Blowjob expert Japanese slut fucked hard in her slit in threesome

Blowjob expert Japanese slut fucked hard in her slit in threesome
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[b] My Story been taught how to be a Fuck for my Dad. Written By Ernie Patterson My name is Karin I am 13 years old, and I have a little sister Emma who is 9 years old, we live out in the country with our Daddy and Mummy.

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The weather where we live is always fine and lovely and sunny so a lot of the time we are told to get around in the nude, we loved it as we got to look at Daddies big cock when he is nude, but up till now Mummy has always been with us, but now Mummy had to go to Grand-Ma`s to look after her. Since she has gone Daddy has been more at home to keep a eye on us and he has been playing a lot more games outside with us, Daddy has touched me a few times on my nude body and even squeezed my titties in front of my little sister Emma who said to Daddy I seen you touch Karins titties, and Daddy told Emma to come to him as he wanted to touch hers, and when he did she giggled and Daddy told her to touch his big cock, which she did then he told her would she like to give it a little suck, so she got on her hands and knees and took hold of it, and started to suck it in front of me, I had been watching Emma licking and sucking Daddies Big Cock, and I couldn`t get over the way Emma was Sucking it, she looked as that she had been Sucking Cocks for Years then all of a sudden Daddy started to Cumm into Emma`s mouth and she was swallowing his Hot Spunk and Fingering her Little Cunt at the same time.

My Daddy told me to come to him as he was finishing blowing his Hot Spunk into Emma`s Mouth and I couldn`t get to him quick enough to let him do what ever he wanted to do to me, when he put his hand between my legs and poked his finger into my cunt I told him that it made me feel very nice in my Cunt, so he told me to lay down on the grass and spread my legs apart and pull the lips of your cunt open so I can get down and lick your cunt for you.

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So I did what Daddy wanted, then I felt his big tounge licking between the lips of my Cunt, and I looked down at Daddy licking my cunt and it felt so good then he started to poke his finger into my Bum Hole and it hurt a little bit so he said to my sister to go and get some Vaseline so he can put some on my bum hole so he could put his finger further into me. But with him licking me I said Daddy this is really lovely but could you do what you do to Mummyand Daddy said what is that, you know putting your Big Cock into Mummies Cunt as she told me that is what your big cock is for, as I used to sneak into your room and hid in the cupboard when mummy was going to let you Fuck her, as she wanted me to learn how to Fuck.

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While you was fucking Mummy, mummy told me to take all my clothes off and she looked at me in the Nude, as she had taught me how to finger my Cunt. So while I watched you both Fucking I was fingering myself off. So I said to Daddy if I am a good little Girl for you will Fuck me, Yes he told me, and with that he got on top of me and I took hold of his Big Cock and started to guide the head of it in between the lips of my Cunt it started to hurt but Daddy keep poking it into me a little bit at a time, and Daddy lifted me up as he poked his Cock into me, I started to cry out in pain but Daddy told me to shut up and be his Slut and Fuck with him, which I did, then he Busted my Cunt Oh what a lovely feeling it was, then he told me he was starting cumm into my Cunt, and when I felt the hot Spunk spurting into my Cunt I started to cumm also, then I looked at my Sister Emma and she had got our pet Dog Rex, to lick her little cunt as she layed back in the Sun-Chair, and I said to Daddy it looks like you are going to have 2 Sluts to Fuck.

Then Emma said to Daddy, look Daddy, can I be your extra Slut, Yes my darling little Daughter, Daddy said, now go into the house and go Mummies cupboard, and you will find two parcels, and bring them back to me and I will show you what I want you to do with them.

Emma run inside and came back out with the parcels, so Daddy opened them up and Daddy said "we were going to give them to you both when Mummy came home but now, I think you are both ready for them"and when he showed what was in the parcel we liked what we saw as they were vibratorsso Daddy took hold of his 9yo Emma while she was standing next to him and spread her legs apart and starting to poke the vibrator up her little cunt. Daddy said " now my Darling little girl you are Daddies Slut, so sit down next to me, and I get the other Vibrator and Fuck your sister with it, then after she is nice and worked up again, she can watch me get on top of you and then watch your Daddy, Fuck you and she will hear you say I am hurting you as I push my big Cock up your Cunt, but when I take your Virgin Cunt and blew my Hot Spunk up your Cunt, she will lick it all out of your Cunt.


I was so pleased what Daddy had said, and to Please Daddy I layed back in the Sun-Chair and spread my legs and took hold of the Vibrator my Daddy had bought me, and slide the head of it in between the lips of my Cunt and started to vibrate it in and out of my Cunt, my sister said to Daddy " before you start to Fuck me Daddy, I want to show you what I want to do to my Sister as you watch her Fuck her-self " and with that she came over to me, and as I worked the Vibrator up my Cunt, my 9 year-old sister started to suck my Tits and as the Vibrator went into my Cunt she was playing with my Clit.

I looked at Daddy and he had a Hard-On and he was stroking it up and down as he was watching his Nude Little Girls putting a Lesbian Fuck session for him, then he grabbed hold of his Naked little daughter and layed her down on the grass and spread her legs right near me so I could look right up her Cunt then Daddy put his mouth right over her Cunt and I could see him sucking her cunt right into his mouth, so as I worked the Vibrator in and out my Cunt I put my hand over my Sisters Titsqueezing it and her little Nipples were nice and hard, then Daddy started to ease his Big Cock Head in between the lips of her Cunt and I was enjoying watching it going bit by bit into her Cunt, she started to Cry out in pain as it went into her Cunt and Daddy slapped her and told her to shut up and be a big Slut for her Daddy and just lay there and be Fucked by her daddy.


