Babe coitus during fake job interview

Babe coitus during fake job interview
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Once again any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. This story is a little longer than my previous efforts, so i hope you like it. "So what time does she get here?" I asked, my wife then checked her watch and then looked up at the clock.

"In about an hour." she replied. "Why check your watch and then the clock?" I asked her, "Didn't know that was the time." she answered.

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I continued tapping keys at my laptop while she got dressed. She was a beautiful woman, with short curly black hair and a size 8 figure. Her breasts were natural, which some people didn't believe because they were so pert. Sitting like two half melons on her chest. She caught me staring and smiled, "Shouldn't you be finishing your work?" she asked.

I smiled and dropped my eyes down to the screen as she pulled out a bra from the dresser. "So who is this fucking babysitter?" I asked. "Language," she shot back. "She's Claires daughter." she told me. "Claire has a daughter?" my wife then turned and looked at me, "For about twenty years now.

You really need to learn the art of conversation, people say things and you listen. Then you say things and they listen." "I listen to you, if I listened to anybody else there wouldn't be room in my head for work." I told her. I'd been married for seven years, but I've been with my wife for nine.

We had a son called Jack three years ago, and since then sex had been here and there. We both found one another attractive, like, my wife really was beautiful. She lost all her baby weight at the gym and thanks to doctors had gotten rid of a lot of the stretch marks. But for some reason, we only had sex about once a month, sometimes not even that. I didn't really become a problem, we were both busy.

When I was seventeen I'd won the lottery. Eighteen million will pretty much set you up for life, but once you've bought the things you've dreamed about the novelty wears off a little. Don't get me wrong, I still fucking love my boat, but I don't need to go out on it everyday. I'd known my wife at the time, she'd always took time to help out with my studies. I'd wanted to be a marine biologist, but bad grades disagreed with that notion. She always tells me winning the lottery gave me confidence.

I wasn't seeing her at the time or anything, but she kinda just stepped back and watched me as my life unfolded. Suddenly I was a chick magnet, suddenly I had friends and family that I seriously didn't remember having.

But Ellie watched, and when the moment came that I realised having millions meant that you would be forever lonely, she stepped in. We began dating not too long after and I was amazed that she paid for 50% of the dates. She never asked me for a penny and I never offered, she helped me mature as a person and I loved her.

I didn't realise why she never asked for a penny until we were getting married. She asked to talk to me about the pre-nup, it was then that I realised that she was as loaded as I was. Her family owned half of the county I was living in.

when they retired the business moved over to Ellie, who was amazing at her job, she could sell a fucking blank floppy disk to Bill Gates. I guess the rich and lonely attract the rich and lonely. She knew what I'd been through, and knew when to keep personal things quiet. She taught me how to deal with moments of feeling low, 'give a couple of hundred to a random charity, you'll feel better believe me.' she was always right.

As I watched her rifle through her wardrobe, in nothing but a bra, I knew how lucky I was. Fair enough sex wasn't constant, but having this beautiful woman walk around bare ass in front of me gave me some sort of sense of happiness.

She looked over at me and smiled shaking her head, she pulled out a dress and dropped it on the floor. She then turned her back to me and slowly bent over, her ass went into the air and I could see the lips of her vagina pushing together.

"God you're fucking hot." I said. I got to my feet and moved around the desk, I grabbed her from behind and pulled her ass into my crotch, she stood up pressing her back against me, my hands cupped her perfect breasts as I kissed her neck. The door-bell rang. "Awh Jesus fuck." I cried. She slapped me on the thigh, "Go and answer it." she told me.

"I looked up at the clock, "Where has the hour gone?" I wondered. She smiled, "Most of it spent staring at my ass instead of eating it." my face dropped as I left the room and headed down the stairs to the front door. I opened the door and there was the babysitter. She was about a foot and a half shorter than me, long blonde hair and hidden under a jacket and baggy sweat pants. "Hi, I'm Julia.

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You must be Chris?" her eyes then wondered down me, and I realised I was supporting a rock solid hard on. "Um, yeah, hi." I replied.


I stepped behind the door, allowing her in while allowing myself a shield to adjust myself. She stepped through the door and un-zipped her jacket, she was wearing a yellow vest top and I could instantly tell that she was blessed with big breasts. It always seemed to me that younger girls in general buy bra a size too small.

I could see her black bra straps having trouble keeping in the large water balloons. My wife then started coming down the stairs, and she was wearing a little black dress that I had bought her two months ago.

