Brother is sleep and sister touches

Brother is sleep and sister touches
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She picked up her journal; the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the pages she came across an entry marked 'Dirty Weekend'. She smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge it gave her.

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* * * * * Julie hummed softly to herself as she sat in front of the mirror applying some minimal makeup before getting ready to go to the local restaurant for an evening meal. At nearly 27 Julie was pretty happy with life, she had been married for nearly two years now and things couldn't be better both at home and at work. She could hear Tony, her husband singing off key in the shower, and wanted to go and hug him tightly again for his fantastic idea of getting away from it all for a weekend.

The cottage was in the wilds of the east coast of England and although a bleak and desolate place it had the charm that only solitude can bring. No phones worked here, there was no television or radio, and they had spent the day wandering the windswept beach throwing stones into the water and chasing crabs amongst the rock. Julie looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at the red flush the sun and sea had bought to her cheeks and decided not to bother with any make up.

As she stood and started to step into her knickers she heard Tony's voice from the doorway, "No need for those young lady, thought this was supposed to be a dirty weekend." Julie turned and saw Tony standing naked drying his cropped hair with a towel. She admired his body that was toned and athletic with little fat on his 6'4" frame.

Julie couldn't suppress an almost school girl giggle as he did his thing with his cock and made it twitch up and down. "Looks like someone likes me," Julie purred as she threw her knickers back into the drawer and slipped a simple deep burgundy wool dress over her firm body, smoothing it down until it clung to her contours. "Want to find out how interested I am?" said Tony throatily as he started to run his hands up Julie's thighs. "You randy bugger" Julie laughed as she playfully slapped Tony's hand away, "You sure you are up for a third session?" "Want to find out?" Tony laughed and started to work his hardening cock with his hand.

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Julie's brain and body was screaming to her to remove the dress and lie back on the big four-poster bed that the pair of them had rolled around for most of the day.

Julie dropped to her knees and held Tony's 8-inch hard cock in her hand and then licked around the head causing it to twitch and jerk.

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'What a lovely idea, cum for starters" Julie giggled as she slowly sucked Tony's cock into her warm wet mouth and started to move her head up and down sucking as she did. Tony looked into the mirror and saw his wife dressed and her long wavy brunette hair bobbing on his cock.

Tony stroked Julie's head as she expertly worked on his cock and he felt his orgasm mounting. Julie could feel Tony starting to get more and more worked up and sliding her free hand between his legs pressed a finger against his anal star as she sucked.

Her finger slid into Tony's ass and she heard him groan and grip her hair as he started to rock his hips to her movements. Julie pushed the finger deeper and wiggled it, which she knew would set him off. Sure enough Tony moaned loudly as he spurted into Julie's mouth and despite already cumming twice that day there was a copious amount of cum.

Julie was careful to swallow every drop and ensure none spilt on her dress and kept her mouth firmly round Tony's cock milking him with one hand and fingering gently with the other until there was none left. Standing and licking her lips Julie laughed as she said, "Well that was tasty, now I need the main course, and I do mean food." * * * * * After their dinner Julie and Tony walked hand in hand the two miles towards the cottage along the beach.


"Looks like rain" Tony muttered, as he looked at the darkening clouds, "means we will probably get wet." "Some of us are wet already," Julie giggled as she felt the dampness between her legs, much of which had been caused by Tony stroking her at every opportunity during dinner. "Feeling frisky are we?" Tony laughed as he pulled Julie into his arms kissing her passionately. Julie melted into Tony's arms and returned his kiss with growing passion and as she pressed against him could feel the bulge growing in his trousers.

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"Can you wait?" Julie asked breathlessly as she slipped her hand inside his trousers grasping his hard cock. "No I can't, can you?" said Tony sliding his hands up Julie's legs lifting her dress over hips revealing her naked bottom half. The beach was deserted and in almost darkness and Julie's only response to Tony's question was to unzip his trousers with one hand as she held his hard cock with her other hand.

Locked in embrace and kiss they sank to the ground and Julie opened her legs and wrapped them round Tony's waist and letting go of his cock placed both hands on his ass to pull him in. A deep sigh escaped Julie's lips as she felt Tony's cock sink into her already soaked pussy burying himself deep into her body. "I love you" Julie whispered in Tony's ear as he held himself deep inside.


