Jenna rose in white stockings gets bonked

Jenna rose in white stockings gets bonked
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Naturally, I said no. The crushed looks on their faces was priceless. Their brains were saturated in pheromones, driving them insane with lust. They would have thrown themselves at me if they could stop playing with themselves long enough to do so.

But I wouldnt give them relief. Instead, I curled my tentacles around them and carried them along as I walked.

They struggled to grab on to any of them, trying to make the writhing flesh fuck any of their holes in a shameless display, but were unable to do so. Their begging turned to crying as the need became akin to pain. They only quieted down when they saw who it was I was approaching.

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The technical owner of the house nursed her two girls happily, the Asian woman rubbing her belly absentmindedly before she saw me coming. Inside the beach ball sized bulge, gallons of Daddys semen sloshed around, fertilizing eggs by the hundreds inside her small frame. When she looked into my eyes, she knew I intended to add my own to her brood and shook in a frightened, yet delighted, orgasm. My twin cocks bobbed up and down as I walked, the red heads milk surging through my body and ensuring an even greater store of cum was being churned out.

Slimy pre-cum dripped out the tips in thick streams, and the twin Latinas licked their lips in mad desire. The brunette, a lovely young thing with medium sized breasts and slightly tanned skin, and the exotic looking chocolate black girl with a larger than normal pair of breasts feeding from the mothers tits looked at me in terror, but still seemed utterly incapable of either stopping their feasting or realizing they even had the option of running.

My tentacles snaked out, caressing the three women softly and leaning them back on the floor as I kneeled. I placed the tip of one of my cocks at the mothers kitty and pushed in easily, relishing her scream of joy and the gripping of yet another orgasm. The cock that remained free extended several inches past her bloated tummy, drawing a muffled cry of shock and disbelief from the two girls still feeding. I watched their faced intently as the cock began to grow thicker and thicker until it split down the middle, the third cock now as large as the first two had been, and waited for them to realize who they were for.

I got only whimpered protests and intense sensations of gut wrenching fear until I forcefully pulled them away from their milk supply. They immediately began begging me not to impregnate them, offering instead their mouths, behinds, tits, or even to help me rape all the others if only I would not seed them. The last part was a bit of a surprise. I didnt expect them to turn on their friends so soon. I decided to take them up on the offer, at least initially. Slacking my tentacles enough to allow them movement but not removing the slime-covered appendages, I instructed them towards some new tentacles that sprouted from my body.

These ones were much thicker than my other ones, at least 4 inches in diameter, and were more translucent and appeared to be ribbed every few inches, eventually coming to a somewhat blunt point. I instructed them to begin inserting these tentacles into them many orifices of the twin Latinas. It was plainly clear that their minds were in desperate conflict. The pheromones and mental bombardment were having their desired effect, but they were still unable to accept the situation.

The act of saying they would betray their friends to save themselves was far more acceptable than actually doing so. When I asked if they would prefer to take the new tentacles themselves, however, fear drove them to their task. They reached through the tentacles restraining their friends, prying open their kitties as best they could with their fingers before attempting to push the much larger tentacles inside.

It really was a futile endeavor without my help, as I knew it would be. The slime covered tentacles made gripping them extremely difficult, and the virgin holes were tight as expected. Both began sobbing in frustration at their task, terror gripping them at what might happen should they fail. They eventually took a page from the little Asian girls book, trying to wipe off the slime, or even consume it, while rubbing what they could into the other girls kitty to ease insertion.

As I watched rather amused, I called Daddy over again. He stood before my face, letting me deep throat him as he held my head. The slurping, sucking, and overly loud moans I made served to arouse the frightened girls, watching in morbid fascination as my throat bulged with Daddys enormous cock. I smiled inwardly as they began licking their lips, only to realize what they were doing and turn back to the tentacles.

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As time passed, I teased their bodies more and more, drawing sobs in between forced moans as their frustration mixed with panic. The twins spouted all manner of obscenities, the sensitivity of their kitties causing them to twitch and lurch around, making the other girls task that much harder still. Even as I continued to suck, I slowly pumped in and out of the older woman, driving her to one orgasm after another, until at last Daddy announced his intention to cum. I pulled him in as far as hed go, the head of his cock fully in my stomach, and felt the gusher pump into me.