"Wow missus Derrick, you look amazing." "Thank you Julia, how are you?" she asked. As I shut the front door It very quickly hit me that Julia and Ellie are closer than just convenient acquaintances.

"I'm good thank you, and looking at you It's no wonder why your husband had an erection." I froze, unsure of what just happened. I then heard my wife's laughter and turned around, "Well," I began. "I guess a man's erection is better than a simple 'you look wonderful'." Ellie continued smiling, "Men, they try." "They certainly do." Julia replied.

Ellie signalled Julia to follow her into the kitchen as I stood like a limp dick at a lesbian party, I heard the conversation continue as they walked through to the kitchen, "Of course, my husbands erection could have been for you. I see that you're filling in very nicely." I heard my wife say. "No, I was wearing a jacket, covered and hidden.

It was all yours." Fucking women. I then heard our son begin to cry upstairs, "Well Jack'ey boy. Looks like it's up to us to forever be the punch line of all jokes told by women." I muttered as I climbed the stairs.

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We got home at around ten thirty that night, the dinner went well and Ellie did especially well selling new properties to the couple we were having dinner with. Whenever I saw my wife in action it made me think harder about what I was doing at the moment.

I owned several gyms across the state, and was a part time financial adviser. When I began I had zero credibility, who wants to listen to a meat head tell them what to do with their money? But over time I proved them right and built a small reputation in my city. It was mostly due to some financial advise I'd received from my wife, she told me that though I may have money, I still need to earn money to earn my own self respect, socially it would look like I'm arm candy to a wealthy property developer.

We entered the house and from the hallway saw Julia sat on the couch watching television. She clearly hadn't heard us and so I snuck up behind her, ushering to my wife to remain silent.

I edged closer and was about to grab her shoulders when I realised that she had her hand down her sweat pants, her arm was slowly and rythmatically moving backward and forward as her knuckles slightly bulged her trousers. I took a few steps back toward my wife and from the door way called to her, "Hey Julia." she almost jumped out of her skin.

She stood to her feet and was facially flushed. "Oh Hi, you're back." she called. "Yes, yes we are." I replied sarcastically. "How was Jack?" Ellie asked her. "Oh, Jack was a babe. He settled at around eight." "That's great, come though to the kitchen and I'll sort out some money for you." Ellie called already making her way to the kitchen.

Julia moved around the couch and made her way toward me, she turned to the kitchen and god help me, I could not fucking resist.

"Have a good time?" I asked. "Yes, It was fine thank you. How was your dinner?" she politely asked in return. "It was good thanks," I then lowered the volume of my voice, "Didn't catch you at a bad time did we? You looked close to finishing." Her face went crimson.

She turned and quickly hurried into the kitchen as I couldn't hold back the grin. I started walking up the stairs and checked on Jack, who was indeed sleeping sound. When Ellie came out of the bath room and rolled back the duvet, the child inside of me still couldn't resist. "Did you bring the baby monitor up from the lounge?" "Yes." she answered. "Did the lounge smell kind a funny to you?" I asked her. She thought for a couple of seconds, "No, don't think so why?" "No reason," I replied, "Just thought it smelt as though some young girl had been pleasuring her-self." I said with a grin.

Ellie's jaw dropped, "She wasn't!" she couldn't believe it. "Yeah she was." I exclaimed. "Wow, Julia, I wouldn't have thought. Have to find another babysitter." she said. "Maybe, she's so fucking good with Jack though." I said. "Okay, I'll let you decide on it." she said. A couple of days passed and my wife had an entire day of meetings, while I had paperwork and a gym to visit.

I called Ellie asking for Claire's number, so I could get Julia to watch Jack for an hour or so. The weather had picked up somewhat, we were now officially into summer and Ellie told me that seeing as it was mid-day Julia might not be free. I said I'd give it a go anyway, and picked this time to remind her that I once suggested getting a house aid. A nanny or a butler or whatever, she replied by hanging up the phone and then texting me Claire's number. I punched in the number and after a few rings she picked up; "Hello?" she answered.

"Hi there this is Chris, Ellie's husband?" "Oh hi, how're you?" it suddenly dawned on me that I'd never spoken to this woman before. I think I'd met her once or twice in passing, but couldn't pick her out of a line up. "I'm fine thank you, yourself?" "Yeah I'm fine thanks, since Mark went things have been a little hectic but we're coming through." I had no fucking idea who Mark was or where he'd gone.

