Small boy fucking fat man gay porn and men ramp walk first time Slim

Small boy fucking fat man gay porn and men ramp walk first time Slim
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Practically Invisible "Megen!" I called. "I need you to take out the trash!" In the other room, Megen grunted and did as I said, though she barely acknowledged my presence in doing so. I sighed. Such was my relationship with my 16 year old granddaughter. She and her parents and brother were living at my house for the time being, until they could find a place of their own, and they'd been here for several months.

Her father, my son, had gotten a job in my town but hadn't been able to find a suitable apartment for Megen and himself to live in. I didn't mind. My house was large and I could use the company. Since my wife had died two years ago, I just didn't want to be alone. I was 62, and was a physics professor at the local university. I had been saving my money for years, as well as doing odd jobs and publishing the occasional book, so I had a very large nest egg.

My son and his wife were both grateful to me for housing them until they could find them a place to live, but Megen rarely acknowledged my existence. She had gotten it into her head that I was simply not cool, and refused to talk to me because of it.

She was spoiled by her parents, and I refused to do so, which just added to the silent treatment. I was practically invisible to her. She never said a word to me. I loved her, though, because she was really a nice girl at heart. Sometimes I was quite glad Megen didn't notice me, because it gave me ample opportunity to admire her luscious body, though never where my son, Aaron, could see me.

She was one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen in my entire existence. She had a gorgeous face with piercing blue eyes, wavy blond hair, and a perfect smile. Her body, though, was what was truly amazing. Her breasts were firmer than anything I'd thought existed. They were a respectable 36C, and they seemed to defy gravity, even without a bra, which she rarely wore anyway, as evidenced by the points always showing through her thin tanktops and t-shirts (I keep my house a bit on the chilly side, and her nipples always get hard).

She didn't have an ounce of extra fat on her body, due to her liberal usage of my treadmill and other exercise equipment. She had a perfectly flat tummy (which I totally adored) and a navel piercing (which I also adored), and she loved to sunbathe in her bikini, giving me ample view of her delectable body. She had legs that went on for miles, and she always showed them off by wearing the shortest shorts that looked too tight to be possible.

The shorts managed to make her look insanely hot, but not slutty, something that most girls have problems with nowadays. Megen's hips were full and womanly, but still managed to be slender and curvy.

The thing that really convinced me that she is the hottest girl on the planet, though, is her ass. It is simply amazing. It could be called a bubble-butt, I guess, but it was so much more perfect than that. I think her mother was Portuguese, at least partly, and Portuguese women have the most amazing asses in the world. Though Katie (my son's wife) certainly had an amazing ass, Megen's took the cake.

It was on the large side, and oh-so round. It had that heart shape that asses should have, and she had the dimples above her ass that seemed to scream "This ass is amazing!" She didn't have that crease where her thigh ends and her ass begins like most women have.

Megen's ass was just… perfect. It made my mouth water, and the shorts she wore that hugged her ass like a second skin certainly didn't help. I was always making excuses to brush against her ass: I walked a little too close when passing her in the hall and brushed her ass as she passed. I "accidentally" floated into her in the pool, grabbing a squeeze in the floundering that followed.

I did anything I could to feel that ass. Anyway, my invisibility in her eyes was really put to good use one summer evening as I came home from the university early. I'd cancelled classes because it had started to rain. My son was home, but he and his wife were passed out in their bed, in their room downstairs, after a long day.

My grandson, Jeremy, was playing games in his room downstairs. He was 18 and was starting college soon. I walked upstairs and past Megen's room on the way to my own, and I heard some moaning and panting coming from her room. I knew what was going on, since there were no unfamiliar cars on the block: Megen was masturbating. I started to get hard at the thought, but, as I was her grandfather, I was going to give her some privacy and run along to my room.

I swear I was going to leave, but once I saw the crack in the door, it was too late. I opened the door a little further and saw a sight that almost stopped my heart. She was completely naked, lying on her bed in the doggy style position, her delectable ass in the air. She was sliding a medium-sized black dildo into her pretty little cunt, and it was making light sucking noises as it went in and came out.

I could see she was completely shaved. The way her bed was faced made it so I could see a direct view of her cunt and her ass, but she couldn't see me. Her pink little rosebud was winking at me, and I wanted to kiss it. I stood there, watching her slide her dildo into her pussy, and my cock got hard as steel.

Erectile dysfunction had never really struck me, and I had no problem getting hard in a millisecond. I pulled out my cock and began rubbing it, not trying to cum, but wanting to enjoy the stimulation. The sight before me was truly amazing. Her ass looked even better than I'd thought it would, sticking up in the air like that.

I was tempted to take over the dildo duty, but I wanted to watch for a while longer. She didn't seem to be very close to orgasm, so it seemed I'd have a while to enjoy the view. How lucky can an old geezer get?


I thought to myself as she started rubbing her clit. I could see her amazing tits from between her legs, and she still had no idea I was there. I was merely going to enjoy the view and jerk off, I swear, but, when she started moaning, I basically snapped. I dropped my pants and removed my shirt. I was proud of my body. It was toned for an old guy. I used my home gym even more than Megen did. I approached her bed, enjoying the risk of getting caught. Her asshole was beautiful, clenching in time with the thrusts of the dildo, and her pussy was dripping.

It was making the sexiest squelching noises as her pussy juices lubricated the dildo. I was tempted to pull the dildo out and go down on her, but decided against it. I'd rather punish her for not even acknowledging my presence, for pretending I don't exist. I pulled my hand back for a spank, but a better idea occurred to me. I slowly climbed up on the bed behind her, and she was still facing away from me, her eyes closed, hand thrusting.

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Moving quickly, I placed my hand on her neck, holding her down. She squeaked and struggled, but I made a sound to quiet her, and she got the message not to scream. She quit struggling soon, as she realized I wasn't going to let her go and she wasn't going anywhere. I plucked a scarf from the ground and tied it around her eyes, a perfect blindfold. She'd left the dildo inside her pussy, and it looked so good there I didn't want to take it out. Her ass was still in the air, looking as delicious as ever.

I squeezed it with my free hand, and it felt like heaven. I'd been with a lot of women in my years, but none had ever been as perfect as my own granddaughter. I slid a finger into her ass, and she moaned lightly. I took my time, sliding more fingers in as she adjusted. She kept moaning.

I took my fingers out of her asshole and watched it close. I licked it a few times, and she moaned yet again. I figured this was a new feeling for her. Very few people were willing to lick a girl's butthole. I shoved my tongue as far into her ass as it would go. She was ready to be fucked. I pulled the dildo out of her cunt and slid my cock into her in one swift movement.

