Arme kleine Mädchen u0026 vier lange dong großen Kerl

Arme kleine Mädchen u0026 vier lange dong großen Kerl
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From the last story I looked over at Katy, who was also straightened up and ready to go back out. I looked at the card and it said 'Conyards Rare Books' with her name and a phone number. Interesting. "C'mon. Let's see what the others are up to and head home." "Yes, Master." She smiled and giggled. Recurring Cast Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife. Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's. Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband. Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife. Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend. Suzanne, 36 years old, 5'5", 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance. Still Saturday Day Six Katy and I left the Men's room and went back to find the other three still playing pool.

They eyed us suspiciously. Cindy came over to me and said playfully. "That took some time. Were you perhaps having fun in there?" "Oh, yeah. I'll tell you more about it later, but I want to get out of here now." We all gathered up and went out to the car.

I had one more thing that I wanted Katy to do. I was going to start pushing on the humiliation part that Jackie had mentioned. We drove down the road, which was pretty wide open between the bar and our town except for one gas station/mart. It seemed they all sold all the junk you didn't need nowadays.

I pulled into a parking spot alongside the building. I turned to Katy.


"You and I are going to go in. The rest of you ladies stay in the car." Katy looked at me for a second, but then she went to get out and I led her into the building, holding her hand. I noticed that it was a young woman behind the counter. That was too bad, but it would still suffice for my purposes. I found the sign for the restrooms and headed back there. It was a standard setup with only a single capability for each of the men's and ladies' rooms.

There was nobody else around, so I led her into the ladies' room and tried to lock the door, but the lock was broken. I smiled at her and she looked at me with her big blue eyes. "Take off your clothes." She did it immediately, probably thinking we were going to have sex. "Here's the deal, my little submissive one. I am going to go back out there and give your clothes to the woman behind the counter, then get back in the car. I will drive and park on the side of the building.

You will stay in the bathroom until another woman comes in here. You will be sitting on the counter with your legs spread and ask her if she wants to eat your pussy." Katy looked down and started blushing, but said nothing. "Whether she does or not doesn't matter, you just have to ask.

Once she leaves, you are to exit the bathroom and go to the attendant who will have your clothes. Ask her for your clothes. Once she gives them to you, you have two options. The first is that you can take your clothes and walk to the car still naked. You must walk, not run, or there will be a serious punishment. The second option is that you can put your clothes on and walk to the car only if you do this. You must turn around once you have your skirt and bend over and spread your cheeks to show your pretty little pussy and asshole to the attendant.

She will know these are your options. If you do that, you can dress and come out. Do you understand all this?" Katy never even looked up at me and her answer was barely a whisper. "Yes, Master." I put my hand under her chin and made her look up at me. I kissed her lightly on the lips. "You are a beautiful and well-behaved little sub, aren't you, Katy." She held my gaze.

"Yes, sir." I went back out to the car and got in. The other ladies looked at me. Finally, Cindy spoke up. "Where's Katy?" I smiled at the three of them.

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"She's in the ladies' room, naked, and waiting for another woman to come in. She has to ask the woman if she wants to eat her pussy. The woman can say no and just leave or can say yes and do it. In either case, she has to wait for the woman to leave. Then she has to go the attendant in the shop and ask for her clothes back.

Once she has them back she can just walk out to the car naked or, as a way to get dressed, she can bend over facing away from the attendant and pull her cheeks apart showing her asshole and pussy. Once these tasks are done, we can go." Louise and Cindy just smiled, but Jackie was a little surprised. "But how long will we wait to see if somebody comes? Are you sure this is okay?" I turned to Jackie who was sitting in the back seat.

"Well, my little brunette bitch. If, in five minutes, nobody has come, then you will go in and eat her pussy, got it?" Jackie looked at me for a minute, her face blushing and her eyes challenging me, but I just stared back.

She eventually lowered her eyes. "Yes, sir." It was only three minutes later that it got really interesting. A car pulled in to get gas and a woman got out, ran her card thru the machine and started filling her car. She was dressed in a business suit and was not wearing a coat. As soon as she got the pump started she turned to come around the back of her car and head into the little shopping mart area. Suddenly Cindy gasped. "Shit, that's Suzanne Thompson!" She ducked down a little.

I turned to her. "Who the hell is Suzanne Thompson?" She didn't rise up and tried to stay out of sight. "She's the snobby bitch that likes to think she runs the homeowner's association. She is controlling and bitchy. She tries to run the entire association board." I smiled. "Well, then, this should be interesting." I opened the door to get out, but Cindy grabbed my arm.

"Where are you going?" "I'm going in to see if she goes into the bathroom and see what happens." I went back in and the attendant smiled as I headed to the restrooms and held up Katy's clothes. I put my hands out and she handed them back to me. She laughed. As I approached the door, I could hear some talking and then I heard Katy moaning.

