We get to test your holes hottie

We get to test your holes hottie
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Meet Jack he is a handyman and knows some of all trades. He's 25yrs old, 6ft tall, 250 solid muscle, brown hair, green eyes, has a goatee, several tattoos and body piercings. His most important feature is his 12 in cock. Jack put an add in the local paper of handyman for hire, he really didn't know what he was getting his self into.

Jack's first call was for some small carpentry work in a house not to far from him. It was a married couple and they were wanting to have a small addition added to their house.

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Well Jack met the couple to discuss what they wanted. Jim and Kathy are in the late 40's. Kathy was a very sexy woman she had a great body.

She was about 5ft 5in, brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was about 120lbs with tits that were a 40DD. Jack saw here and knew he had to have her. He was told what they needed him to do and he agreed to start the next day. When Jack arrived that morning Jim nor Kathy were home but their 17yr old daughter was.

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Her name was Mandy, she was about 5ft 8in, 120 lbs, brown hair and those same sparkling blue eyes of her mothers. She also had something else her mom had 40DD breast.

Mandy greeted Jack wearing only a very skimpy bathing suit.

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Jack went to work but couildn't keep his mind on it much due to her sunbathing right near where he was working. His cock would start to get hard everytime he looked her way. Mandy came over to him to ask if he'd like anything to drink and thats when she noticed the bulge in his pants. She was startled to see how huge the bulge was. Yes she had been with a few guys but none had anything that big. Jack asked her if she was ok because she was just standing and staring at his bulge.

She didn't reply so he unzipped his pants and released his monster cock. She automatically dropped to her knees.

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She wrapped her hands around it and then started licking the head of it. Jack said maybe we should go inside before someone see's us. They went in and she led him straight to her room by holdingonto his cock. Once in her room she dropped to her knees again.

She looked up at Jack and said even if it kills me I have to deep throat you. She slowly worked on sucking on his cock. She'd lick on it some and then suck on it. After about ten minutes of this she finally had him buried in her throat. She was playing with his balls and sucking his cock like a pro. Finally she stopped so they could both get undressed.

Jack noticed then that she was shaved like he suspected she was. He grapped her and brought her to him kissing her for the first time. They kissed like they had been lovers forever.


Deep kisses, tongues playing war in each others mouth. He picked her up and put her down on the bed. He kissed his way down to her beautiful breast and sucked on them. He played with each nipple while he sucked on the other. He started working his way down further until he was at her lovely pussy.

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He could really smell her sexy aroma. He licked her pussy lips and she said that feels so good no one has ever done that before. Jack told her that he was about to change all that. He used his tongue all over her swollen clit.

He even used his tongue to fuck her tight pussy with. When he did this she had her first of many orgasms.

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He went back to working on her clit and licked her until she had another mind blowing orgasm. Jack told her how bad he wanted to fuck her but he was worried he tear her in half. Mandy told him she had to have him and she didn't care if it tore her into.

Jack positioned the head of his cock at her pussy lips. He slowly pushed inch by inch into her stopping when he was in about 7 inches he stopped and was fucking her with just that 7 inches. She told him that if that was all he was gonna give her then stop because she wanted to feel his balls slapping against her ass. So he pulled almost out and then shoved all the way into her until his balls slapped her ass. He started fucking her hard and fast she came so hard she almost passed out but didn't because he kept fucking her so hard.

She was maoning and yelling for him to fuck her harder. Neither one of them had realized that Kathy had come home. She was standing at her daughters doorway watching her getfilled with cock. Finally Jack and Mandy realized it as they were switching positions for Mandy to ride that cock. Jacks cock started going soft as he saw her standing there. That is until she started undressing and said she needed that cock too. Both of them started sucking on his cock.

Jack told them he was about to cum due to all the action with Mandy. As he came they swapped his cock back and forth so they could both taste his cum. They kept on sucking him after he had deposited the last drop in Mandy's mouth.

Jack stayed hard and told them he was gonna fuck both of them. Kathy said it was gonna be a huge differnence in fucking him than her husband because her husband only had a 4 inch cock and he was the only guy that had ever fucked her.

Mandy told her that she would love the feel of his cock in her pussy and his balls slapping her ass. Since Mandy had already had it Jack started with Kathy. He onlu slid a few inches into her and was stroking it in and out. Once she was begging to be fucked harder, he shoved every last inch into her.


Once his balls touched her ass he stopped for a few minutes to let her get use to his size. Once she said she was good to go he started pounding in and out of her pussy for all it was worth. She was screaming fuck me harder, fuck me harder as she came numerous times all over his cock. She told him she had never recieved a fucking so good.

As he was fucking Kathy, Mandy started ubbing his balls. He didn't know how much more he could take and told her to move around so he could shoot his hot cum into her mouth. She opened wide and he pulled out of Kathy. He moved his cock to her mouth and shoved it straight in and she tasted her moms. He started cumming and she swallowed every last drop.

Just as Jack finished they heard the front door close it was Jim.

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They all scrambled to get dressed before he got to the room. When he got there and noticed all three of them there he knew something was up. Will they tell him what happened? Will they still keep doing it? Will Jack be fired from this job? If you want to know more let me know and I will continue on.