Her pussy felt like velvet heaven, but it wasn't what I was after. I stroked into her a few times, getting my cock lubed up, before I pulled out. She let out a moan of annoyance when I pulled out. Jeez, this girl was a slut. She was being raped by her own grandfather, and she loved it. Though, admittedly, she didn't know it was me. Surprisingly, I felt no guilt for doing this to her. I was feeling too much pleasure to feel anything else.

I slid the dildo back into her hot cunt, and she grunted at the forceful intrusion. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass, and pushed. The head popped inside audibly, and she groaned at the penetration of her perfect ass. I slid inside forcefully, barely giving her any time to adjust. Within a minute, I was balls deep in her ass. Inside my granddaughter's ass… The thought was nearly enough to make me blow my load right then and there, but I held back.

I began stroking in and out, and she started moaning in pleasure as my 8" slab of meat glided in and out of her ass. "Oh, god, YES!" She moaned into her pillow. My hand was still holding her in place, so she couldn't see my face. I pulled my hand off her and made my voice rough, "Stay there." Surprisingly, she did. I used my newly freed hand to roam her body and squeeze her ass cheeks and perfect tits.

As I stroked into her ass, she started fucking herself with the dildo. I started slapping her ass, and she moaned louder and fucked herself harder. She came, and again a minute later. I could feel my orgasm approaching as I hammered her asshole. She was moaning louder and I could feel her ass clench as she came again. My balls tightened and stopped swinging so much, no longer hitting her pussy. I continued fucking her for as long as possible before I started to cum.

I stroked twice more before sliding into her as far as I could go and letting loose. She screamed as she came again, harder than ever, squirting her girl juice out on the bed. I fired five ropes of cum into her hot ass before pulling out and giving her ass a nice glaze. I'd never cum so hard. I gave her ass one final squeeze, rubbing my jizz into her perfect, tan skin. I got off her bed and went to her head.

I pulled off her blindfold, but kept her head down. I fed her my cock, and she moaned as she dutifully cleaned it. She seemed to love the taste, and hadn't hesitated to suck my dirty cock into her mouth. I was probably not the first to fuck her ass and demand a blowjob. After she had cleaned my cock, sucking out the excess cum and keeping her eyes down, I shoved her down on the bed again and fingered her ass one more time.

I walked out of the room, grabbing my clothes on the way. I closed the door to just a crack and watched from there. She collapsed on her bed, panting. When she caught her breath she said, still facing her pillow, "Oh, god, that was amazing.

I've never cum like that before. A lot of guys have fucked my ass, but none have completely taken it like that, and none have ever lasted longer than a minute.

Thank you." She looked up at where I'd been before, and her face fell, not seeing me there. "Who are you?" She called out to nobody.

I left, completely satisfied and not at all worried. She'd never suspect it was me who had fucked her; I barely existed to her. Chapter 2 "Oh, my, GOD! Really? Who was he?" Squealed the girl on the other end of the line. I had long ago put high-tech cameras throughout my house, with high-quality microphones, and I was watching my granddaughter talk to her friend about what had happened, on speakerphone.

She wasn't mad at all. "God, Kaitlin. I have no idea who he was. I'm pretty sure it was… No I shouldn't tell you. It's wrong!" "Tell me! I won't judge!" Kaitlin said. "It had to have been my brother or my dad. My grandpa's alarm system didn't go off, so nobody could have broken in, and they are the only two men in the house." I flinched. She didn't even consider me a man. That stung. "Wow… That's so hot! I hope it was your brother. He's sooo cute!" Kaitlin exclaimed, ever the bubbly one.

She was Megen's best friend from her old city, which was only a half-hour drive from here. "But, what about your grandfather? He's a man, isn't he?" I smiled, glad someone had come to my defense. "Barely. I doubt he'd be able to get it up. He's so old. He's older than 60. I think that's when a guy's cock stops working." That really stung.

"I don't know girl. With an ass like yours, the dead would get a hard-on. Besides, I think your grandfather's kinda sexy, for an older guy." They giggled like the little girls they were. "So your mystery guy only fucked your ass?" "Well, he fucked my pussy for a second or two, but that was just to get it lubed up for my ass. God, it was like he was possessed, the way he went after my ass.

He even licked my butthole!" "Ooh, that's so dirty! So, who do you think it was, your brother or your dad?" Kaitlin said from the other end of the line. "Hmmm." Megen purred. "I hope it was my daddy. He's so sexy… I've been looking for an way to fuck him, but he's always been so in love with my mom.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them, but I want his cock!" They giggled again. "God, I'd screw your dad all day… I wish my dad were that hot. I'm such a whore! So, what're you gonna do about it?" "I think I'll play it cool.

I'll see if he blushes or anything when I talk to him. Hmmm. Maybe if I rub against him, he'll get a hard-on. That's pretty good proof, right?" "I don't know, girl. You turn me on, and I'm 100% straight. I don't think any guy will be able to not get a boner around you.

It's not very good proof." "Alright. So, if I casually mention what happened today, and he blushes and pretends not to know anything, that's good proof. Right? "Right! Oh, and if you can manage to see his cock naked, you can compare it to the cock that fucked your ass.

You said you sucked it off afterwards, right? Hmmm. That is one of my favorite things to do. After a cock has been in my ass and is covered in cum, it tastes sooo good." "Yeah, and his cum tasted better than any other guy I've had before. God, I want him again!" Her insatiable sexual drive reminded me of Katie, Megen's mother and Aaron's wife. Katie had grown up in our neighborhood, and she and Aaron had been inseparable since elementary school.

I'd introduced Katie to sex at the age of 12 with the help of my wife, grooming her to be a good wife for my son. We'd always known that they'd get married, so we made sure she could please my son.

I'd fucked Katie's pussy and ass a thousand times, and she'd given me as many blowjobs, and eaten out my wife too many times to count. We made sure she was the perfect wife, at least in bed.

I still had occasional "tests" to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything we'd taught her. Aaron, of course, knew nothing of this. She'd always been horny, even after cumming a dozen times. She was totally insatiable, even after my wife and I had her fuck seven guys when she was 14. That was the only gangbang we'd had her do, and we'd only done it to see if she could handle it, just in case Aaron ever wanted to share her. She'd asked for more. That, however, is a story for another time.

Now, it seemed, Megen was just as insatiable as her mother had been. Even now, just an hour after she'd cum so hard, she was playing with herself. She was lying on her stomach on her bed, completely naked, scooping up the cum that oozed from her asshole and licking it from her fingers.

It was so hot, especially since it was my cum. She rolled onto her back, and for the first time, I got a good look at her tits. They were just as phenomenal as they looked in her tiny bikinis. There were no tan lines, so I assumed she sunbathed nude when nobody was around.

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"So, even if it's not your dad that fucked you, are you gonna fuck him?" Kaitlin asked. "Of course! This is just the excuse I needed to jump him." Megen said, grinning. "You gotta share sometime.

