Playing with my huge dildo again

Playing with my huge dildo again
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THE DEAL My name is Dan! I live by myself since my wife died 2 ½ years ago of cancer. We were together since our first year of college! we were in deep love with each other! It is very hard to move on when your whole life is with someone.

I do all the cleaning, cooking and everything else around the house. I should hire a house keeper or maid! Tonight I am stopping by the local super market to get something to eat, all the people here really take care of me since my wife died!

Sally in the deli tells me that the bake chicken dinner is real good so I take one up front to the check out. On my way out of the store I see a young blonde girl sitting on this bench crying her eyes out. I stop and ask her what is wrong? but she just shakes her head and says. "nothing" I say "for all the tears it has to be something" So she starts to open up!

She says. "on the board there was a note for a roommate the other day and now it is gone". I said "that does not seem like something to cry over" She then tells me! "I go to college here! I had a room mate to cover the cost, but my room mate had to leave and now there is not enough money to cover the rent and the cost of school".

She goes on saying! "I have to move out by Friday if I do not find a room mate" I start talking to her about the college, telling her that my daughter when there, got a good education and that everything will work out. She says! "That is easy for me to say" I look around and think things out a little.

I say to her! "You can stay in my daughters room until you find something better ". She says! "I can not do that! I don't know you! and it would not be right". All the time we are talking people are coming out of the supermarket saying hi to me and asking how I am.

She looks up at me and says "It looks like everyone here knows me and care for me". I said "yes they do" I tell her about my wife and my loss, she says! "she is so sorry for me". I then tell her! "I have a deal for you" She looks up at me and smiles and says. "what is the deal"? I say "can you clean, cook and do house work"? She says "yes she can and I did for my mother before she came here to school". I tell her "I have a big empty house, I need a house keeper, and I have spare bed rooms.

I will pay you to take care of the house, cook and clean. I will also help with your school". Her face lights up but she again says.

"she could not do this"!

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I say "why! You would be like my daughter going to college again, plus you would help out and old guy with his house". She looks up again and says "I am not saying yes or no but could I see our house and then I would make up my mind".

I say "great! Lets go" I walk over to my car and she walks over to her bike. She says. "I will follow you" I tell her "we can put her bike in the back of the car, that would be best". She says "OK" when it is in the back she jumps in the front seat and says "that I have a very nice car" I say "thanks" and off we go. A little while later we pull into my drive, I look over and her eyes are big as she looks at my house.

She says "wow! She never saw a house this big". We get out of the car and go inside. She is just walking around with her eyes big and just saying "wow". She then says "you want me to stay here" I say "let me show you the room you would be staying in and show you the rest of the house". I take her up to my daughters old room, again she says "wow"!

We go back down to the living room to talk things over. She says 1. If I move in there will not be any funny business! 2. If I work for you my pay will go for the room right! 3. Can I have people over to visit! So I say 1. No funny stuff! You would be like my daughter! 2. No!

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the money you make is yours the room is free. 3. Yes you can have people over but no parties! She then looks me in the eye and says "Dan we have a deal" I open up the chicken dinner and we both eat it. The next day she starts moving her stuff in, I give her a key and show her the alarm system.

I tell her. "I will not be home until late the next day being the end of the month and I have to get the books closed out at work". She says "I have enough to do and I will see you when you get home". The next day I work until 10pm then go home. I pull into the drive and walk into the house to get hit with the smell of cleaner and food cooking.

I look around and see that the whole house has been cleaned. Then I hear foot steps coming down from up stairs. (I forgot to tell you about this girl. Her name is Jenny, blonde, 18 and very pretty) Jenny says "good evening sir" I say, "you have been busy and don't call me sir" Jenny says "I was just being cute! Dinner is served" We sit down to eat and I am in all! The house is spot less! the dinner is great and we are having a great conversation.

Over the next few weeks I have dinner every night, I see my suits, shirts, underwear and other thing are put away very neat. One night at dinner I tell her. "You are doing a great job around the house and how is her school going". She says "everything is great!

I loves living here and I enjoys taking care of you. I Could not ask for more". I ask her "could you do me a big favor" She says "yes anything with in reason." I tell her "at work we are having a black tie dinner and I need a date" She says "yes I would but I don't think I have a dress for that nice of a event." I tell her "do not to worry I would take care of that." As we finish dinner, it starts to rain outside, just a light rain but I see Jenny is a little nervous and not herself.

