Twat licked and fucked pornstar and hardcore

Twat licked and fucked pornstar and hardcore
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My name is Rebecca and it's been about six months since I moved into my new exclusive penthouse condo which comes with many perks including valet parking, a take your breath away view of the bay and the city, a fully stocked wet bar, a bedroom that equipped with a enormous round bed, entertainment centre, a luxurious bath that is equipped with two showers, a Jacuzzi, three sinks deep sweet smelling towels everywhere you turn.

On the sixty inch screen I have access to any sources I could imagine including specialty lesbian porn sites. The cherry on top of this amazing contract is a masseuse of my choice. The current masseuse is Taren and she does the most amazing things to me for a generous tip. I am a tall yet full figured woman, and I have made working out a priority in spite of my busy schedule. I have short brown hair with lighter highlights, a creamy complexion hazel eyes and shapely full lips.

My breasts are more than a handful for me and I love the fact that I can tongue flick my own nipples but only when they are stiff with arousal.

I played competitive tennis through high school and college so my legs and ass are firm, sculpted and even though I am 36 have not sagged an inch. While some greedy bank executives have been arrested and even imprisoned in recent years, I have advanced up the ladder in their wake, by espousing a policy of moderate growth and less greed. Through stock options and shrewd investments I have become insanely wealthy, but it has also been unbelievably stressful at times.

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I really need to find a way to relax more, thus the need for three evening message sessions each week with the sensual and talented Taren! My success in the banking business, has allowed me to mask my lesbian orientation. I never mix business with pleasure, as loose ends could ruin my career.

One of the reasons I took the luxury condo was to allow for more unadulterated down time, but I also wanted to live closer to my older sister and her family. Lately, after visiting my sister's home I find myself fantasizing about my two nieces: Jaden and Julie.

Both young girls are truly beautiful. Jaden is stunning and quite ripe, recently turned fourteen. She has long straight blond hair (though not natural), big brown eyes and a little button nose. She's petite, but has bloomed into a lovely shape, her hips have flared nicely, firm and round little tities, and thin waist. Julie, her older sister, who is sixteen, is also quite pretty. She's a little taller with long dark auburn hair.

Julie is a bit of a nerd and wears designer eyeglasses. I've especially had my eye on lovely young Jaden for a while now. We've always gotten along very well together. My niece and I have even occasionally engaged in various levels of sexual teasing and flirting. The girls come by their beauty honestly. My older sister Angela, I have always called her Angie, was a model in her twenties, and was much in demand.

Angie even did a very explicit spread in a lesser known porn magazine.


I still own three copies of the issue she appears in and refer to it regularly. Though she likely wouldn't confess to it now, Angie and I had incredible sex on many occasions. Each moment of these lustful incestuous fuck sessions is stored in vivid color in my memory banks, and one the final tryst just one night before her marriage to Gerald (a lawyer who has the passion of a narcoleptic turtle) was captured on a hidden camera.

I cherish that final evening and the two hour, no holds barred video never fails to bring me to a cunt crunching, cunt squirting climax. My sister has strived to raise her girls in a rather conventional way, perhaps out of fear that one of her lovely girl's would end up like me, a lesbian, who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Of course she knows that she was once like that herself, a committed bisexual woman, who once confessed that Gerald had never come close to giving her an actual orgasm. I never understood why Angie had tried to bring up her lovely, and sexy girls within the illusion of the vast pie-apple eating middle America dream.

Gerald was completely sexually repressed, and Angie wasn't the same person, she seemed almost unaware of her beauty which had deepened through the years and she wore clothes that hit every enticing curve of her body.

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I still felt my cunt go damp when she hugged me, and I pressed my body into hers. At home alone in my bed I began to consider how delicious it would be to break down Jaden's narrow barriers by introducing her to lesbian sex, with and a healthy dollop of anal intercourse.

Actually, it's all I've been thinking about lately. I'm sure Angie would be shocked if she knew about the lurid designs I have on her young sexy daughters. Then one day I was finally able to break the ice with Jaden and our relationship took on a greater closeness. We found ourselves alone on the couch while Angie went out grocery shopping and boldly asked her if she was still a virgin.


I was delighted to see her blush, and with down turned eyes, whispered, "I don't even know how to kiss, Aunt Rebecca." "Kissing is easy-peasy," I lightly placed my fingers at the back of her neck, "If you want I could show you, kissing each other is how most girls learn to kiss, didn't you know that?" "No, I…" Jaden sighed this time looking into my eyes.