So I continued to watch her getting her little Cunt Fucked by her Daddies big cock, then daddy must have busted her Virgin Cunt and she liked it as she said " Oh Yes Daddy that is it Fuck MeFuck your little 9 year old Daughter, I love your Big Cock, Yes Oh Yes, look you have it right up my Cunt now be a good Daddy, and fill your little Girls Cunt with your hot Spunk".

But Daddy told her, " I told you before you little Fuck, you will just lay there in front of your sister Karin and just Fuck as you are both my Sluts and from now on, you shall both never be allowed to wear any clothes, I want you both in the Nude and when I am not Fucking you, the both of you will be taught to use the strap-on Dildo and Fuck each other in front of me ".

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Then he also said, "there is Rex our Pet Canine German Shepard, your Mother users him when I am a bit tired, we bring him into the bedroom when you are both asleep and your Mother made some Gloves for his paws, so when he wraps his paws around your Mummy as he Fucks her that he doesn`t scratch her Nude body ". Daddy continued to say "we have often gone into your rooms when you are asleep and because you both sleep in the Nude and it is too hot to have any covers over you, so then we look down on your lovely Nude bodies as you sleep we have perved on you and Mummy has often spread your legs while you have been sleeping and she would suck and lick your cunts".

I was so pleased when Daddy told us this as we loved our mummy very much and it was our mother who started us to get around without any clothes on as I was only 12 years old when I was told to take off my clothes in front of Daddy and when I did, I was nervy so Daddy came up to me and took me in his arms and cuddled me and Mummy came up also and squeezed my titties in front of Daddy, and said to him, "I think it wont be long before we make our Little Girl a Nice Little Plaything for both of us".

Then Mummy told me to feel daddies Cock, so I did and it started to get nice and hard and Mummy told me to watch her as she started to Suck it in front of me, then Daddy said it will be either you or your little sister that will be sucking this Cock of mine when your Mother is not here. So the time had finally come and it was my Little Sister Emma who got the honor of Sucking daddies Cock and swallowing his Cumm.

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Daddy continued to Fuck Emma and I was so Hot with Daddies spunk leaking out of my Cunt, so I whisled Rex our dog to come over as I layed back in the chair and spread my legs and Rex went straight to my Cunt and started to Suck it, and I looked at his Cock and it was poking out so I started to play with it and it got Bigger and hard, so I decided to Suck the Doggies Cock, after sucking it for awhile, Rex tried to mount mebut he was having trouble so I wrapped a towel around my Nude Body so his paws wouldn`t hurt me.

Then bent over so the Doggie could Mount me from behind, which he did and then I felt his Cock entering my Cunt, Ohh what a feeling that Cock going in and out of my Cunt, and if you havn`t had a Dog Fuck you just try it. Daddy was still Fucking Emma, but now she was a real Pro as she had her Legs wrapped around her Daddies Body and I was not only enjoying my Doggie Fucking me, but also watching my Little 9 year old sister getting Fucked by our Daddy.

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My little Sister was saying to Daddy, "Oh Daddy will you Fuck me more and more, as I am enjoying that Big Cock of yours Fucking my now BIG CUNT" He replied, "Emma my Darling Daughter, yes you are really a Great Fuck but you have your Mummy who will want to Fuck you with her Strap-On Dildo and when you get a taste of her Dildo you will be in her Bed more than me." Then Daddy cried out to Emma are you ready my Slut as I`m going to fill your Cunt and then you watch your sister, she will be here in a flash to Suck all of my Spunk out of your Cunt".

I watched as Daddy started to Cumm, oh what a lovely sight it was with my Little Sister with her Daddy on top of her, with his Cock in her Cunt, and then he started to cumm, at the same time I felt My Doggie cumming in my Cunny so I backed up hard so he keep his Cock in my Cunt as he filled me with that Hot Spunk of his, and when he finished I went to my Sister and rolled Daddy off her and spread her legs and went down on her Cunt licking and sucking my Daddies Cumm out of her Cunt, yes Daddies Cumm tasted lovely, but the best part was my Daddy had come up behind me and he had started to get another Hard On so as I was bending over my Sister sucking her Cunt Daddy started to poke his Cock into my Cunt and the more it went into me the harder it got, so I sucked harder on my Little Sisters as My Daddy Fucked me.

Then we all decided to go into Daddies King Size bed and there we were with lovely Nude daddy with his two Nude little Daughters on either side of him, then he told us to rub our Cunts over him, while he played with his Cock.

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What a lovely sight we were two Little Nude Girls rubbing their bodies over their Nude Daddy while he was playing with his Cock, then we took it in turns Sucking his Cock at the same time he started to finger our Cunts, then when we had nice and juicy Cunts he called Rex the Dog to cumm and Suck Emma`s Cunt, and Daddy Sucked me Off.

Then the phone started to ring and Dad answered the phone and it was Mummy, and she told Dad that Grand-Ma was well and she was cumming home, but the other good News was that she was bringing her Brother and Nephew with her, also she asked after us, and Daddy said your little Nude Girls are just what you wanted they have just become No1 Sluts, and Mummy said she couldn`t wait to get home quick enough as between her Little Sluts and her Brother, Uncle Ernie and his Son Warren who is 13 years-old the coming time they were going to stay with us was going to be Great.

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If you like let me know and there will be MORE. Ernie