I ask her "are you ok!" she says "yes!" we both go to our bedrooms to sleep. About an hour later a big lighting strike hits and the house rocks. I hear a knock on my door, it is Jenny. She asks "can I come in and talk." I say "sure come in and sit on the edge of the bed." Jenny looks very shaken! She comes over to the bed and sits down, I can see her shaking and ask "what is wrong" She says "I hate when it rains!" I put my arms around her and she melts into my arms.

She then asks me "can I sleep in here tonight while it rains"! I pull back the blankets and say "hop in." this she does and asks "if I could hold her and protect her!" "Of course" I said gave her a big hug and held her tight.

She looked up at me gave me a big kiss on the lips and said "thanks." All night long I hugged jenny, protected her and made her safe. The next day I wake up and Jenny is gone. I can smell breakfast being made. I go down to the kitchen, Jenny was there cooking and bouncing around very happy. She came over to me hugged me and said "thank you for helping her out last night!" I told her "any time it was my pleasure." Breakfast was great!

then she got dressed for school and said her goodbyes but with a little kiss on the cheek. All day at work I could not get Jenny out of my head but by the end of the day I said that I am 53 she is 18 it would not work, I should just calm down and not make anything of it. When I got home Jenny had dinner ready, we sat ate and talked. Jenny said "thanks for not taking advantage of me and thanks for being a nice guy." She started telling me that when she was 5 years old her father left her mom, she would sleep with her mom up until she moved here to go to college.

Then at college she shared her bed again with her room mate, then she moved in here and she had my daughters big room all alone. I told her "that any time she felt scared or lonely just let me know.' She said "great and thank you." Over the next 2 weeks about 5 time jenny would knock on my door, then comes jump in bed with me. Then one night she is sleeping with me and we are spooning and I guess I had a hard on pressing into her baby dolls at her ass.

Jenny woke up and felt this and moved her ass a little tighter into my cock and pulled my arms tighter around her. This woke me up and I saw what was going on so I got up, went to the bathroom then came back to bed. As I got back into bed jenny turned over and looked at me. I said "Jenny I am so sorry it will not happen again.' Jenny reached up put her hands around my neck and pulled me close to her.

She then gave me a big long kiss on the lips and said "with you being a male and me being a female these things are going to happen and it felt good.' We hugged and went back to sleep. Things a round the house changed, Jenny had more of a bounce to her, she had a big smile all the time and my life was great I felt like a young guys again.

I tell her "the company dinner is in 2 weeks and I wanted her to stop by a store down town and ask for a woman named Rose.' Jenny said "I'll go down there tomorrow.

" The next day after school Jenny walks into the store and asks for Rose. This very beautiful woman comes from the back of the store. Says "you must be Jenny!" Jenny says "yes and that Dan told her to come here." Rose tells jenny "Dan is a great guy and Dan and his late wife were always great friends and customers." Then Rose says "let me see what I can do for you." Jenny then says "black tie I am not sure what that is." Well Rose says "we will get things going." Dress after dress are brought out for Jenny to look at but nothing hits her.

One of the sale girl brings out this black dress with cuts up the side Jenny looks at Rose and says "can I wear that one." They take Jenny to the fitting room and she has to be almost poured into that dress. Jenny walks out and Rose tells her "that that is not normally a black tie dress but on Jenny it is.' OK I will take it! Jenny says Rose says "now we have bra, panties, shoes and other items." Jenny is at the store all evening.

At the end Jenny says "how much is all this?" Rose says "it is all paid for and not to worry." I did not know that Jenny knew that I had a birthday coming, I thought I would just let it pass by and not do anything. Jenny was talking to her girlfriends at school and wanted to give me a great gift, they were all coming up with ideas. My birthday is this Saturday the same night as the company dinner.

Friday flew by, I pull into my drive, go in the house.


The smell of good food cooking! Jenny and I sat down to eat, she looked so beautiful and had this devil smile on her face. She asked "after she does the dishes could we watch a movie," I said "sure." She picked out a romantic movie not really to my liking but what the heck.