All five girls around me watched as my stomach expanded to contain all the cum, growing visibly till I looked like I might be 4 months pregnant, only far too high up. When Daddy stopped cumming and pulled back, I praised him and told him to feed big sis and the redhead first, then impregnate them in any order he wished. Being a good Daddy, he just nodded and went over to them immediately.

Despite everything, the girls finally managed to loosen the twins up enough to insert the larger tentacles a little bit into their kitties. The thrusting actually helped now, driving it deeper and deeper.


The cries of stolen virginity only seemed to encourage them, though they tried to hide it. Once the tentacles hit bottom, I put some force into them and drove them through their cervixes. As I did so, I made plain to the other girls that they were to place the next ones in the twins behinds. With all the slime theyd rubbed on before, this task was less difficult, taking only a minute or two.

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The next pair went into the moaning mouths of the twins, which proved a simple thing. What shocked them was when I said they were not done, and that theyd have to pick a hole to place the next four tentacles each, plus any others I decided to fill them with. Having seen the obscene stretching my previous victims had been capable of, they were less worried about hurting them, but it was still hard for their minds to accept.

It turned out, however, that it wasnt difficult for them to finally cum from forcing a new tentacle into their subjects kitty or behind.


The brunette seemed to have a thing for the back entrance, forcing three more into the poor girls bowels and only one into her kitty. The black girl was a bit more equal opportunity, forcing two into the girls pussy, one in her behind, and even another one into her mouth. As they did this, I leaned way over the older woman, placing my mouth over one of her breasts.

Like I had done with the redhead, I regurgitated yet more of the green creatures, freshly made from Daddys cum, and let them climb right in to her already lactating nipple. Two, three, then four times I did so before moving to the other, her renewed growth coming even more rapidly and the new tits springing up almost before I was finished.

By the end of her growth spurt, the formerly almost flat-chested woman sported a dozen F cup tits that sprayed milk everywhere. I had but to mention this fact to the brunette and black girl to have them holding my spiked tentacles. They peeled back the petals and aimed the needles right at the womans nipples, even pushing them in a ways before I took over. No whimpers or hesitation. They were fully cooperative now, wanting only to please me.

By the time they finished, all I had to do was ask them to take their places. They quickly straddled the older womans belly, aimed one of the remaining cocks at their now drenched holes, and sank down as fast as they could. The brunette was one of the ones with previous experience with men (mere boys, in this case), but the black girl popped what remained of her torn cherry with that motion. So transfixed were the three bouncing on my cocks that they didnt quite notice what was happening with the twins.

Through the translucent skin, one could see eggs being pushed through them into the girls bodies. Slowly at first, they quickly became backed up.


Perhaps the size of my fist and looking to be a tinge of greenish purple, they nestled their way into the stomach, intestine, or womb they were laid in, being pushed further in with every new one that came through. It wasnt long before the twins began to balloon outward.

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The older woman was more or less pinned under the weight of her own stomach and tits, plus the two other girls. Unable to properly reach up to play with either of them, I gave her a few tentacles to play with. She crammed three in her mouth without much thought, using her hands to jack off two more, enjoying every moment as two of the three pushed down into her stomach. One stopped there, while the third moved even further down. I offered her the option of picking where and who I fucked next among the six of us there, and that her thoughts would guide me.

I giggled when her first desire was for me to fuck my own behind, and I made a show of the penetration she could not see as a pair snaked their way in. Her next pick was wonderful.

Following her wish, I stuffed first one tentacle, then, as soon as the slime had seeped in, two more into the brunette and black girl?s back entrances. Their yelps of surprise did not interrupt their grinding back against my thrusts, and their bellies showed the bulge from the invaders.

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It would be a few minutes before I fully complied with her request, so I asked her to pick another one in the meantime. The stunned silence I got in response, as well as the direction of her gaze, meant she had finally seen what I was doing to the Latinas. Their throats bulged repeatedly, the one with two tentacles in her gullet getting no respite as they alternated pushing eggs in. Their bellies were already engorged, the eggs causing a rippling of their tummies. Were they rounded out, the one with most of the tentacles in her behind looking nearly 9 months pregnant already, while the other looked about 8 months along but more top heavy from the second tentacle in her throat.