If you get him to fuck you, I'm coming down there to join you." There were little moans coming from the other end of the line. "It's a deal. Hey, Kaitlin, are you masturbating, you naughty girl?" Megen smiled, and slid her hand to her own pussy.

"It's not my fault. Your story made me so horny, and talking about fucking your dad just made it worse. I gotta cum!" Megen smiled, "Well, then, let me hear you cum, baby. I'll join you!" She rubbed her clit and pushed two fingers into her quivering pussy. She grabbed her dildo and shoved it into her ass. There were two simultaneous moans from Megen and Kaitlin, and I could just imagine Kaitlin fucking herself.

Kaitlin was a sexy little thing, with an athletic body that made my mouth water. She had a tight little ass and fiery red hair, and she was always very passionate. She'd kissed me once, right on the lips, because I'd told her how beautiful she looked in her prom dress, when she had come over to go dress shopping with Megen. They were modeling the dresses for Jeremy and Aaron.

I'd come into the room and seen her in a beautiful red dress that displayed her body wonderfully. It had been a simple comment, but she'd turned and kissed me dead on the lips while Megen rolled her eyes and Aaron and Jeremy whooped like high school kids. I'd dreamt about that kiss for weeks. Now, the thought of that sexy little firecracker masturbating, and the moans that I could hear from her, had me as hard as a rock, even though I'd cum not an hour earlier.

I slowly stroked myself, listening to their moans. They were quickly nearing an orgasm, but I wasn't ready yet. Megen's back arched as she fingered herself and slid the dildo in and out of her ass. She began to cum hard, squirting her juices across the bed. There were high pitched moans coming from the phone, too, and I assumed Kaitlin was cumming.

I was still stroking myself, but I wasn't going to cum. It would take me a lot longer, and these girls were obviously done. Megen took the dildo from her ass and sucked it clean, moaning as she did so. "God, that was amazing, baby." Megen said into the phone. "Oh, yeah. God, I haven't cum that hard since I fucked that geezer at the old folk's home. I don't know why you dislike your grandfather so much. Old guys are hot. And they're really good at sex." Megen laughed, "Kaitlin, you're such a whore.

You'll fuck anyone." "But that's why you love me. 'Cause I fuck you when you can't find anyone else. Though, how you would ever have a shortage of cocks is beyond me." Wow.

The thought of these two girls together was so hot. "Yeah. Well, I gotta go. I'm gonna go find my daddy and see if he's been in my ass recently." She giggled. "Okay, Megen. See you later, you sexy bitch." There was a beep as she hung up.

Megen smiled to herself as she got dressed in a tight tank top and a tiny pair of shorts. I put my cock away and let it deflate. I didn't cum and I'd have blue balls later, but I didn't want to cum unless it was inside Megen again, or at least while masturbating to her.

I continued watching Megen on my laptop monitor. I followed her through the house as she looked for her father. He was seated on the couch watching TV. Katie was asleep in bed.

I checked the camera in her room, and saw she was naked under the covers. I was tempted to go screw her, but resisted, wanting to know what happened with Aaron and Megen. Megen sauntered into the room and plopped down on the couch, practically in her father's lap. "Hey, baby, how's it going?" Aaron asked. "Kinda weird, daddy. I took a nap and I had the strangest dream." "What was it about?" "Well, it was kinda… Sexual…" Aaron nodded.

Our entire family was pretty open. People spoke their minds. "It had you in it…" "Ah. That kind of dream. It's okay, baby, I understand. Do you want to talk about it? What happened in your dream?" Aaron asked, pulling his daughter closer to him, into the spoons position. He hugged her close, showing her he didn't care that she'd dreamt about him. "Well, I was in my room, enjoying myself…" "You mean… Masturbating?" "Yeah.

It was going well, too. I had my dildo in my pussy, and my ass was in the air. I was really getting into it, too. My dildo kept making this squelching noise as it slid between my pussy lips. My juices had it nice and wet. And, all of a sudden, this hand holds me down. I don't scream, though, because it can't be a burglar, because the alarm system would've gone off.

So I know it has to be you or Jeremy. He blindfolds me and licks my asshole. And then, there's a cock being shoved up my ass, and I'm cumming and cumming and cumming. The guy cums in my ass, has me suck his dick for a bit, then he removes my blindfold and I look up at him. And it's you, daddy. You took my asshole, and I loved it.

When I saw your face in my dream, I came again without even touching myself. I squirted all over the carpet." Damn, she told a good story. Aaron's hands drifted to her ass, rubbing it gently. "Hmmm. So, I took this ass?" She nodded, "Yes, daddy.

You took it and you fucked it hard. It felt so nice." "Are you sure it was me? This ass doesn't feel familiar. And I know I've never seen it before." "Well, it was a dream, daddy.

You never took it in real life. Maybe you could better picture it if I was in the position I was in the dream." She hopped off the couch and took off her tank top, ever so slowly.

She threw it aside and got to work on her tight shorts. She turned her back to Aaron and slowly peeled them down and off her body, staying bent over a little longer than necessary. She got down on her hands and knees in the position she'd been in when I'd fucked her, her perfect ass in the air.

"So, I was like this, daddy. Are you sure it doesn't look familiar? 'Cause I was almost sure it was real. God, it felt so good to be man-handled like that." She wiggled her ass at him. He leaned down and caressed her ass, sliding a finger in her asshole.

His finger came away with cum on it. "Well, this certainly wasn't a dream, but this isn't my cum. Open." She opened her mouth and he slid his fingers in, sucking them gently, cleaning them of my cum. He smiled, "It appears your brother is the one that took you. It almost certainly wasn't my dad. He wouldn't have the nerve for this. It's why he never gets laid. In fact, I think I lost my virginity before he did. If you want, I can fuck you, too, just so you know for sure that it wasn't me that took you when you were masturbating.

Our cocks are probably very different." "Are you asking me, daddy, if you can fuck me?" She asked, wiggling her ass again. Aaron and I both groaned at the same time. "I would do no such thing. I merely want to easy my daughter's worries that I already fucked her.

I can only prove my innocence by illustrating the differences in my method of fucking as opposed to your brother. For instance, I'll probably last longer." He was already fingering her ass again, while pretending not to want to fuck her.

He was saying he only wanted to fuck her to prove his innocence. "I guess that makes sense. And, I won't believe you until I feel it for myself. Go ahead, daddy. Present your case." She grinned. He was already thrusting his cock against her ass, though he was wearing shorts. He stood up and took off his shirt. While he wasn't overweight, his body was very different from mine. He was just skinny, not muscular like me. It was very clear he wasn't the same person. And, when he dropped his pants, his dick was much different.

It was wider than mine, but shorter by an inch and a half. "Hmmm. That isn't the cock that fucked me before. But, I still need more evidence." He was hard as a rock as he pushed his cock against her sphincter. It was odd watching my own son fuck his daughter, even though I'd fucked her an hour or so ago. His cock penetrated her asshole with a pop.