I get the movie ready she brings in 2 glasses of wine, I sit on the couch she starts to sit down but then lays down and puts her head on my lap. We drink a little wine then watch the movie all the time jenny's head is on my lap, I am trying not to get a hard on. The movie ends, Jenny gets up, we finish the wine, she says "it is time to go to bed".

she gives me a kiss on the cheek and says "good night." The Saturday morning Jenny goes down to Roses store, Rose takes Jenny across the street to a beauty salon, whispers to the owners and then goes back to her store. Hours later Rose goes back to picks Jenny up and when she walks in she is amazed, Jenny was always very pretty but now she is elegant!

Back across the street to Roses shore she takes Jenny and start dressing her. After an hour she is done! Jenny is now a princess. She looks up at Rose and says "you will not believe it but I rode my bike here." Rose picks up the phone calls Dan he says " he has got it covered" A half hour later a stretch limo pulls up and Jenny hugs everyone then sits in the limo and off she goes.

They now pull up in front of Dan;'s house, he comes out and gets in the limo.

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He see jenny, tells her! "You are gorgeous! He is very proud to be her date!'" She looks at Dan and says "he is very handsome too." The limo pulls up to the party, Dan gets out and extends his hand back into the limo for Jenny. They both start to walking in, Jenny's arm is wrapped around Dan's as they walk in. the whole night was dinner, wine and dancing.

Most everyone thought that it was so nice that Dan brought his daughter to the party, many a young men tried asking her to dance but she said no to all of them. Dan was amazed at the conversations Jenny got involved in.

she was not a dumb blonde! On the limo ride back to Dan's house Jenny hugged Dan's arm and snuggled up next to him. Back at the house Dan when to his bed room and Jenny went to hers.

Jenny washed off all the make up, then changed into her baby dolls. She then walked to Dan's roomknocked, then walked in. she asked Dan if they could talk he said "come over and sit." She said "I felt like a princess tonight," Dan said "no you were not a princess but the most gorgeous princess at the party." She then leaned over and gave Dan a big kiss on his lips.

Jenny started saying "as a little girl you read Cinderella, you dream that someday that dream will be true, but you know it will never happen.

Well my dream came true! Thank you so much!" Dan says "Jenny you were the the most glamorous Cinderella I ever met and I was so proud of you" Dan pulls back the covers, Jenny gets in, snuggles up next to Dan and gave him a big kiss. Dan kisses her back, they just keep on kissing, kissing and kissing. Dan moves his hand down to Jenny's breast on the outside of her baby dolls. Jenny takes a deep breath but then moves her hand down and moves Dan's hand up under her baby dolls.

Dan pinches her nipple, she just loves his touch. Dan lift up her top, moves his face down to suck on her nipples.

Another big breath of air and a moan. Jenny in heaven! Dan keeps sucking, licking her breasts then goes back up to kiss her again.

Dans hand moves down to between Jenny's legs and again a deep breath from her!

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she moves her legs together to stop access but dan's hand just rubs up and down on her slit, Jenny then opens her legs a little to give Dan more access. After several minutes of this Dan moves his hand under her panties and continues rubbing.

He is now moving his finger up and down her slit, he takes his finger and puts in her just a little bit and he feels that she is wet. He moves his hand up to the top, takes his thumb and moves the top of her pussy up exposing her clit.

He now takes the finger he had put inside her and starts moving it over her clit, Jenny is now moving her head from side to side just soaking in all the feelings going on. Dan moves his head up and starts kissing her again, she has her hands behind his neck and just pulls him in closer.

She moves her pussy up to meet his fingers, she is about ready to come. Dan knows this so he increases the speed of his finger across her clit, she is going nuts, her body is moving all over, it is pushing up more on Dan's fingers then her orgasm hits. She let out a big loud moan, she can not believe what just happened. She opens her eyes and kiss Dan again, he stops fingering her clit and lets her cool down.

They lay next to each other while she collects her feelings and thoughts. She hugs him a little then she tells him "I have never had that happen before!" Jenny now leans over and starts kissing Dan again, but this time it is her hand that does some roaming. It goes down over his crotch and rubs his hard on.

Dan is thinking what is this young innocent girl doing? Her hand goes down inside his pj's and around his cock. She can not believe how big he is! She starts to jerk him off, his cock keeps getting bigger the more she plays with it.