I was close to asking too, but my better judgement told me not to. "Well that's good," I replied. "um I was wondering if Julia is available for a couple of hours this afternoon. I have a thing to do at the gym and a ton of paper work to finish and was hoping she'd be free to watch Jack." ""I think so, hold on I'll get her for you." she put the phone down and I could hear her call her, I heard a faint reply and then heard Claire tell her I was on the phone.

Then came a thud thud thud that could only have been her charging down the stairs and the handset was them fumbled. "Hello Chris? I mean mister Derrick." "That's fine, Chris is okay. I was wondering if you were free this afternoon for a couple of hours to watch Jack, I know that the weathers perfect and all and would understand if you had plans." "No, no plans, what time do you want me? There! What time do you want me there?" "Don't know, about one?

Of course you could bring your boyfriend, I realise that in this weather you might wanna chill with him, just don't be mis-behaving." "I don't have a boyfriend, I'll be there at one." "Okay then, see you then." I hung up the phone, and checked the time.

Gives me half hour to shower, I looked in on Jack who was led on my bed watching Batman with a bottle in his mouth. I told him I was in the bathroom and left the door open. I wasn't sure how long I'd been in the shower, but after hearing the door-bell ringing I leapt out and wrapped a towel around my waist. I checked the time on my way downstairs and saw that I'd been in the shower ten minutes, I opened the door and Julia was stood there smiling.

"Hello mister Derrick. Sorry I'm a little early, my mum dropped me off on her way to work." "It's fine, come on in." I said stepping aside. She walked in through the door wearing a short denim skirt, a yellow tube top and yellow flip flops. Green bikini straps were visible coming out of her top. "I'm thinking you like yellow." I said. She grinned and nodded. "My favourite colour." Jack then appeared on top of the stairs and smiled, I could tell he liked Julia. "Hey big boy!" she called, I froze for a moment, then realised she was talking to my son.

"Right well, I'm guna go and get dressed. Before this towel slips and--" "Mister Derrick," she interrupted. God, I knew exactly what she was going to say. "I just wanted to thank you, for having me back after last time. I'm really sorry--" "Julia, It's fine." I told her. "Just seemed odd that you were watching the news at the time.

Who gets off watching the fucking news?" I asked as I headed for the stairs. "Oh, I wasn't watching the news." she replied. Her response baffled me, but I gave her a nod and continued up the stairs. Jack was on his way down at the time and didn't wanna know me now that his pal was here. But as I got to the top of the stairs, I realised that a framed picture of me and Ellie was on the wall in the lounge, to the left of the television.

No, couldn't of been. I turned and looked down the stairs, Julia was holding Jack and looking up at me. She winked, and then walked away. Holy fuck, I thought to myself. The babysitter was into my wife, I mean fair enough my wife is a damn fine woman. But Julia was so young. Or was she? I think Ellie told me that she was in her twenties, and she said to me on the phone she didn't have a boyfriend. No fucking wonder. I pulled on a pair of short and grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser.

I wanted to call Ellie and tell her, but she'd call me a child and hang up. Plus she's in meetings and wouldn't want me calling to make jokes. I headed downstairs and grabbed a pair of flip flops from the shoe wrack near the door. I went into the kitchen and saw that Jack was sat in the high chair munching fruit.

I waved the flip flops at Julia, "Following your lead in fashion." I joked. She smiled and shook her head, "I look forward to you next opening the door in a skirt." she said. I couldn't help but smile, I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. "That could be the next step you know," she started. "I mean first there was the erection, then the towel." she teased. "Yeah, either a skirt or one day you walk on me with my hand down my pants." I laughed.

She seemed to be over the embarassment of it all now, she didn't go red in the face or look away. She just smirked. And I know why, she must've been thinking, 'yeah, but I'd rather walk in on your wife with her hand down her pants.' The thought of that raced though my mind for a moment, her walking in and kissing Ellie, then her hand sliding down my wife's-- I had to go.

Before I stood before her with another hard on. "Well I shouldn't be long. See you soon." "Bye." she answered. I got back to the house about an hour and a half later, new gym equipment had been delivered and there'd been a fuck up. After ten minutes on the phone to the supplier I had arranged the exchange for tomorrow. I walked through the house and couldn't see anyone, I walked through to the kitchen and saw that they were both out in the pool, with out a second thought I walked through to the garden.

Jack was splashing in the shallow while Julia swam towards him, pretending to be a shark.


It was nice watching Jack scream in fear and laugh at the same time. It would be a few years yet before I ever sat him down in front of 'Jaws'. Julia's skirt, top and flip flops were in a pile next to the chair. Her body cut through the water and when she popped out of the water, she looked unbelievable in her green bikini. Her breasts were huge. Jack then noticed me and Julia turned and looked at me.

