that. What happened?" "He came into my room one night to chew me out about my grades.

I wanted to calm him down, so I put on some music and did a little dance for him. You know, to take his mind off the school stuff. It worked pretty well actually, too well, because all of a sudden he grabbed me and kissed me. It was not what you would call a father's kiss.

I gave a little cry and he let me go. Then he looked real embarrassed. I told him to get out and he slinked off like a dog that's been kicked. He didn't even look at me for days after that." She smiled sardonically. "At least I didn't hear any more about my grades." "Okay, Tiffany, but maybe you were sorta seducing him with that dance. I've seen you drive boys crazy with some of your moves." "Yeah, right. It's always the woman's fault. She asked for it." "I think sometimes you are asking for it" "And you know what I think, Louise?

I think you oughtta stuff it!" In truth, the whole story about Tiffany's dad was another of her fabrications. He had never made an incestuous pass. What really seemed to turn Tiffany against males resulted from an ill-advised date she accepted with Jack when she was 15.

Jack was a box boy at one of the local supermarkets and he was 19. It was generally conceded that the reason a 19-year-old boy would date a 15-year-old girl had nothing to do with her sophistication, grasp of world affairs, or even beauty, and young girls who accepted these dates were not thought of as placing a high value on their chastity. Tiffany was a virgin and had no intention of handing it over or even allowing any sexual contact beyond kissing.

She would pick the time and place for any greater gifts, not some horny guy. Why, then, did she agree to take in a movie with 19-year-old Jack? As has been mentioned before, she liked to push the envelope and had every confidence that she could handle herself in any situation. And so it was one Saturday night that she found herself parked in Jack's car on a very quiet lane next to a wooded area.

She had not intended to go there, but Jack detoured on the way to dropping her near her house, explaining that he had to show her this fantastic view of the ocean and then driving up the winding road with a determination that brooked no discussion.

The fantastic view of the ocean was quickly blocked by a close-up of Jack's face as he pressed his mouth to hers. This in itself was neither too surprising nor totally unacceptable, but when he began pulling off her top despite her protests, she responded by poking him in the eye with her finger and when he recoiled in pain she dug her fingernails into both of his cheeks.

This counterattack gave her the opportunity to grab her purse and run into the woods, where she hid like a hunted animal, listening for sounds of pursuit. Her heart was pounding and her racing imagination conjured up the next scene, in which Jack tracked her down, tied her hands behind her back, and proceeded to finish without hindrance what he had begun to do in the car. To her relief, she heard the car start up and, with an angry squeal of tires, drive off.

Jack had had enough of Tiffany. She walked home and did not tell her parents about her experience, since she had previously informed them that she was going to the movies with Louise. Her father grounded her for two weeks for staying out so late.


Tiffany told Louise the lie about her father because she felt this was preferable to revealing herself as na?, stupid, and over her head in an encounter with a boy. Besides, the incestuous pass made her an object of sympathy in a situation not of her own making. The fact that it was a scurrilous slander against her own father was of little consequence, since he was not likely to hear about it. Now Tiffany had hooked Tad and she played him like a fish, teasing a little, then becoming ever more intimate.

By this time they had progressed from emails to Instant Messenger, an Internet service that enabled them to send messages back and forth in real time. Each day Tad could hardly wait for their 7 PM appointment to chat. He had an enlarged print of the photo he'd lifted off her profile and he looked at it often. It never failed to excite him and he wanted very much to meet her but she kept putting him off. Tonight he was determined to press the matter very strongly, and as soon as "Kathy" logged on to Instant Messenger he decided to come right to the point.

Tad writes: Hello darling! Kathy writes: Hi. Tad writes: Dearest, I really think it's time we got together. You live in Ventura, I live in Oxnard, just a few minutes away. I know you don't want to tell me your address just yet and that's fine, I want you to feel completely safe.

How about the Denny's in Ventura? Kathy writes: I can't meet you ever. Tad writes: What do you mean? Kathy writes: I've been lying to you all along.