She now moves her hand away from his cock, up to his pj top and moves it up exposing his chest. Her face moves down and starts on his nipples. her girls friends had told her that some guys love this! they were right, Dan can not believe what she is doing to him.

Her hand now goes back down to his cock and continues to jerk him off. She now is moving her head down getting closer to his hard on, pulls his pj's down and looks at his cock.

( it is a lot bigger that the banana that her girlfriends had her practicing with for the last 2 weeks.) she is thinking that she can not get this thing in her mouth, but she is going to try. She opens her mouth, kisses the end, then opens up her mouth some more and takes the head in. she is now thinking that she can do this!

She moves more and more into her mouth, she is so over joyed that she can do this for Dan. She starts going up and down on his cock, sucking a little. Dan is in heaven! She is moving up and down faster and faster when she feel his cock jerking and she know what is next. She start to swallow as his cock start to erupt. God she can not believe she did it. Dan reaches down and pulls her up to kiss her.

she says "happy birthday" They both curl up and go to sleep. Weeks go by Jenny is giving Dan 3 or 4 bj's a week (she is getting better with each one) Dan is giving Jenny orgasms with his finger, Jenny will not let him go farther.

One night at dinner Jenny hands Dan a letter from school, he opens it and reads it.

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He is over joyed! Jenny in on the deans list and will be graduation in June as a nurse. Dan tell Jenny "you should continue her education and go for a being doctor" she says "that would be great but I do not have enough money to do that." Dan thinks for a minute then says. "Jenny remember the deal we had that got you staying here?" She says "yes she does" Dan continues "I have a new deal!

Jenny will you marry me after you finish school to become a doctor. I will pay for all the college costs, we can continue living like we are then if you want me when you are a doctor we will marry!" Jenny sits back and thinks about it. She says 'you know people are going to talk!" Dan says "so! I love you!" Jenny then say "if I take this deal 1. no funny stuff (ha ha). 2. could you help me get a used car. 3.

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are you really in love with me." Dan says again "yes I am in love with you." She say! "we have a deal!" She comes over and gives him a big hug and kiss. We finish eating then Jenny asks if she could use the car, she needs to go to the store to buy something.

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I hand her the keys, she leaves and I do the dishes. A half hour later Jenny comes back we sit and watch tv for a little while, then we head up to bed. Jenny goes and changes into her sexy baby dolls then goes over to Dans bedroom and hops in bed.

Jenny lean over and starts kissing Dan! As she does Dan is getting turned on and Jenny can sense it. She moves her hand down, start rubbing the front of his pj's, she can feel his cock get bigger. She pulls his pj's down so she can have access his cock.

Dan then feels Jenny doing something different with his cock, she is trying to put a condom on him. Dan moves his hand down to help her and leans his head over to her and ask "are you sure!" She says "I have never been so sure!" Dan rolls her over start kissing her, moves his hand down to her breast then down to her crouch and starts rubbing her slit.

Jenny is loving it! Dan moves his head down to her breasts then to her pussy. Jenny is in heaven! Dan has his tongue on her clit, moves it back and forth until she is ready to come. He feels Jenny push her pussy up and lets out a yell "I'm coming" Dan flicks his tongue on her clit one more time then moves up and kisses her.

He ask her if she is ready! She asks "can I change the deal!" He asks "how do you mean!" she says 'can we get married now instead of when I become a doctor?" Dan looks at her and says "I am yours and I will do anything you wants." Jenny then reaches down to Dan's cock and slides the condom off. and says "now I am ready." Again Dan asks "are you sure!" Jenny just shakes her head yes. He moves up and presses his cock to her virgin slit, the head of his cock starts to go in, Jenny takes a deep breath, Dan pushes in more and more of his cock and breaks through her hymen.

Jenny let out a big yell! Dan stops to let her get used to his cock, he pushes again and again. He now hits her cervix, she again lets out a yell. Dan pulls out a little then pushes back in, Jenny again lets out a yell. Dan starts moving in and out and with each move Jenny is getting closer to a orgasm. All of a sudden she wraps her legs around his and pushes her pussy up, she is now having major orgasm.

Her head is going from side to side, she is yelling and pushing up to meet Dan's thrusts, Dan's cock is now shooting his sperm deep into her. Dan lays on top of her and they kiss, kiss and kiss.

Dan says "I love you" Jenny says "I loves him too." To be continued