By the time shed recovered herself, the older woman could see the tentacles in the girls atop her were ready to emerge again. Amid the excitement, I felt her desire that the twins be impregnated ?properly? as well as what I was doing. More than willing to oblige, I crammed two of my cock tentacles into the twins kitties, another pair into their behinds, and a fifth down their throats just as the tentacles in the other two girls slid out of their mouths.

The tentacles moved further out, two exchanging places and sliding in alongside the tentacles in the other girls throat. The third snaked down, crisscrossing into their kitties alongside my cocks. It was then that the tentacle snaking its way through the older womans bowels emerged, almost immediately pushing right up into my womb.

As if in response, the ones that had been crawling through my body from my behind slithered out my mouth. The pain and pleasure that came from the spiked tentacles had been plain on the older womans face these many minutes, her tits filling rapidly with the far thicker milk.

I would have to test out whether it was the fact that shed been pregnant before or that seeded her tits in two separate instances that gave her such capacity, but I had plenty of time for that. I removed the tentacles from her tits, admiring their buoyant nature for a moment before allowing the two tentacles coming out of my mouth to lead the charge for her nipples.

In a repeat of the redhead, they plunged in and began fucking her nipples and leaking slime. By now the twins looked absolutely obscene. Their eyes had rolled back from the constant orgasms, but they each had bellies that were probably equal to the rest of their body combined. Fortunately for them, it seemed I was nearing the end of my egg supply, or at least the number planned to stuff them with.

I was also nearing the end of my control, feeling the familiar twinge. I became more aggressive in my thrusting, and I was bombarded with their desires to be filled, to be impregnated, and to bear my young. I have to say I was becoming addicted to the feel of cumming with my tentacles already.

As good as it was through my cocks, and it was *really* good, the extra time my cum spent racing through ten, fifty, maybe even a hundred tentacles was like every good thing I could imagine rolled into one. Each one was a new glut of my seed that would spawn more of my and my lovers children, and it extended the orgy of sex and emotion for far longer than otherwise possible.

Semen flew everywhere even as most of it went into one of us. The already hugely pregnant Asian womans belly nearly tripled in size, outstripping even her daughter. The tentacles she jacked off covered her face, hair, tits, and belly and continued to splatter on the two girls, and then moving on to me and the twins I carried. The brunette was in such a frenzy that she managed to collect herself enough to grab three more tentacles and cram them into her kitty, letting me fill her womb beyond the bursting point till she could have fit a large dog in there.

The black girls kitty slurped at my cock so vigorously that I almost swore she was stealing cum from the other two. The cum I pumped into the egg-bloated Latinas found its mark there as well. Even inside the tightly packed spaces in their bodies, my sperm bred them repeatedly.

To my amusement, my sperm also fertilized the eggs I had placed in them. By the time I had finished, they were easily carrying a combined 900 eggs with several hundred more ?regular? spawn finding good homes in their wombs and a fair number of my surprise additions beginning to grow in their digestive tracts. The new life springing up in my own womb did not miss my attention. I sighed contentedly while rubbing my now larger baby bump.

I looked perhaps 5 months pregnant, but the bulge in my stomach was also still plainly visible. One could see the masses of the little green critters moving about, straining to be set free.

I rubbed them as well, letting them know their time would come. Removing my tentacles from the Asian womans nipples, I was beyond happy at the results. Her breasts had quadrupled in size from the F cup before, and her milk production would be even greater than the redhead's. I began to believe it wouldnt be so hard to feed my quickly growing broods after all.

I saw out of the corner of my eye that Daddy was nearly finished breeding big sis. He had fed her and the redhead, then saved big sis for last, drinking from the redheads tits to give her an extra large load of sperm. I was kind of jealous, really. But on to other things. I set the four girls down to let them drink from the older womans new tits and strode over to my rapidly evolving breeding sister. The cum I had bathed her in had soaked in, and she wanted to be bred in the worst way.

Sadly, I had to deny her. She was not ready yet. It would interfere with the transformation. The changes had been much slower and far more subtle in me, my lover effectively forcing them to sleep inside me for months till I was ready. I knew what had been happening all this time was my body catching up to the instructions he had written into my inner being, making me more like him so, as his intermediary, I could change many others far more easily.

For now, I had to sate her with letting her relieve the immense pressure in my tits and licking off the cum sprayed myself with. The next bit of the change would arrive soon. Only then would I breed her.

And let her breed me. The final six girls were to be seeded before then