I dunno what she was thinking, but she wasn't shy. I guess lesbians aren't. "Hi." she called, wiping water from her nose. "Hey there," I called back. "How's he been?" I asked. "A babe as always." she answered. She took Jacks hand and led him out of the water, she was slightly crouched as they made their way towards me. Her boobs hung from her body, the bikini top stuck to her like wet paper, her bikini bottoms matched her top, I never noticed this before, but for a shorter girl she had incredible legs.

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"Aren't you a sight to come home to." I said. I didn't really care at this point in flirtation or barriers, she could take it.

I realised that in the kitchen earlier, I think she was only embarrassed when Ellie was around. "Sorry, Jack wanted to paddle. And it is a beautiful day." she replied. Jack had already wondered inside, she smiled and went after him, I turned and caught sight of her ass cheeks poking out from underneath the bottoms.

What I wouldn't give to have Ellie here right now, in her bikini. Because she wouldn't be in it for that long before I dragged her up stairs. Hell, I'd have fucked her right here in the pool. I went back into the house and followed the wet foot prints through the kitchen and into the hall way. They then trailed up the stairs, "Jesus." I muttered as I went up the stairs. "Julia, should've sorted towels before jumping in the pool." I called.

Jack came charging out of the bathroom, naked as the day he was born and giggling. He ran into his room and then Julia came out after him. "Sorry!" She called as she jogged past. I heard Jacks cry of laughter as she caught him, I poked my head into the room and saw them wrestle.

He grabbed her top and pulled, exposing a breast. I didn't know where to look, of all the directions to look, I chose to stare right at the damn thing.

Her pink nipple was small, and erect. She tried to cover with her hand but Jack was pulling and she needed her hand to stop herself from face planting the floor. "Jack." I said. He quickly stopped and she managed to tuck herself back in. "Thanks," she said awkwardly. "I'm sorry for looking." I told her.

"I'm at my desk if you need anything, down the hall." I said leaving the scene. Oh god, wait 'til Ellie hears of this, I thought to myself. About half an hour later I was on the phone to Ellie, telling her what had happened and my idea of Julia being attracted to her.

She found it amusing. "Really?" she asked. "You sure about this? I mean, you cant pick up an empty glass with out flexing your muscles." "Yes I can." I shot back. "Anyway, what time do you think you'll be getting back?" I asked. "Not sure, about five?" I looked at the clock, it was about three twenty now.

"Okay, well I'll order some food for six. I'll see you later honey." I hung up the phone and continued with working on a five year financial plan for a guy I train with at the gym. The numbers were looking solid when Julia knocked the door. She poked her head round and held up a bottled water. She didn't know whether it was okay to talk, I waved her in and my eyes dropped back to the screen. From the corner of my eye I noticed she was in a towel now, but it wasn't tied.

She held it together at the back as she made her way to my desk. She put the bottle down and I shut the lid on my laptop. "Jack okay?" I asked. "Yeah, after you told him he sulked for a while in his bed and then dozed off. Swimming must've tired him out." "That's fine" I told her, he hasn't really broken the habit of napping in the afternoon yet." she leant against the desk and tried to sit on the edge, but knocked over a cup of pens.

"Shit." she spluttered as she tried to grab the cup, but in the panic, she lost her clench on the towel.

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It dropped to the floor with a light thud and she froze. I puffed a sigh and looked her up and down. "Just doesn't seem to be your day does it?" I said sympathetically. She burst out laughing, her breasts jiggled slightly. I glanced at the baldness of her body. She bent over right in front of me and picked up the towel, like Ellie the other night she had done it so I would get the perfect view of her prestine ass, and vaginal lips pressing together.

Julia's pussy looked like it had never been touched, I felt this amazing urge to bury my face in it. She picked up the towel and turned to look at me, "Well I guess I won't be back here for a while." she said solemnly.

"Are you kidding?" I replied. "You're awesome with Jack. I said the same to Ellie after I caught you with your hand down your pants." her expression changed, "She knew about that?" she asked. "Yeah, she left it up to me to decided whether you'd be back." "And you called me back? Because I'm awesome with Jack?" "Yeah, pretty much." I replied. She smiled, "Guess I can get away with it then." she winked and walked out of the room, her bare ass moved from side to side as she left the room.