"I love you too" Tony replied before lifting his hips slowly until his cock almost left Julie's pussy. Julie pulled at Tony's ass with her hands and her pleadings were rewarded as he sank slowly back into her. Lifting himself so their bodies were only touching at the groin area Tony slowly and purposefully moved his cock in and out of Julie's body with long slow deliberate strokes.

As the tension mounted Tony began to move faster driving his hard cock into Julie's pussy. Julie felt her orgasm begin to build and dug her nail into Tony's ass cheeks. Tony started to slam hard into Julie knowing she was almost there. Suddenly the heavens opened and soft rain started to fall onto them. As the first bolt of lightning lit the sky and a roll of thunder cracked Julie screamed "Yessssssssssssssss" at the top of her voice as her orgasm burst and she wrapped her legs tightly round Tony's body.

The sound of the woman he loved cumming with such abandon triggered Tony's orgasm and with frantic thrusting shot his seed into her. The pair lay locked together panting as the rain continued to soak them to the skin cooling their hot bodies. "It's going to ruin that dress," Tony laughed as they stood in the rain getting wetter by the minute.

"It's ruined anyway," Julie laughed as she pulled the crumpled and soaked dress over her head and rolling it into a ball tossed it into the darkness. Wearing nothing but her sandals and holding her purse in her hand they walked towards the cottage hand in hand. * * * * * A few hours later they sat by the fire both wrapped in fluffy white towels and sipping red wine when Tony looked at Julie and handed her a package.

"What is it?" Julie enquired as she rattled the box. "It's a present for both of us, " Tony answered as he watched Julie unwrap the box. Julie was speechless as she the wrapping fell away to reveal a strapon dildo and a tube of gel. "Well" Tony asked. "Me on you?" Julie asked as she opened the box.

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"Why not?" Tony replied, "You like anal and you know I like you using your fingers on my ass so I thought we could take a step further." Julie looked at the man she loved so deeply and was prepared to do anything for him but couldn't help stammering out, "You're not gay or anything are you." Tony laughed as he said, "So is fucking your brains out three times today the act of a gay man?

And I know you have used these before though maybe not with a man" Julie relaxed and slipping off the towel fastened the harness with slightly fumbling fingers, "It has been a few years but I guess you never forget, " she laughed as she settled the strapon in place. "It's a bit big this, must be as big as you at least" she laughed as she weighed the strapon in her hand, "You sure you can take it?" "Well you do so there is only one way to find out," Tony laughed softly as he kissed his wife before kneeling on all fours.

Julie carefully squeezed the gel onto her fingers and then gently pushed one deep into Tony's ass. His moans of pleasure told her that he was enjoying it and Julie added another working them in and out finger fucking him gently but firmly. "That feels good baby," Tony moaned as he knelt by the roaring fire with his head pressed on the rug.

"Ready to go a bit further?" Julie asked. "Yes" Tony moaned., Julie removed her fingers and coated the strapon with a generous amount of gel before placing it at Tony's anal star. Pushing gently the head popped in and Tony moaned loudly, "Fuckkkkkkkkk." "Want me to stop baby?" Julie whispered. "Fuck no," Tony replied. Julie increased the pressure and little by little the dildo slipped deeper in. Every time Tony yelped Julie paused and let him relax a little more until finally all 8 inches were buried in his ass.

Holding it deep Julie leant forward until her breasts were touching Tony's back and whispered softly in his ear, "You OK?" "I love you," was Tony's only reply and Julie took this as a yes. Julie pulled back slowly from Tony's ass and applied a little more gel before pushing slowly and firmly back in. All that came from Tony's mouth was groans of pleasure as Julie began to move in and out, getting faster each time.

The base of the strapon was grinding against her clit and Julie felt her orgasm starting to build when Tony moaned, "I'm going to cum." With that Julie could not hold back and began to slam in and out fucking her husband as she had fucked women in the past before they were married.

The pressure was too much for Tony and his cock started to shoot cum all over the rug as he yelled and moaned. Julie lay on top of Tony's back kissing his spine as he tried to regain his breath. "Thank you," Tony murmured.

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"I love you, but I do hope this rug is washable, you seem to have stained a little," Julie replied as she eased it out of his ass and removed the strapon harness. "Who cares?" Tony said as they lay in bed later cuddling each other as they fell asleep in each other's arms.