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Thick guy fuckng guy with small dick
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Fbailey story number 553 Jogging In The Rain When I was in high school I was on the boy's track team. I was training for my first marathon. Running twenty-six miles was something that took a lot of endurance and commitment. My coach suggested that I get in ten miles before and ten miles after school.

I didn't start out running ten miles, I had to build up to that. Then one morning a girl I knew came to run with me. Her coach had suggested the extra miles to her too. I had to admit that I enjoyed the company. At first I just took off at my regular pace and she tried to keep up but couldn't quite manage too.

When I slowed down slightly she thanked me and we ran the ten miles as if it were nothing. That Saturday we agreed to meet at the track early and go for the full twenty-six, just as a practice run.

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When I got there I had on a blue school T-shirt and my blue shorts while she had on a white school T-shirt and white shorts. Normally she wore a sports bra but not on that day. The weather was fine when we started but then it began to rain lightly. Soon it was raining harder. Shortly we were both soaking wet.

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Occasionally we took turns leading then together, on her turn to lead I could see right through her white shorts. She was not wearing any panties.

Her T-shirt was plastered to her back also.

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However, the rain was cool enough to keep us from overheating and dehydrating. When we got side by side I looked over to see her hard nipples poking out in her T-shirt and the darker area around them too. I must have been staring because she asked, "Do you like what you see?" I replied, "Yes, very much. Do you mind?" She said, "Not at all, I see them every day but I still like to look at them." I said, "You're not wearing a bra today." She replied, "I know." Then she added, "I did that on purpose.

I listened to the weather forecast this morning and it said sixty-percent chance of rain.


So I left it off and I wore white. I take it that you noticed I'm not wearing any panties either." I asked, "So you planned this?" She smiled and said, "Not only this but more.

If we actually finish the twenty-six miles I have a reward for you. Me!" I asked, "What if I'm too tired to enjoy you?" She said, "I guess that I'll just have to enjoy you then." Then she ran off with me right behind her. I concentrated so much on her that I hardly knew when we were on our last lap.

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Suddenly Lynn said, "You don't look too tired to enjoy me now. Follow me into the girl's shower room. We should be alone in there. Those sissy cheerleaders wouldn't come out on a day like this." I followed her into the shower, our wet clothes hit the floor, and I took her in my arms.

Lynn kissed me like I had never been kissed before then she grabbed a hold of my hard-on and said, "I want this now, no more foreplay, just stick it in me." Apparently that kiss was what she considered foreplay. She lay on the tile floor, opened her legs up, and held her arms out to me.

I got down on my knees and looked at her exposed pussy.

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I had never seen one before. I was a virgin. Lynn said, "You can look at it all you want after, right now stick it in me…before I change my mind." I asked, "Are you a virgin too?" Lynn said, "Yes, now hurry." I leaned in and my cock disappeared into her love tunnel.

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She gasped and pulled me closer. Then she whispered in my ear, "You better do a good job. We have an audience. About six cheerleaders are checking out your cute ass." With her holding me and thrashing about, she made me look good.

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Then Lynn started to call out my name, give thanks to God, and thrash about even more. That caused me to climax inside her. She rolled me over and kissed me before leaning down to suck my cock clean. The cheerleaders just stepped over us to get under the warm spray. I just looked up as each cheerleader straddled my face on her way over.

My cock was throbbing when Lynn squatted down onto it. One of the cheerleaders asked, "If you can't make it stay down this time can I have a go at it?" Lynn said, "I don't think he would want to fuck you.

Don't you still have an STD?" The cheerleader gave her a glare then spouted out, "Not any more. I got rid of it." That caused the other cheerleaders to laugh at her and that in its self pissed the girl off even more. Lynn took her time and put on a very good show for the other girls. When the time came she cried out even more so, than the first time. She pulled her pussy up off from me, sucked my cock into her mouth, and pulled me up to take a shower.


I had never taken a shower with a girl before and there I was taking one with seven girls. Lynn had me wash her really good all over then she did the same to me. Those cheerleaders stayed in there just as long as we did. After we showered we just put our wet clothes back on and walked out. We walked off the school property laughing. Then Lynn asked me if she could be my girlfriend. The answer was yes, of course. Lynn and I entered and finished three marathons that school year. We always came across the finish line side by side.

Time was not what we did it for, we enjoyed running and being together.

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We always had great sex after a long run too. After our shower with the cheerleaders they started coming to our track meets and cheering for our side. The End Jogging In The Rain 553