I'm only 16 years old. Tiffany came out of the bathroom just in time to see Louise fly down the stairs and out the door. Puzzled, she went into her room and looked at her computer. Strange, there was a chat in progress on Instant Messenger. She read the last two lines. Kathy writes: I've been lying to you all along. I'm only 16 years old. Tad writes: 16? Kathy, is this a joke? Tiffany stared at the screen. Then it came to her. That bitch Louise!

Little Miss Goody-Goody bitch Louise. Tad writes: Kathy answer me!!! Tiffany decided to tell him yes, it was just a stupid joke. Then she thought of a new twist to the game. Kathy writes: No, Tad dear, it's not a joke.

I care for you too much to lie to you any longer. I am 16. The photo is my sister but we look alike. Some people think I'm prettier than her. But I guess I'm too young for you, right? Sixteen! Tad was having quite a reaction to this news. How was he to deal with this? Kathy writes: Tad? r u still there? Tad writes: Yes Kathy writes: I'm so sorry, Tad dear.

I really love you but I am too young for you, right? Tiffany smiled. Let's see if I can turn him back on for a while, anyway. Kathy writes: Guys look at me like I have a great figure. And when I look at myself naked in the mirror I think they must be right. My bra size is 31 C.

Tad writes: Kathy, why did you do this pretend to be someone else? Kathy writes: I guess because I'm lonely.


Tad writes: Lonely? There are plenty of boys your own age in school. Kathy writes: It's hard for me to trust anybody after what my Dad did to me.

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Tad writes: Kathy, what did your Dad do? Might as well lay it on thick, Tiffany thought. Kathy writes: He came into my room one night to talk to me about my grades. When he was done chewing me out I was crying. He took me in his arms and kissed me. I thought he was trying to comfort me, but he kept kissing me and then he put his tongue in my mouth.

Nobody had ever done that to me before and this was my own father! That wasn't all he did. He started touching my body, I guess they call it fondling. Like I said, I have a very nice figure and he was going over it pretty good. Anyway, by this time I was crying pretty loud so he quit. Tad, I've never told this to a soul, but you're special to me. Tad, dear, if you can't be my boyfriend, can you just be my friend? This was really exciting Tiffany.

Her original lie about her father had just taken on an added dimension. Tad writes: Of course I'll be your friend! You poor kid. That father of yours should go to jail. Or at the very least, he needs counseling. Tiffany thought that was really funny and could hardly wait to share the joke. Kathy writes: Counseling that's a laugh. My Dad's head of the Ventura Child Abuse Center! Tad writes: You mean he's Dr.

Herbert Lindsay? Kathy writes: No, Roger Mansfield. He's not a real doctor, just a PhD. Tad writes: I'd like to have a little talk with him.

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Tiffany panicked she'd gone too far! Kathy writes: Tad, NO!!! I told you this confidentially. Everything's okay now he hasn't touched me since that one time and I don't want to get Mom upset. In fact, Dad and Mom are in Hawaii now at a convention. Tad writes: All right, Kathy, I'll respect your wishes. But do you know if your father has fooled around with any of your sisters, or even one of your brothers?

Kathy writes: I don't think so. My sister Melanie is away at college. And I don't have any other sisters or brothers. Tad writes: No wonder you're lonely. You don't have anyone to talk to. Look, Kathy, it's okay that you didn't tell me the truth about your age.

I still want to meet you and talk to you. Will you come to Denny's? Kathy writes: No, I can't, Tad dear. Not tonight anyway. I'm going out in a little while. Actually, I have to say bye for now. We can chat again tomorrow if you're still interested. Tad writes: Of course I'm still interested. Are you going out on a date tonight? Should I be jealous? Tiffany laughed out loud at this. Yessss, she was still turning him on, even after she admitted that she was only 16.

It must have been all that talk about her sexy figure. Or maybe the story about her Dad french-kissing her and feeling her up. Kathy writes: No, silly I told you I don't have a b/f. I'm saving myself for you, dearest. I'm just going to the library. Gotta go now before they close. Love you!!! Bye! And she signed off. Actually, the library was another lie. She knew that one of her classmates, Tony Lopez, was really hot for her and she had told him she would be at the 8 o'clock showing of "Sex and the City." She took off her jeans and loose-fitting top and put on one of her shortest skirts and a top that clung to her well-developed breasts.