She was not a quiet girl and I could tell that Suzanne was at least doing something to her. I knew the lock was broken, so I slowly turned the knob and eased the door open. It didn't make any noise and I was treated to a view of a nice tight-skirted ass as Suzanne had her face buried in Katy's pussy.

Now this was interesting. I decided that I wanted to have some fun with this. I winked at Katy and motioned for her to be quiet.

She just smiled and moaned as the woman was working on her pretty well. I made sure my phone camera was ready to go and took a couple of quick pictures of the scene. I suddenly closed the door with a click.

Suzanne's head started coming up and I attacked. "Oh my God! What are you doing?" She jerked upright and turned toward me quickly, her mouth and lips covered in Katy's juices. Katy just sat there, her feet up on the counter with her wet pussy on display.

I put her clothes on the counter. "That's my daughter's 16-year old friend you are molesting, you pervert!" I turned towards Katy. "Katy, get down off that counter! How could you do that?" While Katy was climbing off the counter, Suzanne was sputtering and trying to get her bearings. "She… I mean… I came in and she was… well, I mean… she asked me and… uh&hellip." "She's under age, you fucking pervert.

What the hell?" Suzanne stared over at Katy who was shyly cowering in the corner. When Katy caught my eyes and Suzanne wasn't looking, I put my hand on my dick and pointed at it.

Katy understood. Suzanne looked back at me. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I think I need to go." She tried to push her way past me. I grabbed her by her arms and stayed in front of the door, blocking her exit. "Where do you think you're going, you child molester. Are you a fucking pervert, attacking an underage girl in here?" "No, no, no." She looked at Katy who was going to her knees in front of me.

"I didn't know. It's not my fault." "Yeah, tell that to the cops!" I pulled out my cell phone. Her eyes got big. "No, wait!" She looked at me, her eyes big and her voice sounding very scared. Then she looked down at Katy who was unzipping my pants and pulling them down.

I reached down, preventing my pants from falling down. "Katy, what are you doing? You shouldn't be doing that to me." She looked up. "But Mr.

J, you have an erection. Maybe the nice lady will help you like she was helping me and you won't have to call the cops." Wow, she was really good at this play-acting. "I don't know, Katy." I looked at Suzanne and could see her thinking about it. She seemed to decide that it was the best course of action. "Yeah, I could, you know, take care of you and then you wouldn't have to call the cops." "I don't know if that's appropriate." She grabbed my arm.

"Please don't call the police. I'll do it. I'll do it right here. You want a blowjob, I'll do it." The desperation was obvious in her voice. I continued the charade with Katy. "Language, please." I nodded toward Katy and grabbed her by the arm. I pointed to her clothes. "Katy, get dressed and go wait in the car. This lady and I have some business to attend to." Katy nodded and started getting dressed. She looked up at me and giggled. "Mr. J, I know what a blowjob is." Suzanne and I stood there and she wouldn't look at me.

As soon as Katy was dressed, I stood aside enough for her to squeeze out the door. I turned back to Suzanne who was now trembling a little. I reached down and pushed my pants to the floor, my hard dick popping into view.

"Now what were you saying about making sure I didn't call the police?" Suzanne stared at my dick and then put her purse on the counter. I leaned against the counter and pulled her against me.

"I think you are pretty hot in that suit. I think I'm going to like you sucking my dick and acting like my own personal little slut." She tried to get angry. "I'm not your slut, asshole." I smiled. "Oh, for now you definitely are. You are going to show me that beautiful body of yours, then you are going to get on your knees and suck me until I cum in your mouth and you swallow, understood?" She grinned.

"I don't think so. It's just your word against mine, now. You have nothing on me." I grinned and pulled out my camera and she looked at me questioningly. I pulled up one of the pictures and showed it to her. "I think this is a great shot of you eating underage pussy, don't you?" She blanched and set her jaw.

"Shit! You fucker!

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You'd better not send that anywhere." I grinned. "I don't plan on sending it anywhere as long as you take off your clothes right now and get on your knees and suck my dick. Now do it!" She sighed and I could tell she was debating her options in her mind.

"Alright. I'll do it if you promise to let me delete those pictures from your phone." I thought about it. "Okay. I'll let you delete the pictures I took of you eating a 16 year old girl's pussy after you give me a blowjob.

Agreed?" "Yes." Finally she started removing her clothes. There was a hook on the back of the door and she hung them up. She was wearing her business suit, which was fairly conservative but tight, and a nice blue blouse. Underneath, however, was a different story.

She was wearing a red bra which pushed up and displayed what appeared to be very nice tits, and no panties. She was down to just her bra when I told her to stop. I looked down at her very well groomed pussy. I put my hand down there and felt her. She flinched, but didn't back away.


She was very wet and actually leaking. I brought my hand up and smelled it and she blushed. It smelled like a man's cum. "You've got no panties on and you've been fucked today already, haven't you, you little slut." She stared at me for a second.