She closed the door behind her and I said to myself that I wouldn't tell Ellie about this. It's one thing to say 'I think the babysitter has a crush on you', but to say 'the babysitter was naked in my office while I worked', wasn't something I wanted to discuss. My hard on was pressing against my shorts, and the fabric hid nothing. I lifted my laptop lid and went into documents, I found a video I had made with Ellie and hit play.

Moments later I was watching myself take Ellie from behind, she was facing the camera, her perk and firm tits moved back and fourth while I clung to her waist. I was pumping my own cock, watching a video I made over two years ago. It was an attempt to put the spice back into our sex life after Jack, but it didn't really work.

It was working now though, I pumped my cock up and down. I didn't use a technique, wasn't like I did often enough for that, but I needed the release. I was pumping away when I saw Julia stood in the door way, wearing only her denim skirt. I froze for a moment, but I was too close to stop, I shot cum into the air! One shot two shot, fuck, it felt incredible. She watched as I climaxed over my carpet, my head fell back against the top the chair.

She smiled and then left the room. I came downstairs a while later Julia was now back in her tube top. "Hope you don't mind," she started, "But my bikini is drying in the sun." she said. "It's no problem." I replied. I opened a kitchen drawer and rifled through some papers looking for a take-away menu. And then the thought hit me, if her bikini was drying outside, she wasn't wearing underwear.

She didn't bring a bag or anything, I sneaked a glance over at her, she was sitting on a bar-stool leaning against the counter. "Might go and wake Jack, don't want him keeping you guys up all night." she said looking at the clock. It was four now, Ellie would be back in an hour and a half, "Well give him a little while yet." I said pulling out the menus. I turned to face her and she turned to face me she was leaning with her elbows on the counter behind her.

She opened her legs and looked to be very relaxed. I couldn't believe her, I was so wrong about her wanting my wife. Her nipples were hard poking the tube top as her legs rested wide open. The skirt seemed more like a belt now, I didn't know what to do, I loved my wife. But when a guy is cock teased it riles him up it builds something up inside of him, something that is hard to control.

I knew that if I went for her, I wouldn't fart around with fore-play. I looked at her begging pussy. Her pleading and seductive eyes. Her hard nipples. "You better be wet." I told her. I moved in fast and kissed her hard on mouth and she moaned, she'd been waiting for this for so long. I realise that now. Fingering herself staring up at a picture of me, the pool display.

Coming round here in a bikini, probably suggesting to Jack they go swimming at just the right time. My hands were on her hips, I pulled her body closer to me before picking her up off the stool. I sat her on the kitchen counter and pulled down her top, her huge water cushions bounced free and my mouth went straight for the little pink nipples. She tilted her head back and moaned loudly. I raised my head back to hers, she reached down and sprung my cock free from my shorts.

She started jerking at it, I know she wanted to wrap her mouth around it.


But I couldn't wait. I pulled her wrists away and held them behind her back, I held them in place with one strong arm. My other hand guided my cock to her entrance, I gave her poke and a nuzzle making sure she was wet enough. She was almost dripping. I pushed inside of her and she cried out, her head tipped back and her eyes stayed on the ceiling.

I thrust into her and then out, and then in even harder. I built a rhythm as her eyes found mine. It was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I fucked her hard and her eyes begged for harder. Her lips revealed clenched teeth, she freed one of her hands and it went to her own breast, she squeezed it before gripping my shoulder.

Her eyebrows quickly raised, and then lowered, her moans began most constant. She was getting close. Not half an hour ago had I shot my load across my office, and now I was about tpo empty my sack again, into this twenty something blonde bombshell. Her eyes were closed, her moans became louder and higher. Her legs tensed around my waist, I felt her muscles contract around my cock.

It was then that I exploded inside of her. I groaned as she tried to scream but couldn't make the noise. We both slumped into one another. Exhausted and sweating, we breathed sighs of both relief and pleasure. I looked into her eyes and couldn't believe what I had done. It had felt so good though, I took what I wanted. No fore-play, nothing. And she wanted it that way, she built this up inside of me and knew I couldn't take it any more.

"Well played." I told her. She smiled and hopped off the counter she removed her top and skirt down over her legs. She then went outside and put her bikini back on.

It was all such a show, she relished me watching her. She then went head first into the pool. She came out of the water like a Bond girl.

She came back inside and picked up her clothes. "Better go and get Jack." she said. Everything she said seemed so seductive, her voice levels had changed completely, from a shy smiling young girl into a mature temptress.

She left the kitchen and I checked the clock. Not long now I thought, I looked out the window at the pool. Jack can't swim in there again now until after it's cleaned, my son won't be exposed to those kinds of fluids.

To Be Continued.