She checked herself out in the mirror. Perfect! She had a game in mind she felt sure would drive Tony crazy. When she entered the theater she took a seat in a deserted section at the far left side.

Almost immediately, Tony materialized in the seat beside her. Ten minutes passed and nothing happened, so Tiffany casually shifted in her seat and allowed her legs to spread enticingly apart. Soon she felt Tony's hand on her knee. Bingo! Tiffany kept watching the movie as if oblivious to Tony's advance. Thus emboldened, Tony began to slide his hand up her thigh. When he got about halfway up she pushed his hand down not completely off, just back to her knee, so he wouldn't be totally discouraged.

After a short interlude, the hand repeated its journey, and Tiffany let it get further toward its destination before pushing it down again. Finally, on the third attempt, she allowed his hand to get all the way up to her panties. Then she rose abruptly, shot Tony a look of utter disgust, and moved to a center seat. Within moments she was pleased to notice the befuddled boy slinking out of the theater.

This was more entertaining than the stupid movie! Tiffany didn't wait for the film to end. She was anxious to see if Tad would be waiting for her online.

She entered her house and was starting to shut the door when it was flung wide open and she was pushed violently into the entryway. She turned in shock to see a man looming before her tall, gaunt, wrinkled face, glinting eyes. As she stared at him, he slammed the door and she heard the latch click with finality.

She was sick with fear. He smiled. He had bad teeth. "You must be Kathy. I'm Tad. I really lucked out only one Roger Mansfield in the directory." His eyes ran up and down her. "Yes, 16 is just fine with me and you're right about your figure. Unless, of course, your bra is padded and I plan to find that out very soon." "Get out of here," she managed to gasp. He reached casually into his pants pocket and produced a hunting knife. "This knife is very sharp.

I will put it back in my pocket because I'll want to use both my hands during our time together. However, if you cause me to take the knife out again I will use it and you won't look pretty any more." "What do you want?" But of course she knew, and he confirmed it. "You." Tiffany desperately played her Uncle Joe card. "Look my Uncle Joe is a sheriff's deputy and he can find you in Oxnard and arrest you." "Kathy if that's your real name we're both liars.

I don't live in Oxnard, I live in my van. I travel to where my girls are." Tad showed his bad teeth again. "You might say I make house calls. When I'm finished with you I'll give you something that will put you to sleep for a while you'll need some rest, I promise you. Meanwhile, I'll be heading for my next girl, a pretty little college student, far from here." He became businesslike. "Little girls shouldn't play this kind of game on the Internet.

Your bedroom. Now." She remained frozen. "I said NOW." His hand drifted toward his pocket. She did not want to move, but she wanted even less for that knife to come out again. As she dragged herself to the stairs and began the agonizing climb, she tried to take refuge in her familiar fantasy that it was all a game. Then she felt his hand exploring under her skirt. The game was over. Tiffany had never before been groped from behind.

The shock of it caused her to freeze in her tracks. "Keep going!" commanded the voice from behind her, accompanied by a vicious prod in a sensitive area. She forced herself up the remaining stairs and into her bedroom, which she had left lighted.

As was customary with many girls, she had decorated the head of her bed with stuffed animals. "Get rid of those toys and be quick about it!" She leaned over the bed and swept the animals onto the floor. While she was doing this, Tad took advantage of her bent-over position to molest her more thoroughly. "Okay, on the bed face up!" As she lay down, she automatically pulled the hem of her skirt modestly down.

Tad snickered and immediately pulled it up to her waist. Again by instinct, she moved her hands to cover herself, then realized the futility of the attempt and let her hands drop to her sides. Another nasty laugh from Tad. "You're getting the idea. I don't want any cover-up.

I'm here for an un-cover up." Great sense of humor, she thought bitterly. Tad took in the tempting view of her exposed panties. Although his loins were stirring, he had long ago learned to discipline his body. He wanted to enjoy the preliminaries in every exquisite detail before spending his resources in the climactic act. Her thighs were pressed together in another instinctive act of self-protection.

"Spread your legs." The knife ever in her mind, she willed her legs apart and immediately his hands were on them, feeling the softness of her inner thighs.