"Yes." I held my fingers out to her. "Clean them off." She didn't hesitate, just leaned forward and sucked my fingers in and cleaned them expertly. "I bet it wasn't your husband either, was it? You were out fucking around during work, weren't you?" "No!" She denied it, but I wasn't so sure she was telling me the truth.

I laughed. "Oh, yeah. This is very interesting. You were out fucking around on him, then you decided to eat some pussy, but it was that of my daughter's best friend.

This is very good. Now take off the bra." She removed the bra and refused to look up at me. I could tell her tits were fake by the gravity-defying bulges. She had had a breast enlargement! Pretty good ones, but it was still discernable.

"Looks like you had some enhancements done. I like them." She just nodded and refused to look up. I took a picture with my phone and that brought her head up in alarm. Her eyes were wide and she didn't speak, but I could see the pleading in them. "Now kneel and show me how good you are." She took a deep breath and kneeled in front of me.

She stared at my dick and then glanced up at me. I just smiled. She sighed and then leaned forward. She lifted my dick up and placed it against my stomach so that she could lean in and lick from my balls up along the shaft.

She looked up at me and I took another camera pic. She didn't even flinch this time. She just kept working on my dick. She ran her tongue up around the crown and then pulled it down and opened wide. She slowly lowered her head and took the entire thing into her mouth. I had to moan at that. I took another pic and she wasn't paying attention. She just started really getting into sucking my dick.

She was bobbing up and down and I just let her, not touching her in any other way. I could also tell that she was starting to rub her own clit. She was working it real good and it had been a few minutes when the door slowly cracked open. I could see Cindy peeking around the corner of it. Suzanne didn't notice it. Cindy winked at me and just watched as I started pumping into Suzanne's face.

I was starting to feel that familiar tingle. "C'mon baby, suck that cum out of me. I want to feel you sucking and swallowing as I dump a load into your slutty mouth." She looked up but didn't stop at all. She just kept sucking. "What a good slut you are, sucking my hard cock. What a beautiful little tramp." She looked like she wanted to pull off and say something, but at that time I put my hands on the back of her head and started fucking her face.

I was close and wanted to spew. I was pumping and Cindy was watching, I stared at her and she grinned and I reached my peak. "Fuck me! Suck that dick, baby! Here it comes!" She increased her suction when she could feel my explosion coming. My semen burst forth from my dick as she kept sucking and sucking. I was dumping a pretty good load considering all the action I was getting.

Cindy watched closely and then, just as I was relaxing back against the counter and Suzanne was finishing swallowing, she flung open the door. "What the fuck is going on here?" I jumped just because of how loud Cindy yelled, but Suzanne fell flat onto her back at the surprise intrusion. She fell on her ass and rolled back, giving us both a very good look at a soaking wet pussy. Cindy stared at her and then looked at me. "Getting a blowjob from some unknown tramp in a gas station restroom?

What the fuck?" I played along. "Cindy, honey, I found her eating Katy's pussy and she agreed to give me a blowjob if I didn't call the cops on her molesting an underage girl." I was hoping that Katy had explained what was going on in here.

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Cindy looked down at Suzanne, who was trying to cover up and cower in the corner. "Suzanne?! Is that you?" Suzanne looked up at the mention of her name and stared at Cindy. "Cindy? This is your husband?" Cindy scowled.

"Yes, it's my husband, you little slut. What a fucking cunt! I can't believe that you tried to attack my daughter's friend and then took advantage of my husband." Suzanne was very confused by now. "What? I… wait, that's not what happened… I mean that young lady was here… wait… this is your husband?" "That's what I said, bitch." Cindy grabbed Suzanne by the arm and pulled her up. She pushed her against the counter and Suzanne put her arms up, expecting to get hit.

"I'm not going to hit you, you fucking slut. My husband and I play around from time to time, but you took advantage of a 16 year old. And now that I think about it, you always acted so snobbish, but here you are, naked, sucking my husband's dick, and you were eating pussy a few minutes before that.

Quite a change, don't you think?" Now Cindy was grinning and poking her finger at Suzanne. Suzanne started pleading. "Please, Cindy. I'm sorry. The teenager asked me to and your husband&hellip." SMACK! The sound of the slap was loud. Cindy slapped Suzanne pretty hard across the face and Suzanne stopped, frozen in place, unable to move or speak. Cindy had said she wasn't going to hit her so Suzanne was even more shocked. Cindy pushed me out of the way and toward the door.

"Stand over here, honey, she has some more work to do." Cindy climbed up on the counter, spread her legs, her leather mini-skirt pulling up and revealing her wet and shaved snatch. "Suzy, honey, you need to show me that you can eat pussy if you want to get out of here." Suzanne looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders.

Suzanne looked at Cindy and without another word, kneeled down and started licking Cindy's pussy. If anything, Suzanne seemed to really be getting into it.