She moaned loudly. He started fucking her, and she moaned happily. She looked like she was nearing orgasm quickly. "Harder, daddy. Present your evidence harder!" She was still pretending he was just trying to prove his innocence instead of butt-fucking his daughter.

He grabbed her hips and used them to pump harder. "Oh, god, baby. I'm gonna cum!" He said, and pumped her harder. Already? "Wait, daddy. I'm close. Let's cum together!" But it was too late. He came inside her ass, and it lasted only a couple shots, not long enough for her to cum.

"Aw, daddy. Well, thank you for that anyway." Megen spun around and sucked his cock clean. He groaned. "Sorry baby. You have the most amazing ass ever. I just couldn't hold out." "It's okay, daddy. I got a nice load of cum out of it, and I've always wanted to fuck you, just to see what it was like." She went to kiss him, but he didn't want to kiss her after she'd sucked his cock. Pansy. Her face fell in disappointment.

"Well, I'm going to go crash. It's been a long, though fun, day. I'll see you tomorrow, daddy." She kissed him on the cheek and bent down to get her clothes. There was no pause this time, she just bent over and grabbed her clothes and flounced up the stairs. She didn't wiggle her ass for him or anything. He didn't notice her dissatisfaction. It seems that, while I'd taught Katie how to fuck like a pro, nobody had ever taught Aaron. Disappointing. My son was the stereotypical guy: take what you want, give nothing back.

Ugh. I continued to watch on my laptop as Megen went to the bathroom and cleaned herself out. "Well, that was lame." She said to herself as she cleaned the cum out of her asshole. There was no licking the cum, she just washed it all away in the shower. She dressed again and went to visit her brother. Chapter 3 She knocked on Jeremy's door, but he didn't hear her, because he was playing his Rob Zombie music too loud.

She opened the door and he looked up from his game. "I knocked!" She called over the music. He paused his stereo, and looked her up and down very unsubtly. "Hey, sis. What brings you to my humble abode?" He asked, trying to sound cool, and failing.

She actually told the truth on this one, no bullshit about it being a dream. "Well, I was masturbating in my room with my dildo, and I thought I'd closed my door, but I guess I didn't. Did you happen to see anything?" "No. I wish I had, but I didn't." He said adamantly. He was a little red because his sister was being so forward. "Are you sure? I had my ass in the air, and I was thrusting my dildo into my cunt.

Are you sure you didn't see anything? 'Cause someone did." He squirmed, trying to hide a hard-on. "How do you know someone saw you?" "Well, someone came into my room, held me down, and fucked my ass. Admittedly, that makes it sound like rape. It wasn't. I must have cum a dozen times before whoever it was came inside my ass and had me suck his dick.

I never saw his face. So, are you sure you didn't have anything to do with that?" She pulled the same thing she had with Aaron. She peeled off her clothes and stuck her ass in the air. "Did you see me like this and just insist on fucking my little asshole?

Did you fuck your sister's asshole? Did you squeeze these tits while you fucked me from behind? Was it your cock I felt inside me earlier? Because I know it wasn't dad's." He was starting to catch on. He could admit to it, and she might leave, or he could play along and get to fuck her.

"I don't know, sis. Was this the cock you saw?" He dropped his pants and exposed a decent sized 7" dick. "Hmmm. Maybe. I may have to feel it to know for sure." She wiggled her ass enticingly. This fucking was even shorter than the last one. It wasn't even a fucking. He placed his cock at the entrance to her ass and rubbed it against her cheeks a couple times. He started firing before he even got in.

She sighed and went down on him, swallowing his load. There was a little cum on her ass, and it looked so hot there. Her shapely ass looked phenomenal facing the camera as she went down on her brother. His hands were folded behind his head in pleasure.

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Another pig, never reciprocating. She groaned in frustration. "That was definitely not the cock that fucked me earlier. UGH!" She stormed out of the room, forgetting her clothes. He picked up her shorts and started sniffing them. She stormed back into the room, snatched her shorts and tank top from his hands and stormed right back out. She was in her room, fully dressed, talking to herself. "Great. So I have no idea who fucked me. I was raped! Why did I have to fuck dad?

Now I don't have a sample to give to the police. What do I do?" She eventually called Kaitlin and put her on speakerphone again. She explained the situation. Kaitlin thought about it for a second. "Well, isn't it obvious? Your sexy grandfather is the culprit. It fits.

He's a manly man, he would wanna hold you down and fuck you. He's always staring at your ass, or mine, so we know he loves ass. And, since no alarm went off, it must have been someone inside the house. It wasn't your dad, and it wasn't Jeremy. It was your grandfather. He's your sex god." There was giggling. "Ew… He's so old. How could I let him fuck me?" "I don't see what your problem is.

He's sexy. I'd jump him any time he wanted. Go talk to him. Ask him flat out if he fucked your ass. He's the kind of guy who would tell you to your face. So, go ask him!" She hung up.

Chapter 4 I was waiting in my room, pretending to be writing a bit for my new book, when she came in. She didn't come in quietly and ask, and she certainly didn't plop down on my lap like she'd done with her dad. She stormed into my room and looked me dead in the eyes, furious.

"Ah, so Megen is acknowledging my existence now. How nice." I rested my elbows on my knees and my chin on my folded hands. "Grandpa John, I need you to answer this truthfully," she said, voice shaking, as she was so furious. "Did you come in my room earlier today and fuck me in the ass?" "So blunt. I like that. Well, yes, I did. I wanted you to finally show me some emotion. You barely seem to notice I exist.

I'm practically invisible to you. So, yes, I fucked you. And you loved it." "I DID NOT!" She screamed. "So you didn't love it when I held you down and licked your ass? You didn't love it when I fingered your asshole?

You didn't enjoy it when I blindfolded you and took your ass, as though it belonged to me, without asking you? Or when I made you suck my filthy cock clean? You didn't love it?" "NO!" Her legs were shaking.

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"Then why is there pussy juice trickling down your leg? Why do your nipples get even harder every time I mention fucking your beautiful, sexy ass?" She shook her head, refusing to believe that she was immensely aroused. "No…" she muttered, refusing to look at me. I stood up and closed the distance between us. I pressed my hard body against her soft one.

My hands reached around to cup her ass cheeks. "This is mine now. You are not to fuck your father ever again, and you will certainly never fuck your brother." She looked up at me in alarm, "How do you know about that?" "You make a lot of noise." I lied, not ready to give up my cameras.

I squeezed her ass again. "Do you understand? You are mine, and mine alone. I will do with you as I wish. If you fuck another person, it will only be because I will it. Do you understand?" She nodded demurely. I smiled, satisfied. "Good. Now take off your clothes." She did so, obediently. She was a true submissive, like her mother, and I was not about to abuse her like many people with dominant personalities did.