One hand moved up to cradle her cunt and fondle it. Much as she hated to ask, she felt she had to know what to expect. "What are you going to do to me?" Still squeezing her cunt, he moved his face two inches from hers. His reply sounded almost clinical and practiced, as if he had made the speech many times to helpless victims. "I am going to explore every inch of your outer body, plus certain parts of your inner body specifically, the three most desirable openings nature blessed you with.

I will enjoy you with my hands, my mouth, and most of all, with my prick." She heard this with dread, but at least he hadn't mentioned the knife. Then he did. "From time to time I will give you an order. You will obey instantly and completely.

If you do not, I will take out my knife and start cutting until you do. By that time you may have lost something forever, like, say, a nipple. So it will be better for you to obey me immediately. Do you understand?" She could barely speak. "Yes." "Good. I sense that you are a girl who is more accustomed to giving orders than receiving them. Tonight you will get some obedience training." The nasty laugh.

"No charge." Businesslike again. "We'll start with your mouth. Give me sexy kisses. Good lip and tongue movement." "I've never done that I don't know how!" "Better learn fast. You must have seen it in the movies. Okay, put out!" As his face closed in on hers, his tongue flicked out like that of a snake a sight he must have known would fill her with revulsion.

Somehow she got her mouth open to give access to his tongue and then she complied with sexy kisses supposedly a sign of affection and desire, but totally warped by the hatred and disgust she felt for this man and what he was doing to her.

After a few minutes he released her mouth. Her relief was tainted with the knowledge that this was only the beginning, and his next words underscored that. "Now let's see if all that boasting about your fine figure was truth in advertising." He pulled her top off, then reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and yanked it off. He stared at her exposed breasts and nodded. "You were right what's your real name?" "Tiffany." "Nice name I like it better than Kathy.

You were right, Tiffany great tits, especially for a 16-year-old. I'll get to them in a moment, but first I want to see the rest of you." Tiffany wished he would quit the play-by-play announcements, but realized she was going to be spared nothing except, she hoped, her life and the mutilation of her body.

She must do her best to get through this without antagonizing him. She lay unresisting as he took off her sneakers and socks, unzipped her skirt and pulled that off, throwing each of these items on the floor. Then he slowly pulled down her panties, savoring the gradual removal of the last defense of her privacy. The way he looked her totally exposed body up and down, up and down, made her shiver. He was actually licking his lips in anticipation! She realized she was in the power of a man of intellect, cunning, strength, lust and cruelty.

How could she have played herself into his hands? Yes, playing that's what did it her damned games! Too late now. Too late indeed. Now he had stopped looking and was upon her, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them every possible way. Next he attacked them with his mouth, sucking and biting them.

Tiffany had always prided herself on her ability to manipulate others and she thought she might do something to minimize the brutality Tad was inflicting on her. Using her most placating tone, she said, "I know you can do whatever you want to me " "Damn right," he interrupted.


"I can and I will." "Yes, of course," she continued, "but don't you agree that it would be more " searching for the right word "fun if we did this together in a friendly way?" Tad considered this for a moment, or pretended to, then responded judiciously.

"That's an interesting idea, Tiffany, and the answer is no. I think I can speak for rapists the world over when I say that our idea of fun, as you put it, is to make our victims submit to our every desire against their will. In other words, the more they hate it, the more we like it." This pronouncement chilled Tiffany, but she managed to smile pleasantly said, with feigned enthusiasm, "Yes, I see your point, but ow!" Tad had interrupted her very effectively by squeezing her nipples with vicious force.

"End of discussion, Tiffany! And yes, you'll see my point, all right" gesturing toward his midsection "and you'll see it up close very soon. Okay, spread. Nice and wide." Tiffany reluctantly obeyed, giving Tad a scenic view of her golden-haired pussy. He bent down to it, and again his snaking tongue signaled his intention. Grasping the girl's plump buttocks, he pressed his open mouth against her open pussy and went to work. As he probed her vagina and clit with his tongue, he thrust a finger into her asshole.