From the way she attacked it and the look on Cindy's face, it was very good. I almost forgot to take some pictures, but regained my senses and held up my camera. Cindy smiled and waved for the first one. Then on the second one, she reached down and pulled Suzanne's head up and turned her face to look at the camera.

I got a great shot of Suzanne looking up at the camera, her face drenched in Cindy's juices and her lipstick smeared around, with Cindy's pussy in the background. Cindy pulled Suzanne's head back into her crotch and let her continue.

"Oh, fuck, that's gonna get me off!" Cindy was starting to roll her hips and pull her legs in tight. This was a sign of her impending orgasm. "Oh, yeah, suck my cunt, you little slut!" Suzanne didn't have any intention of stopping and continued to work on Cindy until she bucked and thrashed and groaned her way thru a pretty good orgasm.

Finally, she pushed Suzanne away and stood up. "That was wonderful, Suzanne. I think I will enjoy having you come over to service me." While she was doing that, I was emailing the photos to my home email.

Suzanne jerked and stared at Cindy as she stood up. "Oh, God! Please. Haven't I done enough? Please don't make me do anything else." She was almost in tears now. "Well, I have some excellent photographs of you that would probably look pretty good posted on line and around town." Suzanne was not even trying to cover herself now.

"No way! You agreed to let me delete them!" I smiled at her. "That's true. I agreed to let you delete the photos of you eating an underage girl's pussy.

But I didn't say anything about the ones of you sucking my cock and eating my wife." She just stood there and hung her head. She spoke now with a small and scared voice. "Please don't post those. I'll do whatever you want. Please just don't hurt my family." I stepped up to her and lifted her face up. "I have no intention of doing anything to hurt your family, but we need someone to play with that that will be you, understand?" She stared directly at me for a second, but couldn't hold the stare.

She dropped her eyes, her shoulders slumped, and she said in a tiny voice. "Yes, sir." "That's much better. Now get dressed. I'm sure your gas pump stopped long ago.

We know your phone number and will call you." She looked up in alarm. "No! Don't call my house! Please! Just let me give you my cell phone number." She reached into her purse and pulled out a card from her stack of business cards. She pulled out a pen and wrote a number on the back. "Please use this number whenever you call me. Please?" I stared at her for a second. She broke pretty easily and suddenly seemed so willing.

Was this something she was wanting? "Okay. We can do that. See you later." We left her there and headed out to the car. It was getting dark now. We had just gotten settled in the car when the disheveled and harried Suzanne came out and finished putting the gas pump back and driving away.

Cindy smiled at me. "I wouldn't have been so hard on her if she wasn't such a bitch to me a couple of times. I barely knew her and she acted like she was the President… of the U.

S., not just one of the members of a homeowner's association board." I looked over at her. "Do we really plan on playing with her again?" Cindy thought about that for a second. "You know, she really did enjoy eating my pussy, what did you think Katy?" "She was definitely a regular pussy eater.

She was very good and enthusiastic." Cindy turned back to me. "Yes, I want to make her do things. I think she actually loved it when we made her do whatever we wanted. Oh, yes, we will play with her again." I put the car in reverse, backed up, and we headed home. It was getting to be late and everyone was so tired that I could see them nodding off during the short drive home.

I was also feeling drained, as were my balls. I was ready to let everyone rest for the night. And that's exactly what we did. When we got home, Cindy wanted to watch "It's a Wonderful Life". She always has to watch that on Thanksgiving weekend and we did. We were all naked, snuggling under the covers and eating popcorn, but nobody was ready for more sex, so we just relaxed. By 10pm everyone was in bed. Louise, Jackie, and Katy were in the guest bedroom and Cindy and I climbed into ours.

She kissed me on the cheek and snuggled up against me. "I can't believe how much our life has changed in the last few months." "Me, either. I think we've been harboring some fantasies and deep desires that we wanted, but were afraid to discuss just because of the societal norms that had been drilled into us. Especially you.

You never said anything about being curious about women." "I know. I don't even care what sex the person is that I am fucking, I just enjoy sex. Is that bad?" I looked down at Cindy. "No. It's just different than we were originally raised, so it feels a little exciting, but dirty. There's nothing wrong with it between consenting adults." "Thanks, honey. I love you and I'm not sure I want to change my life back to the way it was. I like having sex with women, I like the two of us having sex with other people, and I really liked it when you spanked me." She snuggled up against me and purred like a cat.

I stared down into her eyes. "I love you, too. No matter what." Sunday Day Seven On Sunday morning, I woke up slowly and realized that I was being fondled and stroked over my entire body. I opened my eyes and looked around.

Cindy was on my left lightly stroking my chest; Katy was between my legs, and lightly rubbing my dick to wake it up. Louise and Jackie were watching Katy and stroking my thighs. I moaned softly and they all looked up at me and said "Good morning, Master." I grinned. "Good morning my little sluts." They all giggled and laughed. Cindy leaned in close. "You are going to get too damn spoiled if I let them keep this up." "Mmmm. You're right." I sat up and pushed them all away. "Just a minute ladies.