I gently put my fingers under her chin, to draw her attention away from my soft full lips that were descending on hers. At first I just brushed my full lips over her soft young lips, the feeling was delicious.

Jaden closed her eyes and I kissed her for real letting my soft lips press into hers and letting her feel my lips move up and down pressing her mouth open wider. I took her plumb bottom lip between my lips and sucked on it briefly before kissing her full on and letting the tip of my tongue trace her perfect white teeth. My young niece sighed as my tongue slipped inside her mouth and flicked gently over her tongue tip.

Jaden sighed and I could feel her hot breath enter my mouth. Damn, we both heard Angie bump shopping bags against the front door. Jaden bolded up straight her yes growing wide. "Oh, oh thank you Aunt Rebecca!" leaping to her feet and running to her room before her mother even entered the house.

I helped Angie put away the groceries, making small talk. Angie was wearing a tight, short summer skirt with a nearly see-through top h=that gave me the thrill of being able to see her lacy bra. "Hey, I had a chat with Jaden, I can't believe how fast she is growing up…and filling out.

I mean this is none of my business but Jaden brought up the "s" word. Angie I think you are going to have to fill her in on her a few more details, she seems a little vague about things." Angie stopped, and gave her sister a serious look, "You're the last person I want talking to Jaden about sex, you have no sense of boundaries, everything is okay, as long as it feels good. Don't worry I will talk to Jaden, I mean she doesn't even to be serious about that sort of thing, she's only fourteen for god's sake." I gave Angie a wicked smile, "Do you remember what you taught me when I was Jaden's age?

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You didn't think I was too young to learn about sex." Angie, glanced over her shoulder to the kitchen doorway, "Rebecca, I would prefer you not talk bring that up in my house. That was a long time ago, and our mother was an alcoholic, she wasn't around to teach us another way.


I don't want my girls to have to go through that." "Hey, Angie, I'm fine, it just seemed that Jaden was curious that's all. Like I said, she is your daughter, it's none of my business." "Are you going to stay for supper, it's just me and the girl's, Gerald… has to work…late." Angie was taking a carton of eggs from one of the bags and it slipped out of her hand and fell, smashing on the floor.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck!" hissed, Angie, then she broke down crying. "Hey, hey sis, it's only eggs. I can run out and get another dozen." Angie through her arms around my neck and buried her weeping face in my neck.

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"Oh Rebecca, Gerald is cheating on me…he's fucking one of the office bunnies at his law firm. I threw him out this morning…please stay and help me tell the girls." I put my arms around my sister's warm, luscious body, the feeling of her next to me, even under these circumstances, made me tremble.

"Of course I will Angie, anything, you know I would do anything for you," I said rubbing her back and feeling her breasts nudging into mine. I felt my sister's body stiffen with anger as she said through closed teeth, "The skinny-sassed bitch is twenty, fucking twenty, four years older than Julie, can you imagine!" I didn't want to imagine Gerald mistress I was too busy enjoying the feeling of my sister and former lover pulling me closer to her, pressing her large breasts into mine.

Without warning, Angie lifted her head and with tears streaming down her face she took my face in her hands and pressed her lips to mine, immediately pressing her thrashing tongue into my mouth. I moaned with shock and pleasure to feel Angie kissing me this way again.

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One of her hands moved down to my chest harshly squeezing my boob through my top and bra before darting under my summer dress and plunging into my panties…just as her lovely finger entered my pussy, Angie's whole body went slack and she slumped to the floor at my feet.

"I am so sorry, " Angie, whimpered, gasping for breath.

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"That-was-not-me Rebecca, please forgive me," she her face was contorted with pain as I got to my knees and kissed her forehead. "Listen to me, Angie," I said stroking her hair, "We're going to get the most rabid divorce lawyer in the city and you are going to rip Gerald a new one. He will be paying you big time right rough that new asshole so don't you worry about anything." I brought her face to my chest again, her hot felt so good next to my hard nipples.

"Now you go upstairs and have a long shower and I will order in dinner, and then after we've eaten we will tell the girls together.

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Okay?" Angie, nodded and I lead her to her bedroom, and kissed her lightly on the lips before she went in. My whole body was tingling having just kissed my sister and lovely young daughter in the space of an hour. Now, with Gerald the interminable asshole out of the way, things were going to get very interesting