Tiffany gasped and writhed, but managed to keep from crying out. As Tad continued with his explorations, Tiffany reflected with some bitterness on the fact that, despite all of her flirtatious behavior, it had been her firm intention to keep her virginity intact until she met someone truly worthy of receiving this once-in-a-lifetime gift. Now it was about to be torn from her by this vicious stranger, who would take it as uncaringly as he had no doubt taken the cherries of other young victims.

She must try one more time, even at the risk of further pain. "Tad." His hand waved impatiently as he continued sucking and probing. "Tad even if you hit me again, I must tell you something." He squeezed her buns hard and went on with what he was doing. Finally he stopped and raised his head, looking as ugly as ever.

"What?" he demanded irritably. Tiffany chose her words carefully. "Tad, I know I played games with you on the Internet, pretending to be my older sister, and I understand that you want to get revenge, but I swear to you that I am a virgin and I ask you I beg you to let me save my virginity for my future husband. I'll do anything else you want anything! Please!" Again, Tad brought his ugly face close to Tiffany's. "You just don't get it, do you, bitch? I don't give a shit about revenge.

I came here to rape. I was expecting to rape a 22-year-old, but 16 suits me even better. Especially a virgin, with a nice tight pussy. And you'll damn well do anything I want. But I'll do you a favor. I'll let you wet my cock it'll go in easier that way." Tad pulled his pants off. He wasn't wearing undershorts, and Tiffany gasped when she saw his big cock coming to life and then being brought up to her face.

"Go ahead wet it." With a sick feeling, Tiffany put a finger in her mouth and moistened it, so she could rub it on Tad's cock. But that wasn't what Tad had in mind. Using the patient tone of a teacher explaining something to a backward student, he said, "No, Tiffany, your finger doesn't go into your mouth, my cock does.

Now, put it in there and make it nice and wet." Thoroughly revolted, Tiffany begged, "Please don't ask me to do that!" She received a series of vicious slaps to the face. She put her hands up to protect herself, but Tad knocked them away with his fists and slapped her some more. "Get this, you little cunt I don't ask you to do anything I tell you.

And you do it. He punctuated this last by shaking her violently. Tiffany got the message. "Okay okay!" She took his cock into her hand. It felt sticky not a good beginning. She opened her mouth and guided the repulsive member into it. As her tongue began its moistening assignment, she tasted something familiar the same flavor of her vagina after she had played with herself and stuck her finger in her mouth.

The cock that was now in her mouth had been in the pussy of another girl no doubt his last rape victim and he hadn't even cleaned himself since then! She wondered how long ago it had been. "That's enough," Tad commanded. "You can suck it some more later.

Right now I want to fuck your cunt." And he proceeded to do just that. It became obvious by the way he brutally shoved his way into her that his favor of allowing her to wet his cock was not out of a wish to go easy on her, but merely to feel her tongue on his cock as an appetizer for the rape that followed. As he slammed into her, Tiffany cried out in pain and was silenced by his mouth on hers and further demands for sexy kisses while the rape continued. The pounding in her vagina went on for what seemed like forever, until nature intervened in the form of Tad's geyser of cum.

His cock was now limp, but he wanted to change that in a hurry. He brought it back to Tiffany's face. Slick with cum, it was even more unappetizing than before, but that suited Tad just fine. He shoved it into Tiffany's mouth and demanded that she give it a good sucking. Of course, the girl, still in pain from the rape, had no choice but to obey. She dreaded the mouthful of cum she was expecting, but Tad had other plans.

As soon as his cock became hard he pulled it from Tiffany's mouth and turned the girl over. Then he shoved two bed pillows under her so her ass was projecting up as an inviting target. He squeezed her plump buns a few times, then spread them apart. Tiffany had expected another vaginal rape, doggy style. This was bad enough, but now she realized that Tad had a different goal in mind.

Desperately, she tried to sit up. Whack! His hand hit the back of her head hard and she slumped back into her defenseless position. "Move again, Tiffany, and I'll split your blonde head open," he snarled. The pain in her vagina and now her head was nothing compared to the searing agony as his rigid cock plowed through the delicate tissue of her rectum and then knifed back and forth.

All she could think of was, come, please come, and end this awful torture. Finally her pitiful wish was granted. No sooner had Tad pulled out of her ass than he turned her onto her back again. Now what? She soon had her answer, and it was worse than anything Tad had said to her during her long nightmare.