I need to empty my bladder before you start on me." I ran into the bathroom and peed. I looked over and noticed that all four women were standing in the doorway watching. "Hey! I don't need an audience!" I laughed. They all giggled and ran back to the bed. When I got back I crawled into the middle. "Well, its Cindy's last day as my 'slave'. Jackie was free as of midnight, and Louise can do whatever she wants. However&hellip." I hesitated and stared at Katy, lifting her face to look at me.

"Katy will become my submissive, isn't that right Katy." She glanced quickly around at the others and meekly answered. "Yes, sir." I decided that we would all take the day off. I was tired and could use a break. I told them so, but I was pushed back down and treated to a Katy-led blow job with all four women working on me. It was delicious. Mid-December Things were hectic for the next two weeks, but then in the middle of December, I decided to host one of the every-so-often poker parties my friends and I liked to hold.

I invited the normal crew, which was a small group of guys I played basketball with. We played once a week and had gotten to know each other enough to start a rotating poker game. I had not called Suzanne since that day in the gas station, so I think she was a little surprised when I called. I told her it was time to pay up and to be at my house at about 5pm on Saturday when we were going to have the poker party.

Cindy was helping me get the beer and munchies put away when Suzanne showed up. She had come straight from work and had made sure to wear one of her business suits as I had requested. I greeted her at the door. "Well, hello, Suzanne. You look delicious." She blushed. "Thank you, I think." I invited her in and explained the deal to her.

"I have four friends coming over for poker." Her eyes immediately went wide. "I have a mask for you to wear and I want you to stay in your business suit. I'm going to come up with an amount that they will pay for each piece of your clothing&hellip." She interrupted me immediately. "Wait!

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I can't do that! What do you think I am? I love my husband and I have two kids. I can't do something like that!" I looked at her closely. "Suzanne, let me explain two things to you.

First, I still have the photos of you from the restroom." She looked down and cringed. "Second, I know what kind of financial problems you have. It doesn't take a lot to find out that you and your husband are in trouble since he lost his job." Her shoulders slumped and tears came to her eyes. "These guys are all old married guys and they are going to pay to remove your clothes until you are naked.

Whatever you make, you keep." I stepped up to her. "You are, after all, my personal little slut." She lifted her head and tears were starting to roll down her cheeks. Cindy stepped up next to her and seemed to want to comfort her. Suzanne then unloaded. "My life is such a mess now." Deep breath and sob.

"My husband seems to have lost himself since he lost his job." Another light sob. "I mean, I try to stay happy for him, but it's tough on me, too. He has no confidence, no desire, and no real drive any more. I'm afraid it's going to affect the kids, too." She started crying and Cindy looked up at me. She motioned for me to hug and comfort her, but that's not where I wanted to go.

I did it anyway and she almost collapsed into my arms. She cried for a minute and then stood back up. She wiped her eyes a little, threw back her head, and seemed to get herself under control. "Look. I have played dom/sub games with my husband, and I know you think I liked it in the restroom." Her eyes jerked from me to Cindy and back. "Well, maybe I did, a little… but I can't have sex with these guys.

I will not. I will let you send out the pictures before I do that." I smiled. "Suzanne, you will not have sex with these guys. All you will do is let them pay for the right to strip you while you act as our hostess. You will submit to this, but they will stay dressed. Understood?" She stared at me for a second. "No sex? You're not going to ask me to do anything to them, right?" "No, Suzanne, I will not ask you to have sex with them." I smiled. "Just me and Cindy." "Can you tell me their names so I can make sure I don't know them?" "Sure.

Their names are Bob Carriker, Randy Robinson, John Kelleher, and Peter Jones. Is that okay and are you ready to perform?" I gave her a nasty grin. She looked back and forth from me to Cindy and finally let out a big sigh. "Yes, sir." I grinned at that.

"Good. You will start serving the drinks and every time around the table, when it gets to me, I'll deal the hand that decides who gets to strip off the next piece.

Each piece will cost $20 more than the previous one. Understand?" "Yes, sir." She appeared totally defeated now. Cindy took her hand and led her upstairs while I got everything set up. The guys finally started arriving at about 7:30. I had not told them anything about what was to happen.

We settled around the table and got into position to start. In the meantime, Cindy had taken Suzanne upstairs to make sure one of the masks that I bought was going to fit. When Suzanne came back downstairs it was by herself. Cindy didn't want our guests to know that she was even there. Her cover story was that she was out of town on business.

When Suzanne came into the den, she was wearing both a mask and a kind of hat that held all her hair up under it. It appeared that she wanted to try to hide her identity as much as possible. When she came into the room, I called her over and introduced her to the guys.