I would use her to satisfy my needs, but I would satisfy hers first. She stood before me, hands clasped behind her back, tits thrust out, letting me drink in the sight of her naked body. "God, you're beautiful," I muttered, entranced. This was the first time I'd seen a good view of her naked body. Her tits didn't sag even a little; her stomach was nice and flat, and the navel piercing looked delicious.

Her hips were so full and womanly, and her little mound looked adorable, shaven as it was. I pressed her body into mine again, taking her in my arms. I leaned down and kissed her, and she moaned into my mouth. I gently caressed her stomach as we kissed, unable to decide whether to play with her tits or cunt.

I eventually slid my hand up to her tits and gently twisted and pulled her nipples. She was totally submissive, letting me do as I wished. My other hand, the one that has holding her body to mine, slid down to her amazing ass, squeezing and cupping, caressing and fingering.

I broke the kiss off and looked at her. She looked positively ravenous, staring at me with desire. "It seems I don't repulse you so much anymore." "Oh, God, no.

I see what my friend was talking about when she said you were hot… God. And the fact that you're old and my grandfather just makes it so… wrong. It makes me want you more." She smiled and reached for my shirt, pulling it over my head. My shorts soon followed. I wore no boxers. "It also helps that you have the most amazing cock I've ever seen.

You fucked me for what felt like forever with this beast. I've never really had a guy with staying power. I've always had to masturbate after a guy cums in my cunt or ass." She began stroking my cock, delighting in the act, "Hmmm.

And the way you manhandled me just made things so much better. Do it again, Grandpa. Take me again," she pleaded. I grinned, loving her submission. She looked up at me with her baby blues, giving me the puppy dog eyes, as if I needed convincing. "I'm going to fuck your cunt this time. Turn around and bend over the bed." She turned around, and I was stunned yet again by the beauty of her ass.

Megen bent over the bed, and her ass cheeks spread delightfully. Her pussy was dripping on the carpet. It looked delicious. I got on my knees and began eating her out. Her pussy tasted sweet and slightly tangy. She moaned at my oral ministrations, "Ooh. Nobody ever goes down on me. They only ever want to fuck me." I continued eating her, flicking her clit with my tongue. I moved up to her asshole, licking it with vigor. She moaned even louder than when I'd licked her pussy.

"Hmmm. That is a new one. Nobody has ever licked my dirty little ass. It's sooo hot. You really don't mind that my daddy was in there earlier?" I pulled my face away, watching her butthole clench rhythmically, "Not really.

You took a shower. I heard the water running after you fucked your dad. You probably washed out his cum." I actually knew she had, but I probably would've eaten her ass anyway. It was that perfect. "Hmmm. Yeah I did. But I also washed out yours, which sucked. You'll just have to give me a refill." She giggled. "You know, I actually blew a guy behind the counter in a fast food restaurant because I wanted a refill for my drink.

I was also feeling exceptionally slutty." I groaned at her story. It turned me on immensely. "Did you fuck him?" I asked before diving back into her ass, shoving my tongue up her ass. "Hmmm, God, that's good. No. I didn't. I didn't like how salty his cum was." She wiggled her ass and gyrated her hips against my tongue. I went back to licking her cunt and flicking her clit with my tongue. "Tell me about the sluttiest thing you've ever done.

Have you had a gangbang?" "No. I don't like guys lining up, expecting a turn. I only fuck guys if they deserve it." She giggled as I tried to shove a finger in her ass, but it was just too tight. I pushed harder and it popped in. "Let's see. The sluttiest thing I've ever done was, oh God, hang on. Fuck meee!" she moaned as she came hard, with my tongue in her pussy and my finger in her ass.

She squirted lightly. "Goddamn that was good. Okay, my sluttiest moment was probably one day when I stopped went into this quaint little antique shop and was going to buy a necklace, but didn't have the money for it.

It was run by this sexy 40 year old guy and his hot 30-something wife. I didn't have the money for the necklace, but his wife wasn't around, so I asked him to fuck me for it.

If he came first, I got the necklace. If I came first, he could keep it. So we went in the back room, and he had my clothes off in a minute. Ooh, fuck." I had started sliding more fingers into her ass, and I grabbed a dildo from my nightstand (I'd put it there when I'd seen her coming upstairs to confront me) and slid the dildo into her cunt, pumping rapidly.

"So, what happened next?" "Well, he said that his wife never let him fuck her ass, and, since my ass is so hot, he asked to fuck that. I said yes and got him undressed. I bent over a desk, expecting him to play with me for a while, and he plowed my asshole. There was no warning, to foreplay, and it hurt quite a bit.

But, the abruptness was so hot. I was being such a slut. He fucked and fucked me, and it was so hot. We were in a back room, but we were in view of half the shop.

There was nobody in the shop, but still, it was hot. Oh, shit, FUCK!" She screamed and came yet again as I shoved another dildo into her asshole. "So what was next?" "I started talking to him, saying things like 'Do you like fucking my ass?', and he really started fucking me. When I talked about how I was only 15, he really got going.

I think he was a pedophile. Whatever. Little girls need loving, too. He started cumming inside my ass just as I started cumming. Just as we finished, his wife walks in and gasps, staring at his cock buried to the hilt in my ass. Now, I'm normally not into pussy, but she was a total babe, so I grabbed her.

I introduced myself as I tore her clothes off. I went down on her and convinced her to let her husband take her ass, because she had an amazing one, and I think anal sex is the best thing ever. I had to make her cum seven times before she'd agree to it, though. Her husband fucked her ass while she ate me out. When he came inside her, I sucked his cock and ate the cum out of her ass.

She was delicious. That was all that happened." "Did anyone see you?" She blushed profusely when I asked that. "Tell me. Now." I ordered, thrusting hard with the dildo in her ass, to emphasize my point.

"Okay, okay. There was a little girl, maybe 11 or 12, and she walked in while we were cleaning each other up. She asked what we were doing, and why we were naked. Surprisingly, it was the man's wife that spoke up. She told the girl that we were just having fun, and it was a grown up thing. She then asked the girl if she wanted to be a grown up. The girl nodded enthusiastically. She came into the back room and closed the door. I guess the woman knew her husband liked little girls, or something.

So the woman undressed the little girl, kissing all over her body. Her husband was as hard as a rock, and I stroked him. We got the girl undressed, and she was the cutest little thing I've ever seen. She had no tits yet, but her pussy was sooo smooth, smoother than I can get mine.

She had a tight little ass, and an adorable face." By now, I was just listening to her story, too distracted by it to keep fucking Megen with the dildos. By now, she'd cum several times.