"Now it's time to put you to sleep." Those words nearly made Tiffany's heart stop, for they were virtually the same words used by the vet when he examined their old Labrador for about the tenth time. "It's time we put Samson to sleep." That meant, time to kill him!

Is this what Tad is going to do to me? was her horrified thought. Tad reached into his pocket and brought out a syringe and a bottle filled with some kind of liquid.

"What is that?" Tiffany cried out in terror. Tad adopted his professorial tone, explaining, "Its chemical name is Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, popular with sociopaths like me for its effectiveness as a date rape drug. I usually bring a small amount when I cruise the bars in search of entertainment. When I see a likely looking girl who's alone at the bar, I'll slip a little of this into her drink.

Soon she gets woozy and starts to pass out. I pretend to be a friend of hers and offer to take her home. By this time she doesn't know what's happening she just wants to lie down so I help her to the parking lot and into my van, where she blacks out and is mine to do with as I please.

An unconscious girl is a nice change occasionally from someone like you, who is, so to speak, being operated on without benefit of anesthesia. "When the drugged girl wakes up in two or three hours, she's lying on the ground in the parking lot, and she has no memory of what happened to her. "But of course," he continued, "you and I are already intimately acquainted, so I'll need to inject a double dose into your shoulder to give me enough time to get far away from here." With that, Tad filled the syringe from the bottle, adding, "Maybe while you're going under I'll fuck you in the ass again, for old time's sake.

Don't worry, you won't feel it this time." Tad moved toward the girl, who cowered away from him. "No, Tad, no! A double dose might kill me!" "I don't think so," Tad replied, but Tiffany had the feeling that he didn't care one way or another.

She squirmed back as her tormentor closed in. "Now, hold still, little Tiffany, or I'll have to punch your lights out." Tiffany held very still, appearing to be frozen with fright, but her brain was racing. She had to choose the exact moment and do everything just right or she might die! She remembered about Jack. With one hand, Tad pressed her shoulder firmly against the mattress, while his other hand raised the syringe.

Now! As Tad's gaze went to her shoulder, Tiffany thrust her free hand to his face. The needle went into her shoulder at the same instant that her needle-like nails went into his left eye. Tiffany pushed with all the strength she could summon. She didn't care if she gouged the bastard's eye out he deserved it! Tad screamed and pulled back.

The syringe fell to the mattress as he clutched his wounded eye with both hands. Tiffany grabbed the syringe, stuck it into Tad's neck, and pushed the plunger all the way in.

Maybe it wasn't enough, she thought, realizing that some of the drug had gone into her shoulder. Tad was writhing on the bed, blood coming from his eye as he continued to clutch it. Tiffany re-filled the syringe and gave him another shot of the drug. She felt herself begin to lose consciousness, but managed to inject Tad a third time before she passed out.

Which takes us back to where we began our story. The sunlight pushed through a crack where the drapes met, painting a bright slit across her body. She lay inertly on her bed, arms flung out, legs curled under her. The sheet beneath her was stained with blood.

On the floor in disarray were her shoes, skirt, top, bra, panties, and an assortment of stuffed animals. She stirred, tried to sit up, fell back on the bed. She was a mass of aches, with particular sites of pain in her nipples, vagina, and especially her rectum.

There was a stickiness in her mouth. It took a while for Tiffany to remember what had happened to her. In sudden fear, she forced herself to sit up and look about the wreck of her room.

There! Not three feet from her bed, a man lay on the floor, face down, arms and legs stiffly extended. Heart pounding, Tiffany grabbed the phone on the night table and punched in 911.

When an officer answered, she started to talk calmly but soon the words came rushing out.

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"This is Tiffany Mansfield, I live at 1025 Moonstone Drive and a man named Tad raped me and did other terrible things to me. He said on the Internet he was 25 but actually he's much older. He found out where I live when I told him my father had molested me although he is in charge of the Child Abuse Center.

Isn't that a laugh?" She giggled hysterically. "Oh I forgot to mention he looks dead from the date rape drug I gave him. I guess he O.D.'d on it instead of me." Another giggle, and then: "No sir this is not a game. Not this time." -end-