"Alright, guys, Miss S. has agreed to be our hostess for the night. There are some particular rules to this game that are new. I will start the dealing tonight and every time it comes back around to me, the winner of that game has first option of removing the next piece of Suzanne's clothes. It costs $20 for the first item and $20 more for each piece after that." There was grinning and some shock on the guys faces.

"We will go, in order, her jacket, her blouse, her skirt, her bra, and finally her panties, which will cost $100. She will not remove her stockings and shoes.

If the guy with the first option declines to pay, we will bid on it starting at the agreed upon amount. The money will go into this jar." I held up a large glass jar. "You may touch and feel her a little during the delivery of drinks, but there will be no sex.

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She is not a prostitute. She is just here for eye candy. After the game you guys can go home and attack your wives." They all chuckled and were checking out Suzanne.

I picked up the cards. "Okay, everyone, who wants something to drink?" They all ordered beer of some time, since there were three different kinds in the fridge. Suzanne nodded and went to the kitchen.

She came back with the beers and started handing them out. When she gave me mine I ran my hand lightly over her ass. Everyone noticed. We started playing and as the hands were played, the guys asked Suzanne for some of the munchies and refills. She spoke to them with an affected deep sounding southern accent and responded promptly.


I guess she was trying to disguise her voice as well. When the first 'clothing' game came around, Suzanne stood right next to me and put her hand on my shoulder, as if awaiting the outcome. She seemed pretty relaxed at the moment and I wondered if it was just acceptance or if she was enjoying doing this as long as her identity was hidden.

Bob won the game and smiled at Suzanne. He reached out and put $20 in the jar on the table while she walked over and stood in front of him. He stood up and turned her around by the shoulders. He reached up and took her jacket, taking it down her arms just like he would do any jacket and put it over his arm.

Then he quickly ran one hand up over her tits. She jerked at that and turned to face him. But she didn't say or do anything. She just reached out to take her jacket and then walked over and put it on the couch. We continued the game. There was still not much going on, but the next time around things started to get interesting.

It was time for the blouse. Peter won this game and I could see his anticipation at stripping her blouse off. Suzanne again waited thru the game at my side and even leaned her hip against my shoulder. Finally, after the win, Peter grabbed $40 and put it in the jar. Suzanne went and stood right in front of him.

She pulled her blouse out of her skirt to make it available to him all the way to the bottom. He started unbuttoning her blouse, making sure to rub his hands up against her tits as he did so. He took his time and kept staring at her bare skin as it came into view. When he got to the bottom, he pulled it open and ran his hands up over her tits to get to the shoulders of the blouse.

Then he lowered it down her arms and let it drop to the floor. We could all now see that she had a very conservative lightly padded bra on, cream in color, and very supportive. Peter took his time brining his hands back down over her tits and I could see Suzanne shiver or tremble from the action.

Finally, he sat back down and Suzanne turned to the table. "Does anyone need another drink?" Everyone passed, but she picked up her blouse, put it on the couch, and went into the kitchen.

She didn't return for a few minutes. We continued our game and now Suzanne, when asked for a drink, was having her ass patted and rubbed a little and a couple of times somebody would run their hands over her bare back. Time was passing quickly when we came to the next 'clothing' game. Nobody was winning big at the table with money and the bets were pretty mild; everyone was paying too much attention to Suzanne. Bob won this game, too, and looked hungrily at Suzanne. She was standing next to me, leaning against me again and I wondered what my friends thought about that.

None of them had any idea about the lifestyle change that Cindy and I had gone thru. In any case, Suzanne went and stood in front of Bob. She turned to her side so that he could reach the zipper. He lowered the zipper pretty quickly, but then he put his hands on the skirt, but not on the sides. He put his hands directly in the front and back and began to lower the skirt.

Suzanne just stood there as he lowered her skirt and allowed his hands to run over her lower stomach and crotch in the front and over her ass in the back.

As the skirt went down her nice, but very normal, cotton panties came into view. They were the same color as her bra. We all watched as he got her skirt to the floor. She started to lift her left leg, but Bob put his hand on it to stop her and then pushed his hand slowly up her nylon stockings to the back of her left thigh.

He then assisted her in lifting her leg and taking it outside the ring that the skirt had made on the floor. He put that leg down and did the same with the other one, so that she was standing outside the skirt. He then ran that hand up against her crotch, causing her to flinch a little.

He put both hands on her hips and turned her to face away from him and then told her to pick up the skirt. Suzanne knew exactly what he and the rest of us wanted. She bent over from the waist, keeping her knees pretty straight, and picked up the skirt. Her ass was pointed almost directly at the table while doing this and the panties pulled tight against a very delectable ass. She stood up and took the skirt over to the couch, looking very sexy in her bra, panties, pull up stockings and nice pumps.

She was a very good looking woman for her mid-thirties. Things got a little distracting at this point. It was tough to get the guys to pay attention to the game enough to even get thru a hand without having to remind someone that it was their bet. They were playing with Suzanne every chance they got by running their hands over her ass as she delivered drinks. Finally, we got to the 'bra' game and I won this one.