"Her pussy was so beautiful, and the man's wife and I both went down on her, making her cum once each. The woman played with her ass a little, too. She was squirming and giggling, and, when she came, she came hard." "Oh my god!" My cock was harder than steel. "What happened next?" "The woman asked the little girl, after her second orgasm, if she wanted to be a woman now.

The girl nodded, and the woman gestured to her husband. He came over and slid his cock right into her pretty little pussy. She was so wet she didn't feel any pain. She didn't bleed either. The man fucked her until she came, and then he flipped her over and started squeezing her cute little ass, lubing it up with her pussy juices. Grandpa, he fucked her ass, too! He was gentle, but he still fucked a little girl up the ass.

It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. She never even complained once. She even came once!" "Did he cum in her ass?" I asked, turned on beyond belief.

"No. Right at the last second, he pulled out of her ass and thrust back into her pussy. I think she was too young to get pregnant, but it was so hot to see him jerking as he came deep inside her little cunt. After that, I left, with a new necklace." She grinned at me, gesturing to the butterfly pendant resting between her tits.

She'd moved to a cross legged position on the bed and I was staring at her cunt. "God, I haven't fucked a little girl for so long." "Really? Who did you fuck?" I grinned, "Your mother." Megen's eyes widened. "I actually took her virginity. I was training her to be a good wife for your dad. I fucked her a thousand times in every hole. Your grandmother helped.

I still fuck Katie every once in a while. Though, it's been more often since you guys moved in. I can't keep my hands off of her, and she never complains." It was Megen's turn to be astounded. "Wow… You and mom… Damn. That's hot!" "She's submissive, too. I had her do a gangbang once, to see if she could handle it. She'd do anything Aaron asked. I just hope he doesn't abuse her, and that he satisfies her.

Anyway, I want you in the doggy-style position again." Megen got into position, her ass pointed at me. My breath caught again. "Like this?" She asked, wiggling her ass naughtily. "Just like that." I got up on the bed and rubbed my steely cock against her entrance. I teased her for several minutes, until her hips were rolling and she was thrusting back at me, trying to get it inside.

I kept rubbing her clit with my cock. "Come on, fuck me!" She tried to yell, but cut off when I suddenly thrust my cock into her hot tunnel. I fucked her sporadically, varying between long, slow, luxurious thrusts, to hard and fast thrusts.

A couple times I pulled out altogether and teased her again. She was kept panting, very close to orgasm, but not close enough. My granddaughter was at my mercy. I slid my thumb into her asshole as I continued to fuck her. She moaned louder and louder as she approached her orgasm. I strung her along for a good ten minutes, teasing her, prolonging the time until her orgasm.

Finally, since I was able to take no more, I thrust into her and came, and she came with me. The force of her orgasm almost pushed me out of her. I pumped a few more times, getting my seed as deep as possible in her perfect cunt. "You are on the pill, right?" She was slutty, she had to be on the pill. "Yeah. You can cum inside me any time." She smiled back at me and hummed, totally satisfied.

"Good. I plan to." Chapter 5 It was Saturday. The four of us were lounging around in the living room, watching MacGyver reruns. It had been a few days since I'd first taken Megen, and I was training her to be submissive.

We had barely come out of my room for days, and I'm sure Aaron and Katie suspected something. Jeremy was just as oblivious as usual, only concerned with his own life. He was on a trip with his friends, and wouldn't be back for a few weeks. Megen looked delectable in her little tank top and panties.

She'd taken to wearing tight panties around the house to show off her ass, trying to get a "rise" out of me. I always "rose" to the bait. The jailbait… Katie looked amazing, too, in a sexy little summer dress. Emphasis on the little. It barely came down past her ass when she was standing up.

Her thong peeked from under her dress when she sat down. Out of the blue, I called out, from my armchair, "Inspection time!" Megen and Aaron looked at me like I'd lost my mind, but Katie immediately hopped up off the couch and came to stand in front of me, hands clasped behind her back.

She was still well trained. "Good girl. You remembered after all these years." I hadn't done an inspection for years. I stood before her. "Thank you, sir." She said demurely, looking up at me.

"So, you obviously kept the dress code. Very nice." I looked at her hard nipples poking through her dress. I hated bras; they were too difficult to get off and didn't accomplish anything. That was my only dress code: no bra, ever.

She smiled at my praise. Megen was smiling, knowing what I was doing, but Aaron was dumbfounded. "Are you shaved?" She lifted her dress and pulled her panties down in the front, enough for me to see the cute little landing strip just above her cunt. I could almost her pussy. Even after seeing her naked a million times, I still lusted for her, and she loved to tease me.

She grinned at my craning neck, trying to look down her panties. She pulled her panties down enough for me to see her pussy, flashing me quickly, then lowered her dress back to its original position. I approved of her landing strip. "What the hell?" Aaron asked, finding his voice. "Shut up." Katie, Megen, and I all said in unison, and laughed.

I turned back to Katie, "Have you been a good wife?" "I think I have done as well as I could. I take care of our children, but there's nothing to clean around here. Your maid does all that. I feed everyone well, though." She said brightly. It was true. Her cooking was practically gourmet. "Good. And are you a good wife in bed?" Aaron's mouth opened like a fish out of water, once again dumbstruck that his father would be asking his wife questions like this, and she was answering.

"I try to be. I satisfy him every night, but I don't get to do the things I'd like. He's a fan of missionary position." I sighed. Stupid missionary position. "Does Aaron use your ass?" "Hmmm, I wish.

Well, he does, but not nearly enough, and I have to beg him for it." "How often?" I was surprised at this. He'd fucked Megen's ass willingly enough.

Why wouldn't he take his wife's ass? "Once or twice a month." I raised my eyebrows. That's it? I'd given it to her at least twice a week in her training. "Why don't you beg more? If that's what it takes, why not do it? You should be satisfying his every sexual desire." "That's the problem, sir. He is satisfied, without using my ass. Or, at least, he doesn't want to fuck anymore. I worry that I don't excite him anymore.

Like we've been together too long." "Nonsense. I've been with you even longer, and you still excite me beyond all belief." She glowed at the compliment. Aaron was furious. "You've WHAT?! You've been with my WIFE? Dad, how could you?" "I was trying to make her the perfect wife for you, and she is. Now, sit down and shut up, before I punish you." He sat down and shut up.

I'm that awesome. I turned back to Katie. "Trust me, you excite everyone." She had the same body and ass as Megen, and every man's eyes followed her.

I glanced at Megen, and noticed her father's eyes on her, staring down her shirt at her hard nipples under her low cut tank top. From his angle, her nipples were easily visible, especially since she wore no bra.

"Ah. There it is. He wants Megen too much." Aaron paled, and shook his head. Megen looked at him with a look of consternation. "Listen to me, Aaron," I said, standing over him, "Megen is mine.