Suzanne was standing next to me and started to turn around. I stopped her by grabbing her hips and turning her to face me again. I stayed seated and reached around her to unhook her bra. This put my face right against her chest as I released the catch.

I slowly started to pull it down, but left my face almost directly against her skin. I allowed the straps to slip down and then started pulling it down her arms. The straps slid easily and then the cups started to fall away. I pulled them away from her breasts, allowing the entire bra to slip past my face as I stared almost directly at her tits from about 12 inches away. They were delicious looking and the gumdrop nipples were very enticing. I leaned over and sucked on one quickly and she jerked back, shaking her finger at me.

She looked down and smiled at me, but kept her nipple out of reach. I handed her the bra and it joined her other clothes on the couch. Now the games were really a second thought. The drinks were not flowing as fast as everyone had been drinking for a while, but the guys were taking every opportunity to get Suzanne to move back and forth to the kitchen and then lean over to give them their drinks. Whenever a hand came near her tits, she would slap it away playfully, but firmly.

I couldn't wait for the final hand. When the final hand came, Suzanne came and stood next to me and motioned for me to move my chair back. I moved back slightly and she planted herself firmly on my lap and put one arm around my neck. "Okay. Let's get this over with." She said it with her fake southern accent and with a grin.

I dealt the cards and we played 5 card draw for the right to remove her panties. John won his first hand in a while and looked at his money. It cost $100 to remove her panties and he grinned as he came up with the cash and loaded the jar. Suzanne gave me a peck on the cheek and went to stand in front of John. He looked up at her and she put one hand on his shoulder to steady herself.

He studied her from this close-up view and then reached up to grab the waistband of her panties. He slowly worked them down, taking his time and letting her pubic region, which was the side facing the table, slowly come into view. Her small strip of hair came became visible and we could see that it was a narrow strip of only about an inch. John then pulled hard and pushed the panties to the floor to get it over with.

He ran his hands up Suzanne's legs, but she smiled shyly and stopped his hand before it reached her crotch. He sat back, somewhat disappointed that he didn't get to feel her pussy, but was at least rewarded by her removing her hand and standing up straight for everyone to see that her lips were clearly visible.

She had shaved all except for the landing strip which ended almost an inch above her slit. Now that she was standing there naked, I could see that she was actually extremely well built and kept herself in shape.

Suzanne stood there and looked around the table. She looked over at me. "Well, boys, I think that concludes tonight's festivities." Randy, who had not had as much opportunity to feel her up and had not won a hand to strip her off, had another idea, "Well, how about this." We all turned toward him and watched as he reached into his wallet.

"I have $200 here for one lap dance. Whadda ya say?" Suzanne stared at it for a second and I could see her considering this. She had admitted that what I found out about her finances was true. Since everyone immediately paid for their right to remove the clothing there had been no higher bidding.

That meant that she had $300 in the jar. She was really thinking about this. I think she was also turned on and this idea excited her.

"Okay." Suzanne moved toward Randy. "But it's a lap dance, that's all. Just like in a strip club." She snatched the money from his hand and he grinned. I moved over to my sound system and she came up behind me. "What kind of music do you want?" She thought about it. "Just put the radio on and turn to a rock station and we'll see. I don't think he really cares about how good I am or what the song is." She was probably correct and so I put a rock station on.

She was not satisfied with my choice so she went to the tuner and dialed it to her favorite rock station. She found it and the DJ was describing the next song and Suzanne liked it. She moved over toward the couch, pointed to the middle cushion and Randy sat down there. Everyone else took the chairs around the couch and I remained standing by the sound system. This left me directly in front of the couch, a position I was going to like. The song started and Suzanne started swaying to it, moving her hips around and showing off her beautiful body.

There were now five hard dicks in the house, if they weren't before, because she was fairly good at moving her body. She moved over to Randy and took his hands and put them on the back of the couch, indicating to him that they should remain there, just like strippers do.

Then she rubbed her tits against his chest and up over his face. He tried to capture one of her nipples with his mouth but she moved too quickly. At least I got a great view of her ass and pussy from behind when she did that.

Now Suzanne was getting into it. She turned and, acting just like a stripper, ground her ass against his crotch. I wondered if she had seen this before. She was grinding pretty well, his dick making a definite protrusion against his Dockers, and I could see the others rearranging themselves. Her naked body was now glistening slightly as her activity was causing her to perspire, and her muscled legs looked fantastic as she gyrated.

I watched as she slowly rubbed that fantastic ass against him, trapping his dick in her crack, and smiling at me. She then turned around and knelt in front of John, smiling up at him as he squirmed. She rubbed her face across his cloth-covered erection and slid up rubbing it along her neck and finally her tits. John was mesmerized and when I looked at the others, they were all feeling their dicks thru their pants.

Suzanne then stood up and straddled John, putting her tits right at his face level and grinding her pussy directly down onto his dick. He groaned and again tried to capture a nipple with his mouth. Suzanne was too quick and ready for it as she covered them and told him no touching.

She did, however, continue to grind against his dick. I had a great vantage point as she did so and I could see her rub her lips against it and I could make out a little of the darker color of her asshole. She was really enjoying herself now. The song was not going to last much longer, so Suzanne stepped up the teasing. She leaned back as she ground against John, thrusting her tits straight up and letting him look directly down at her pussy.

John stared at it as she continued to move against him. Finally, she rose up and clambered off him. She turned around, putting her back to him, and gave him an amazing view.

She bent over from the waist and reached thru her legs to grab his knees. As she did so, I could tell that her entire pussy and asshole were on display for John. He stared, sweated, and squirmed as he tried not to reach out and grab her. The song came to an end and there was a little silence in the room.

Then Suzanne looked around at the five hard dicks straining to be free and announced. "$100 each to cum on my tits… any takers?" All four of my friends jumped up and started fishing for $100. They all came up with it and Suzanne sat on the couch.

She pointed to John. "You first." John moved forward, Suzanne took his money, and he immediately dropped his jeans and white jockeys.

He was average length and he immediately took his dick into his hand and stroked it. Suzanne looked up at him.

"C'mon, John, give me that spunk. Cum on my tits!" John erupted and sprayed all over Suzanne's chest and stomach. He squirted pretty well, but Suzanne managed to keep it under her chin. I could tell that she didn't want any on her face. Next came Bob, then Randy, and finally Peter. They all went in the same manner. They moved up and jacked off onto Suzanne's chest.

Her entire front was covered by cum when she finished. As each guy finished, he came and said good-night to me and then sheepishly let himself out. When they had all gone, Cindy came into the room with a towel for Suzanne and our video camera.

Suzanne removed her mask and sat down on the couch. "Whew! It is hot under there." I smiled. "It was hot, period. They were so fucking hot and horny they would have paid anything for you to touch them." Cindy laughed. "It was definitely quite a show. I got it all on our camera, too." Suzanne flinched a little at that, but Cindy leaned over and kissed her lightly.

"Don't worry, the mask hides your face." She then smiled mischievously. "But I bet you are horny and there is one more dick that needs to be satisfied." Suzanne looked at me. "I'm so fucking horny I need to be fucked right now." I smiled and looked at Cindy. "Honey, take my dick out and line it up with Suzanne's pretty little pussy. It appears to have been neglected." "Yes, dear." Cindy went to work on my pants.

Suzanne leaned back on the couch and opened her legs. Her pussy was soaking and she started rubbing it. Cindy got my pants to drop to the ground and my lack of underwear allowed my dick to immediately pop into the open.

Cindy smiled and Suzanne moaned. Cindy took my dick and I leaned forward as she lined it up with Suzanne's pussy. Suzanne was leaning back against the couch and she looked fantastic. Her hair was plastered to her forehead, but she was taking deep breaths and her tight tits were going up and down. Her face and chest were both flushed and hot.

Her nicely shaved pussy with the landing strip was soaking wet and her lips were glistening. The outer lips were a dusky pink. The inner lips were just showing and were a very bright and wet pink. Cindy lined my dick up and I pushed it home. As soon as I had it in her, I knew it was going to be a short night. "Suzy, baby, this is not going to last long." "Me, neither!" Her panting increased and Cindy started rubbing her clit.

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum soon, keep rubbing, Cindy!" I felt Suzanne start to tremble and then she started cumming. I held on to her hips and buried my dick as deep as I could and spurted and spurted, filling her hot cunt full. My spasms were strong and I felt like I had been holding back for hours… oh, yeah, I had been. I looked down and realized I was gripping so tight that I was leaving marks on her hips, so I pulled out and backed up.

She collapsed back into the couch from our clench and her feet hit the floor. Her pussy was leaking cum profusely and Cindy grinned at me and dove in. She started licking and slurping at Suzanne's pussy gathering all the cum and within two minutes Suzanne was cumming again. I just sat down and watched in awe as my wife devoured another woman's pussy full of my cum.

Cindy finally sat back. "Yum. I'm going to love sucking cum out of that pussy." Suzanne looked up. "Please, let's keep it to only you two knowing who I am and fucking me." I looked at Cindy. She answered for me. "Okay, except for Katy." She grinned and leaned toward Suzanne. "But we will use you and push you, got it!" Suzanne looked back and forth between the two of us. "I know." Again she appeared to enjoy being ordered around.

She was a dichotomy that I couldn't get a handle on. I told her to get dressed and go home and she left. I looked over at Cindy. "We are definitely going to have to push her and Katy." Cindy gave me a kiss. "Yes, sir, we are." We went upstairs and went to bed and I tried to think of some things to do to push the nubile Katy and the older, but beautiful Suzanne. <i> to be continued…</i>