You will not have her again, and the sooner you get that through your head, the sooner you can get back to satisfying your wife properly." I went back to Katie, "Do you cum when he fucks you?" She was embarrassed at this question.

"N-no. He excites me, and I always get close, but he always cums too quickly and goes to sleep. Except when he's in my ass. Then, I cum so fast that it doesn't matter how fast he cums." I nodded in understanding. "You taught him what I told you to? How to last longer and foreplay and everything?" She nodded, "Yes, but I think I might be expecting too much from him.

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You started me off with amazing sex, and then I went to okay sex. It's unfair to expect him to match what you can do." "No. It's not. You should be cumming twice, three times for every one of his.

Did you keep track of orgasms, like I said?" She nodded. "And, how many does he owe you?" I asked. If she had fewer orgasms than him, he owed her, and she would have to collect. The woman should always have more orgasms than the man. "283." She said, looking down at the ground. I blinked in surprise. I hadn't expected her to let it get that far. I was suddenly angry. I turned to Aaron, "Boy, you listen to me, and listen good. You have to satisfy your woman right, or someone's gonna come along and take her.

Your woman should always be satisfied. ALWAYS. They should cum so many times they hurt. Damn, boy, Katie owes me over seven thousand orgasms, and I know I'll never collect that. You let her have 283 fewer orgasms than you? I swear to God, Aaron, you're a forty year old man. You should know better than this. If you don't make up the deficit soon, I'm kicking you out of my house and keeping your daughter.

And your wife," I was serious, too. Though, I was keeping Megen anyway, when they moved out. "Y-you wouldn't!" He stammered. His eyes went to Katie, then to Megen… then to Megen's tits. I sighed. "I would. Katie is totally submissive to me, and she'll do anything I say. She'll leave you if I ask. She'll probably be sad for a while, but I'll make her cum so many times that she'll forget all about you." To affirm my point, I told Katie to suck my dick.

She did so without question. "N-no!" He was shaking, near tears. It was pitiful for a forty-year old to cry. "How could you, Katie?" She didn't answer. My orders came first. She kept right on bobbing on my cock.

"It's how she was raised. Listen, son, Katie cums like a rocket, and quickly, if you put some effort into it. Foreplay goes a long way. Holy fuck!" I groaned as I shot my load down Katie's throat. "God, I needed that. Thank you, Katie." I reached down and squeezed one of her perfect tits. Aaron looked mortified, though he was clearly hard. Katie stood before me, and I was tempted to fuck her right in front of Aaron, but decided against it, for now. If he continued to be impudent, I would take her, right in front of him.

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Megen couldn't help but grin. "Katie taught you everything you need to know. You could last, and make her cum if you wanted. So, do it. Or I'll take her. I'll let you in on a little secret. She gets off so hard on being dominated. Not punished, or in pain, but dominated. Being told to do something regardless of whether she wants to do it or not.

Look," I said, reaching under Katie's dress and slipping a finger into her cunt. "She's sopping wet after she sucked my cock. I didn't give her a choice of whether to do that or not, I just told her to do it. Do the same, and you'll have her cumming like never before. Just, be warned, I'm better at it, and she's been obeying my orders since she was 12. If you do something I don't like, I can always take her from you." I was still fingering Katie, and she was moaning.

"You wouldn't dare, you old coot!" He yelled, running at me. Unfortunately, he forgot that I was much stronger than him, and an ex-wrestler, even if I was old.

I dropped him like he weighed nothing and he lay there, in pain. I never took my finger from Katie. She came, clutching my hand. Afterward, I took my finger out, and used a rope from the closet to tie up Aaron in a position that would force him to watch.

I sighed, looking at him as he lay there. "You asked for it." I took Katie to the back of the couch, where he could still see us clearly, and slipped her dress off her shoulders, leaving her in just a sexy red thong.

"Take off your thong." She moaned at the order and slid it off her hips. Obeying me was second nature to her, and, even with her husband watching, she didn't hesitate. My hands wandered to her ass, stroking and fingering it, making her moan.

"I control her, if I choose. She'll let me fuck her right in front of you. She'll ride me if I ask her to." "Okay, I get the point. Stop!" But it was too late. I was going to make him watch this. I loosed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her ass.

I slid it in with one mighty thrust. I only thrust a few times before pulling out, to her disapproval. "Suck." I demanded. She came without being touched, squirting onto the carpet. The thought of sucking her father-in-law's dirty cock in front of her husband excited her enough to make her cum without being touched. That was new. She got on her knees and sucked the juices from her ass off my cock.

She moaned at the taste. After she cleaned me, I lay on my back, my cock sticking up in the air. "You pick which hole you want me to fuck." She nodded and got on top, lining my cock up with her cunt. She sank down on me, moaning the whole time. Aaron watched us with pained eyes, his dick still hard. "If you'd only satisfied her, you'd be the one fucking her, not me. I can't say I'm that angry, though. Her cunt is sooo tight!" I exclaimed, rubbing it in. Megen stood and stripped off her clothes, exaggerating it when she took off her panties, giving us a good look at her ass.

She came and sat on my face, completely ignoring her father. Wow, that was different. A few days ago, she'd been ignoring me in favor of her father. But, since he'd been unable to satisfy her, I was the one she turned to. I fucked her mother while I sucked her pussy and licked her ass. This was one of the hottest things I'd ever done. I slid a finger in Megen's ass.

They both came quickly on me and Katie switched holes, sliding me up her ass. She moaned and groaned.

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At my order, mother and daughter kissed passionately, squeezing each other's tits. I thrust my hips while kissing Megen's gorgeous cunt and perfect ass. She grinded her hips on my face. They both came again. "Switch places, girls. I want to cum inside Megen's ass. Megen, clean me first." It was Megen's turn to moan as she licked her mother's juices off my cock. Aaron's cock was hard as diamond in his shorts, but he couldn't free it. Megen slid down on my cock as I began to eat out Katie.

Everyone was moaning in pleasure as we all moved together. Megen's ass felt like heaven, and Katie's cunt and ass tasted delicious.

Soon, we all came together. I came harder than I ever had before, and I think the girls did, too. They both squirted all over the place. I shot what felt like nine ropes of cum into Megen. We all caught our breath, and set about cleaning up, the fun way. Megen licked my cum from her mother's perfect ass, while Katie sucked my dick clean of her daughter's juice and my cum. I was in heaven, and my son groaned. Surprisingly, he hadn't blown his load in his pants.

I would have at his age, seeing something like that. He groaned again, "Please. I need relief. I've never been this hard before. Megen, will you help your father?" I was disgusted that he'd asked her first instead of Katie. She shook her head, "Grandpa says I'm never to fuck you again." "But you could suck my cock, couldn't you?" She looked to me, and I shook my head.

"Katie, please? Help me!" He demanded. Unfortunately, it was still begging. If he'd given an order to Katie, I would have allowed it, but, since he begged, I was going to leave him there.

He needed to learn to give orders, because that's what got Katie off. "Leave him. Blue balls will do him good." "What did I do wrong?" Aaron asked. "You had the ability to please your wife, and chose not to, in favor of more sleep and the opportunity to stare at your own daughter. And, when given the choice between your wife and your daughter, you asked your daughter to satisfy you first. I just satisfied both your wife and your daughter, and they're grateful for it." As proof, they were making out for my viewing pleasure, without me asking.

"You are selfish. All you had to do is be a little adventurous, or try to last longer, and this wouldn't have happened. Right now, you are in debt to your wife, and you're going to pay your debt." We left him tied up there, and retired to the bedroom. We didn't sleep much. Chapter 6 The next day, we came out of the bedroom smelling like sex and feeling amazing.

My two beautiful girls had drained me completely the night before, but, somehow, I'd been able to give them a respectable load when they woke me up with a simultaneous blowjob. We looked down at Aaron, who was still tied up but was now lying down. His dick was making a tent in his shorts, and I wondered if it had ever gone down.

I caressed my granddaughter's ass for a while, contemplating what to do. Katie looked at me pleadingly, ever the good wife, wanting to ease her husband's pain.

"Oh, go ahead." She grinned and got on her knees. She opened Aaron's fly, and released his cock. He groaned in his sleep. His balls were swollen beyond belief, and she stroked him lovingly.

"No sucking or fucking. Handjob only. He's not going to get for the next few weeks." She nodded and began stroking with meaning. He woke, and tried to push her head onto his cock, but she refused. She continued stroking, and, very soon, he came. He came more than anybody I'd ever seen, covering Katie's tits completely, as well as getting some on his chest. Everyone was still naked, and his eyes wandered to Megen.

It seemed he wasn't done lusting over his daughter. I'd have to change that. We left him tied up like that for more a week, occasionally untying him to let the circulation back into his arms and legs, as well as to use the bathroom and eat.

We continued fucking, right in front of him, for the whole time he was tied up. Eventually he got the hint that he should be pleasing his wife, and he soon mastered the authoritative voice that made her cum so quickly.

Also, his eyes stopped going to Megen, even when she wiggled her ass in his face, close enough to lick. We'd tried the Megen test every day, with the same result: he'd lick her asshole. She'd moan, but move away, leaving him hard as a rock. That Sunday, he didn't lick her ass immediately.

We had Megen wiggle her amazing ass in front of him for a while, dancing sexily to a song we played on the stereo, and he eventually looked at it in hunger, diving straight in and licking her ass for a good minute before she had the presence of mind to move away. She even came.

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I decided that, until he could look at her ass without interest, we'd keep him tied up. It wasn't that I disliked the idea of him staring at Megen, because I stared at Katie all the time. It was the fact that he favored Megen over Katie. I wasn't married, I had the right to fuck anyone I wanted. While he was married, I wasn't going to let him cheat on Katie, or fuck anyone unless she was an active participant, or at least gave her permission.

That's how it was with my wife before she'd died, and that was how it was going to be with Megen and me. That's how it would be with Katie and Aaron, once I got him to stop lusting after Megen. Katie didn't like the idea of Aaron fucking his own daughter, so he wouldn't fuck her again, because Katie would never be an active participant.

So we kept fucking in front of him, kept him tied up, and kept testing him with Megen's ass. He kept failing the test. He'd lick her and make her cum, and we'd do it the next day. Once, while I was fucking Megen's cunt and licking Katie's pussy, he got so worked up that he slipped the ropes off.

I didn't see him, because my view was blocked by Katie's ass in my face. He stood up and removed his shorts, approaching Megen's ass. Katie had her eyes closed, cumming. He went up behind Megen and thrust his cock into her ass. She came immediately, and he shot his load into his daughter's ass before I even knew what was going on. I was furious when I realized what had happened, and I knocked him out.

When he came to, once more tied up, but more securely, he apologized to Megen, and promised never to do it again.

The next time we did the Megen test, he looked at her ass without interest. He actually leaned around her to stare at Katie, who blushed like a teenager. I untied him after that and we all got dressed. He took his wife upstairs and for the next seventeen hours, I heard her screams and moans.

I took water and food up to them regularly. They slept for the next twelve hours, and I utilized the time to continue Megen's training. When they finally came down, Katie was glowing and Aaron looked immensely happy.

Their hair was wet, from the shower. Katie came to me and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. Aaron gave me a hug and thanked me as well. "So, you're not angry at me for doing that?" I asked him. "Are you kidding? The past twenty-nine hours have been the best hours of my life. I've never cum so hard, or slept so well." "And your wife?" "I'm still in her debt.

I still owe her 164 orgasms." "Holy crap! You made her cum 119 times?" He nodded, proud of himself, and she blushed. She looked almost… disheveled. I would be, too, after 119 orgasms. "Way to go, Dad!" Megen said, high-fiving her dad. There was no awkwardness between them. They were back to normal. I have no idea how they did it. "So, here's what's gonna happen now," I said, using my authoritative voice.

Everybody listened. "You're all going to live here. Jeremy will be moving out in a few weeks to go to college, and I'll pay his tuition. Megen, you're mine.


You will be forever." She nodded happily. She'd completely gotten over her revulsion where it came to geezers. "You won't fuck anyone else without my permission, though you know that already. I won't fuck your mom, or anyone else, without your active participation.

Katie, you can say no now, when I want to fuck you." She was shocked, but nodded. "Aaron, it's not really up to you, so no complaining." He shrugged. "You've fucked her before, I can handle you fucking her again. Besides, it's kinda hot to watch." I shook my head, amazed. I would never understand that. Things worked as I said they would.

Jeremy moved out, and the rest of them lived with me permanently. Katie still gave up her various holes to me on a semi-regular basis (with Megen joining us), but Aaron still had no interest in Megen. She didn't want him, anyway, or so she said. I still think the idea of her own father touching her ass turns her on greatly, but she gets turned on more when I touch her, so she doesn't mind.

Everything was working well, and I was falling deeply in love with Megen. I was intending to get her pregnant eventually. Life was amazing for me. And, it had all started because Megen had ignored me one too many times.

Life got especially interesting when Megen asked if Kaitlin, her gorgeous best friend, could live with us, so she wouldn't have to pay for a college dorm. Kaitlin knew everything about us, but she claimed she didn't believe Megen, and wanted to experience "the geezer" for herself. She showed up at our door dressed in a miniskirt and a sexy, red, low-cut top. She sauntered past me and I watched her ass as she went. She looked over her shoulder at me and flipped her skirt up.

She wasn't wearing panties. She beckoned to me with one finger, smiling devilishly. I went gladly. To be continued (if desired)…